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Nowadays, everyone wants to start a blog, website, or startup online to make money. The competition has increased significantly due to Covid-19 as results from most of the offline businesses were stopped, and people have shifted online. 

So, Search Engine Optimization is the only way to beat your competitors and get a better search ranking in any search engine. If you are using WordPress, then you are probably using some SEO plugin to optimize your content. 

There are several popular SEO plugins available like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, and Rank Math SEO. Today I will explore the Rank Math SEO and its benefits via this Rank Math Review article. 

Before we get started with a detailed Rank Math Review, let’s look at some essential points related to the SEO plugin.

What is an SEO Plugin?

Before you start writing your blog post, you have to do certain things like topic research, keyword research, preparing a blog post outline etc. Isn’t it?


Because if you don’t do so, your efforts are going to waste. When you start writing your content, you have to make sure that your content is well optimized to get a better ranking. 

That’s why we need an SEO plugin to make the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process more effortless. Any SEO plugin helps you in On-Page SEO which is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization. 

There are three types of SEO methods (On-Page, Off-Page and Technical) that you need to perform on your blog or website. If you missed any of them, you are not going to get any results from your blog. 

The SEO plugin analyzes your full content as per top-ranking content in SERP. It gives suggestions/ recommendations for content readability, keywords placement, external and internal linking, image SEO, clickable title, meta description etc. 

It is not the guaranteed method to get the #1 position because several more factors determine your ranking. But it is a crucial part which you need to perform in any case. 

Which SEO Plugin Should I Use?

You have dozens of SEO plugins to choose from but make sure to compare their features and limitations to make the right decision. You can go for Yoast, All in One SEO, Rank Math or any other, but when it comes to the best WordPress SEO plugin and features offered by them, no one is better than Rank Math SEO Plugin

I am not forcing you to use it, but it is my experience because I am also using Rank Math on several blogs from the day it was launched. No matter if you are a beginner or experienced, I would highly recommend you to go for Rank Math. 

Before we get into Rank Math Review, let’s see Rank Math vs Yoast SEO Plugin short comparison.

Rank Math Review Ultimate SEO Plugin for WordPressPin

Rank Math vs Yoast SEO

Both are the industry-leading SEO plugin that offers tons of powerful on-page SEO features to make our content optimization effective. 

But the best part is that Rank Math offers some excellent features for FREE of Cost, whereas Yoast has limited features in the FREE version. 

Let’s have a look at a short overview on some of the most essential points of Rank Math vs Yoast that you must know before switching from Yoast to Rank Math SEO Plugin-

Great and appealing UI – The user interface of any software attracts people and helps them enjoy its features. Isn’t it? Yes, Though Yoast is focused on functionality compared to UI looks. At the same time, Rank Math offers the most appealing UI with tons of features at FREE of Cost. 

Lightweight and Fast – Rank Math has fewer code lines and is small in size compared to Yoast SEO Plugin. So, it is evident that Rank Math is lightweight and faster than Yoast.

Rank Math vs Yoast File SizePin

Integration of Google Products – Rank Math allows you to integrate the most used webmaster tools like search console and analytics with verifying via Gmail account. You will be able to see all your website list. At the same time, Yoast also has search console integration, but you have to verify your site one by one and doesn’t provide Google Analytics integration.  

Keyword Optimization and Content SEO Analysis: Yoast and Rank Math, both SEO plugins, offer the same points for on-page Optimization, but the only difference is the No. of focus Keywords. Yoast Free allows you to use only one focus keyword, whereas Rank Math will enable you to do up to 5 keywords Optimization and integrate with LSI tools and provide you with more concise keywords.

Rank Math vs Yoast Keyword Optimization and Content SEO AnalysisPin

Features and Pricing: Rank Math FREE version offers more advanced features, whereas Yoast has many limitations in the FREE version. Yes, you can compare Yoast Premium vs Rank Math Free at a certain level, but in my opinion, Rank Math FREE is far better than Yoast premium that is why Rank Math popularity is growing consistently. Both have premium versions, and there is also so much difference in the price range. Yoast costs $89 for a single site, whereas Rank Math costs $59 for multiple websites. 

Rank Math vs Yoast PricingPin

See Some Other Comparison Points 

FeatureRank MathYoast
404 and a Redirect managerFreePaid
Analytics ReportYesNo
Automated Image SEOYesNo
Schema TypeEnoughLimited
SEO Score/AnalysisYesNo
Role managerYesNo
Version ControlYesNo

Rank Math Review – About Company

Rank Math SEO PluginPin

Rank Math was founded in 2018 by MyThemeShop company with the “Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO” slogan. Since then, it is constantly growing and providing better SEO enhancement and new features. 

It provides full control over the entire website’s on-page SEO activities and quickly gains a maximum score in on-page SEO. It has 775,000+ active installations. Rank Math SEO is available in the freemium version that means you can use it for FREE also. 

Rank Math offers all the essential and advanced on-page SEO features for free of cost, but other SEO plugins charge you for that feature. 

Rank Math Review – Benefits of Using Rank Math 

Rank Math BenefitsPin

It was the time when Yoast SEO was more popular and trusted among digital entrepreneurs. Yoast SEO plugin also offers powerful features for on-page SEO at free of cost and some advanced features in the paid version. 

But back in 2018, Rank Math entered with a more powerful features package free of cost. It was a revolutionary movement in the SEO industry. We started getting incredible on-page SEO features for free that we are paying in Yoast. 

It offers dozens of powerful and fantastic on-page SEO features that power up your content and perform well in search engines. 

Here are the essential features that you get when you start using Rank Math SEO plugin

  • 16+ built-in feature module which you can enable and configure or disable as per your requirement. 
  • Win the SEO by measuring and tracking the keywords ranking.
  • Analyze your website and identify the issue based on 30 known factors by running the SEO analysis. 
  • Single click easy to migrate from other SEO plugins to work seamlessly.
  • Win the rich snippets with 20+ Schema type support (including FAQs and How to) 
  • Compatible with all themes, plugin, Guttenberg & Classic Editor, including integrated with Elementor Page Builder.
  • Automatically Sitemap XML file generation and submission in webmaster tools. Instant Indexing in Bing Webmaster via API integration
  • Offers bulk editing options and choose pillar pages to improve your SILO structure.
  • Blog post preview for Google search result & social media share.
  • Optimize your content with five keywords and automate your Image SEO (Set automatic to add ALT tag). 

Let’s have a short overview of Rank Math SEO features that strengthen your On-Page SEO process faster than ever. 

Simple Dashboard and Easy Settings

Rank Math DashboardPin

Rank Math offers 16+ Settings modules with the enable/disable option that provides the best user experience. You can manage all your Rank Math settings options as per requirement. 

All the enabled features modules would be available for further configuration. Each setting module has options that you can edit/set/enable/disable as per your need. 

Apart from that, Rank Math gives complete control over content display setting and integration to automate your SEO effort. That means you can decide how and what you want to show/index your content in search engines or your visitors. Like

  • Title and Meta
  • Sitemap Settings
  • Edit .htaccess File
  • Edit robots.txt File
  • Link & Breadcrumbs
  • 404 and Redirection Manager
  • Webmaster Tools Integration
  • Image SEO 
  • Incorporating with Local SEO
  • Instant Indexing in Bing Webmaster
  • WooCommerce Content Optimization
  • And Much More

Compatibility and Simple On-Page SEO interface

Rank Math Compatibility and Simple On-Page SEO interfacePin

Rank Math is fully compatible with almost all the themes, plugins, WordPress classic editor and Guttenberg block editor. It offers a very simple on-page SEO optimization interface within the WordPress editor.

So that you can quickly optimize your single post and improve your basic on-page SEO like Title & Content Readability, Additional factors internal/external link and usage of media & keywords percentage. 

Apart from that, you can optimize your content further by marking pillar content, snippets preview, schema markup, meta description & permalink, add up to five target keywords, social media preview, canonical URL and decide your breadcrumbs title also.

Quick Note: Rank Math SEO plugin is now integrated with Elementor and Divi Page Builder so that you can optimize your piece of content right there in Elementor and Divi editor.

Built-In Analytics Features

Rank Math Built in AnalyticsPin

Analyzing your content performance is always essential to improve your work strategy. Yes, probably you might be using google analytics & webmaster tools to check your website analytics report. 

When you use the Rank Math SEO plugin, you need not visit the google analytics & webmaster tool page every time. Rank Math provides an easy integration setup with google analytics and search engines to pull out entire performance data.

After integration, Rank Math fetches all the data like impressions, clicks, ranking keywords, average CTR and Track the SEO performance of your content. 

However, all these consolidated data would be available right there in the Rank Math analytics dashboard, but it is in limited form and enough to analyze your performance. 

In-Built SEO Analysis Feature

Rank Math SEO AnalysisPin

Rank Math SEO Analysis feature to analyze your website with 30+ known factors to identify the issue and suggestions to fix them quickly. This feature is completely free and offers genuine issues and how to fix them.

Probably you are paying some amount to see your website on-page SEO data with any third-party tools. 

Sitemap Settings & Instant Indexing

Rank Math Sitemap SettingPin

Rank Math automatically generates sitemap XML files and submits them in webmaster tools for all your website content like page, post, category, attachment and tags for indexing.

Here you can decide what you want to include and what you don’t want to exclude in the search console. You can also set how many links you want to submit in the sitemap. 

Apart from that, Rank Math has also launched new features for the Bing webmaster tool to index your content in Bing Webmaster automatically. You can also submit the bulk URLs for instant indexing. 

Rank Math Instant IndexingPin

But before you start using this feature, you have to connect your Bing webmaster tool to Rank Math with API in this setting. After that, you would be able to instant the Indexing option in all your posts and pages.

Instant IndexingPin

Quick Note: Rank Math SEO Plugin offers robots.txt File and .htaccess file editing option so that you can edit/modify the robots.txt File right there in WordPress Dashboard.

404 & Redirection Manager 

Rank Math 404 MonitorPin

Having empty links (404 error) on your website is a terrible SEO practice that negatively impacts search performance and increases the bounce rate.  

So, you have to find that link and fix them as soon as possible by redirecting to another live content. But finding those links manually is almost impossible. 

Unfortunately, other free SEO plugins don’t offer this feature; either you have to buy their premium version or take the help of third-party tools. 

Don’t worry; Rank Math offers these two features (404 monitors & Redirection manager) free of cost. Rank Math SEO plugin continually monitors all types of 404 hits and makes a log based on date & time. 

Check out your 404 logs in Rank Math to find critical page errors. Now it’s time to fix it, so go to the redirections setting and quickly set the redirection type and save changes. You can also manage all your redirections within the redirection’s dashboard.

You can add the following redirection rule for your 404 error page URLs to improve your bounce rate.

Rank Math Redirect ManagerPin
  • 301 Permanent Move
  • 302 Temporary Move
  • 307 Temporary Redirects
  • 410 Content Deleted
  • 451 Content Unavailable

Boom!! Now you have no empty URLs (404 error) on your site.

Schema Markup and LSI Tool Integration

Adding a Schema in your content is the best practice from an SEO point of view to stand out from your competitors. Luckily, Rank Math offers 13 types of Schemas that you can add to your blog post. 

Rank Math Schema and LSI Keyword SuggestionPin

Here is the list of Shema Type you get in Rank Math Free Version

  • Article 
  • Schema
  • Book 
  • Schema
  • Course 
  • Schema
  • Event 
  • Schema
  • Job Posting Schema
  • Music 
  • Schema
  • Person 
  • Schema
  • Product Schema
  • Recipe Schema
  • Restaurant Schema
  • Service 
  • Schema
  • Software 
  • Schema
  • Video Schema

You don’t ever require any other plugin to implement Schema markup in your site when you have Rank Math SEO plugin installed.

No matter which type of website (blog, WooCommerce, Review Site) you have, you can quickly optimize content for rich snippets and local SEO to make search engines understand your content better.

Apart from that Rank Math SEO plugin has an LSI tool integrated to get the LSI keyword suggestion around your focus keyword. Thus, you can optimize your content for better ranking. 

LSI (Latent Semantic Keywords) keywords help you to get better search traffic. If you use LSI keywords in your blog post, you can easily rank multiple keywords.

You never need an extra tool to find LSI keywords. You need to connect your Rank Math account to utilize this feature. After that, get unlimited keyword suggestions from Google and increase your organic traffic on the go.

Benefits of Using Rank Math Pro – Rank Math Review

Quick Note: If you would like to Buy the Rank Math PRO Version, you can test Rank Math Pro Features and see how it works on their demo website for FREE of Cost.

Again, it was the happiest moment for all Rank Math users when it launched as a Rank Math Pro version with several unique features and resources at a very low cost compared to other SEO plugins. 

Apart from free version features, Rank Math Pro comes with some additional features and integration that make your on-page SEO work more effective and worthy to get better search results. 

Although you are getting almost all the on-page SEO features in the Rank Math free version, the Rank Math Pro version provides more control on content optimization and gets better results quickly. 

Let’s See Rank Math SEO Pro Version features and what you get extra from Rank Math Free Version.

Lightweight and SEO Optimized

The speed of the website is always a priority when it comes to better search ranking. That’s why Rank Math has taken care of these points at the top and keeps improving the Plugin data. 

As we all know, MyThemeShop tends to create secure, efficient, and high-quality themes and plugins for any business needs. 

And Rank Math SEO plugin is the extension of tradition and clean coded and SEO optimized, lightweight, so it doesn’t affect your site speed consistently high. 

Advanced Google Analytics for Monitor Your Performance

Rank Math Site AnalyticsPin

Although this feature is available in the Rank Math version but is limited; however, the Rank Math Pro version provides more detailed data analytics reports. That way, you can analyze/monitor your website performance quickly within the WordPress dashboard.

Here you will find the SEO score (Good, Fair and Poor) for your content and below, you will find your blog post list. This blog post list contains SEO Score, Schema Added, and no. of internal and external links, you have inserted. 

It also shows how many clicks, impressions and positions history you’ve on which blog post so that you can optimize your post further if it seems necessary. 

Easy to Use Keyword & Rank Tracker

Rank Math Keyword TrackerPin

Well, Rank Math enables you to monitor your five losing & winning blog posts (in the SEO Performance tab) and five losing & winning keywords (in Keyword tab) so that you can take the right action at the right time.  

These details contain Search Impressions & Clicks, Avg. CTR, Ranking Position and Position History so that you can do further keyword optimization.

Apart from that, you can track your keyword (in Pro plan 500 and Business plan 1000 keywords) for the following data metrics for each keyword-

  • Search Impression
  • Search Clicks
  • Average CTR
  • Ranking Position 
  • Position History

If you want to track more keywords beyond the plan you have, then you can contact Rank Math Support via Email at support@rankmath.com for a custom plan.

Custom and Advanced Schema Generator

Rank Math Custom and Advanced Schema GeneratorPin

As we all know, Google has started displaying the Rich Snippets (Shema Types) in the google search results, so it becomes necessary to add relevant Schema type in every post on your website to improve your SEO performance. 

As you are getting 13 default Schema types in the Rank Math FREE plan, but Pro plan extends the possibilities with Custom Schema Generator and Import Schema from other websites. In the Pro version, you will get Five types of Advanced Schema.

  • Dataset Schema
  • FAQ 
  • Schema
  • How To 
  • Schema
  • Fact Check 
  • Schema
  • Movie 
  • Schema

Apart from that, Rank Math allows you to add available Schema, your custom schema type and import Schema from other websites with a few clicks. 

Advanced Your Image SEO

Rank Math Image SEO SettingPin

Doing Image SEO is essential, and it plays a vital role in search ranking. Although this option is available in Free Version, you can add only missing ALT Attributes for Image & Title attributes. 

However, Pro is more than that; you can add the caption, description and case for Image data. 

If your site has an image with missing ALT Tag & Title Attribute, Caption, Description, then you can set the default parameter for them automatically. 

Apart from that, you can Find/Replace all these data from here. This data will show up dynamically, and your stored data is not changed.

Premium Support and Extensive Knowledge Base

Rank Math offers industry-standard 24x7x365 customer support and priority support for their pro plan users. If you have any issue related to the plugin, you can ask for help, and they will provide you with an instant and exact solution for your queries. 

Apart from that, Rank Math has a vast knowledge base of documentation and tutorial posts/videos for almost all problems you may face while using Rank Math SEO Plugin.

Rank Math Review – Plan and Pricing

Rank Math SEO plugin offers the most advanced features and functionality at the most affordable price than any other SEO plugin available in the market. 

It offers three types of plans with many fascinating features and functionality to enhance your website performance and get a better search ranking. 

Here are the pricing details of is listed below

Rank Math Pro Plan PricingPin

1. Rank Math Pro Plan

If you are a blogger, this plan would be perfect. This plan costs $59/ year, and you would be able to install and take advantage of Rank Math Pro on unlimited websites.

  • Use on Unlimited Personal Websites
  • Up to 500 Keywords Tracking
  • Free 15 Content AI Credits
  • Powerful Custom Schema Generator
  • 24×7 Quality Support (No Client’s Website)
  • Renew at Regular cost $59/Year

2. Rank Math Business Plan

If you are a developer and want to use Rank math on your client’s website, you should go with Rank Math Business Plan. This plan costs $199/ year, and you would get support for 100 clients’ websites. 

  • Use on Unlimited Personal Websites
  • Up to 10,000 Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Free 125 Content AI Credits
  • Powerful Custom Schema Generator
  • 24×7 Priority Support (100 Client’s Website)
  • Renew at Regular cost $199/Year

3. Rank Math Agency Plan

If you are running an agency and want to use Rank math on your client’s website, you should go with Rank Math Agency Plan. This plan costs $499/ year, and you would get support for 500 clients’ websites. 

  • Use on Unlimited Personal Websites
  • Up to 50,000 Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Free 600 Content AI Credits
  • Powerful Custom Schema Generator
  • 24×7 Priority Support (500 Client’s Website)
  • Renew at Regular cost $499/Year

All three plans come with an industry-standard Risk-Free 30 Days Money Back Guarantee that means if you are not satisfied with Rank Math Pro, you can ask for a full refund.

Getting Started with Rank SEO Plugin

Rank Math provides an easy setup wizard that you can configure required settings quickly and start leveraging the power of Rak Math SEO. 

When you install (Like Other Plugin Which You Install from WordPress Library) Rank Math Plugin in your site, it automatically detects the best SEO settings after adding the types of your site. It automatically gets configured with the best option based on the type of your site and ready to go. 

Rank Math provides an extensive (for each setting) tutorial for how to set up and use the Rank Math SEO plugin, so rather than going in-depth, I will describe some essential points here.  

Quick Migration from Yoast SEO

Important – If you are going to use the Rank Math SEO plugin for the first time, you don’t need to do extra settings. Just run the setup wizard and start taking the benefits of Rank Math after doing the required setting configuration.  

Import SEO Setting From YoastPin

But when you are using another plugin like Yoast SEO, then you have to deactivate it. 

Don’t worry; your effort will not go in vain because Rank Math offers an on click import option so that you can import all your Yoast Setting without losing any settings. 

Rank Math automatically detects the settings and configuration of Yoast and shows them. Go to Rank Math -> Status & Tool -> Import & Export then; here, you can decide what settings you want to import. Just check mark the setting box and click to import, and all is done. 

Boom!! You have successfully shifted to the Rank Math SEO plugin. 

Run Setup Wizard for Further Configuration

Rank Math Setup WizardPin

After importing the Yoast SEO settings, you have to run the quick setup wizard for further configuration if you want. But I recommend you do this because Rank Math has some advanced features not available in Yoast. 

Follow the step to run setup wizard – Go to Rank Math -> Dashboard -> Setup Wizard.

It will redirect you to another page where you will have three setup modes to start setting configuration. Basically, this Rank Math Setup Wizard has six setup processes, but its four modules are essential that require your attention. 

Easy Mode – Basic SEO setting and rest other settings would be default as per industry best practice.

Advanced Mode – Have complete control over all SEO settings you can configure as per your website requirements.

Pro Mode – It has a custom setting file if you want to use

After selecting the desired mode, click to start the setup wizard. 

  • Your Site Setting
  • Analytics (Google Service Integration)
  • Sitemap Setting
  • Optimization

Let’s see them one by one.

Site Setting – In this tab, you need to add your website type (select relevant type in the drop-down menu), Logo, which would be displayed in our social media share and Google search results. After that, Save and Continue 

Analytics (Google Service Integration) – Here, you need to connect your Google services like Analytics, search console and AdSense (Premium Feature) to get website performance insights right there in WordPress Dashboard.

Quick Note – Use that email address to connect google services that you have used during login to your particular Google products. 

After that, Save and Continue

Sitemap Setting: This is the critical setting module, and you need to be careful while changing the settings. Any wrong configuration may affect your site search performance. I mean to say that here you can decide whether you want to create a sitemap and which type of posts and pages to be included in the sitemap. To configure this tab wisely and enable sitemaps, then Save and Continue.

Optimization: Here, you can automate some SEO tasks like setting external links to open in a new tab & no-nollow external link and mark no-index empty category/tags. After that, Save and Continue

Rank Math Setting CompletionPin

Quick Note – At the final step, you will get the option for advanced settings like Role Manager, 404 & Redirection and Schema type that you can enable/disable as you need.  

Now all are sets, and start using the unique features and functionality of the Rank math SEO plugin. 

Pros & Cons of Using Rank Math

Although I have covered almost every aspect of Rank Math benefits, further, you should know some notable benefits and limitations of using the Rank Math SEO Plugin. 


  • Have a Great and appealing user interface
  • Well Organized Setting Option and Easy to navigate
  • Single Click Easy to Import Other SEO Plugin (Yoast, AIO) Settings
  • Its FREE Version is Far Better Than Other SEO Plugin
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics Integration
  • Secure, Lightweight and Fast
  • Pre-Defined Schema & Custom Schema Generator
  • Active Facebook Community and 24×7 Support
  • 404+Redirection Manager
  • Compatible with Almost all WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • SEO Analytics and Analysis Feature
  • Automatic XML Sitemaps Submission
  • Integrated with Elementor Page Builder
  • Available in Free and Version
  • Pro Version offers 30 Days Money-back Guarantee


Importing with other SEO Plugins is not supported, so if you wish to switch to another SEO plugin, you will face difficulties. That means you have to do the full SEO setting again.

Frequently Asked Questions – Rank Math Review

What Is Rank Math SEO?

The Rank Math SEO plugin is a MythemeShop Company product that helps you optimize your WordPress website content with built-in suggestions based on widely used best practices.

Is Rank Math Free?

Yes! Rank Math is completely Free, which offers tons of features and functionality to make your op-page SEO effort worthy. Recently Rank Math launched their pro version with many advanced features at the cost of $59/Year (Unlimited Personal Website) 

Is Ranked Math Pro Worth It?

Rank Math Pro offers tons of features and functionality like SEO Analytics, Rank Tracker, Custom/Import Schema Type, monitor five winning/losing keywords and Pages to improve your search ranking.

Rank Math Vs Yoast: Which One Is Better?

Rank Math is far better than Yoast. You get almost all the on-page SEO features and some advanced features like 404 monitor, LSI keywords suggestions, Website SEO analysis, Site Analytics that you don’t find in the Yoast premium version. Whether you use Rank Math Free or Pro, it would always be ahead of Yoast SEO.

Can I Use Rank Math with Other SEO Plugins?

No! It is never recommended at all because it conflicts and has a harmful impact on your SEO. So, if you are using any other SEO plugin like Yoast, AIO etc., then deactivate them. The best part of the Rank Math SEO plugin is that you can easily import SEO settings from Yoast and AIO to Rank Math with few clicks.

What is the Rank Math Pricing?

Rank Math offer two (Pro & Business) types of plans at different price tags. Each plan comes with the same features and the only difference is that the No. Keyword tracker and support for client’s websites. Rank Math Pro plan cost $59/ Year with unlimited personal website installation and Ran Math Business plan cost $199/Year with 200 client’s website support.

Final Thoughts

After reading the Rank Math Review, you can quickly figure out that Rank Math is the best SEO plugin available in the market. 

Rank Math offers tons of incredible features and functionality that are still not available in other SEO plugins (Yoast SEO) premium versions.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, Rank Math is always recommended and will strengthen your on-page SEO quickly. 

That is all in Rank Math Review and if you find it helpful, let’s share it with your friends. Also, let me know which SEO plugin you are using through the comment. 


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