Free Blogging Platforms in 2023 | Blogger, WordPress, Wix Compared

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Do you want to start your Blogging Career? Want to choose the Best Blogging Platforms? Are you confused about which one is the Best? Then you are in the right place.

Creating a stunning blog needs some money to invest in it. After buying a domain name and hosting server, you can start a beautiful blog to share your thoughts. For all of that, you need a platform to manage your content.

If you don’t have money to buy a hosting and domain name you can create a blog free of cost also.

But the new blogger doesn’t have any idea which blogging platforms would be best for them to create a stunning blog or website. Also, what are the features that websites have so that they can customize it and give an awesome design/ look?

It is a little bit confusing because there are too many CMS (content management systems) on the internet. In this, some are free of cost and some of them paid.

Now it depends on you which free blogging platforms are most useful according to your needs and budget. There are several capabilities and certain limitations you will see in free Blogging platforms.

Don’t worry,

I am going to tell you about some of the best and very popular free blogging platforms where you can start your blog for free of cost. After some time, you can upgrade your account to avail yourself of more amazing features of those blogging platforms.

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What you Should Look at in a Blogging Platform?

By the way, every blogging platform has many features and some limitations. But my advice is that before choosing any blogging platforms, take note of the following points.

  • 1.Easy to use the feature: You should select a blogging platform that is easy to use so that you can create a blog in a short time and start adding content to it and add audiences for yourself.
  • 2.Customization and Flexibility: You choose a platform that allows your blog to use the features and resources needed to grow. 
  • 3.Monetization: If you want to make money from blogs, then you should choose a blogging platform that has a lot of monetization options.
  • 4.Technical Support: Your blogging platform should have the option of quality support so that whenever you get stuck while creating a blog or customizing it, you can get the necessary support easily. 

Also, it would be best if you considered the cost of those blogging platforms, the design options it has, and SEO optimization features to increase organic traffic, as well as a few other points.

Overview of Free Blogging Platforms

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Although the access to varied site-building CMSs, WordPress and WiX is more popular among all CMS. They have a good number of user-friendly capabilities. If you’re trying for a completely free platform, then I would recommend Blogger. 

But remember it has a lot of limits. Now, WordPress and Wix are the most popular sites for building CMS. You can find more than 160 Lakhs websites on WordPress and 10 Lakhs on Wix, already running. It’s an approximate number of web sites. 

These blogging platforms program is made for all small users if they don’t know coding or they are experts. It will not matter in any way. Both users have preferred these programs.

Note: WordPress and Wix both can be available in the paid and free version. However, Blogger is completely free. If you use a custom domain in Blogger afterwards, you have to buy a domain.

Blogger vs WordPress vs Wix – compared Which is better (Pro and Cons)

There are many blogging platforms available in the market, but few of these are the most widely used. Much like Blogger, WordPress and Wix. Based on your requirements and budget, you can try out any one of them. 

Each individual has different characteristics and limitations according to usage. Let it go one by one. We will learn the features and limitations. 

So, let’s begin –

What is a Blogger?

Blogger is a Google product that offers free of cost to everyone. If you have a Gmail account, you can create a blog for free here.

If you want, you can add a custom domain here and make your blog a separate filter. To do this, you have to register a domain name.

But you have to keep in mind that creating a blog on Blogger is the same as taking a flat on lease in an apartment rather than building a house on your land.

In such a flat, you control the cleaning, decoration and other things of the house to some extent, yet its construction, security and infrastructure are still under the control of its owner.

In the same way, if you create a blog on Blogger, then you lease some space on their server and use the facilities provided by them under some conditions.

Bloggers are better for those who wish to make some money by making their blog for free. If you have a little knowledge of HTML coding, then you can give it a professional look to a great extent. Otherwise, you will have to work with the standard layout.

Although you get many themes (free and paid) for Blogger, you get lots of limitations here. Let’s see what benefits and disadvantages you get if you use Blogger,

Pros of Using Blogger

  • 1.Cost – Blogger is a Blogging platform of Google, which is available for free, but the problem is that here you will get a subdomain like You also get a per-installed SSL certificate here, which is free forever. You can also buy a custom domain for your blog, like ( and integrate it with your blog, which is free.
  • 2.Ease of Use – Using Blogger is very simple; if you have a game account, then you can create a blog in a short time. You can create multiple blogs in a single account. 
  • 3.The focus of Product – Blogger, was created only for blogging, and even today, it is still for blogging. It did not try to become a social platform like Medium and Tumblr and not a website like WordPress.
  • 4.Integration of Google Product – As you know, Blogger is owned by Google. So, you can easily connect your blog with any Google product. Such as Google AdSense, Analytics, YouTube, etc.
  • 5.Performance & Speed- If you have created a blog on Blogger, then you don’t have to worry about blog speed, security and technical hosting issues because Google handles it.

Cons of Using Blogger

  • 1.Support – Like all Google products, you do not get the facility of direct support in Blogger. For this, you can get help from Google’s help forum, where many users can help you.
  • 2.Product Upgrade – The blog is entirely focused on blogging and is still stuck on the traditional blog layout. In this, you do not get as many features as you get in WordPress.
  • 3.Design, Layout & Customization – In this, you get only one HTML code editor page for the whole blog layout, which is difficult to customize according to your requirement.
  • 4.Features – WordPress .com also allows us to create a blog for free like Blogger, but it is better than Blogger. Blogger has not yet upgraded its services and resources.
  • 5.Content Safety – Blogger is Google’s product, so you are sure to get high-quality content security. But just like Google has recently discontinued many of its product’s, using Blogger is a bit worrying.

About WordPress?

Now, WordPress is highly popular among all CMS available in the marketplace. So, if you want to start a stunning website, then WordPress is most suitable for you personally. 

It is a free content management system for all users that achieves 25% of web site market share in the world. It has a lot of plugins and themes set together side user-friendly and various functionality.

As a result of it, it is not difficult to use by anyone. At precisely the same time, it is the best CMS by tens of thousands of bloggers. It is possible to create all kinds of internet sites onto it very quickly. 

Now we’ll find out about some amazing characteristics of WordPress. Let’s get started: –

1.Simple and User-Friendly Feature

WordPress is an Open Space for improvement and Development for everyone. It allows one to create all kinds of internet site design. It also permits you to put in any free or premium plugins and themes. 

By employing these plugins and themes, you’ll have the ability to create a beautiful and stunning website on WordPress. At a very short time, you are certain to get used to its features.

2.SEO Friendly

As you know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of any site or blog post is therefore vital. Without this, you will not receive any ranking in any internet search engine.

So, which makes this easy WordPress has Aside built-in SEO friendly functions. As an example- self-explanatory readability, permalink, each page customization. Besides this, you may use third party SEO Plugins to make SEO easier.

My favorite Search Engine Optimization plugins are Yoast, All-in Search Engine Optimization etc. You can use any plugin according to your budget and requirements.

3.Customization & Flexibility

Can you like any blog without any proper navigation and without customizing properly? Demonstrably your answer no more. So, if you use WordPress, then you definitely will acquire many options for customization.

WordPress has thousands of free plugins and themes to make this work easier. It is possible to customize your blog according to your requirements.

You will make these changes like- wallpaper color, page style, space and fonts style. By doing this, it is possible to present a professional look to your blog or website. Many other alterations are offered to this in WordPress.

4.Unique Website Look

Looks of any internet site are essential. By way of example, if your website is about the news, your website should look like a news web site not like a technology website.

That means it’s possible to create a blog according to your Niche (Topic) with the assistance of unique themes available in WordPress.

What Is WiX?

That is, besides, the ideal blogging platform for the introduction of a new site. It’s centered on the HTML-5 web publishing platform. It permits you to construct an attractive looking website. Wix can be preferred for creating entertainment and business sites. 

All bloggers advise it because of its simple and coding-free feature. Wix also has countless good and best-looking themes. The drawback of Wix is you can’t change the theme when you install it in the beginning.

Now we’ll go through its other characteristics and for which reason people like to make a blog or website on Wix. 

Let’s go ahead

1.No Coding Experience Necessary

There’s no doubt in it that you never require any programming knowledge to start a blog on Wix. By using Wix, you may create a site in several straightforward measures. It permits drag and drop options for making a beautiful and professional looking website.

Although it isn’t sufficient for developing a perfect blog or website, it will not provide permission to modify the theme code and CSS code. That means you cannot change your website looks, layout and design.

2.Reliable and More Secure

Compared to WordPress, Wix is significantly more secure because Wix is created using single coding and handled by one team. But WordPress is an open space for all developers and managed by many developers. So, there is more likelihood of bugs in WordPress compared to Wix.

3.Changing of Theme

Choosing the best theme/template for your blog gives a professional appearance to your website or blog. As stated by our purpose and niche, we choose important themes.

But in the instance of Wix, you must be super sure about the template. Because if you’re developing a website on Wix, then there’s no choice but to modify your theme or template as soon as you’ve installed it onto your website. I advise that you opt for the perfect template or theme before creating a blog.

So be careful and make your final decision concerning which themes you are going to put on. It should be done before adding any content to your website.

Final Word

In the end, when you intend to develop a blog or website, then it’s your choice which blogging platform would be ideal. I have clarified all features and limitations of Blogger, WordPress and Wix.

Suppose you’ve got any other uncertainty on the mind while you’re free to ask. If you like this article, then don’t forget to share it so others can profit. Any questions afterwards write in the comment box.

In my opinion, if you want to create a lovely, fast, stunning and professional looking website then I recommend you to go for WordPress. If you’re a newbie and would like to create a website, then select Blogger or Wix. It is better for you.

I hope this will help you. We will meet again with the useful new article.

Thank you, Happy Reading and Happy Blogging,

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