How to Write Your First Blog Post? 10 Crucial Steps for Effective Writing

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Starting a personal blog isn’t enough; you regularly publish new and trending blog posts on your blog. For all, you have to write an article for your blog. 

Write your first blog post or as many as you want to write, but you have to be very careful about your content’s quality and uniqueness. If you are also looking for the best and proven guidance on how to write your first blog post, then you are at the right place. 

Do you have a blog? How do you write good articles? Are you struggling to find the best practice and proven tips on how to write a high-quality first blog post on your personal blog? 

Then Don’t Worry, in this article, I will explain an essential step that needs to follow while writing your first blog post successfully.

There are limitless steps, tricks, and tips available that need to be addressed for a good piece of content. But a few of them are very popular and proven that you must adhere to them. 

Writing an article is not an easy job, and you need time and patience to write a good piece of writing. 

Although writing a blog post is an art, and you have to perform it well, then it engages your valuable audience for a long time and attracts your readers to come back again. 

However, writing skills come after a long time when you keep on writing quality content consistently. It is not that you have started now, and you have become a master in content writing.

So, without wasting any time Let’s have a look at each point step by step to write your first blog post

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How to Write Your First Blog Post?

In this post, I am going to explain almost all the steps that are required to write a blog post. Make sure you read the entire article and follow the steps that will increase your content value.

Let’s get into that: –

1: Find the Topic Idea

It is a very crucial step for bloggers who just started their blogging journey. Many people create their blogs, but they don’t have any topic to begin writing about after some time because they didn’t choose any niche or interest. 

But any smart blogger has already selected their niche and is fully capable and has unique ideas and skills to find blog post ideas. But for newbies, it’s a challenging task. 

Blogging doesn’t mean you have started writing your first blog post because you wanted to write. It is a big mistake that many new bloggers make. Your first blog post topic should be unique and trending, which people want to read.

If you are not doing so, then who will read your article? In this case, you have to find out the best blog topic, which is being searched for and asked on various platforms or search engines. 

Probably you have a question in your mind about how to find blog post topic ideas for your first blog post. Don’t worry; here are some best and most proven methods available to get the best and new blog post topic ideas for your first blog post.

1: Quora

It is a trendy and effective way to get your free article idea or any type of post topic for your first blog post. Quora is one of the famous question-answer platforms where thousands of people ask questions on different topics.

You can find the most relevant blog post topic based on your niche. You can help someone by writing an informative and detailed article based on a topic (question) you have selected from Quora.


2: Answer the Public

It is also another effective way to find your blog post topic. “Answer the public” also works like Quora but is more powerful than Quora, where millions of people are searching for answers.

Answer the Public Topic SearchPin

Here you can find the most trending and high search volume topic for your first blog post that can rank higher in any search engine. Visit Answer the Public Website and search for the questions related to your niche and make a list of those questions. 

Answer the Public Search ResultPin

3: Social Media Platforms

Joining a social media platform (like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) and following the relevant group is also a great way to find your first blog post topics. Thousands of groups can be found on social media platforms that are related to your niche.

You have to join a group that is related to your niche. In these groups, many people ask questions related to your topic. Pick the right question and try to produce a unique type of blog post for their query.

Important – Using these platforms, you can get many free blog articles and free content topic Ideas for any personal blog or business blog. When you write any blog post, then your topic idea should come from your audience. 

2. Do Proper Keywords Research Before You Start Writing?

After finding the best topic, it is another very crucial step that you should never ignore. Because without doing keyword research, it is impossible to rank in any search engines. 

Now your main job gets started. You have to do an in-depth analysis of those topics, and You need to find out the search volume of those topics on which you are about to write your first blog post. 

Then only it’s worth writing. It would be best if you had to find out the keywords related to that topic. It is also recommended that you do proper keyword research to find the best and easy-to-rank keywords for your first blog post. 

Doing research, you can find much lower competition and high search volume keywords that are easy to rank. Now the question is how to do keyword research?

There are plenty of free and paid tools available in the market that can help you find relevant and easy-to-rank keywords for your first blog post. It depends on how you are doing keyword research. 

Here are some methods that can help you find the best and easy-to-rank keywords with less competition for your first blog post. 

1: Free Tools

Many smart bloggers are using free tools to do their keyword research and get the best results. Free tools are also useful and give accurate results to some extent, but not 100%. But if you are a beginner and unable to afford premium tools, you can try these free tools for finding suitable keywords for your first blog post. 

Here are some free methods to do keyword research without paying any amount.  

Google Trends – It is a Google product that allows you to do keyword research for free. You can find the trend of the keyword based on time location and category. 

Google TrendPin

Ubersuggest – it is also the best and most popular tool that helps you to do Keywords Research. Using this tool, you can analyze the keyword search volume, keyword difficulty, and competitor research.


Google AdWords – it is a more effective and easier-to-use tool that allows you to do multiple keyword research at a time. You can find more specific results for search volume, location, CPC, and keyword difficulty easily.

Google AdwordsPin

Important – Initially, it is highly recommended that you don’t target small and medium keywords because there is enormous competition. It would be best if you target long keywords. 

2: Paid Tools 

There are a variety of paid tools available in the market that you can use as per your requirements and budgets. 

But it is highly recommended that you go for the basic plan of either Semrush All in SEO tools or Ahref because they are more trusted and famous, and are being used by many pro bloggers. 

Semrush and Ahref have massive databases of keywords and topics and give the exact results that you are searching for. You can do many tasks (that you may not think) using these tools to improve your blog performance and search rankings. 

You can get genuine search volume and keyword difficulty based on various terms. By using these tools, you can also do the competitors’ research. 

Although Semrush and Ahref are expensive, it is worth every penny that you invest. On the other hand, you use the kwfinder and keyword tool to get better and easily rank keyword lists for your first blog post. 

Here are some snapshots of these tools for keyword research-


3. Create Your Blog Post Outline

Now you have chosen your blog post topic and easy-to-rank keywords. Next, you have to do blog planning to write your first blog post that people love to read. 

How you write or how to write well depends on how you prepare a blog outline, then you can start writing your first blog post? I mean to say that you have to decide on your article layout, which contains the following things.

  • Write Eye-Catching Blog Post Title
  • Heading and Sub-Headings (h1, h2, h3….h6)
  • Paragraph and Section
  • List and Bullets
  • Visual and Media for Extra info
Post LayoutPin

Post Layout – Source

Don’t do random blogging ever, and try to make your post types unique. Divide your article into Paragraphs and sections that look better, and your audience will never get bored while reading it. 

Systematically arranged and well-crafted content attracts people and gives more engagement to your reader. It also provides a better user experience for your audience.

4. Collect Visuals and Other Assets

Now you have completed the main essential task, and you have some more critical work that gives better results. You probably know which kind of blog post you are going to write. 

So, you have to create or find the related visuals and assets like images, videos, infographics, text, and external links related to your content for a better explanation and extra information. 

You can use the Canva tool for free to create your visual assets, and it’s a free plan enough for beginners, but if you want more stunning visuals, you can upgrade it to pro plans. For video, you can embed the best YouTube video related to your content. 

Make sure the video should be informative and easy to understand. If you are using text and external links, then they should be from the high authority website.

You use this copyright-free image website for creating or downloading visuals for your first blog post.

5. Define Title and Meta Description

Title – Do you know the blog post’s title plays a crucial role in bringing massive traffic to your blog post? Because people see it first in any search results. That’s why it should be eye-catching and clickable. 

Do you know what the website title is? It is the URL name of your blog post which is seen in the search results.

So, you have to decide if your blog post title is very attractive and meaningful and talks about your content. It should not be too big or small. The average words of a blog title are 60 words. 

Meta Description – It is also the first impression of your blog post and is visible along with your Blog URL in any search engine results. So, it should be informative and understandable. The average words of meta description are 160 words. 

The meta description of any blog post is the summary that tells visitors about your blog post content. Title and Meta description are the essential factors that can increase or decrease your blog traffic.

Because any person searching for anything on the internet can identify the content by seeing the title and meta description. And he can quickly come to know which one is perfect for their query.

Title and Meta DescriptionPin

Important – Title and Meta Description are the first snap of your blog post, so you have to make it meaningful and clickable. Don’t Ever Miss guides your audience by setting it wrong for getting traffic. Because the visitor who comes to your blog by seeing them and doesn’t find relevant content leaves your blog and never comes again. So, in this case, you have to set it correctly according to your content. It is also best to practice that you use your primary keywords in the title and meta description. That will increase your ranking and tell users about your content.

6. Start and Finish writing

Now the question is how to write a good article? How do you write an informative article? Let me remind you that you have finished half your work now, and you can start writing your first blog post as per your blog outline. 

Make sure you are following all the steps that you have decided on in the blog outline. While writing your blog post, you have to distribute your content in the section and small paragraphs and word breakdown. Further, you can shorten it by using headings, subheadings, and lists or bullets. 

Along with that, you have to use your visuals like images and infographics as when and where they are required to be inserted. You can use the screenshots or some text part of any high authority blog. But remember one thing, always give credit to that website from where you have taken the extra info (Text and Screenshots).

If you are adding any content without attribution, it could be harmful (Copyright Issue). In most cases, it can’t because the content’s owner is getting readers on their blog for free of cost.

Write Blog PostPin

But it would help if you gave credit to their effort. While writing your blog post, you have to remember the following things –

  • Don’t overuse and less use of your keywords
  • Your keywords to be placed naturally
  • Use visuals and text wherever they are required
  • Don’t decorate your blog post
  • Write in simple and easy-to-understand language

By doing this, you can make your blog post informative and meaningful. Don’t try to make your blog post lengthy by using useless content. However, if your blog post becomes lengthy due to information, then it is best. In this way, your first blog post becomes valuable and engaging.

7. Add Call to Action and Sharing

That’s a great idea if you use a call to action and sharing option in your blog post. Do you know why it is essential?

Call to Action – It helps you convert your readers into customers. If you are promoting any products, then you can make money by adding a call to action. 

Social Share Option – Having social or other sharing options will help you get extra traffic to your blog. You have added the sharing option. Then if someone likes your blog post, he will be able to share it on various platforms

Call to Action and Social SharePin

8. Internal and External Linking

Adding internal and external links to your post is an excellent idea. It helps your users to find extra information without any effort. By internal linking, you can send the reader to another post easily.

But make sure while adding external links, you have analyzed that link. It should be from high-ranking websites whose domain authority and page authority should be high. Don’t misguide your audience by using unrelated and spammy links. 

Along with that, all the external links should be secure and safe to visit. It should not be a spammy and low category. 

If you are using internal links wisely, then you can create an excellent internal structure for further information, which is available on your blog. Please don’t ignore this opportunity, because it helps you in decreasing the bounce rate.

9. Write a Summary

Now you have completed writing your first blog post, it’s time to summarize it. It would be best to close your article by writing a conclusion that contains the whole summary of your blog post that you have covered.

You can also request your readers to Favour or direct them to finish some action like, do share this post, joining the group, following me on social media, etc. It helps to reach more people. 

10. Add Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, you must know what FAQs are. Frequently Asked Questions are a bunch of 5 to 10 short questions and answers related to your topic. You can give more info or solutions to your audience about their problems related to that topic. 

It also helps you in getting more visibility and a better ranking in any search engine. You should always add at least five of the most relevant FAQs in each blog post. You can see the example of Frequently Asked Questions at the end of this post, which I have added to this blog post.

Wow!! You have written a high-quality and informative article that is going to be loved by your audience. 

Before you hit the publish button, you must have to do/ check the following things – 

1: Proofreading 

No one is perfect in this world, so you are also not a perfect man. So, it may happen that human error will occur while writing your blog post. Probably you have written well, but some text, words, phrases, and sentences may have spelling or grammar errors.

That’s why it is best practice to proofread your content for some unknown mistakes, which could give the wrong impression of you. To get rid of this issue you can use some blog writing software like Grammarly, Linguix, etc. which can save time.

It would make your content more meaningful and easier to understand for your readers. So, it would be best if you didn’t ignore it. These tools are available for free, and you can use them as Chrome extensions. It is compatible with your Google Docs, WordPress, and mobile also.

2: Basic Blog Post Optimization

Although you have learned the many essential things to make your blog post valuable and unique, certain things are still left and need to be done. Learn more about On-Page optimization for your first blog post.

If you have a blog, then you have a category. So, add your blog post to the related category. it would be best if you did the following things-

Essential Step Befor PublishPin
  • Set Permalink rather than leaving default URL
  • Select Relevant Category for Blog Post
  • Write a Meta Tag (Title Tag) for Your Blog Post
  • Add one Attractive Featured Image
  • Set ALT Tag for Featured Image which contains Main Keywords
  • Another option is to leave

Suppose you are using any SEO plugin like Rank Math, Yoast, etc. In that case, you can define the snippiest search for your blog posts by setting up a permalink, Meta Description, and some additional keywords there for better search engine optimization.

RankMath SEO SnippetPin

RankMath SEO Snippet

Yoast SEO SnippetPin

Yoast SEO Snippet


Now your blog post is ready to Publish. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What Does the Blog Stand For?

A blog is something like a personal diary established on the internet, where different kinds of writers publish articles on various topics regularly and update the old posts.

What Should I Post on My First Blog?

First of all, you have to publish a post about yourself. Writing about yourself can help your users to know about you. After that, you can publish contact information and other essential pages like Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. After that, you can start writing your blog post according to your niche.

How Do I Write A 2023 Blog Post?

Your first blog post should be unique and informative so that it can attract people and force them to return. Follow the steps that I have covered in this post to write a good piece of content.

How To Start a Personal Blog?

It is a very simple process following the following steps-
1. Find Your Interest and Niche
2. Buy a Good Domain Name
3. Purchase one Web Hosting
4. Install WordPress
5. Install Theme and Plugin
6. Customize your Blog
7. Start Writing your Blog Post.

Where Can I Start a Blog for Free?

Yes, you can start a blog for Free also. There are many free platforms available where you can start your blog without paying any money. Here are some platforms available for free-,,,, etc.

Over to You

I have explained almost all the essential steps required to follow while writing any blog post. I am quite sure that this article is going to be very helpful to you. 

Although all the points are essential perfect Topic and keyword research are crucial to getting better results. If you are doing so, you are wasting your time writing and publishing blog posts daily. 

Because who knows which post you are writing, but by doing research, you can get a high search volume topic and keywords. And these keywords will help you in getting massive organic traffic for your blog post. 

I hope you have enjoyed this article and learned something new then do me a favor for me. Share this article so that others can also get the benefit of this. It will take a few seconds, but it motivates me. 

Be connected with me on social media and keep visiting my blog to get more stuff like this. 

Happy Reading and Happy Blogging

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