What is Web Hosting: Tips to Choose Best Web Hosting in 2022

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Web Hosting or hosting, many questions used to arise in my mind as soon as I heard these names. Like what is the best web hosting? Why do we need hosting? What is the type of hosting? How does hosting work? And so on. Maybe this happens to you also. 

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But after knowing about a lot of web hosting, all my doubts became clear. I hope the same will happen to you after reading this post.

Today I will answer all the questions related to the best web hosting. Also, I will give you some tips so that you can buy the best web hosting for your blog.

First of all, let me tell you what you are going to know after reading this article.

  • What Web is hosting?
  • Why do we need hosting? And how does it work?
  • What is the type of hosting?
  • What is the specialty of better hosting?
  • Best Web Hosting Providers in 2022.
  • Tips to Get Best Web Hosting?

So, let’s go ahead without wasting time and see them one by one.

1. What is Web Hosting?

Hosting is a service that allows you or an organization to store your website data or a web page. If someone searches this website data or web page online, then they should see this data.

Let’s understand it in simple language.

Suppose you have any products (website data and web page) that you want to show to someone or want to sell it. What would you do in such a situation? You will keep it at a shop (hosting), which people see (see it in Google search results) and buy it if they like (will visit your website).

So, we can say that hosting is a server where you store all the data on your website or blog. When someone searches online (by domain name or data name), they see this data that you have stored on the hosting.

Definition of Hosting in Other Ways

Hosting is a special kind of computer called a server. The data of the website is stored on this server. If someone searches your domain name or website address in their browser, their computer is connected to your server. The data you have stored on the server will become easily accessible through the browser in their network.

The above definition proves that as we need a home to live in, just like a website or blog needs hosting to live on the Internet.

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2. Why do we need web Hosting? And how does it Work?

By reading the definition of hosting, you must have understood why we need hosting. If you are still unsure why it is required, don’t worry, 

I have a solution to your problem. I am going to tell you three reasons why we need the best web hosting.

Reason 1. If you want, you can use your individual computer by connecting to the household internet connection to provide your content for people. But it is practically impossible because a household internet connection is unable to handle more visitors simultaneously. But a hosting provider has a server with a high-speed connection that is fully capable of doing so.

Reason 2. Suppose if you have in-depth knowledge and experience of Math and want to create a blog on Math tricks (domain name) and put your content (files, videos, images, articles, etc.) on it, then you will need some space (a hosting) on the Internet.

Only then will people be able to see your stored content available on the hosting server on their device. So, you can say that creating a blog or website is impossible without hosting.

Reason 3. It is also the main reason why we need hosting. We want complete control over our blog and obviously over our content. Just like you want to open a shop on your land. That is why we need hosting.

Now let’s talk about how hosting works?

Hosting is a server where you have to buy some space and then install a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress on it. After that, you can manage your content (articles, videos, images, etc.) according to your Interest.

Whenever someone searches your blog name or domain name in a search engine, they can see the content you store in the browser through the hosting server.

3. What are the Types of Web Hosting?

Hosting is only a server, but the hosting provider divides the hosting into several types, keeping in mind the needs of its user and the various features.

So, let’s see how many types of web hosting there are and which web hosting is better for you? When and why should it be taken?

1. WordPress Hosting

If you want to choose WordPress to create a blog, then Managed WordPress web Hosting may be a better option. Although you can easily use WordPress in any hosting, you can choose Managed WordPress Hosting, which is entirely compatible with WordPress.

If your business is small and the number of visitors to your website is low, you may not see much difference in performance. But when your business grows day by day, and the number of visitors to your site also increases, you will see a good improvement in performance.

Here you get the support of a skilled expert team who fully optimizes your WordPress website and server. Even here, your server is configured in such a way so that your website can use more resources in a shared location than other WordPress websites.

Not only do you get better performance and server optimization in a WordPress website, but besides, Managed WordPress hosting is also crucial in terms of overall security. If you use this type of web hosting, then you can easily avoid hacker attacks that target only the WordPress platform.

2. Web Hosting or Shared Hosting.

Shared web hosting, a server is being shared between multiple users. You can say that many people host their websites on the same server.

Just as every member of a joint family takes advantage of all the facilities present in the house, in the same way, every website owner takes advantage of all the features and resources available in the shared hosting.

So, you can say that all the facilities and resources in the hosting server will be distributed among all the websites hosted on the particular server, which may not be equal.

Shared web hosting is suitable for your start-up time. Its value is also less because the cost of the server is distributed among all. However, there are many downsides to such hustings, such as slowing down the server.

If you want to start something online, then this can be a much better option for you.

3. VPS Hosting

This type of hosting can be called a virtual private server. VPS web hosting works like a dedicated server, but you are using shared hosting. Depending on the plan you choose, you are assigned resources of the server that only you use, and it can’t be shared with others.

Here you use the resources of many different servers that work as a single server. You can certainly tap the entire network of servers and move those resources up or down as per your requirement.

VPS servers are suitable for people who have a large business or want to use resources similar to a dedicated server but cannot do so due to budget constraints. In such a situation, VPS hosting can be a better, cheaper, and more flexible option for those people.

4. Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is much more expensive because it is not shared between other website owners. In this type of hosting, you can use all the resources of the entire physical server.

If there is a large amount of traffic on your website or you want to configure a unique server, you can take a dedicated web hosting. In this type of web hosting, you get access to the entire server so that you can use it. In this, you can do any software configuration or install any application which is required for your website.

Since dedicated web hosting is reserved only for you, it gives you reliable performance and enhanced security. However, to manage this type of hosting effectively, you must have technical knowledge or have a team of skilled experts.

5. Cloud Hosting

Day by day, technology is taking on a new form. In such a situation, we have a new type of web hosting, which we know as cloud hosting. Cloud hosting has taken a prominent form of hosting.

Cloud hosting is configured in such a way that a website can be uploaded to many different servers at the same time. The advantage of this type of hosting is that if the load increases on one server, your traffic will be automatically transferred to another server.

Although it is quite expensive, it gives you better performance with reliable web hosting. Cloud web hosting is very flexible, and can be easily scaled up or down in real-time. Therefore, you only pay for the resources of the server that you are currently using.

6. Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is for those who have a career in the web hosting business. In this type of web hosting, you can rent the services and resources of the original hosting company and sell them again to someone.

You can rent such hosting according to your budget. If you want, you can configure the web hosting package for your website or sell it to someone else.

In this, you can also use upstream the services of the original web hosting company. You can allocate the hard drive and bandwidth to other people the way you want. This way, you can get a recurring source of income by sharing disk space, bandwidth, CPU, etc.

4. What is the Specialty of a Best Hosting?

The best web hosting has a variety of specialties. But it depends on you how to analyze it and what you like and what you need. 

But you can expect the following when taking the best web hosting and all these are very important for creating a successful Blog-

  • How many years has that hosting company been in this industry?
  • You can check his review and testimonials.
  • Whether its server and control panel are accessible on mobile or not.
  • How many customers does he have?
  • Do they provide SSL or not?
  • How much storage do they provide and what type of storage?
  • Can they be allowed to host multiple websites? 
  • How much do they charge for all essential services?

5. Best Web Hosting Providers in 2020

There are many web hosting providers available around the world. But you have to decide which best web hosting you want to choose for your blog considering your requirement and your budget. See some of the best web hosting providers Like LiquidWeb, GreenGeeks, BlueHost, Resellerclub, WPX Hosting, etc. 

If you ask me which one you like most, my answer is SiteGround Web Hosting and GreenGeeks Web Hosting. As a blogger, I also recommend that you go for these hosting services. Because they never disappoint you and you will never regret that, if you choose their web hosting service.

Although their plans are a little bit high but worth it, they Provide amazing features and blazing fast speed and 99.9% uptime so that your blog performance and speed never go down.

If you are starting and interested in making a career in blogging, then you must go for either Siteground Web Hosting or GreenGeek Web Hosting. Recently SiteGround has increased the price of their plan, which is a little bit high for newbies. 

In this case, I would suggest you consider GreenGeeks web hosting for your Blog. I have given some reviews about GreenGeeks Web Hosting and Its features. Please read it to know more.

Now, I hope you have learned enough about web hosting, and its type. We will move ahead, and we will see the things we have to cater to while purchasing web hosting.

6. Essential Tips to Get the Best Web Hosting

There are many things required to be catered for while choosing the best web hosting. It depends upon your needs and obviously on your budget also. In this article, we will talk about some essential points, which are essential when you want to buy the best web hosting. 

I am going to share some tips which are essential. I am 100% sure that you will be able to get the best web hosting for your blog if you think of these points while purchasing web hosting.  

Let’s see it one by one-  

1. Speed of Hosting

Hosting speed Determines the future of any blog because if you choose a slow hosting, then your blog loads very slowly, and no one likes a slow website. Even Google also doesn’t like blogs that load slowly.  

In this case, you can say that speed of hosting is a crucial feature of best web hosting. If the speed of hosting is fast, then your blog will also load faster, then the probability of the reader’s engagement will also increase, and the bounce rate will also decrease. So, it is evident that speed of hosting means a lot in the ranking of a blog.

2. Guaranteed Server Up Time

Hosting server uptime is also essential for any blog or website. If it doesn’t happen, your blog sometimes gets shut down and will not be available for your audience. 

Although, all hosting providers boldly claim that their server has guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. But you have to investigate it very deeply. It is a common thing for advertisement. Out of all the existing web-hosting providers, only a few companies can fulfil these criteria and provide the best web hosting. 

Make sure that the hosting you’re buying has a guaranteed 99.9% uptime server.

3. Security and Reliability

As we all know, nothing is secure on the internet. If you choose a hosting that doesn’t have security features, then it is damn sure that you are going to lose all your data. Do you agree on this point? 

So, when you are going to buy a web hosting, make sure that their web hosting plans have better security and reliability features so that your data is safe and no one can succeed in hacking your data.

4. Backup Option and Other Services

There is no certainty that everything will be fine in the future, and nothing untoward will happen. If something goes wrong with your blog then you can restore your blog by uploading a backup file. Although you can create blog backup with any backup plugin like UpdraftPlus. 

But you should consider the backup option feature in the best web hosting plan while purchasing any hosting. Many web hosting providers are giving backup options in their web hosting plans. You must also cater for email, SSL, and multiple website creation options in their web hosting plan. 

5. Customer Support: 24×7 Hours

It is one of the essential points, and you must pay attention to customer support. Because if anything goes wrong with your blog or server issue, you cannot resolve it on your own. 

You required a technical assistant to fix it. But sometimes it may happen that some web hosting plans don’t have technical support options. So, I request you to check whether they provide the best technical support or not. Also, check the mode of support and time.

6. Free Trials (Demo Hosting) and Guaranteed Money-Back Offer

Web Hosting Free Trails is the best option for a newbie blogger who is a bit confused about which web hosting provider is providing the best service. You can check their service and features before investing. You must check for free trial hosting because some popular companies are offering this option. 

Some companies are also offering guaranteed money-back offers. That means if you don’t like their service, you can ask for a full refund, which is most beneficial when searching for the best hosting service.

Note – Before investing in a money-back plan, you must carefully read their refund policy.

7. Free Hosting

If you want to start a blog and don’t have a budget for purchasing good hosting, you can go for free hosting. But I will suggest that you never host your website on free web hosting. You can use it for familiarization of hosting features and their use. 

As we know, nothing comes for free in this world. Many companies are offering to host for free of cost. You can use free hosting and learn and train yourself before investing in an excellent web Hosting service.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

1. What Is Web Hosting?

Hosting is a special kind of computer called a server. The data of the website is stored on this server. If someone searches your domain name or website address in their browser, their computer is connected to your server. The data you have stored on the server will become easily accessible through the browser in their network.

2. What Is the Type of Web Hosting?

There are generally 6 types of hosting which you can get for your profitable blog. These web hosting are like – 1. Web Hosting or Shared Hosting 2. Managed WordPress Hosting 3. VPS Hosting 4. Dedicated Hosting 5. Cloud Hosting 6. Reseller Hosting.

3. How To Choose Best Hosting?

There are many things you can cater for while choosing the best web hosting. But you must check the following basic features which are essential for a blog. Like- SSL Certificate, cPanel, Storage and Type of Storage, Speed of Hosting, Uptime of Server, Email Account, Website Host Option, Security and Reliability, Customer Support and Obviously Its Price.

4. What Is the Basic Cost of Hosting?

It is a little bit of a difficult question because there is a lot of uncertainty in technology and its provider. The cost of web hosting depends on various things like – Type of Plan You Choose, Type of Hosting You Choose, type of service and feature you choose as per your requirement.

5. Which Are the Best Web Hosting Providers? ?

There are many popular hosting providers around the world. It depends on you which hosting provider you want to choose. But if you ask me then I recommend you to go for Either SiteGround or GreenGeeks.  Nowadays, many popular bloggers are using it and they also have given good reviews for them.

Over To You

Till now, we have learned many things about web hosting. I covered almost all the things required to be considered (which I experienced during my startup). When we are planning to purchase the best web hosting, we must cater to all these things. 

I hope you have enjoyed this article and learned something new about web hosting. I am 100% sure that it will help you a lot in choosing the best web hosting service. Please share this article so others can also get the benefit from it. Do you have any questions about hosting then ask freely in the comment section? 

Leave your thoughts on this article because it motivates a Blogger, which helps him create unique content in the future. 

Thanks for giving me your valuable time to read it.


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