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Are you looking for a free web hosting site then you are at the right place? Rather than start your blog on a free blogging platform you should try the free web hosting site to explore and experience WordPress.  

From starting your blog to business, free web hosting serves great, RIGHT?

That is why I am here to help you to suggest some great free web hosting sites that you can try in 2022.

​Is Free Web Hosting Site Worth in 2022?

Yes, why not!

In fact, should not a beginner or a starter should first try his hands on the free web hosting with cPanel sites to start a blog?

Numerous companies charge money for hosting websites. But there are also a few sites that can host websites for you for free. As well as you will get free hosting and domain for WordPress.

By looking at their advantages, you will understand why they are still compulsory:

  • Testing Purposes: Many people prefer a free web hosting WordPress site to test their new websites. They also use it for forms.
  • Beginners and Budgeted People: Beginners, who don’t know about web hosting and website management, prefer using free web hosting to get prior knowledge about it. Budgeted people also use free web hosting for small scale work.
  • Business Strategy Implementation: When big businesses schedule launching, they Favour a free web hosting site to check traffic analytics.
  • Marketing and Single Page Websites: Several companies use free web hosting sites for marketing products and companies. For resume or bio-data, you also need only single page websites.
  • No Contract No Commitment: Free web hosting sites have no obligations. You can shut down your free web hosting plan anytime.

But you should be aware of their hidden disadvantages:

  • They Lack SEO Elements: SEO means optimizing your website to appear on the top of search engines. Free web hosting sites do not offer any SEO elements.
  • You Will Not Get Good Speed: If you upload videos or high images to the website, the videos won’t play properly.
  • Security Issues and Loss of Data: With free web hosting, you cannot guarantee your data security.
  • Low-Quality Designing: Paid web hosting has exclusive designs. Hence, it is catchy, but free websites do not provide any special or professional designing tools; thus, the designing is low-quality.
  • Ineffective Domain Name: Free web hosting sites offer you a sub-domain that is ineffective for SEO.
  • Unexpected Shutdown: Free web hosting sites can shut down your website anytime without any explanations, so you cannot trust them.
  • Statistics Not Available: With paid websites, you can check the number of live users, i.e. no. of people visiting your website. It is not possible with free web hosting sites.

​Why should you choose free web hosting sites for your startup projects?

For startup projects, you can use free web hosting to:

  • Learn the Basics: In a startup business, you can choose free web hosting to understand how to manage a website and learn how to handle it. 
  • Check the Traffic: If your website’s traffic is low, I prefer a free web hosting plan for your website.
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​Best Free web Hosting Sites You can try in 2022

Below, I present to you 10 Best Free Web Hosting sites you can try in 2022 which offer free web hosting with SSL certificate:



​Googie Host

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​Free Hostia

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​X10 Hosting

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​Free Hosting

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​Pro Free Host

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​Award Space

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​Infinity Free

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​Zyro Website Builder

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​Free Hosting Noads

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#1 GoogieHost (Free web hosting with DirectAdmin)


Launched in 2012, Googiehost is one of the leading free website hosting companies that provide unlimited free web hosting for every user that wants to create a new website or learn Digital world.

Till the year 2020, it has served more than 190,000+ people in web hosting services.

It also assists people with the various crucial info on web hosting company reviews, SEO ranking, and web hosting deals for multiple occasions. 

They provide the following free features:

  • ​Easy to use DirectAdmin
  • ​Free Sub-Domain
  • ​Softaculous Auto Installer
  • ​File manager
  • ​Free Website Builder
  • ​Free SSL certificate
  • ​Cloudflare Integration
  • ​Unlimited Bandwidth
  • ​2 professional Email addresses
  • ​1000MB storage
  • ​Self-Backup

Furthermore, they provide a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee* with 24×7 Support Ticket Service.

I have used GoogieHost’s services, and I admit that they are the best free web hosting company in India.

If you’re my regular reader, then I will inform you, our team has already covered an Interview of Youngest Digital Marketer and Founder of GoogieHost Mr. Aman Singh and Rajesh Chauhan.

You can click here and read the journey of GoogieHost

#2 Wix Website Builder


If you are thinking of creating a small blog or business website, I prefer WIX.


  • ​WIX comes with an exclusive ‘Drag and Drop’ option.
  • ​In customization, it gives you the power to use more than 500 hundred choices.
  • ​Softaculous Auto Installer
  • ​It provides responsive options for both PC and Mobile. Hence, saving your time and giving you flexible options.
  • ​Leaving the pro features like logo making, SEO, and marketing elements, with WIX, you can build and customize your website by any means you want.
  • ​Furthermore, it also gives the Step-by-Step AI Web Building assistance (WIX Adi Editor).

These are some fantastic user-friendly features suitable for both beginners and pros.

#3 Freehostia


If you want to create a professional-looking website for free, then I prefer Freehostia.

Launched in 2010, it has built a massive space in the free web hosting industry.

But what is Freehostia secret behind free web hosting?

They have been using the ‘Cluster Hosting’ method to reduce their expenses. Also, they offer premium services at reduced costs.

Following are the Freehostia web hosting features 2022:

  • ​You can host 5 Domains on free hosting
  • ​Freehostia allocates a handful of 250MB disk storage
  • ​In Bandwidth, you get 6 GB for transferring files
  • ​With hosting, you get to use the premium cPanel
  • ​In mailing, you can deploy 3 Email Accounts
  • ​In MySQL, you get to use 1 Database and 10 Mb Storage

​In support, Freehostia claims to hold their clients as supreme. However, the majority of its users say that it is up to the mark.

#4 X10hosting


If you want to experience how Cloud SSD Hosting works, I advise you to go with the X10Hosting.

They have been in the free web hosting industry since 2010, and have managed to reduce their costs using cluster hosting methods.

Below are their features:

  • ​Free Website Builder for building web pages quickly
  • ​You will have complete access to write your PHP Scripts and optimize the web pages
  • ​99.9% Uptime Commitment
  • ​User-friendly web hosting
  • ​Using their one-click installer, you can install more than 300 apps to make your work easier
  • ​Premium cPanel for easy facilitation
  • ​Both Forum based and support-based help is available


FreeHostingPin is another alternative for you if you are looking forward to choosing free web hosting companies.

It Comes With

  • ​1 Website Hosting
  • ​10 GB storage
  • ​Unmetered Bandwidth
  • ​1 Professional Email account
  • ​1 MySQL Database
  • ​Ste. Pro Website Builder
  • ​One-Click App Installer for installing suitable apps for enhancing the capabilities of the website
  • ​Industry Standard Control Panel – cPanel
  • ​Tons of free but quality templates
  • ​24 hours customer support

​Remember that does not offer you any domain or subdomain; it means you have to purchase a domain name before applying for free hosting.

#6 Profreehost


Profreehost comes with a lot of unlimited things, making it appealing to the buyers.

What do they provide?

  • ​Unlimited Disk Space
  • ​Unlimited Bandwidth
  • ​MySQL Databases
  • ​Easy Control Panel
  • ​Website Builder

They provide you with unlimited disk space and unlimited Bandwidth. It comes with cPanel, 99.9% uptime guarantee and free sub-domains.

But, on several review websites, its users have rated it poorly. On Scamadviser, when I researched Profreehosting, I found that its website is slow.

How can you expect it to boost your website’s speed?

#7 AwardSpace 


Launched in 2003, AwardSpace is famous for providing feature-rich services with free hosting.

What is the catch then?

Answer:​​​​​ Even though it offers you multiple features for free, it lacks the speed you need for your website.

Below are the rich features it offers to its users:

  • ​Unlimited Disk Space
  • ​Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • ​Free Website Builder
  • ​99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • ​Self-Data backup facility available
  • ​Domain Lock Control available
  • ​Advanced Control Panel

For starters who want to experience what hosting looks like, I recommend this company.

Not perfect, but it will serve you well for your basic needs if your website is a single page or a blog with less data.

#8 Infinityfree


I tested this infinity free hosting to check whether it is offering web hosting for free?

I was impressed by some of its features like a robust knowledge base as well as free web hosting with cPanel php and my website runs well.

However, I had little trouble configuring its free SSL feature.

Infinityfree gives you the following features:

  • ​99.9% uptime
  • ​Free subdomain
  • ​Free SSL Certificate
  • ​Unlimited storage and Bandwidth
  • ​Free Subdomains and DNS
  • ​Free SSL on your domain
  • ​Full .htaccess support
  • ​Robust Knowledge Base
  • ​10 Professional Email Accounts
  • ​400 MySQL Databases Facility
  • ​Softaculous One-Click Installer

#9 Zyro Website Builder


Like Wix, Zyro comes from the industry which offers a site builder and DIY facility to build your site by hand.

If opting for free hosting, or free website building, you can use Zyro’s subdomain, which is not impressive.


Subdomains reduce your website’s SEO impressions.

With free Zyro website building, you get access to:

  • ​Free Website Building
  • ​Free Step to Step building templates
  • ​Zyro ADI Step based website steps

What makes Zyro different from others is that it assures you speed,

No other company does. But, Zyro does.

#10 Freehostingnoads


If you are looking for an ad-free web hosting experience, then Freehostingnoads is for you.

Recently, they have completed their 10 Years in the free web hosting industry.

What features do they Provide?

  • ​1GB disk space
  • ​5 GB bandwidth
  • ​No AD experiences
  • ​Free Domain Hosting
  • ​Customized easy to use control panel
  • ​Free Email Hosting
  • ​PHP and MySQL Facility

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

​What is a Free Web Hosting Site?

Free website hosting sites allow you to create a blog free of cost.  You can find many websites which offer sub domain based free servers to anyone who is interested in launching a website​. From all of them blogger and are very popular.

If you are using a free web hosting site then you will have many limitations and you have to be satisfied with their services. But if you want to take the benefit of by Installing in cPanel then these free web hosting sites would be the best choice.

Is There any Free Web Hosting Site?

​Yes, you can find many free web hosting sites which offer quality service for your basic needs. In this article I have listed 10 free web hosting sites that you can try in 2022. Along with that you will get a control panel and free SSL certificate for your blog.  

Is Free Web Hosting Site Safe?

​​Free web hosting sites also provide the same configuration as you get in the paid hosting plan. But the only difference you will get here is Extra web space, email, support and certain limitations in resources. 

Wrap up

From testing websites to starting and experiencing how web hosting works, you can always count on free web hosting sites.

But, if you want to expand your horizons, then go for premium web hosting sites. There are tons of web hosting providers available in the market, so it is ​highly suggested to consider some points which are very essential while purchasing a best web hosting.

However, if you have no budget to buy any hosting then you can host your website here without paying any cost rather than choosing any free blogging platform.

If you like this article then share it so that other new bloggers can benefit from it.

Happy Reading and Happy Blogging

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