12 Proven On Page SEO Techniques to Rank Faster in 2023

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On Page SEO, 


Do you know About it? if yes then that’s good or do you want to learn about it?

Are you going to write a new blog post? Or have you written a blog post?

Are you going to publish it? 


Do you know what to keep in mind while writing a blog post? What to do before publishing a blog post? 

Don’t worry, if you don’t know about on-page SEO, I’ll tell you. 

If seen, every new blogger thinks that blogging is simply writing and publishing a blog post on a website or blog. But it is not like that at all. 

A pro blogger examines many things from writing a blog post to publishing it. Because if he does not do so, then even if he has written high-quality and informative content, he may not get positive results on his blog.

On page SEO TechniquePin

12 Proven On-Page SEO Techniques

Maybe you are a Pro Blogger, and you know how to write high-quality content. But you cannot even prove that you know everything, because no one can ever be perfect. 

Well, leave these things, I was telling you that while writing a blog post and before publishing it, you must pay attention to some essential points of on page SEO. 

Everyone wants to publish high-quality content for their blog. But are you aware that this is only a tiny part of successful blogging

Although content is king, how will you tell others that you have high-quality and informative content? but other people will come to that, you have informative content. 

As more people know about my content and easily rank in Google, I usually apply these 12 proven on page SEO techniques in my article. After successfully using all these best on page SEO techniques in my blog post, I hit the publish button to make it live. 

I hope you can bring a lot of page views to your blog by following these methods. So why wait now – 

Let’s start, and see what should be taken care of while writing a blog post and before publishing a blog post.

1. Always Target Your Audience to Write

It is the most important part of page SEO. Many new bloggers make mistakes on this. They start writing blog posts according to their own interests. But it becomes more profitable when you write for your valuable audience. 

Do not choose the topic of any post by yourself, it would be better if the blog idea came from your audience. And this will only happen when you target your audience. 

If you do not have a targeted audience, I would advise you not to start writing. Not that you started writing because you want to write a blog post or are you writing because someone wants to read it

So, first of all, make it clear in your mind what your readers want. What do they like? And what kind of articles do they want to read? Writing a blog is not what you like to write. 

If you have kept these things in mind that who is your targeted audience? What kind of article do they want? And if the blog post you have written is fit for them, you can start writing high-quality and informative content.

2. Write Informative and High-Quality Content

So finally, you have chosen your niche and your targeted audience. Now you can start writing knowledgeable and high-quality content for your readers. 

You should include all the things in your blog post that are related to that topic. Your content should be completely informative. Do not ignore anything because no one likes to read half or incomplete articles. Do you like reading this kind of stuff? The answer will definitely be NO. 

So, make your content as unique as you can. It will be beneficial and enjoyable for you and your audience.


3. Define Blog Post Format & Structure

When you write a blog post, you should pay close attention to it because you write an article for your blog and not a novel. Your main issue should be to hold your audience and not confuse them. The page view and traffic of your blog depend on how you structure your blog post. 

Remember, people prefer only informative content that is easy to read and sort. If not, then they will go somewhere else to find that information. Therefore, you are requested to decide on the proper structure of the content whenever you write it. Setting the best structure for your blog is the main part of on page SEO techniques. 

Let’s understand it in natural language. You can divide your article into several smaller parts. This way, your content becomes easily readable. At the same time, it attracts your audience. You can use appropriate headings like (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6) and subheading in your content. 

You can divide your full article into short paragraphs, and you may use some relevant images in it. Because a thousand words are available in one picture at the same time, it does not let the readers get bored. 

Whenever you write a blog post, organize it well, and write it in short paragraphs. Don’t make it hard and confusing for your readers.

4. Insert Right Focus Keywords in Right Place

Suppose you want to search for something on Google, what will you do? You will type something in the search bar which you want to see. What you type in Google for search something is called keywords. Let’s understand it differently, suppose you need information about the best smartphone for under Rs.10000. 

Now you will type in Google “Best Smartphone Under Rs.10000“, and Google will show all the related results. So, these are the keywords that people search for on Google or other search engines. People include them in their blog posts, and they write Blog posts on those keywords.

Primary KeywordPin

Now you know what the focus keyword is and why it is essential to include it in the blog. Therefore, whenever you write an article, put some keywords in it, or use the most common words that people search mostly in search engines. 

These keywords indicate what is in your content. What have you written in your Blog Post? Always use the right keywords to Rank your content. Do not mislead any readers. If you have made an effort to write a high-quality article, you must use focus keywords. Otherwise, apart from your readers, you are also keeping Google in the dark. 

This way, your blog may vanish in the crowd on the Internet. So, adding the right focus keywords in the right place plays an important role in on page SEO.

5. Optimization of Your Blog Post – SEO

If you want your blog post to rank in Google or any other search engine, optimizing the content according to the search engine should be your priority. If you do not do this, then there is no use writing a blog post. 

Content optimization plays an essential role in the ranking of a blog or blog post. Although search engine optimization is not an easy task, you can still do search engine optimization (SEO) of content to a certain level. 

Although SEO is only three letters, it is mighty, and it also has magic, as I mentioned in Step 4 about Focus Keyword, which is an essential part of on page SEO. If you don’t do keyword research cleverly and don’t include keywords in your blog post wisely, you can’t make that blog post searchable as well as Rankable. 

To do keyword research, you can take the help of  Semrush the World’s No.1 SEO Tool, or Ahref SEO tool. If you can’t afford them, you can take the help of RankMath or Yoast SEO’s free WordPress plugin. This plugin helps a lot in content optimization. Although SEO has no end, it is so sure that it starts with keywords. 

So, you should use keywords very cleverly. For example 

  • Use as many keywords as possible in a blog post.
  • Keep in mind that there is no keyword stuffing.
  • Include only those keywords related to the blog post.
  • Put keywords in post titles, blog URLs, and subheadings.
  • Use keywords in headings and subheadings
  • Use keywords as alt tags in the image.
  • And So On.

6. Add Some Relevant Images to Describe More

A blog post should be easy to read and enjoyable so that your readers do not get bored. In such a situation, it can be very beneficial to include some images in your blog post. 

You know, an image contains thousands of words. So, if you add some pictures related to the topic in your blog post, your article will get more strength. In such a situation, your readers can understand your motive very well by seeing that image more than reading your blog post. 

If you use an informative image at the right place in your blog post, then your blog post’s value will increase more. So, I would advise that you do not use the image only for decoration but to make it informative and useful

See the list of Copyright Free Stock Image Websites- Click Here

7. Do Proofreading and Grammar Check Your Post

The mistake is not right anywhere, whether it is in blogging or somewhere else. Also, No one in this world who does not make any mistakes. So, in such a situation, it is common that when you write an article, there may be some typing errors or grammatical Errors. This way, you will always need to proofread and grammar-check your blog post. 

If seen, blogging is not an error-less writing competition. But if you make too many writing errors, it can be harmful to your blog post as well as to your blog.

If you are continually writing erroneous content, in which you use the wrong sentence and incorrect grammar format, you make blog posts difficult to read and understand. At the same time, your readers may ignore it. 

If this happens, you can lose your valuable readers also. Do you like reading articles with broken language and spelling mistakes? The answer will definitely be NO, so how can you think that your audience will like your post with errors and incorrect grammar patterns? 

Therefore, I would advise you to re-read your blog posts and check for any errors or grammar mistakes. If possible, you can use editing tools like Grammarly, which makes your results even better. All you have to do is download the Chrome extension of Grammarly to the desktop or download its app for mobile. 

It is integrated into WordPress as well as many other platforms. If you want to take advantage of its other features, then you have to take its premium subscription.

8. Must Add Eye-Catching Meta Description

It is an essential part of any blog post when we do it on page SEO. Because the meta description determines the future of that article, this explains what is in your content.

If you have not written the blog post’s meta description smartly and cleverly, then no one would know about your content and they never click on the link to that article. 

Therefore, writing an attractive and eye-catching blog description is a highly intelligent task. If you are careless about it, it can reduce your blog post’s click rate.

Meaningful Meta DescriptionPin

The meta description of an article is a brief piece of information written in the post that appears in the search result along with the URL of the blog post. In this meta description, you can write what is in your content? What is the subject of your article? What have you tried to say in this article? Which can be a maximum of 160 words. 

So, whenever you write a post, definitely add a better and more attractive meta description to it. I will increase the click rate of your blog post as well as help in ranking your blog post. So, we can say that it is a very essential part when we do on page SEO.

9. Always Define a Permalink – A short URL

Another essential part of an on-page SEO. In which we shorten the URL of our blog post. Because people do not type full sentences in Google to find what they need, they search by writing only a few words or essential phrases of their need.

Short URL PermalinkPin

So, I suggest that you also always choose a short URL (Permalink) for your blog post. Do not ignore it even by mistake. Write it as small as possible. If you do not set this, then your post’s title will become your permalink, which is very long.

Pro Tips – Always set a permalink for your blog post during on page SEO and make sure that you have added keywords on which you want to rank your blog post.

10. Select Clickable and Meaningful Title

Do you know that the compelling title of a post determines your blog’s page view and click rate? The title of an article tells what is behind this URL. 

When you and we search for something in Google or other search engines, no full content is visible in the search results. Only the URL of the blog post appears there, which is set by the author of that post.

Clickable Post TitlePin

Even if you have written informative and high-quality content, the title you have chosen is not speaking about it, so why would people click on this URL? If you selected a meaningless and boring title for your article, then it will also be ignored by your valuable readers and by other people also. 

So, my suggestion is that whenever you set a title for your article, think about it deeply. Always choose a meaningful, attractive, and eye-catching clickable title for your article. 

If you cannot do this, then try to do something different. Surely you will succeed, and soon you will see a positive result.

11. Add Some Out Link for Extra Information

This part of on page SEO is very powerful. You must try this. 

Do you add external links to your article? Do you know the importance of this? If not, start putting external links in your content from today. 

It is crucial to do this and it is also beneficial according to page SEO. You should not ignore it under any condition. If you have used any text or any image from another source, it should be linked and credited to it. 

It helps a lot in blog and content optimization. If you do out-linking, then it brings you to the eyes of other people. They would also like to see additional readers on their blog for free. You also get a backlink, which is beneficial for you.

12. Must Add a Share Option at the End of the Article

Maybe you will be well aware of the power of content sharing. Therefore, you should not ignore it in any condition. There should be an option for social sharing at the end of your blog post. 

If not, how will someone share your content on social media if they like and enjoy your article? If there is a share option at the end of your article, then they can easily share your blog post. You can use NovaShare Plugin to make it Easy. 

If you want, you can get traffic and reader engagement on your blog by asking them some questions or suggestions. Never ignore it because it is free of cost.

Final Words

Finally, I have Explained almost all the point which is required to be before publishing any Article. I hope these 12 proven on page SEO techniques will definitely help you in gaining more visitors and click rates.  

Now, It’s Your turn to implement all these things in your Blog Post.  

I am fully confident that you will like and enjoy this blog post. If you find that it helps you a little bit, please share it. This will take a few seconds but it will motivate me. 

Hello, my Dear Readers!

Wait for a Movement,

Do you think all tasks completed “NO” Your job till now is not over? Steel something is pending. Because you have to do many things AFTER Publishing an article.

If I get positive results on this post then I will cover those points in my next blog post. So, I request you to Stay tuned for more pro Blogging and SEO Tips.

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