Novashare Plugin Review 2023 | Is it Really Fastest & Lightweight? Complete Tutorial

6 thoughts on “Novashare Plugin Review 2023 | Is it Really Fastest & Lightweight? Complete Tutorial”

  1. Hello Archana,

    Adding social share plugins on a website is a good practice to get more shares and there are tons of plugins available. Currently I’m using Social Snap for my blog and satisfied with it. I’ll also give a try to Novashare as it one for the light and fastest social sharing plugin and UI is so clean. Thanks for this in-depth review.

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Ayush Mishra

    • Hey Ayush,

      I have also used Social Snap and it was amazing experince with it. But after using Novashare, I can easily make out differance especially in Speed. BTW thanks for stopping me and leaving your valuable feedback.


  2. Hi Archana,
    I came across this post on social media and the featured image made me click on the link. Ultimately I went line by line deeper into this tutorial. At last, I must say that I am a big fan of your writing.
    The way you wrote this guide to Novashare, it is just amazing. Thanks for giving me an alternative to Social Snap.
    -Nitin Dabas

    • Hey Nitin,

      Thanks for your appreciation via valuable comment. I am glad that you like Novashare Plugin Review and find it helpful. Stay connected for more informative content.


  3. Hi Archana,

    Thanks for publishing a detailed review of the Novashare Plugin. In order to get more shares, adding social share plugins to a website is a smart idea. Currently, I am using I’m using Social Snap for my blog. After reading your Novashare review, I want to implement Novashare into my blog.


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