Top 10 Rank Math Unique SEO Features to Maximize Your SEO Productivity in 2023

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Are you looking to know about Rank Math unique SEO features before using it on your blog or website?

Then you have landed on the right page. Here you will get a complete list of Rank Math’s unique features which help a lot in increasing your SEO productivity.

Whenever we hear the name “Search Engine Optimization” we think that it is a very difficult task and can be done only by an expert or professional.

But that’s not the case anymore

Although many factors determine a proper SEO process (basic and technical), Rank Math makes many of them easy to execute without having any deep knowledge.

So, in today’s post, we are going to learn about some essential but unique features of Rank Math SEO Plugin that keep you one step ahead of your competitors. 

Without any further delay let’s jump on the topic and see what is Rank Math and what it offers to maximize your SEO effort.

Let’s get started,

What is Rank Math?

Rank Math SEO Feature ModulePin

Rank Math is a Powerful SEO Plugin for WordPress blogs/websites that helps you to optimize your blog and its content effortlessly to get a better position in Google Search Results (SERPs) and drive organic traffic.

It was founded back in 2020 by a popular WordPress Theme and plugin author called “MyThemeShop” with a tagline “The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO” to provide excellent on-page SEO techniques to digital marketers. 

Currently, Rank Math has tremendous popularity among the digital marketing community, and its 2M+ active installation and 4.9/5 star rating based on 5.5K user comments on WordPress provide solid proof.

Rank Math comes with a wide range of unique SEO features that you can utilize to enhance website visibility,  increase online presence, and scale your business growth. 

They consistently work hard to provide more on-page SEO features and better user experience to their customers.

The best part of using the Rank Math SEO plugin is that many of the features are included in the free version that you will not get in any WordPress SEO plugin.

However, still, there are still a bunch of unique SEO features that come with the Rank Math Pro Plugin which improve a website’s visibility in SERPs, boost website ranking create a possibility to reach a wider range of audience. 

When you compare other SEO plugins available in the market, you will find Rank Math’s pricing structure is quite competitive and affordable.  

Don’t worry! 

I will give a complete overview of Rank Math Pricing later in this post. 

Keep on reading,

Before I take you on the essential features of the Rank Math SEO plugin let’s see some strong reason that attracts you to give a try on your WordPress website,

Rank Math Unique Features

Search Engine Optimization comprises On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO processes you can’t ignore any of them.

These SEO processes can be quite challenging if you perform them manually. But Rank Math holds On-Page SEO responsibility and provides a complete set of features to increase your productivity. 

Off-Page and Technical SEO are still difficult for beginners but there are many SEO tools available in the market such as Semrush, SERanking, etc. which make your job super easy.

Here I am going to explain Rank Math SEO Features that are easy to implement to maximize your productivity as well as help you analyze blog performance for better search ranking.

Let’s get started,

Top 10 Rank Math Unique SEO Features and Functionality

Although you will get tons of features and functionality in Rank Math SEO Plugin which are crucial to get better search results. 

However here I am reviewing the top 10 Rank Math amazing features that you must know before choosing them for your profitable business. 

Let’s see each of them one by one,

1: Blog Post Optimization

Blog Post OptimizationPin

If you really want to win the market you must have to produce high-quality content that your reader actually wants to read. 

Here the problem is that you can write a content informative article and publish it immediately. But when your article is not getting a better position in the search results then everything is worthless.

In such cases, you must have to optimize your content based on various on-page SEO factors such as strategically incorporating relevant keywords,  improving readability, optimizing headings, and much more to rank well in SERPs. Sounds good, this may be quite a challenging task if you are a beginner.  

But don’t worry,

Let’s bring the Rank Math into action which makes content on-page optimization super easy. 

It helps you in the following,

  • Edit Google Search Snippets: It helps you to write eye-catching post titles, set permalink (short URL), and a short overview of your entire article called Meta description based on best SEO practices. 
  • Focus Keywords: Even if you are using the free version of Rank Math you can optimize your blog post with 5 focus keywords (and more with pro). It also gives the LSI keywords recommendation which you can use as needed.
  • Google Trends: Rank Math offers seamless integration with Google Trends so that you can see the competitiveness of focus keywords search trends and compare them right there in the WordPress dashboard and take necessary action.

When you add a focus keyword (main keyword), Rank Math suggests many other SEO points that enhance your blog post ranking. These recommendations are divided into three parts and here are they,

  • Basic SEO: This section talks about the usage of focus keywords at various places and the length of the article (total words). For better results, you should make every suggestion GREEN.
  • Additional: Here you will find the suggestion for main keywords usage in subheadings, image ALT Tags, density, URL lengths, external/ internal link status, etc. For better results, you should make every suggestion GREEN.
  • Title Readability: This section talks about the post title behavior whether it has a focus keyword, positive/ negative/ power words, or not. 
  • Content Readability: This section has a suggestion about using TOC, short paragraphs,s, and visual assets in your blog post to provide a better user experience. 

Apart from that you can set the schema type (single in free and multiple in pro), robots meta, and social share OpenGraph previews for each post along with setting the Canonical URL and Breadcrumb Title for individual posts. 

Note:  With Rank Math Pro you can track and monitor the performance of 50,000 keywords (Higher Plan) and 500 keywords in the basic plan.

2: Content AI

Rank Math Content AIPin

It is quite an amazing feature that Rank Math offers to its users. Rank Math Content AI features let you analyze and optimize your article not only for the visitor as well as for search engines

Using Content AI you will get many more recommendations and points relevant to your article and increase your SEO productivity as well as make your content highly rankable in search engines. 

To use this feature you need to enable the Content AI module from the Rank Math dashboard and see the magic while editing the post.

Rank Math Content AI will provide several AI-generated SEO suggestions based on focus keywords that will help you optimize your article further. 

These recommendations are,

  • Word count of your article
  • Number of links (internal and external) usage
  • Number and type of headings usage
  • Total visual assets used

Apart from that, you will other suggestions for LSI keywords & keyword phrases (with extra info like volume, CPC, competition, etc.) FAQ questions, and linking suggestions.

Utilizing these recommendations you can optimize your article for better search results. 

Note: Content AI credit is available with each plan of Rank Math SEO Pro where you will get 600 Content AI credits in the higher plan and 15 in the basic plan.

3: Built-in Analytics

Rank Math Analytics FeaturesPin

No matter how often you publish content on your website, if you are not monitoring your blog performance then everything is worthless. 

By monitoring your content performance you can analyze the positive and negative factors of your blog post so that you can improve them immediately. 

But what if you get this functionality right there in the WordPress dashboard without login into your Google Analytics/ GSC account? 

Looks amazing, 

That is why Rank Math offers seamless integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to import insightful analytics data directly to your WordPress dashboard. 

By doing so, you can easily monitor your website performance and take appropriate action as and when required.

Here is what you can do with the Rank Math Analytics feature,

  • Site Analytics: Here you can see the website content SEO score (Good, Fair, Poor), search clicks, Search Impressions, ranking position, and the number of traffic generated by individual posts in a given period.
  • SEO Performance: This section helps you to monitor the overall SEO performance of your blog post which includes average position & CTR, and total search impressions & clicks. If you have the pro version then you can see individual post performance as well as the top 5 winning and losing articles along with position history. 
  • Keywords Performance: In this tab, you can monitor all the ranking keyword’s positions (1 to 100) in the Google search. You can also monitor the total search impressions, clicks, Avg. CTR, and ranking position of individual keywords as well as monitor the top 5 winning & losing keywords and position history with Rank Math Pro.  
  • Rank Tracker: It is the Rank Math Pro feature that allows you to add focus keywords and monitor their performance in search engines. Here you will get various data like impressions, clicks, CTR, ranking position, and position history for each keyword (up to 90 days) that you have added.
  • Post Index Status: In this section, you find the data about the number of post posts submitted, crawled, and indexed in the Google search console. You can monitor the post-index status, indexing behavior, mobile usability, rich results, and much more so that you can take appropriate action if required.
  • Google Trends: With in-built Google Trends integration you can check & compare the used keywords search trends and optimize your content accordingly to get better search visibility in the search engines.

4: Website SEO Analyzer

Rank Math SEO AnalyzerPin

As we all know many SEO factors affect our site performance results and fixing them quickly is essential for every website owner. 

Here the problem is that many beginners fail to find those issues. But thanks to Rank Math SEO Analyzer which offers over 40+ SEO metrics that your site follows or needs to fix them. 

These data are divided into several parts so that you can prioritize workflow to fix them quickly. You will also get the instructions about How to Fix these issues. Here is the SEO audit data you see here,

  • Basic SEO: This section includes data like common keywords, usage of heading tags, usage of image ALT Tags, permalink structure, link ratio, site tagline & description, and much more. 
  • Advanced SEO: Here you will get information about Canonical Tag, Schema Meta Data, Search Console, Sitemap, Robots.txt status, and much more.
  • Speed Performance: In this tab, you will see the datils about site speed optimization points such as the minification of CSS & JavaScript, page size, page response time, and many more to analyze whether your site is following them or not. 
  • Security: Here you will find the data about WordPress themes and plugin visibility, secure connection, and directory listing to enhance your site security further.

Apart from that Rank Math also allows you to analyze competitor website SEO scores to compare with your website SEO data and make necessary changes if required.

5: Built-in Schema

Schema markup is one of the best SEO practices that extend the ranking possibility for your website content. It provides extra information about your content that helps search engines to understand your article context more efficiently and generate rich snippets in the search results. 

If you are using valid and correct schema type in your post there are likely to be more chances to get a higher ranking. 

So, why are you keeping yourself behind in the competition just take full advantage of Rank Math Schema features and improve your search ranking in the SERPs.

Rank Math offers predefined schema types that you can use on your post quickly. Apart from that you are also allowed to generate a custom schema type or import from another website as quickly as possible. 

You can also validate your schema markup with the Rank Math schema markup validation tool to get the best search results. 

Here are the predesigned schema types templates available in Rank Math SEO Plugin,

Job PostingMusicPersonPodcast
Podcast EpisodeServiceSoftwareVideo

With the free version, you are allowed to use only one type of scheme at a time whereas the Pro version allows you to use multiple schema types per post.

Apart from that Rank Math Pro helps you to import schema from other websites and generate custom schema types as per your requirement along with validating them right there.

Note: all these schema types are available in the free version except FactCheck, Podcast Episode, Movie, and Dataset schema types.  

6: Seamless Integration & Compatibility

Rank Math Elementor IntegrationPin

You may have one question in your mind whether Rank Math is compatible with any kind of website then your answer is here,

Rank Math is a WordPress SEO plugin so it is fully compatible with WordPress core features and almost all kinds of websites built with WordPress but what about WordPress themes and plugins?

So you don’t have to worry if you have created a website with WordPress. Rank Math is fully compatible with almost every plugin and theme that is available in the market.

Rank Math has an experienced developer team that consistently works hard to provide errorless compatibility with third-party WordPress themes & plugins and world-class experience while using Rank Math.

Apart from that Rank Math is fully integrated with popular page builders Elementor and Divi to optimize your website builder content hassle-free same as you perform the optimization process in the WordPress Guttenberg Editor.

You can also take full advantage of Rank Math Amazing Feature with WooCommerce, EasyDgitalDownload, bbPress, BuddyPress, and many more coming soon.

7: 404 Monitor & Advanced Redirection

Rank Math Redirection ManagerPin

Everyone knows that having 404 pages (content doesn’t exist) is a bad practice in terms of SEO and you must fix them on time to avoid a high bounce rate for your business.

But the problem is that you can’t check every page regularly to find a 404 availability if it is there.

So here is the Rank Math plays an important role in getting rid of this problem.

404 monitor is quite an amazing feature of Rank Math SEO which allows you to track and monitor all the 404 on your website and fix them on time to avoid any harm to your profitable business.

Just enable the 404 monitor module from Rank Math Dashboard and start tracking all your 404 pages on your site.

Here is another Rank Math Unique Feature that closely relates to the 404 monitors called “Advanced Redirection” of all your 404 URLs.

In this way, you can redirect your audience to another live page (homepage or custom page) instead of 404 OR inform search engine bots about relevant URL status by adding the correct redirection rule.

You have plenty of redirection methods that you can use as required. Here is the list of redirection rules available in the Rank Math,

  • 301 – Redirect Permanently
  • 302 – Move Temporarily
  • 307 – Redirect Temporarily
  • 410 – Content Deleted
  • 451 – Content Unavailable for Legal Reasons

Apart from that Rank Math also allows you to export them to save as a backup in the form of .htaccess and Nginx files. If you go with the pro version you can export these redirections as CSV files ( all or only active ones).

By using the pro version You can also schedule the activation/ deactivation of any redirection as well as organize all these redirections in a different category to find a particular redirect as and when you need them. 

8: Automatic Sitemap & Instant Indexing

Rank Math XML SitemapPin

XML sitemap contains a structured map of your website pages that would be crawled and indexed by search engine bots efficiently to make your web pages discoverable to the internet user.

If you want that your website will appear in the search engine then you must have to submit your website and XML sitemap in Google Search Console.

But think for a movement whether it is possible to submit a new sitemap soon after updating/ publishing your website content every time.

So, here is the Rank Math plays an important role in submitting updated XML sitemap in the webmaster tools.

Rank Math provides seamless integration with search engines and automatically creates/ updates XML sitemap for all your website content such as pages, posts, categories, tags, images, custom post types, etc., and ping search engine bots to crawl and index updated content periodically.

By using this unique feature of Rank Math you can customize your sitemap according to specific needs. You can decide which taxonomy (page, post, tags, category, attachments, etc.) would be included or excluded from the XML sitemap.  

All you have to do is just integrate/ verify your webmaster tool, customize the sitemap, and let Rank Math handle the rest of the thing.  After that whenever you will publish or update any content on your website Rank Math submits an updated sitemap in the configured search engine.

Apart from that Rank Math provides an instant indexing feature called “IndexNow API” to make your site content crawled and indexed immediately after publishing to get faster indexation. 

This feature is quite beneficial for news and job posting websites where instant indexing is the top priority. Here is a bonus for you, Rank Math Pro now provides a feature of News Sitemap, Local Sitemap & Video Sitemap to enhance your website discoverability in Google more efficiently.

Note: If you want to show complete & categorized website content on a particular place or page then you can use the Rank Math HTML sitemap feature to do so. 

9: Advanced Image SEO

Rank Math Image SEO SettingsPin

As we all know images are the most crucial part of any blog post and provide extra information about your content. 

It also helps in driving quality traffic to your business if they are indexed in the search engine accurately.

In such cases, you need to focus on optimizing those images for better search results. Either you perform this process or use a specialized tool to automate your Image SEO process.

So here is another Rank Math Unique SEO feature that helps you automate your Image SEO and boost your website’s overall ranking in the SERPs.

Rank Math provides several Image SEO features to optimize all your images on the website to enhance image ranking further. 

By utilizing these amazing Rank Math SEO features you can improve image visibility/ ranking, enhance user experience, and improve your website’s overall ranking in the search engine.

Here are some key Advanced Image SEO features provided by Rank Math,

  • Image Optimization: Rank Math allows you to add ALT tags, captions, missing title attributes, descriptions, and much more to your images, which are essential for search engine bots to understand better and index the images accurately. You are also allowed to find & replace ALT, Title, and Caption for any images available on your site. 
  • Image Sitemap: Don’t worry about indexing all your images in the search engine because Rank Math offers an automatic generation of XML sitemaps specifically for images. This image sitemap helps search engine bots to crawl and index all your images accurately to maximize the possibility of better ranking of images in the SERPs.
  • Social Share Cards for Images: Rank Math provide options to set custom OpenGraph and Twitter share card by adding an image on the individual page. By doing so, you can optimize how your images are shown after sharing them on social media platforms to increase click-through rates (CTR).

There are many more Image Optimization settings available in Rank Math that you can utilize to ensure proper image optimization. This way you can enhance user experience, improve image search visibility, and generate potentially higher organic traffic to your website.

10: Predefined Guttenberg Blocks

Rank Math Gutenberg BlocksPin

As we all know writing content is a different thing and formatting it for a better user experience is all about your creativity. In such cases, predesigned Guttenberg blocks help you a lot.

That is Rank Math comes with some essential Guttenberg blocks that increase your productivity, remove some unwanted plugins along with the best reading experience, and enhance search results.

  • Table of Contents: Adding a table of contents helps users to know about your content structure and quickly jump on the essential information. So, with Rank Math, you can add a TOC block and customize (show/ hide heading, color, fonts, etc.) them as per your requirement and improve the content readability. 
  • FAQs Schema Block: It is the Schema type that is potentially helpful for your blog in generating FAQ snippets in the SERPs to increase CTR. Rank Math offers a predesigned FAQ block so that you can add frequently asked questions related to your article hassle-free. Here you are allowed to change the list style (numbered/ unordered), change the question heading type, and add images,s, etc. as you need.
  • HowTo Schema Block: If you are writing a guide to complete any tasks perfectly then you must need to add the HowTo schema in your post. It will generate rich snippets to increase post-search visibility and make your post eligible for voice search. So, with Rank Math, you can add a HowTo schema and organize each step of the task more efficiently.

Apart from that you can add business addresses with Rank Math Local Business Block available in the WordPress Guttenberg Editor.

Here I have explained the top 10 amazing Rank Math Unique SEO features that overwhelm you and increase your SEO productivity to maximize your business growth more efficiently. 

However, there are tons of Rank Math SEO features available that you can utilize according to your needs. Some of them are premium features and many of them are available free of cost. 

I am pretty sure that you have liked Rank Math’s Unique Features and are eager to try them on your WordPress website. 

If you still have any confusion then here are some strong reasons to try Rank Math and enhance your SEO to maximize search ranking,

Top 10 Strong Reasons to Try Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math Unique SEO BenefitsPin

Although you will get a lot of advantages to improve your business or blog performance effortlessly. However, here are some strong reasons why it could be attractive for you to purchase Rank Math SEO Plugin.

Let’s see each of them one by one,

  • Ease of Use – Rank Math provides a user-friendly interface and easy-to-set-up wizard (Easy to Advance) so that you can install it on your blog and start taking full advantage of each and every Rank Math Unique SEO feature.
  • Fast & Light Weight – Don’t worry about website speed results after installing Rank Math on your blog because it is a performance-focused, well-coded plugin that will never affect your page speed. 
  • Complete On-Page SEO Solution – If you have installed Rank Math then you will get almost everything to perform on-page SEO, monitor site performance, and much more than you ever need to optimize your content.  
  • Regular Product Updates – Rank Math consistently provides regular updates so that you can keep yourself updated with the latest version of WordPress, theme, plugin, and extra SEO features to enhance search visibility.
  • Unlimited Website Usage – One of the best parts of using Rank Math is that you are not restricted with site usage. You can use Rank Math on unlimited personal websites. You can also use Rank Math on client websites (support included as per plan) if you have a plan subscription above the basic plan. 
  • Free WordPress Plugin – If you are a beginner then you can use Rank Math free which has almost everything that you ever need to optimize your content at the initial stage. If you want more freedom then I would suggest going with the premium plan.
  • Quality Customer Support – Rank Math offers 24x7x365 quality support via email till your problem gets solved. If you have a business and agency plan then your client website also gets support as per a specified number of websites.
  • Affordable Pricing Structure – If you compare features and functionality with other SEO plugins then Rank Math is a quite affordable, powerful SEO plugin available in the market right now. Rank Math’s plan starts at $59/year and goes up to $499/year.
  • Free Content AI Credit: Rank Math offers free Content AI credit that can be utilized to optimize your blog post further and increase content discoverability more efficiently. Currently, you will get 5 Content AI credits with Rank Math Free and 15, 125, and 600 in the pro, business, and agency plans respectively. You are also allowed to top-up Content AI credit as per your needs and budgets.
  • 30-Day Refund Policy – Rank Math also offers an industry-standard 30-day money-back policy for every plan. It means, if you are not satisfied with their products and service you can ask for a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Till now I have explained almost everything that you must know about Rank Math before getting started. 

Rank Math Comparison with Other SEO Plugins

Still, if you have a little bit of doubt about Rank Math’s capability then here is the comparison table of Rank Math’s features and functionality with other popular SEO plugins available in the market.

Let’s have a look,

FeaturesRank MathYoastSEOPressAlO SEO
Plugin Folder size11.8 MB32.4 MB21.4 MB12.9 MB
Page Speed+0.01S+0.18S+0.09S+0.56S
Content AI
Track Google Index Status
Advanced Google Analytics 4 Integration
Keyword Rank Tracker
The Most Advanced Schema Generator
SEO Performance Email Reports
Import Schema From Any Website
Google Trends Integration
Google News SEO Sitemap
Google Video SEO Sitemap
Local SEO PRO With Multi Locations
WooCommerce SEO PRO
Podcast Module
18 Pre-defined Schema Types
Auto-detect Video for Video Schema
Client Management
Track Top 5 Winning Keywords
Track Top 5 Losing Keywords
Track Top 5 Winning Posts
Track Top 5 Losing Posts
Keyword Ranking Checks for Each Post
Position History for Keywords & Posts
Validate Schema With Google
Custom Schema Builder
Add Unlimited Multiple Schemas
840+ Schema Types Supported
Automatic Q&A Schema for bbPress
Advanced Redirections Module
Advanced Local SEO Blocks
Google AdSense Earning History
Import GSC & GA Data from Defined Country
Custom Setup Wizard Mode
Advanced Bulk Edit Options
Complete Import/Export Options
Complete Elementor Integration
Complete Divi Integration
Import Redirections Data via CSV File
Detect Orphan Pages
Track SEO Performance of Individual Posts
Sync Redirection to .htaccess
Advanced HowTo Schema
Automate Image Captions
Compatibility Check
Auto Canonical URLs
Google Search Console Integration
Install Google Analytics Code
1 Click Import From Yoast SEON/a
1 Click Import From AIO SEON/a
1 Click Import for SEOPressN/a
Advanced SEO Analysis Tool
Automated Image SEOLimited
Bulk Edit Title & Description
Content Analysis
Focus Keyword
Choose a Primary Category
Google Keyword Suggestion
Choose Pillar Posts & Pages
Internal Linking Suggestions
Powerful XML Sitemap
Advanced Redirection Manager
301 Redirection Type
302 Redirection Type
307 Redirection Type
410 Redirection Type
451 Redirection Type
Debug Redirections
Redirect Attachments to Parent
Advanced 404 Monitor
Role Manager
Job Posting Schema
Local Business Schema
Product Schema
Review Schema
Video Schema
FAQ Schema
HowTo Schema
193 Local Business Types
Social Media Optimization
Social Previews
Option to get Email if Update is Available
Search Engine Verification Tools
SEO Breadcrumbs
Nofollow All External Image Links
Nofollow All External Links
Open External Links in New Tab
Ping Search Engines
.htaccess Editor
robots.txt Editor
Import/Export Settings
Version Control
Detailed Documentation
Multisite compatible
24x7x365 SupportLimitedLimitedLimited
Free Plugin

Rank Math Pricing Structure

Comparing features and functionality, Rank Math offers a very competitive and affordable pricing structure that you can purchase according to your needs and budgets. 

Currently Rank Math Pro comes with 3 different plans with different price tags based on features that you will get. 

Here is a short overview of the Rank Math Pricing structure,

Rank Math Pricing StructurePin
  • Pro Plan: This plan is suitable for bloggers, and digital marketers it costs you $59/Year and includes Unlimited Personal Website Usage, 15 Content AI Credits, 500 Keywords Tracking, and everything that comes with Rank Math.
  • Business Plan: This plan is suitable for web developers that cost you $199/Year which includes Unlimited Personal Website Usage, Support for 100 Clients’ Websites, 125 Content AI Credits, 10,000 keyword tracking, and everything that comes with Rank Math.
  • Agency Plan: This plan is perfect for an agency owner that costs you $499/Year which includes Unlimited Personal Website Usage, Support for 500 Clients Websites, 600 Content AI Credits, 50,000 Keywords Tracking, and everything that comes with Rank Math.

This is all about the Rank Math Pricing structure which you can grab as per your business need.

Final Thoughts on Rank Math Unique Features

Well, that is all about Rank Math Unique SEO features where I have covered almost every burning topic that you need to consider while purchasing any kind of SEO plugin. 

But thanks to Rank Math which provides more than every blogger, digital marketers ever need to optimize their content and rank well in the Google SERPs.

Post optimization, performance tracking/ monitoring, automated image SEO, advanced schema tool, content AI, etc. are the key features of Rank Math and make your website stand out from the crowd. 

I must say In a few words that if you are looking for a powerful, feature-in-rich, one-stop solution for WordPress on-page SEO then Rank Math would be the #1 option for you. 

So, why are you waiting? Just grab the Rank Math SEO increase your SEO productivity and scale your website performance more efficiently.

Happy Blogging,

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  1. Are these features in the premium plan or the free version?
    Most people use Rank Math, but I like to use Yoast and the free version is sufficient for me. On the other side, I really want to give it a try to Rank Math but on my new site.
    Let me know if these features are free or paid.

    • Hi,

      Most of these features are free and for better than Yoast SEO. Just give a try you will fan of the Rank Math.

      You can also migrate to Rank Math from Yoast with a few step within loosing any SEO settings.

      Best of luck

  2. Hey Archana,

    What a detailed review.

    What I like about RankMath is the ability to slash most of the plugins.

    I have slashed: Schema Pro(Paid) and redirections.

    RM saves your money


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