7 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid In 2023

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An SEO-enabled website is one of the most natural ways to advertise your business and drive traffic to your website. 

Paid traffic is also one of the best ideas, but search engine optimization will always be the best solution if you’re looking at the long term.

Although SEO is not an exact science, this should always be kept in mind. 

In addition to the fact that it is constantly evolving, too many SEO specialists spread inaccurate or downright false information about it.

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What are SEO Mistakes? – A Short Introduction

To avoid any potential blunders, it is essential to keep track of the latest SEO practices. Here are some of the most common SEO mistakes that you should always avoid at all costs:

  • Not setting proper SEO goals 
  • Using Black Hat SEO methods
  • Not doing the proper keyword research
  • Ignoring search intent
  • Not keeping an eye on search engine changes
  • Not Fixing Broken Pages
  • Ignoring Brand SEO and E-A-T 

Let’s understand them in depth.

Not Setting Proper SEO Goals 

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To be successful with SEO, you must have clearly defined goals.

The problem is that many marketers and business owners do not have any goals for their SEO campaigns. 

Their goal is to increase their traffic, which will, in turn, increase their sales through SEO. 

And that’s the problem; SEO is not quite as simple as people think. I’m not worrying about you, but that’s the fact.

You always need to decide what you want to accomplish with your SEO so that your results pay off. Are you trying to get better quality traffic, more leads, or more sales?

You may receive 10,000 organic users every month from your website or blog, but only 1-2% of them are purchasing your products. There can be two reasons for this. either 

(a) you’re driving the traffic which is not related to your niche.

(b) your website is incapable of converting visitors into potential customers. 

Unless you have clear goals, you’ll end up with a lot of messy things and not much else.

Using Black Hat SEO Methods

White hats, black hats, and grey hats are terms you may have heard while being in the SEO community. 

It’s not easy to figure out what these terms mean. A white hat method applies the methods that are encouraged by search engines. 

It is good to stick with these methods to maintain your website and to achieve higher rankings.

Whereas, a black hat SEO method is a nefarious activity that mainly aims to trick search engines and manipulate the system. 

By leveraging the algorithm and underhanded methods, the goal is to rise to the top of the rankings as quickly as possible.

Methods that have not yet been blacklisted are considered grey hat practices. Currently, they might be acceptable, but that won’t last.

Here are some of the common practices of black hat SEO which are widely used:

  • Buying backlinks
  • Creating doorway pages
  • Cloaking
  • Keyword stuffing

All these techniques are black hat techniques, but buying links is the most common. Furthermore, it’s a risky one since Google considers this a way to manipulate the site’s rankings. 

Link buying is prohibited and subject to severe penalties. Despite its popularity, this is one of the black hat methods you should avoid.

In the past, you may have used black hat methods both by accident and intentionally. Google may have punished you for that. 

You might want to double-check that you haven’t already been penalized for using black hat techniques now that you know what some of them are.

Google Search Console comes into play here. You can also fix indexing problems and check your site for penalties using the Google Search Console.

Not Doing Proper Keyword Research

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Even in 2023, not doing proper keyword research is a common mistake. It is a step that you must take before you write even a single word of new content.

In the beginning, you should do proper keyword research to determine if you have sufficient search volume for a particular keyword. 

You must do so before writing one word of brand-new content. There’s no point in ranking highest for a keyword that no one will search for.

After that, you should ensure you’re not optimizing for just a single keyword. A primary keyword or phrase is always a good idea. 

Alternatively, you can also choose one or two secondary keywords and rank them as well. In other words, you should always find LSI keywords related to your primary keyword.

You should always know what kind of keyword you are targeting to get the traffic from the search engines you want. There are keywords like:

Additionally, you should avoid using competitive keywords. Google searches for a keyword that will reveal your competitors. 

It would be best if you constantly researched your competitors. It may be better to choose a less competitive keyword if you’re looking to rank higher against much more significant, more established sites.

Ignoring Search Intent

Ranking factors such as search intent impact SERP results. Google favors sites with content that matches a particular query’s intent.

It is the ultimate purpose behind a user’s search that defines their search intent. If visitors search for a query on Google, it’s essential to figure out what they’re looking for. 

Are they looking to buy something? Or will they learn something from the search?

If a person types “digital marketing” into Google, that means they want to learn more about it. In other words, they have informational intent. 

When the person searches for “digital marketing services,” they probably want to find a consultant or firm who offers these services. These are commercial keywords. 

It is essential to provide information about your services and your marketing agency to answer the search intent behind this query.

Your search engine ranking will be short-lived if you fail to satisfy the searchers’ intent.

Not keeping an eye on Search Engine Changes.

Do you know Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, which means it changes constantly? In the industry of search engine optimization, there is no such thing as a single solution.

A year ago, it was probably a perfect optimization method, but it’s completely ineffective today. 

Meta keywords are a perfect example. This factor once played a significant role in helping a website rank higher. The current algorithms ignore it entirely, making it utterly useless.

Why do the algorithms change so often? Google and other search engines are consistently working toward improving the quality of search results.

As well as keeping up with the times, they should also be proactive. They know that SEO experts are following the algorithm closely, trying to learn the secrets.

A search engine’s constant updating and changes is a challenge. Dedicated optimization experts can help you stay on top of the latest trends in SEO if you don’t have the time or energy.

Not Fixing Broken Pages

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If visitors click on a broken link or page, they will receive a “404 Not Found” error. You will not only be in big trouble with your users but with search engines as well if you do not fix broken pages.

If your visitors encounter 404 pages, they will likely leave the site. As A Result of this, you will experience a high bounce rate since users don’t spend enough time on the site. This will bring Google’s attention.

There’s no way to prevent pages from going down in the future. It happens from time to time for several reasons. 

There is little you can do about external links going down, even though you have some control over the pages on your website. Monitoring your links and checking them frequently is what you can do, however.

If there are still not too many links, checking out internal and external links isn’t a problem. Ensure all of them are leading to functioning websites by manually checking.

A problem arises when you receive too many links linking to different pages. For this purpose, you’d be better off working with an SEO tool that is created explicitly for checking your links.

Ultimately, it matters that you are aware that maintaining links is an ongoing process. At least once each month, you should check in with them.

Ignoring Brand SEO And E-A-T

Ranking higher on Google is not the only goal of SEO. Developing a trusted brand is also a goal. 

In today’s world, Google favors sites with authenticity, trustworthiness, and popularity. And here’s come Google’s E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trust) concept. Google uses a combination of different data points and algorithms to determine the E-A-T of a website.

Here are some ideas listed below on how to establish your authority, expertise, and trustworthiness:

  • Be sure to include brand-related SEO strategies in your strategy
  • Feature yourself in top media outlets 
  • Your company’s details are also important, such as the address, author bios, awards and recognitions won, etc.


You may be new to some of these mistakes, or you may have made them before. These mistakes should never be made, whether it’s over-optimizing content or deliberately engaging in black hat SEO.

In some cases, such as not performing proper keyword research, your content will become less visible. 

In other cases, your website may be deindexed. The responsibility of SEO rests with you, and you must realize that SEO requires time and patience. 

For those people who don’t think you can handle it on your own, an SEO consultant can take on the task for you

Each niche has its own SEO company, and there are even companies dedicated to SEO for mature websites and online casinos.

The most important thing you need to understand is that SEO is a continuous process. By accepting that reality, you’ll be able to develop an SEO strategy that will last. 

Update your website with new and proven methods, and stay on top of changes to algorithms.

In addition, do not wait for a problem to grow larger to fix it if it is dragging down your ratings. 

Fix the website issues, be active, and identify what they are. The more time you take to fix these issues, the harder it will be to get traffic and rankings back.

Note – This Blog Post is Contributed by Ayush Mishra – Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Content Creator

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