10 Best AppSumo Deals For Blogger, Save upto 95% on Lifetime Deals

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Are you looking for the best Appsumo deals to buy your favorite digital marketing tools to grow your online business faster? Then you are in the right place. 

Whether you are a blogger, digital marketer, or business owner, you will get outstanding deals and discounts (up to 90% off) on software and other tools that help you take your business to the next level. 

Before we get into digging all the super deals, let’s have some highlights on Appsumo.

What is Appsumo?

Basically, Appsumo is one of the best marketplaces for digital products and services at massive discounts, which is quite beneficial for any kind of business owner. It launched in 2010, and since then, it has grown up very fast. 

You can take the benefits of Appsumo in two ways. If you are running a business, you can partner with appsumo to sell your products or services by offering huge discounts to increase your product sales and attract more customers. 

Secondly, if you are a blogger, digital marketer, or entrepreneur, you can take advantage of Appsumo by grabbing the best deals on your favorite digital products. You can save up to 90% money on Appsumo deals. 

How Does Appsumo Work?

Appsumo has to partner with many sellers willing to sell their digital products and services at highly discounted rates. AppSumo distributes information about each Appsumo deal to its vast online audience to make it worth that product and increase more sales.

Essentially, Appsumo helps companies make a large number of sales quickly by giving huge discounts on digital products. Then Appsumo also takes a portion of those sales to run its operations efficiently.

Who Should Go for Appsumo Deals?

Appsumo Marketplace has tons of digital products and services for any kind of business and website. So any blogger, digital marketer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur can take advantage of the best appsumo deals. 

You can explore the Appsumo site for several available best deals and discounts on digital products that suit your business. Appsumo is pretty apparent and offers massive discounts of up to 95% on various digital products that can help you grow your business or website quickly. 

Sometimes you will get a high price on some digital products on official sites. However, you can grab the same digital products at a very cheap and affordable price (even a lifetime deal) when you buy them from the Appsumo site. 

Why Should You Go For Appsumo Deals?

As you read above about what Appsumo Deals are and who should buy these deals? Before you grab any best Appsumo deals, let’s see some essential points you should know.

1. Almost all the AppSumo Deals come with lifetime deals that means you have to pay once and enjoy all the software’s premium features for a lifetime.

2. AppSumo offers a 60 days money-back guarantee on all the deals that means you can try any products risk-free.

3. AppSumo is committed to providing quality support to keep its customers happy and satisfied.

Best AppSumo Deals?

I am going to explore some popular and best appsumo deals which can be highly recommended to buy. If you are a blogger, then you must have looked at these app sumo deals. If you find any products suitable for your business, you must grab them as lifetime software deals.

So without wasting any time, let’s start digging the best appsumo deals and lifetime software deals below,

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1. Wp Social

As you know, social media is one of the best platforms to bring traffic to any blog or business because it has a broad range of audiences that you can target to increase your sales. 

But how do you convert them as blog readers and increase more visitors to your blog?

Let me explain this; you can easily share your blog posts on these social media to convert your friends and followers into your blog readers. 

But how is it possible?

When you share your blog post on social media, your friends and followers will come back after reading your content. But you can increase your post reach by adding a social media share option in your blog post. 

If your audience likes your content, they can also share your blog post with their friends and followers on various social media platforms. 

If you are using WordPress, you can easily add social media share options by installing a plugin. 

There are hundreds of social share WordPress plugins available in the market, but they have fewer features or are too costly. 

But don’t worry, here is a Lifetime Deal for you.

You can grab the wp social sharing plugin to get unique features and minimize your post reach at an affordable price for a lifetime. 

Wp social has many features that can help you gain massive traffic and increase sales for your blog.

Wp Social Features Highlights

  • Social Login to WordPress Site
  • 9 Social Media Integration
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Social Media Counter
  • Directly post to 15 Social Media Platform
  • Show Hide Share Count
  • 18 Style and 11 hover effect for Share Icon
  • Display Follower Automatically

Wp Social Plan and Pricing

You can buy the wp social plugin from the official site at $26 for one year license and $55 for a lifetime. But appsumo has a great deal on Lifetime access at only $39—which means you can save $16 more. 

Deal Value – $186

AppSumo Deal Price – $39

Duration – Lifetime Access

2. Pixelied

As bloggers, we always need attractive visuals for our blog. Images play an essential role in grabbing the attention of web visitors and have thousands of words. 

Sometimes images talk a lot compared to text. Am I right?

But creating stunning images or graphics required a lot of time and effort. You need to hire a designer or spend many hours learning photoshop. 

But not anymore, 

Here is the Pixelied AppSumo Deal for you that allows you to create tons of beautiful images, graphics, and much more in a few clicks.

Pixelied offers a variety of ready-to-use templates fully customizable in various formats. You can select any of them according to your needs and customize them as you want. 

Wow, you have created attention-grabbing Visuals for your blog within a few minutes. 

Features Highlights of Pixelied

  • Tons of Ready to Use Template
  • Full Customization Option
  • 25+ Pre Designed Format
  • Access to 3+ Millions Stock Images
  • Upload Custom Fonts and Vector
  • Stylish Icons, Texts, and Elements
  • Create Your Workspace
  • Upload Your Own Images and Brand Assets
  • One-Click Background Remover
  • 700+ Hand-Drawn illustrations
  • Mock-ups and One Click Resize

Plan and Pricing

Wanted to take advantage of Pixelied premium features, then you can buy it at the cost of $7.95 per month. But with AppSumo, you can save more by grabbing this deal at $59 for a lifetime Access.

Deal Value – $480

AppSumo Deal Price – $59

Duration – Lifetime Access

3. BackupGuard WordPress Plugin

Nothing is safe on the internet; anything could happen with your website. In this case, you may lose your website data. So having a backup of your website is always essential. 

That’s why you need tools that take care of your website data by keeping automatic backup and protecting against hackers. 

Am I right?

But these types of tools are quite expensive that can’t be afforded by new bloggers. Then what next?

Don’t worry; here is the BackupGuard Appsumo Deal that helps you take automatic backup of your site and restore them whenever you want. 

Apart from that, you will get security features that help you to protect your website against hackers, malware protection, and many more. 

Features Highlights of BackupGuard

  • WordPress Backup Plugin
  • WordPress Security Plugin
  • License for 5 Website
  • Firewall Protection
  • Automation Backup
  • Manage All Backup at One Place
  • Site-Scanner for Malware Detection
  • Schedule Your Backup
  • One-Click Backup and Restore
  • Different(Full, Partial, Custom) Backup Option
  • Cloud Backup Storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, etc.

Plan and Pricing

Although you can buy BackupGuard by paying a cost of $39 ($29.95 for Security Plugin) per year with AppSumo Deal, you can save more by grabbing this deal for lifetime Access at the cost of $39 for both plugins (Backup and Security). 

Deal Value – $99

AppSumo Deal Price – $39

Duration – Lifetime Access

4. KingSumo – Web Based Powerful Giveaways Tools

Have you ever tried to launch giveaways for your valuable audience? If not, let me clear one thing: giveaways are the best way to build your email list and get more unique leads for your business effectively.

As digital entrepreneurs, we all know that marketing and advertising are costly and take a lot of time and effort. You need a budget to run an ad or hire a team for sales outreach; along with that, you have to learn an entirely new marketing channel. 

But don’t worry, here is the KingSumo AppSumo Deal for you.

It helps you to generate more leads, prospects, and customers within less time and budget. 

Features Highlights of KingSumo

  • Easy to use editor
  • Embed Giveaways on any website—including WordPress, Squarespace, and more
  • Upload Your Own Logo for Branding
  • 10+ Language Options for Translating Your Giveaways Page
  • Integrations of Email Marketing Tool – SendFox, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Zapier
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking for Re-targeting
  • Export Your Giveaways Participants List into CSV
  • Automatic Email Notification to Participants for mid-giveaway and final 24-hour to get more shares.
  • Bonus Giveaway Entries Through Several Specific Actions
  • Automatically Random Winner Pick Option
  • Built-in advanced spam and fraud prevention methods

Plan and Pricing

Deal Value – $228

AppSumo Deal Price – $49

Duration – Lifetime Access

5. Linguix – AI-Based Writing Assistant

We are human, and it is apparent that we can make mistakes, I mean to say typo error. Do you ever find spelling and grammar mistakes in your article? 

But don’t worry, it not going to happen anymore,

Here is the AppSumo Deal – Linguix 

Linguix AI-Based Writing Assistant helps you to write error-free content right there. It provides spelling checks, 2700+ advanced grammar checks, word suggestions, Style correction, and much more to boost your content writing speed.

Linguix Chrome extension allows you to use these tools on various platforms. It also comes with many pre-built email snippets that you can instantly insert into emails, social media posts. 

Linguix offers detailed explanations for grammar corrections that help you sharpen your writing for business emails, academic work, and personal projects effectively.

Features Highlights of Linguix

  • Basic Spelling and Grammar Checks
  • Grammar Checker – Unlimited
  • 2,700+ Advanced Grammar, Punctuation, Context, and Sentence Structure Checks
  • Vocabulary Enhancement Suggestions and Personalized Language Learning
  • Fix 9 Million Typos and Synonyms Suggestions
  • Content and Essay Templates
  • Pre-Drafted Snippets
  • Dictionary and Grammar Handbook
  • English Level Interactive Tests
  • Multiple Platform Integration

Plan and Pricing

Although Linguix’s premium version comes with costs of $8/mo ($96/Year), with AppSumo, you can get Linguix’s premium plan for just $59 for Lifetime access.

Deal Value – $360

AppSumo Deal Price – $59

Duration – Lifetime Access

6. MarketMuse

As we all know, creating high-quality content takes a lot of time and effort. When it comes to topic research, it becomes more challenging to find content creation topics that people love to read. 

That’s why you need a solution that accelerates your content research, creation, and user optimization process with ease. 

Here is the MarketMuse, AppSumo deal for you that helps you create content in less time with AI-powered content marketing and keywords planner. 

You can also Measure your content quality and see how it fulfills the user intent of any topic. So you can make your content live on your blog. 

With the help of MarketMuse, you can find existing gaps of any topic to put your best foot forward to create comprehensive and differentiated content which suits your niche. 

Features Highlights of MarketMuse

  • Measure Quality of Content
  • Find Existing Gaps of any Topic
  • Analyze Your Competitor’s Contents
  • Create Blog Post Outline
  • Get Top Page List for Linking
  • Lifetime Access and Future Updates
  • Optimize and Research Content

Plan and Pricing

Although You can buy MarketMuse at the cost of $79 per month at AppSumo, you can grab this tool by paying $69 for lifetime Access to Optimize and Research Feature. 

Deal Value – $948

AppSumo Deal Price – $69

Duration – Lifetime Access

7. AppSumo Plus

Are you a regular customer of Appsumo? If you want to save more on your favorite AppSumo Deals, then AppSumo Plus is an excellent option for You. 

It is membership-based deals that offer many attractive rewards that help you save more and grab any deals by getting early access, late access, and get notified when new deals arrive.

Benefits of AppSumo Plus Membership

  • Get Additional 10% Off on Your Favorite Products Deals
  • Get access to most feature in-reach KingSumo Pro Giveaways Tool
  • Exclusive invitations to special digital events
  • Early and Late Access on Featured Deals

Plan and Pricing

AppSumo Plus is a membership plan that costs $99 ($8.25/Month) per year.

8. Gurucan

Creating complete online courses, membership programs, and webinars required several tools, and you need to spend a huge amount to take advantage of premium features. 

What happens if you have one tool to fulfill your core needs, including a mobile app? It’s quite exciting and the best deals for any creator. 

It is also quite beneficial to provide an exceptional learning experience for your audience and students by just one e-learning platform. Isn’t it?

Right ?

Then here is the Gurucan AppSumo Lifetime Deal for you, that gives a lot of features including Android and iOS application at one place to engage your audience anywhere. 

Guru can offer an excellent feature that helps you to create responsive video lessons, training, webinar, podcast download, drip courses, and much more. 

Features Highlights of Grucan

  • Responsive Design
  • Marketing Automation Tools Integration
  • Easy Navigation
  • Custom App with Branding
  • Email and Notification Automation
  • Tagging of Users to Segment
  • Visual Builder
  • Create Membership Program
  • Converting Landing Page
  • Build Quizzes, Webinar, Broadcast

Plan and Pricing

Although you can buy Gurucan at $39 per month but with AppSumo, you can get it by paying $79 for Lifetime Access.

Deal Value – $648

AppSumo Deal Price – $79

Duration – Lifetime Access

9. BotStar

Keeping an eye on your customer’s basic query all time is not possible for anyone. In that case, you need a solution that helps you handle all the basic questions of your customer.

Here is the BotStar AppSumo Deal for you. BotStar is a powerful messaging solution with chatbots and live chat that streamlines customer interactions to boost sales.

Feature Highlights of BotStar

  • 70 Pre Made Template
  • Preview Your Design
  • Sync User Data with Google Sheet
  • Developer Friendly and API Integration
  • Multiple Display Methods – Live, Embed, Landing Page, Pop-Up
  • Create Custom Webview to Display Interactive Web Content
  • Multiple CRM Tools Integration including Facebook and Messenger
  • Multilingual Support for 170 Language
  • Custom Branding
  • Streamline Collaborations Between the Chatbot & a Representative

Plan and Pricing

Although BotStar comes at the cost of $15/month but with AppSumo, You can get it by paying $59 for Lifetime Access.

Deal Value – $3300

AppSumo Deal Price – $59

Duration – Lifetime Access

10. SwitchBoard

Live Streaming is one of the best ways to grow your audience and build trust among them. Isn’t it? Yes, you can drive massive traffic as well as offer several valuable contents to your followers.

If you have multiple platforms, it would not be easy to create a live stream in all places simultaneously. You need to come on every social media platform one by one to be live in front of your audience. 

In such a case, you need tools to manage your live stream and make it available on all your social media platforms simultaneously. 

So here is a Switchboard AppSumo deal for you that gives flexible control on live stream and makes it available on unlimited social media platforms simultaneously.

Features Highlights of Switchboard

  • Multiple Social Media Chanel Supported
  • Easy to Create Workflow and Multiple Inputs
  • Unlimited Streaming Hours
  • 10Mbps Bit Rate
  • Streamshare
  • Custom Branding
  • Simultaneously Stream to Multiple Platforms
  • Integration with 10+ Encoders And 30+ Destinations
  • Custom Branding
  • Manage Multiple Events at the Same Time

Plan and Pricing

If you want to take full advantage of Switchboard premium features, then you can buy it at the cost of $35 per month. But with AppSumo, you can save more by grabbing this deal at $59 for a lifetime Access.

Deal Value – $1188

AppSumo Deal Price – $59

Duration – Lifetime Access

11. MissingLettr Curate

Let’s be honest. How many times you’ve used the “, please share my content” word in your blog post and requesting your friends to share your content. It is uncountable isn’t it? 

Do you think it actually works for you to maximize your social reach? It may work sometimes but not always. 

In such a case, you required a community of real people in your targeted audience to share your content with their followers.

So here is the MissingLettr Curate Appsumo deal for you that helps you find the best audience group of real people to spread your content. 

It helps you to increase engagement with your social audience by finding, scheduling, and sharing content from other people in your space. 

Features Highlights of MissingLettr Curate

  • Schedule and share up to 50 queued posts
  • Add 10 new social posts to the Curate library per month
  • Connect up to 2 social profiles
  • Invite one additional team member
  • Create 1 Workspace
  • Advanced analytics to track clicks, shares of Post
  • Categorized Audience List
  • Schedule 50 Post Per Month

Plan and Pricing

If you want to bring quality traffic to your blog, you must grab and save more with AppSumo Deals on MissingLettr Curate lifetime Software deals.

Deal Value – $500

AppSumo Deal Price – $59

Duration – Lifetime Access

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions for AppSumo

What Is AppSumo?

AppSumo is the #1 Marketplace for Digital software deals that Where you can buy digital software, tools and services as lifetime software deals.  Also you can get massive discounts on small business tools, and grab many free resources that help you to make money online.

What Is AppSumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus is a membership program offered by AppSumo and most beneficial for regular buyers.  By joining AppSumo Plus program you can get the benefit of all exclusive extended (early and late access) and free access to kingsumo pro giveaway.  Apart from that you can save extra 10% off on all your favourite AppSumo deals.  You can avail this advantage at a $99/year subscription of AppSumo Plus membership.

Are AppSumo Deals Worth Their Cost?

Yes! AppSumo deals are absolutely worth it because almost all Software deals are Features in reach and lifetime deals at an average price of $49.

What Is An AppSumo Lifetime Deal?

AppSumo lifetime deals allow you to use premium features of any selected tools, apps, or resources at a price they charge you. 

Who Should Go For AppSumo Deals?

Anyone can grab the AppSumo Deals who are bloggers, digital marketer, entrepreneur, business owner to kick start their journey and make money online faster.

Over to You

I have brought you the most popular and beneficial product list of AppSumo Marketplace that can be grabbed at the most affordable price from AppSumo. These AppSumo deals are not stackable, so you must grab your favorite tools before the offer goes away.

Here you have learned about only 10 AppSumo deals, but you can browse more according to your needs. I will also add some more existing deals and update this post with new upcoming and ended AppSumo deals.

So keep visiting this post to get information about new deals, making your work easier and growing your business faster.

Happy Reading Happy Blogging 


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