Interview with Aman Singh and Rajesh Chauhan Inspiration of Youngest Digital Entrepreneur [S-12]

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Moving ahead in this interview series I am going to introduce you to the two youngest entrepreneurs. This article interview with Aman Singh and Rajesh Chauhan is going to be very motivational for a new digital entrepreneur.

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Interview with Aman Singh and Rajesh Chauhan Founder of GoogieHost

There is a dire need for some positivity in today’s youth. Budding entrepreneurs have a lot of questions in their minds regarding the success rate and pitfalls.

Believe me, you will get to learn those secrets that will add a chill to your spine, you will see how these two youngest entrepreneurs expanded their business throughout the globe at such a young age.

The youngsters who think that it is practically impossible to start a business without money and you are one of them too, then you must read this interview

1. Sir, please introduce yourself. Where were you born and raised?

Rajesh Chauhan: Hello! I am Rajesh Chauhan, the founder, and CEO of GoogieHost; a free web-hosting company. I completed my bachelor’s in Computer Applications (B.C.A) from Sikkim Manipal University in 2014.

I live in Lucknow and handle all my work from there. I am a passionate blogger, SEO specialist, and Of course a Digital Marketer, I have been running GoogieHost since 2012.

Aman Singh: Hello, my name is Aman Singh, and I have been the admin working with Rajesh Sir since 2017. I have been working as the backbone of GoogieHost since then. I also stay in Lucknow, India.

Well, I am also a rising Digital Marketer from Lucknow India. Talking about my education, I am currently pursuing a B.A.

2. What influenced your Formation?

Rajesh Chauhan: There was no conscious decision at first. It was way back when I was in High school, I used to wonder while playing games on NOKIA Premium mobiles.

How are the games being uploaded on the internet?

Can I also, do it?

At that time, we primarily focused on our schools and studies, but in our spare time, we used to learn digital marketing, website designing, and SEO.

To be honest, this thought while playing the games was a spark in this beautiful journey.

3. How did you come to the idea of ​​creating your own Hosting service, Googiehost?

Rajesh Chauhan: (Smiling) The very creation of the GoogieHost happened by chance. The idea of adopting this domain name was not pre-decided, but in the process of choosing a suitable name, we found GoogieHost as the most appropriate one, and the journey began in 2014!

Although I was not a very bright student, I always believed in polishing my skills. After a lot of research, I started an initiative, which later turned out to be our free hosting revolution.

Aman Singh: I joined Sir Rajesh in 2017 and since then I have been working with his team. Surprisingly my thoughts really matched Rajesh Sir. 

(Both grinning) Actually, this whole journey was a mere chance but yes, this fulfilled our vision of helping the youth to start their own website at a nominal cost! We are happy about it.

Rajesh Chauhan: My whole entrepreneurship journey was quite a bumpy ride in the beginning. I was not keeping well due to which I suffered a lot. Moreover, in 2010 the cost of Web Hosting and domain names was touching the skies that a normal middle-class man could not afford it.

I took this as a challenge and decided to make web hosting & new domain registration affordable for an average person.

In 2012, I found GoogieHost which offered 10GB storage with 100GB Bandwidth web hosting for just $1 per month!

Okay, so coming to pitfalls, it was in 2014 when GoogieHost was running amongst the top performers of the industry but then I was hit by severe health issues.

My illness made me realize that I needed to expand my wings. So, in 2016, GoogieHost started its subsidiary, a company that offers premium web hosting services.

 Then, Aman Singh joined and with our small but consistent efforts is now again recognized as one of the lead performers of this web hosting industry.

4. What is the main function of Googiehost?

Rajesh Chauhan: As I told you earlier, our main motive was to provide the people with the most affordable yet best-hosting services. GoogieHost does all that.

I think this is the best part for students who want to grow digitally but are not financially sound. 

5. Did you start Googiehost with a business mindset or was there some social motive behind it?

Aman Singh: Of course, there was a social motive behind it. We always want the youth to prosper.

Rajesh Chauhan: Our whole business is based on a social motive. There are plenty of hosting providers in the market but they are a bit expensive.

Even if they offer the services at lower prices the service gets limited, which is a major drawback.

So, we have decided to mitigate the disadvantages by developing a provider which will offer every essential service that too at very low prices.

GoogieHost was an incredible start as it met every demand and just fit the purpose.

6. Please tell us about the role of some special people who impacted your journey?

Rajesh Chauhan: (Rajesh and Aman both looking at each other and smiling) We have seen a lot in these ten years. When we say a lot that really means a lot!

That’s absolutely correct that a lot of people influence our lives but there are some special ones who play a major role. My father wanted me to become a Pradhan in my village, but I was never into it.

I always followed my passion. Today when I look back, I just smile and thank my family and especially my father for igniting a fire in me that compelled me to follow my vision.

Aman Singh: (Chuckles) I seriously do not pay much attention to these things (Winks). My family supported me a lot.

7. Do you consider yourself special, do you believe in your destiny or mission? How do you define your success? Is it satisfactory?

Rajesh Chauhan: I don’t consider myself special. All people are unique, each in its own way. I am good at assembling a team, motivating people, and setting tasks. Became a good manager without ever learning the craft.

(Smiles and continues to speak) There are three main rules in life:

 1. Do everything honestly, you can’t build a big business on deception.

2. Say goodbye to the person who once betrayed you.

3. Your environment shapes you, gathering strong people around you.

The biggest advantages that helped me achieve a lot are:

1. Sociability. I am always ready to communicate, to show initiative in a conversation with a person from any social circle. I am not afraid of the prospect of getting to know each other, talking, and establishing friendly business relationships. I love to communicate.

2. Originality. I can find different ways to solve problems and different approaches to people. I quickly adapt to changing conditions and am able to quickly resolve difficult situations.

3. Impulsivity. I tend to act on the first impulse, spontaneously. Sometimes this quality helps in solving production problems.

4. Flexibility. I am able to adapt to changing circumstances and act in accordance with them.

At this position, I still cannot define what success is. We realized that we had tasted Success in drops only. There is still a lot to achieve.

Aman Singh: We achieved a lot and as Sir said there is a lot to achieve. Life is a never-ending journey, but yes, we are among the top companies. Also, some of the reputed websites recognize GoogieHost as a top performer in the area of free web hosting.

Some of these include Techradar, Hindustan Times, ANI, Hubpost, YourStory, etc.

8. Did you directly become an entrepreneur in the market? What were your previous jobs?

Rajesh Chauhan: I served as a customer service representative for 1 Year and 6 Months in Aegis from August 2011 to January 2013. Later, I joined as a website designer in SYY Staffing and Singhania Education.

As mentioned, I served as a backend auditor for preparing brief reports of MLAs. I had the privilege of performing such operations under the courtesy of Shri Raj Babbar and Rahul Gandhi of INC.

Aman Singh:  I have served as a backend auditor for politicians Raj Babbar & Rahul Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh and also worked with the Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) Prashant Kishor team, Lucknow, and played an essential role in preparing backend reports for him.

9. Brief us about your education and family background?

Rajesh Chauhan: I completed my schooling at Fairday Convent High School, Lucknow. Then I completed my Bachelor in Computer Applications (B.C.A) from Sikkim Manipal University in 2014. I was born in Bahraich, and at present, I reside in and operate from Lucknow, India. I don’t prefer to talk about my family background(smiles).

Aman Singh: I also live in and operate GoogieHost from Lucknow, India. I pursued my Bachelor’s in Science but left it in the fourth year. (chuckles).

Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor in Arts and have plans to pursue a Bachelor in Commerce in the future. I only go to college because I believe this life will not get back to us, so we should make every moment memorable. I want to change the education system of India. I think we need a more practical education system. 

10. If life had an edit button, what would you edit?

Rajesh and Aman: (Both smiling) We don’t want to edit any incident of life. Every experience, be it good or bad, gives us something to learn.

11. How is your typical working day scheduled?

Rajesh Chauhan: My typical working day is very simple. I wake up at 4:30 A.M. Then, I refresh myself and go for morning exercise. After hitting the GYM, I reach home at 9:30 A.M. have my breakfast, and then off to my work. After 6:30 P.M., I give my time to my family and girlfriend and then go to sleep at 10:30 P.M. Easy Isn’t it?

Aman Singh: I wake up at 5:30 A.M. Then I follow my morning exercise routine. Then, from 8:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. I refresh myself.  Then, I go to college to enjoy college life. After 1 P.M., I focus on my work. After 6:30 P.M., I give my time to my family and friends. Then, at 10 P.M., I go to sleep.

12. If you were to hire some candidates for Googiehost according to you, what qualities must they possess?

Rajesh Chauhan: At GoogieHost, no special qualifications are needed. All we look for is the requisite skills, talent, and patience in a candidate.

13. What is the biggest myth people have about you?

Rajesh Chauhan: I think that people call me arrogant and egoistic. Actually, I am a kinda introvert. Once you know me, I am the most extroverted person on earth and you will realize that I don’t have an ego problem after all.

Aman Singh: I don’t give a damn about what people think of me. It’s life and it is so colorful, and so are the people they keep on forming misconceptions about everyone every now and then.

14. Now coming to the most awaited part of the interview, please tell us something about your income or expenses.

Rajesh and Aman: Let’s not reveal the income. (Laughs) We both are not talking about income, but yes! I can share our expenses with you.

Rajesh- $XXXX/monthly

Aman- $XXX/monthly

Well, life is not always a bed of roses. Here is a short interview with two eminent personalities & two Youngest Digital entrepreneurs & Founder and Co-founder of GoogieHost Aman Singh and Rajesh Chauhan. They will move you and make you realize that everything is possible if you have a positive approach.

Final Word

That is all in Interviews with Aman Singh and Rajesh Chauhan. I am quite sure that you have learned something new and got motivation from them.

I am going to continue this interview series in the future. Very soon you will see more interviews with Pro Blogger. Keep visiting for more updates.

Happy Blogging!

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