MonsterInsights Review 2022 | Is It Best WordPress Plugin for Google Analytics?

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Nowadays, starting a blog is not enough; you have to monitor your website performance to see whether your content is performing well or requires improvement. 

That is why you need to connect your website to google analytics to see complete analytics data of your content based on user activity. 

Google Analytics is one of the best tools available in the market that provides an in-depth report of your website performance in one place. 

Apart from that, Google Analytics helps you figure out how your content performs so that you can take appropriate action to improve your results. 

But the problem is that Google Analytics provides a bunch of information in the report that requires time and effort to extract useful and relevant data related to your website.

If you are a beginner, then Google Analytics in-depth reports might be complex for you to figure out how well your website performs and what improvement is required & where.

But if you are a WordPress user, then you have several options to access Google Analytics data (crucial to fix) is the easiest way and make further strategies to maximize your business performance. 

Today I have come up with MonsterInsights review, a tool that extends possibilities to monitor & analyze your website performance within the WordPress dashboard with few clicks. 

No matter which kind of WordPress website you are running, the MonsterInsights Google Analytics WordPress plugin provides you systematically categorized and easy-to-understand analytics data reports to maximize your business growth quickly.

In this detailed MonsterInsights review, we’ll discuss all the MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin features along with how to add google analytics to WordPress and How it helps you figure out the correct way to improve your online business growth.  

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MonsterInsights Review 2022: Is It The #1 Google Analytics Plugin?

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What is MonsterInsight?

MonsterInsights Plugin (Rebranded from Google Analytics for WordPress) was initially developed by Yoast SEO and later on acquired by Awesome Motive Company in 2016.

It is one of the leading and best google analytics plugins with 3M+ active installations. MonsterInsights Plugin helps you to quickly embed google analytics in your WordPress site without hiring a developer or writing a single line of code. 

So that you can easily monitor your website performance and explore insightful data (accurate & customized) within the WordPress dashboard with a few clicks, apart from that, you can track advanced data for Affiliate Links, SEO Score, Category & Tags, Focus Keywords, and many more.

Using MonsterInsights Plugin, you will get systematically well-customized data that is very easy to understand so that you can take further appropriate action to enhance your website performance.

If we compare support, performance, features, and functionality, it is one step ahead of its competitors. 

No matter which business you are in, the MonsterInsights plugin enables you to do more with Google Analytics data with a simplified experience. 

Let’s see the top benefit of using Monsterinsights Google Analytics Plugin on your WordPress website.

Who Can Use MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin?

As I told you earlier, Monsterinsights is a powerful and in-reach Google Analytics Plugin that helps almost all kinds of businesses. 

No matter which website you have, it should be on WordPress then; only you can use Monsterinsights google analytics. 

Monsterinsights helps to quickly determine how people are finding and consuming your website content so that you can make the right decision to boost your conversion faster. 

If you’re a 

  • Blogger
  • Businessman
  • eCommerce Store Owner
  • Web Developer

You can take your website growth to the next level by using Monsterinsights on your website. 

Monsterinsights Google Analytics Plugin provides consolidated analytics data metrics so that you can take appropriate action to enhance your website performance. 

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Benefits of Using MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin

Although you have a variety of google analytics plugins when we talk about ease of use, secure and reliable google analytics plugin, Monsterinsights is the #1 choice for every digital entrepreneur. 

Monsterinsights is not just a Google Analytics Plugin, but it is more than that. I will discuss it later. First of all, let’s see some pinpoints of using the Monsterinsights plugin on your website. 

1. Ease of Use & Quick Setup 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, Monsterinsights offers effortless & easy to follow steps so that you can quickly set up Google Analytics in your WordPress website. Even Though you don’t need to hire a developer or write complex code in your website to set up Google analytics, just install the Monsterinsights plugin and connect your Google Analytics account. That’s it, and you are done.

2. Intuitive Analytics Dashboard 

Monsterinsights plugin offers an easy-to-use dashboard. It pulls all the google analytics data in your WordPress dashboard and displays them in a categorized and customized way. This reporting structure provides the best user experience and helps you make the right decision at the right time.

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3. Custom Reports

MonsterInsights offers 20+ types of custom reports that you can get with a few clicks. It helps you to analyze which type of content is performing well so that you can take appropriate action at the right time.

Let’s have a look at some essential MonsterInsights reports that you will get in your fingertip.

  • eCommerce Report – You can monitor conversion rate, top products, total revenue, average order value, top conversion source, etc., for your eCommerce store in one place. 
  • Publisher Report – This report includes a detailed analysis of your top content visit and affiliate link performance so that you can easily grab the right partnership opportunity.
  • Audience Demographics Report – It helps you analyze your audience based on their interest, country, age, gender, browser, etc., to optimize your content.
  • Custom Dimensions Report – This report includes In-Depth, useful stats based on the most popular authors, best publication times, popular categories, tags, Yoast focus keywords, SEO score, etc., to take your content strategy to the next level.
  • Forms Tracking Reports – If you are using any forms (contact form, lead form, etc.) on your website, then the form tracking feature helps you see your forms conversion stats to improve your conversion to grow your business. 
  • Search Console Report – This report includes consolidated data of your website performance in search engines so that you can optimize your content to get better results and organic traffic.
  • Report Newsletter – Not able to visit your website daily, don’t worry, MonsterInsights sends weekly email summaries website analytics, which contains essential performance metrics in your email inbox to keep you one step ahead.
  • Quick Note – These are only a few essential reports that I have covered. Still, you will get many other important reports that are very beneficial to analyze your business growth immediately.

4. Analytics Tracking

Apart from website analytics reports, MonsterInsights offers 20+ types of advanced tracking features that are quite beneficial to make a solid content strategy to enhance your business growth. 

The best part is that you can see all these tracking data within your WordPress data with a few clicks. Let’s see some essential data tracking stats for your website content.

  • Post Content Tracking – Get detailed tracking data for your categories, tags, author, and post so that you can quickly determine which part of your content is performing well. 
  • Focus Keywords & SEO Score Tracking – If you are a Yoast SEO user, then MonsterInsights helps you segment traffic source by focus keyword and how your content SEO scores impact traffic. 
  • Forms Tracking – You can track your forms (contact form, lead form, etc.) to see complete and essential conversion data.
  • Affiliate link Tracking & Ads Tracking – MonsterInsights helps you track all your affiliate links and Ads and provides accurate affiliate tracking & ad clicks data to optimize their placement. 
  • Scroll Tracking – This tracking feature helps you to figure out which part of your content is most engaging so that you can optimize your entire content to improve performance.
  • Google AMP Tracking – MonsterInsights offers an easy setup of Google Analytics tracking for Google AMP and helps you provide proper attribution when your audience switch between AMP and non-AMP parts of your website.
  • Enhanced Link Attribution – Using this tracking feature, you can easily make out which CTA and Link on your landing page are getting more clicks. 
  • eCommerce Tracking – MonsterInsights eCommerce tracking feature helps you track all your eCommerce metrics like the total number of transactions, conversion rate, total revenue, average order value, etc., with just a few simple clicks.

Quick Note – Above, I have only mentioned some of the most essential analytics tracking features, but you can do more. Click here to see all the analytics tracking features.

5. Easy Integration 

MonsterInsights offers easy integration with the most popular WordPress tools to monitor and track data to make a powerful business growth strategy in the future. See the list of tools that can be integrated with the MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin-

  • Yoast SEO
  • WPForms
  • WooCommerce
  • PrettyLinks
  • AMP
  • Google Adsense
  • Membership plugin
  • Gravity Forms
  • Easy digital downloads
  • Google Optimize 
  • Formidable Forms
  • And Many More

You can quickly integrate your favorite tools with MonsterInsights Plugin and monitor your WordPress tools data with an effortless process.  

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6. Quality Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most crucial parts of any product that you should not ignore in any condition. Because if you have any issue in terms of technical or using the product, you could get instant support from the author. 

So, don’t worry! MonsterInsights offers quality support via email. If you have a serious issue using Monsterinsights, you can raise a ticket to get rid of this. 

Otherwise, Monsterinsights have extensive documentation as well as blogs to solve all your common questions. 

BTW, Monsterinsights don’t give you a chance to complain, as they always keep updating it to provide you better results and performance. 

Monsterinsights Plan & Pricing: MonsterInsights Review

You can use MonsterInsights for free of cost as they offer a free version (MonsterInsights Lite Plugin) that can be downloaded and installed from WordPress respiratory. 

Remember one thing that MonsterInsights Free has few basic features with a one-click google analytics setup in WordPress. In contrast, MonsterInsights Pro comes with many amazing features that extend your website analysis process possibilities so far.

When it comes to MonsterInsights Pricing, then it is completely justified with its features and functionality. Let’s see an overview of MonsterInsights Pricing Structure below.

MonsterInsights Pro Google Analytics Plugin provides 3 types of plans with different price tags based on advanced features and resources that you can buy as per your requirements & budgets. 

1: Plus – This is the entry-level plan that is perfect for beginners running a single WordPress website that costs $99.50/Year (Single Site License).

 2: Pro – This is the second plan of MonsterInsights that costs $199.50/Year. This plan comes with a 5 Site License and is suitable for eCommerce websites & small businesses.

 3: Agency – It’s the last and higher MonsterInsights plan that costs $399.50/Year. This plan includes 25 Site Licenses and is perfect for digital marketing, SEO, or web development agencies.

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MonsterInsights Review -How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress by MonsterInsights?

So, after reading the detailed MonsterInsights Review, you can easily make out that MonsterInsights is one of the best google analytics plugin available in the market. 

Now, I have covered almost all the essential points you must know before using MonsterInsights on your WordPress website. So, let’s move ahead and see how to add google analytics to WordPress Website in a few easy steps.

So, let’s get started.

It is a very simple and easy process that you can perform on your own, and you need to write a single code or hire a developer. 

Step 1: Install & Activate MonsterInsights Plugin

First of all, you need to install & activate the MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin on your WordPress site and to do so, login into your WordPress dashboard & follow the steps.

Go to Plugin » Add New » Install and Activate MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin

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Step 2: MonsterInsights Launch Setup Wizard to Configure Google Analytics

On completion of installation & activation of MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin on your website, you have to click on the Insight option. After that, you will see an option called “Launch Setup Wizard,” click on it to configure a google analytics account to MonsterInsights.

Quick Note – Before you launch the setup wizard, make sure you have created a google analytics account and you have added your site property to your account successfully.

MonsterInsights Launch Setup WizardPin

Step 3: Start MonsterInsights Setup for WordPress Integration

In the next step, you have to select your website category (a business website, blog, or eCommerce store). Select the appropriate one and click on the “Save and continue” button.

MonsterInsights SetupPin

Step 4: Connect MonsterInsights to Your Website

After that, you will be redirected to the next step, where you have to connect your WordPress site to Google Analytics. For that, simply click on the “Connect MonsterInsights” button for the next step.

Connect MonsterInsights to Your WebsitePin

Step 5: Sign in Google Analytics Account to Connect MonsterInsights

Now you will be redirected to the next screen (Google login page). Here, you need to sign in with your Gmail account, which you have used while creating site property. Simply select the exact Gmail account to connect your Google Analytics account with MonsterInsights.

Sign In Google Analytics AccountPin

Step 6: Allow MonsterInsights to Access Your Google Analytics Account

On a successful sign, you have to give permission to MonsterInsights for accessing your Google Analytics account to pull out analytic data into your WordPress dashboard. So, click on the “Allow” button to complete this step.

MonsterInsights Access Permission to Google AccountPin

Step 7: Select Site Property to Pull Google Analytics Data into WordPress Dashboard

After that, you will be redirected to the next step, here you have to choose the site property you want to track. Select the appropriate site property from the drop-down menu (if you have multiple properties) and then click the “Complete Connection” button to proceed to the next step.

Connect Google Analytics to WebsitePin

Step 8: Add/Modify MonsterInsights Default Settings

Now you have successfully configured Google Analytics to MonsterInsights, and few steps are left to finish the setup. On the next screen, you will see the recommended settings that you can modify as you need. 

However, the MonsterInsights plugin is set for the best settings, and you need not change anything except one. Suppose you are promoting affiliate products and using an affiliate link Cloaker plugin to short/manage your affiliate links, and you want to track your affiliate link’s performance. In that case, you must add the exact path that you are using to cloak affiliate links. 

After that, click on the “Save and Continue” button to save your settings and proceed to the next step. 

MonsterInsights Recommended SettingsPin

Step 9: Buy Addon OR Skip This Step

As I covered earlier, MonsterInsights offers a variety of paid Addons to make your life easier and dig your website analytics data more in-depth. So, if you want to go with a MonsterInsights free, then simply click on the “Save and Continue” button to skip this step.

Upgrade to Pro PlanPin

Step 10: Install WPForms Plugin Now OR Skip This Step

On the next page, you will be asked to install the WPForms plugin, one of the best drag & drop form builder plugins, to create high-converting forms for your business needs. You can install it now; otherwise, click on the “Skip this step” button to move ahead.

MonsterInsights Recommends WPForms PluginPin

Final Step: Finish MonsterInsights Setup & Exit from Wizard

Boom! You have successfully configured your website with Google Analytics through the MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin. Now you are ready to explore your website analytics data within your WordPress dashboard to analyze your content performance with a few clicks.

Finish MonsterInsights SetupPin

Quick Note – You have to wait for some time to see website analytics reports. MonsterInsights may take a while to fetch analytics data from Google Analytics Account to your WordPress dashboard.

MonsterInsights Review – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is one of the best google analytics plugins for any WordPress website. MonsterInsights Plugin offers tons of features and functionality to monitor your website analytics data right there in the WordPress dashboard with a few clicks.

How Do I Use MonsterInsights in WordPress?

First of all, you need to install the MonsterInsights plugin into your website and the launch setup wizard to configure google analytics to WordPress in a few simple steps. On successful configuration, you can see your website analytics data directly within the WordPress dashboard.

How Much Does MonsterInsights Cost?

MonsterInsights offers 3 types of plans Plus, Pro, and agency which cost $99.50/Year, 199.50/Year, and 399.50/Year respectively. All plans come with many powerful features that you can grab as per your business requirements.

Is MonsterInsights Free?

Yes! MonsterInsights provides a FREE version called “MonsterInsights Lite Plugin” with few basic features and easy integration with Google Analytics to WordPress. You can install and activate MonsterInsight Lite Plugin from the WordPress plugin respiratory and start using it.

Should I install MonsterInsights?

Well, it totally depends on your business requirements, but if you are serious about your business growth, you must go for the MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin. MonsterInsights plugin offers tons of features and addons that make your life easier and helps you see exact website content analytics data, which really matters. 

Final Thoughts

So that is all in the MonsterInsights Review post, where I have covered almost all the essential points that really matter to make the right decision while choosing MonsterInsights for your business needs. 

If you are serious about your website and want to accelerate your analytics process, the MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin is definitely the best tool for you. 

MonsterInsights provides very simple and easy-to-follow steps for configuring Google Analytics to WordPress website that you do on your own. You don’t need to be an expert or hire a developer for this.

Also, you never require any technical knowledge to manage and understand all your analytics reports in the future. 

So, you can say that MonsterInsights is the best WordPress plugin for google analytics that provides detailed reports & easy-to-understand reports in one place. Apart from that, you can dig more in-Depth analytics reports with a few clicks and make a solid strategy to rank higher quickly.

If you find this article helpful, then please share it. It will take your few seconds, but it motivates me to write more informative content in the future. If you have any other questions, then let me know in the comment. I will get back to you ASAP. 

Happy Reading & Happy Blogging 🙂

MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin

Do you regularly monitor your website’s traffic performance? Then you must try MonsterInsights Google Analytics WordPress Plugin once. It allows you to see all your website performance stats right there in WordPress Dashboard.


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Ease of Use


If you are looking for the best Google Analytics solution for WordPress website then MonsterInsights would be #1 choice for you.

MonsterInsights offers categorized and detailed analytics data with an advanced filter at one place (within your WordPress dashboard) so that you can take appropriate action on time.

That means you don’t need to login to your Google Analytics account to see your website performance anymore. MonsterInsights directly pulls all the analytics data and displays on WordPress dashboard.

So why are you waiting? Get MonsterInsights Todays and Monior Business Growth effectively.


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