Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit Review 2022 | A Complete Toolset for Effective Content Marketing

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Are you looking for a Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit Review?

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Do you know about the #1 reason that destroys any kind of business drastically? You can say it is quality content; that is why someone said perfectly, “Content is King.”

Because if you are not providing unique and high-quality pieces of content to your audience, then running your business is totally worthless. 

Producing high-quality content is one of the most tedious jobs in any kind of online business. It requires proper research that consumes a lot of time and effort as well.

But not anymore,

Here is the game-changer, Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit, that makes your job super easy and saves you a lot of time.

We will go deeper to learn more about Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit and see how it helps you quickly create quality pieces of content.

Before we explore the main topic, let’s have a short overview of the Semrush SEO Tools,

Semrush Conent Marketing Toolkit ReviewPin

What is Semrush SEO Tool?

Semrush SEO ToolsPin

If you are a blogger or digital entrepreneur, digital marketer, content marketer, or any business owner, you might be familiar with Semrush SEO Tools. 

Semrush is a powerful search-engine analytic and competitive intelligence tool that helps you analyze the competition with a few clicks. 

Whether you’re searching for a new keyword, identifying SEO opportunities, or measuring your digital marketing performance, Semrush’s suite of tools will help you to provide a clear picture of what’s happening on the web.

Benefits of Using Semrush SEO Tool?

Semrush is a powerful, robust, and highly efficient SEO tool that helps analyze, manage, and monitor search rankings in many countries worldwide. 

With the software, one can also view detailed reports on their SEO efforts, monitor their competitors’ positions, get keyword alerts, and do a host of other tasks. 

Semrush has an extensive database of keywords-20B, backlinks-142T, and google SERPs database from 142 geolocations. That means you will get more in-depth and accurate analytics data for competitors & keywords research.

Apart from that, Semrush is not just an SEO tool for doing keyword research and competitive research, but it is more than that. It offers over 50+ SEO tools that extend your possibilities to enhance your business growth and make it scalable. 

Semrush FeaturePin

Want to taste Semrush for FREE? then grab Semrush 7 Days FREE trail from here

After opting for Semrush, you can take full advantage of their amazing toolset. These are mainly 7 types of SEO toolkit (Module) for a different task that fulfills your business core need; here are they-

  • SEO Toolkit – This module contains several tools that help you perform a deep analysis of your competitors and find out the best opportunity to scale your business performance. In this module, you can do competitive research, keyword research, find link-building opportunities, on-page, and technical SEO tasks. 
  • Local SEO Toolkit – This module enables you to do various tasks to improve your local SEO strategies like position tracking, product listing management, extended site-auditor, and much more.
  • Advertising Toolkit – This SEO tools module is impressive that allows you to perform more profound market research, social media ads management, and track running ads performance to expand your business reach. 
  • Social Media Toolkit – These toolkits extend possibilities of social media management and allow you to multiple social media accounts in one place. Apart from that, here, you can run social media ads, social media auto posters, and track social media growth easily. 
  • Content Marketing Toolkit – This module is incredible (which I will cover in detail) and helps digital entrepreneurs research, create, and optimize highly engaging content that attracts their customers and significantly increases sales. Apart from that, it allows you to optimize your existing content along with brand monitoring, content audit & post tracking feature capabilities.
  • Competitive Research Toolkit – This module contains mainly.Trends (market explorer & traffic analytics), SEO, Advertising, Content & PR, Social Media functionality. This toolkit enables you to explore your marketing competitors deeply and shows you a complete picture of their success.  
  • And Agency Solutions – If you are running an agency, you can take full advantage of this module for lead generation, content optimization & business automation. 

All these SEO tool kits (Modules) contain several powerful SEO tools that make you overwhelmed while competitors’ research. 

Along with that Semrush provides several extra tools that add more power to your business growth. Let’s see what they are.

  • Content Marketplace A marketplace for ordering SEO optimized unique pieces of content like articles, product descriptions, email newsletters, eBooks and much more, written by experts (choose your writer).
  • ImpactHeroGet AI-Driven insightful analytics data, impactful copy and tips for your consent. This data will help you to improve the quality of your content that engages your customer and brings conversion for you.
  • Agency Partner Find skilled partner for your dream project who helps you to scale your agency growth faster.
  • Sellzone – One of the best Amazon marketing toolsets that helps you to optimize & protect your listing, discover beneficial keywords, get in-depth performance data, create product A/B testing and much more.
  • SplitSignal – This tool allows you to create A/B split testing to find out which SEO change brings more traffic on your website and which is making a bad impact.

By using different types of Semrush SEO Tools, you can efficiently perform almost every competitor research task to fulfill the core need of any business and improve performance for decent results. 

Apart From that, Semrush consistently works hard to provide the best user experience by launching new sets of tools and functionality in their house. In 2020 they launched many amazing tools that make your effort worthwhile and help you to optimize, scale, and find great opportunities to take your business growth to the next level.

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Semrush ReliailityPin

The best part of using Semrush is that all the above tools and functionality come in one subscription. The Pricing is a little bit expensive (for beginners) but believes me; you would never regret after using it. 

I will not explore all of them because I will be exploring the most powerful and effecting toolkit (module), “Semrush content marketing toolkit.” 

Here, what you are going to learn from this post-

  • What is content marketing?
  • What is the importance of content marketing? 
  • Semrush content marketing toolkit?
  • How to use the Semrush content marketing toolkit?
  • How to distribute and track your content performance?
  • And much more  

So, move ahead and quickly jump on the main topic, content marketing, and how the Semrush content marketing toolkit will help you build a solid content marketing strategy. 

Let’s get started.

Why Content Marketing is Important, and Its Solutions

Benefits of Conten MarketingPin

If you make a solid content marketing plan then you will get tons of benefits that directly impact your business growth and your product sales.

Here are some amazing Benefis of content marketing-

  • You can drive massive traffic
  • You can engage your customer
  • Generate leads and conversions
  • Increase social media visibility
  • Give substantial bump to your competitors
  • Increase your brand awareness

In that case, it won’t be wrong to say that Content marketing is vital for every business. It helps you effectively create and distribute content that attracts new customers (drive organic traffic) and helps you engage with existing ones. 

But producing unique and quality content requires a lot of work. You have to plan a perfect topic, create content, publish it and then promote it. 


Semrush Content Marketing Platform enables you to scale your content marketing efforts by helping you with the first part of that process, creating several types of content.

Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit is the most comprehensive tool in the industry when it comes to content marketing. 

Do you also look to scale your content marketing effort? 

Then continue reading this post to get your problem solved.

The best part about using the Semrush Content marketing platform is that it brings the core content marketing tools together for you in a single place.  

Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit allows brands and agencies to deploy strategies that will scale business growth and the reach of their content via organic search.

Here is a great infographic by Semrush describing content marketing statistics that you should know in 2022 to make a perfect plan for promoting your business.

content marketing statisticsPin
Source: Semrush

This blog post is going to be an overview of the Semrush content marketing suite. Content marketing is about creating and promoting relevant content based on your target market to increase your brand visibility. 

That means you have an all-in-one solution for your content marketing strategies that helps you Research, Content Plan, Write, Optimize, Analyze, Measure, content distribution, and improve your business growth through quality content.

In today’s post, we’ll be going over what content marketing is, how to use it for scaling your business, and how to get started with your own content marketing plan.

Note – If you want to take full advantage of the Semrush Content Marketing Platform, you should go with Semrush Guru Plan; Click here to get FREE 7 Days Trail.

How to Take Advantage of Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit?

If you are really worried about content marketing and how it is crucial for any kind of business, then you must try a semrush content marketing platform once.

Remember, the Semrush content marketing platform is available in Guru Plan and above so, here are some steps to access the Semrush Content marketing Platform. 

On first step is to create Semrush account.

Get Semrush 7 days for FREE Trails Semrush Guru Plan.

After clicking on the “Try It Free” button, it will take you to the next page. 

Here you can create your Semrush account by following the methods 

  1. Directly Login with Google Account


2. Your Valid Email Address > Set Strong Password > Then Click “Create Your Account.”

Semrush Account DetailsPin

The next step is to select the “Guru Plan” as it has a content marketing platform. Here, On the same page, you will get two options

  1. Get Free Trial – Click to taste Semrush Content Marketing Platform for 7 Days FREE. 
  2. Skip Trial – Click to Get a subscription without a trial.
Semrush Plan SelectionPin

Which option (Trial or Subscription) you are going to select totally depends on you. I am going to grab the FREE Trial so I will click on the first option.

After Clicking, it will take me to the next page, where you need to provide your card details to place an order (7 days FREE subscription) for your selected plan.

Semrush Payment InformationPin
  1. Enter Valid Payment Card Details
  2. Click to Place Order

After successfully verifying your card details, you will receive a confirmation message in your email about your order. After that, you can log in to your account for accessing the Semrush Content Marketing Platform.

Go to Semrush website and log in to your Semrush account and navigate to the content marketing tab within the dashboard. See the image below- 

Accessing Conent Marketing PlatformPin


Start your content topic research, create a plan, optimize your content, track performance, audit existing content, and much more with a single subscription.

Note – If you don’t want to use Semrush, you must cancel your subscription before 7 Days to stop auto subscription payment; otherwise, you will be charged regular cost after completion of the trial period.

Let’s move further and explore the benefits of Semrush Content Marketing Platform,

Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit

Semrush Content Marketing PlatformPin

It is an excellent SEO Content Marketing Toolkit that will give you everything needed for your business to create high-quality content that generates positive engagement with your audience, as well as good rankings in search engines. 

It helps you create content like blog posts that can produce high-quality backlinks and increase your search engine rankings. 

It’s really easy to use and has many different features to assist your business in producing content that beats your competitors.

For a long time, I was searching for a tool that would help me with my digital marketing campaigns, and I found this. With the semrush content marketing toolkit, I am able to create high-quality content quickly and easily. 

Apart from helping you with topic research, SEO writing assistant, and creating SEO content templates, semrush also has a blog section with SEO writing tips and tricks. 

I am glad I have semrush! Thank you, semrush!

The entire toolkit will guide you in improving the quality of your existing content and helping you create engaging content for your users, and track the performance effectively. This content toolkit includes the following features and some other content marketing benefits:

  • Topic Research Get tons of topic & subtopic ideas to create engaging content around your niche in a few clicks.
  • SEO Content Template – Get essential recommendations for optimizing your content based on your target keyword.
  • Brand Monitoring – Track mentions of your brand online.
  • Post Tracking – Track all your website post-performance in SERPs.
  • Content Audit – Get appropriate suggestions for improving the performance of your existing content.
  • Marketing Calendar – Create an editorial plan for your upcoming content effectively.
  • Social Media Tracking – Schedule your content posting and track performance (your & competitors’) social media post.
Benefits of Semrush Content Marketing PlatformPin

While they have a full set of content marketing features for all types of business, whether they are big or small. 

This article will explore all the Semrush content marketing platform (mainly the first three) tools. 

Let’s take a clear look at each tool individually so you can get an idea of what they do and how their abilities can benefit you.

#1. Topic Research

It’s much easier to rank on Google in 2022 if you write in-depth content that covers all the popular topics altogether. 

Using this tool, you can develop tons of new topic ideas and title ideas (eye-catching and clickable) for your posts or content.

After logging into the Semrush account, you have to navigate Content marketing – Topic Research options and click on it.

Here, you will have to simply enter a topic in the search box, click on the “Get Content Ideas” button, and wait for the magic to happen. 

Topic ResearchPin

After some time, it will provide you with a list of subtopics and the most shared headlines around it. 

Card view is shown here by default; this format gives you hundreds of cards for your topic ideas to get engaging headlines for your blog post that you are searching for. 

Card ViewPin

It is not the end of your topic research process; you can explore further by clicking on subtopics or the “Show More” text. 

Tips- If you want to use a card view for exploring new topic ideas, then make sure you are going with a relevant topic card for further research.

Here is how card details look,

Card DetailsPin

When you click on any subtopic, you will see three main parts. At the top, you can see the difficulty, volume, and efficiency of that particular topic. 

On the left-hand side, you will be able to see the headlines of the top 10 articles ranking on Google for the subtopic, and on the right, you will see a breakdown of the questions, Keywords Searches related to the topic that you are researching. 

Apart from that, you will see a bullhorn symbol with each headline but in a different color. The color of the bullhorn defines the resonance of traffic and the number of backlinks that topic achieved.

Here is What?

  • Green Color – High Resonance of Traffic + Number of Backlinks
  • Dark Blue Color – Normal Resonance of Traffic + Number of Backlinks
  • Light Blue Color – Medium Resonance of Traffic + Number of Backlinks
  • Gray Color – Low Resonance of Traffic + Number of Backlinks

Other Benefits of Topic Research Module


1. Multiple View – Apart from card view, there are three other formats (Explorer, Overview, Mind Map) that you can utilize to find your topic. 

These formats show the same data about your topic but in a different view. E.g., I love the overview format for topic research, and when I clicked on it, I found this.

Topic Research Overview FormatPin

Here I can see the top 10 headlines with backlinks, interesting questions related to the topic, top subtopics with various filter options, and top 10 related searches for topics I am researching now.

You can check out other views like Explorer and mind map view at your convenience. 

Here is how explorer and mind map view look,

Explorer view shows several types of data related to your topic that make your job effortless. You will get the following metrics about your topic research like

Explorer viewPin
  • Subtopic
  • Content Idea
  • Facebook Engagements
  • Backlinks Quantity
  • Total Share

Mind map view is just like topic research with the Answerthepublic platform. You have tons of topic ideas around your main topic, along with top headlines and questions. 

You can explore more headlines and questions by clicking on a subtopic (in blue color) showing around the main topic.

Mind Map ViewPin

2. Geographical Filtration – Do you want to find topics for specifically targeted geolocation? Then You can narrow down your topic research by selecting the country/ region/ city and your preferred language. 

3. Trending Topic – Want to see only trending topics “No Problem”!! You can set a filter for seeing only trending topics. Here you will find the most potentially profitable and high demanding/ trending topics (for the last 60 days) for each subtopic.

4. Prioritization – You can also sort or prioritize this topic based on three parameters. Right next to it, you will see the option “Prioritize topic by.” Sort the results based on volume (most-searched), difficulty (competition for topics), and topic efficiency. 

  • Volume means the search volume of that topic in a month, for example, 10k.
  • Difficulty means how easy or hard it is to rank for the given keyword.
  • The last but not the least option is efficiency. This option shows you which one will give you the best ROI, which means Highest traffic + Lowest Difficulty. 

Using this feature, you can quickly get a clear picture of whether you should go for challenging but more profitable topics or easier but less profitable ones. 

5. Save Favorite Ideas at One Place – It is a fantastic feature that helps you save all your favorite topics Ideas in one place. You can use the “+” button while topic research to save your ideas and click on the “Favorite Ideas” tab to find all saved topic ideas.

6. Competitors Research – Topic Research module helps you analyze your competitor’s website to find topic ideas that your competitors use to rank higher in SERPs. 

This is how Topic Research is presented in Semrush Tool.


Author Note Want to explore more untapped keywords (from Semrush huge database) for your content? then it would be best if you use the Semrush topic research tool along with the Semrush keyword magic tool.

#2. SEO Content Template

Considering SEO and content structure before you start writing anything is essential to increase the chance of getting better search results and driving massive traffic to your website.

Well, you have found the list of topics and subtopics for your blog post. Now it’s time to create perfect SEO templates to begin your content creation process.  

With the SEO Content Template tool, you can generate SEO-friendly, well-structured content templates in a few clicks. 

Creating content based on these recommendations would be the perfect piece that may get higher rankings in search engines.

SEO Content TemplatePin

So, to create an SEO content template, you first need to type in the topic name (Target Keyword) and select your country or region, then click on the tab that says “Create SEO Template” to continue. 

By clicking this button, it analyzes the top 10 ranking websites for your targeted keywords. Once the search is over, we will be able to see 

  • Your top 10 competitors – Who are ranking on the first page for given keywords.
  • Key recommendations – List of keywords used by your competitors.
SEO Content Template RecommendationPin

If you want to create SEO-friendly content that gets better ranking SERPs, you must focus on these key recommendations. 

This recommendation provides a group of semantically related words, recommended sources for creating backlinks, average readability score of competitor’s articles, and suggested content lengths that you have to write if you want to beat your competitors.  

Utilizing this tool, you can make your content quality more SEO-optimized and engaging to attract your audience as well as get better search results.

Scrolling down, you will also find some top recommendations for creating a very optimized blog post.

SEO Content Template Keywords PlacementsPin

You can see how your competitors have created and optimized their content using these keywords (keywords placement structure) in their blog posts to avoid keyword stuffing. 

These recommendations will help you create quality content and where exactly you need to put targeted keywords to make your content SEO-Friendly and content marketing effort-worthy.

Apart from that, you will get a more basic recommendation that you have to keep in mind while writing your blog posts. 

This template keeps reminding you about some best SEO practices for using target keywords that make your content more SEO optimized and engaging. 

Here are these recommendations that you will get, and you should always add your focus keywords in it perfectly but naturally

SEO Content Template Basic SEO RecomendationsPin
  • Page Title Recommendation
  • Meta Description
  • Heading H1
  • Content Body 

Till now, you have completed your topic research and selected the topic considering search volume, difficulty, and potential of that topic.  

You have also created a well-structured and optimized SEO content template for your target keywords. 

Now it’s time to create high-quality, unique, and engaging content that your audience loves to read your post and gets a better ranking in search engines. 

So, jump on to the next topic and see how you can create SEO-friendly Killer content that combines creativity and analytics in every step of your workflow using the Semrush content marketing platform. 

Here you go,

#3. SEO Content Writing Assistant (SWA)

Semrush SEO Writing AssistantPin

As we all know, writing content is a tedious job for everyone because it consumes more time while structuring and optimizing. Isn’t it?

Although you can use any platform to write your content like MS Word, Google Docs, directly in WordPress, etc., optimizing it based on several SEO factors is essential to make your content strategy powerful.

What happens if you get real-time suggestions like SEO Score, Readability Score, Tone of Voice, Originality of your content, and much for optimizing your content? It would be amazing!


So here, Semrush SEO writing Assistant (SWA) comes in the role. 

Using the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant tool for content writing, you will get the best SEO recommendations with real-time metrics. It lets you check SEO potential, tone of voice, consistency, readability, and the originality of your content piece right there. 

You can use your SEO templates and topics (that you have collected in previous tasks) for writing SEO-friendly and well-optimized content for your business needs. 

All the recommendations you get are based on SEO template tools such as keyword usage, readability score, and content lengths that work really well. Semrush SEO Writing Assistant helps you in achieving these goals. 

Here are three ways you can use the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant:

(A). Using of SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) in Semrush

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant InterfacePin

The SEO Writing Assistant tool could be used directly in the Semrush dashboard. Though SEO writing tools have limited functionality (writing tools) to write content, it is easy to use in making your content SEO friendly. 

If you only need to make a quick blog post with basic writing features, then this can do the job just fine. You can start writing your content or use previously written content to get real-time SEO optimization data.

You need to provide your targeted keywords and narrow down your recommendation based on location (country/ region/ city), device and language and click on the “Get Recommendation” Button. 

After Clicking on it, you will get various types of recommended data required to add or remove from your content. 

It will display a Data score out of 10, giving you an idea of how good your content is. Here are four main types of data that you get in SEO writing assistant-

  • Readability Score – How Complex your content is to read
  • SEO Core – Overall SEO performance in your content
  • The Tone of Voice – Consistency (formal, casual, natural) of your content
  • Origionality – Copied content available in your article
(I). Readability Score
SEO Writing Assistant Readability ScorePin

The readability score shows out of 10 with other data like readability (complicated to read) score of your content with top 10 competitors, total word counts of your article, issue in the content title, and content issue. 

If the issue is ignorable, leave it; otherwise, you can change or modify it based on recommendations.

(II). SEO Score
SEO Writing Assistant SEO ScorePin

This functionality helps you optimize your content with your targeted keywords and other secondary keywords (LSI Keywords). It also allows you to monitor all your keyword placements and shows that you can add to your article to improve your content SEO performance.

It also provides recommendations for using Images with ALT tags and adding links (internal & external) to your blog post. If you are not using the target keyword in your title, then it will also be highlighted here.

(III). Tone of Voice
SWA Tone of VoicePin

It is an excellent feature that lets you measure your content’s tone of voice (casual, natural, formal). It shows the overall percentage of your text consistency and list of casual sentences in your content parts. 

(IV). Originality/ Plagiarism Checker

Semrush SEO writing assistant helps you find the originality score of your content by comparing millions of web pages available on the internet. 

It shows our content’s overall percentage of originality and highlights the duplicate content available in your article. You can change or remove it to get a better score and improve the quality of your content.

SWA Originality ScorePin

In short, by using the Semrush SEO writing assistant tool, you can check the overall score of the following major SEO factors while creating your content that makes your content engaging and rankable in any search engine,

  • Content Length – Exact recommendation for your content length compared to the ranking article.
  • LSI Keywords – Get bunch of LSI keywords based on targeted keywords to make your post more SEO optimized.
  • Copied Content (Originality) – Scans millions of pages to detect copied content available in your article.
  • SEO Performance Score – Get a Real-Time SEO optimization score based on your target keywords.
  • Readability Score – Measure your content’s readability score (complex to read) compared to your competitors.
  • Related Questions – Make your content more engaging by adding tons of related question recommendations.
  • Headline (Title) Suggestions – Check whether you are using target keywords in your title or not.
  • Linking – Know about linking structure like no. of links, broken links, and links without anchor text, etc.
  • The Tone of Voice – Improve the consistency of your writing to engage your targeted audience.

Important Note – No matter where (Inside Semrush Dashboard, With MS Word Addon, With WordPress Plugin, With Google Docs Addon) you are using Semrush SEO Writing Assistant Tool, you will get the same interface and functinaolity for optimizing your content.

(B). SEO Writing Assistant Integration- SWA Add-Ons

SWA comes with a simple interace with all crucial features so that anyone can write and optimize their existing article, whether they are beginner or professional.

Another best thing you get in Semrush is that if you don’t want to use SWA tools in the Semrush dashboard, “No Problem” Semrush offers Add-Ons for WordPress MS Word and Google Docs.

Semrush offers seamless integration with the most popular Content Management System (CMS), WordPress, and Google Docs. You can smoothly integrate and use the SEO writing Assistant tool to write and optimize your content more comfortably. 

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant AddonPin
(I). Using SWA in WordPress

If you have established your business on WordPress, then it is great news for you. Semrush offers an SEO writing assistant add-on (Plugin) for WordPress to write SEO-friendly articles in WordPress editor. 

All you have to do this, Install the SWA plugin in your WordPress and log in with your Semrush account to take full advantage of Semrush SEO writing assistant tool (SWA).

You can smoothly use this writing assistant inside WordPress since it runs on the backend not to slow down your website.

SWA WordPress InterfacePin

Initially, it is available at the bottom of your content, but you can click on “Float Mode” to see the writing assistant as a sidebar.   

It has the same functionality and capability as you see in the Semrush dashboard. It shows the number of details like readability, SEO, tone of voice, and originality that will indicate whether your content is good or not. 

I personally use the assistant with WordPress because it makes the entire writing process incredibly easy for me.

(II). Using SWA in Google Docs

Like me, most people use Google Docs, and you may be probably one of them. In that case, you can install the SEO Writing Assistant add-on and sign in to Semrush.

You are all set now, and whenever you write something in the Googe Docs, it will start showing you all the SEO suggestions on the right side of your screen. 

Note – If it is not showing, enable it by going Add-ons > Semrush SEO Writing Assistant > Show. It will display in the right sidebar with all functionality that helps you optimize your content within the Google Docs dashboard.

Semrush SWA Google Docs Addon InterfacePin

If you write a lot for your clients, this is a perfect setup for you. It will help you create SEO-friendly blog posts that will ultimately improve your content’s quality.

Apart from that, if you are searching for the best content writing service for your business, agency, and website, then you can hire a professional or order your copy from the Semrush content marketplace.

#4. Brand Monitoring

It is a beneficial feature that is used by many popular websites. You will receive an email when your name, brand, or website is mentioned in the backlink or mentioned somewhere else. 

You can track daily blog mentions of your brand or website using Semrush’s brand marketing tool

Also, you can integrate Google analytics so you will be able to track the amount of traffic that comes from the links mentioned. 

Some handy features and functionality of Brand Monitoring:

  •  Your content marketing arsenal would be incomplete without this.
  • Track your name, brand, website, app, and product to get notified every time someone mentions one of these.
  • You can convert mentions into links using the Brand Monitoring feature.
  • You can also find influencers and track their mentions also.
semrush brand monitoring overviewPin

This tool shows you the following data to make your content marketing strategy stronger. Here is the list of data you will see

  • Total Brand Mention
  • Brand Mention with and Without Backlinks
  • Positive Brand Mentions
  • With Highest Traffic
  • Total Estimated Reach
  • Sentiment (Positive, Negative and Neutral)
  • Number of mentions with metrics like reach, traffic, etc.

#5. Post Tracking Tool

You can easily measure your off-page content impact with their post tracking integrated into their content audit tool and get in-depth insights of your post-performance on various social media platforms. Here is what data you will see-

  • Keywords Rankings
  • Social Shares
  • Referral Traffic
  • Backlinks 
  • Estimated Reach
  • And Many More 
Post TrackingPin

You can track blog post-performance by adding the URL of a previously published post. If you are looking to improve your content, then you should consider using this tool. It is an essential and valuable tool for content marketing.

We’ve covered most of Semrush Toolkit’s features so far. These tools can help you plan content and market it more effectively.

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#6. Content Audit Tool

Everything is worthless if you are not updating your blog post from time to time. Isn’t it? YES!!

But the problem is how to identify the blog post that needs improvement and what improvements are required to boost overall search ranking.

No problem, here is a solution,

Content AuditPin

The best way to use the content audit tool provided by Semrush is to integrate your Google Search Console and Google Analytics account to get the critical data, including page views, sessions, bounce rate, and other crucial pieces of information.  

Using this audit tool, you can audit the existing content available on your website. It also breaks down the content audit data in the following part-

  • Review or Remove – Posts with less than 15 page views and older than 24 months.
  • Need to Update – Posts with more than 15 page views and older than 24 months
  • Quick Review – Posts with less than 150 page views per month which published in the last 6 months
  • Poor Content – Post with less than 200 words (thin content)

By seeing it, you can quickly figure out the status of your article and take appropriate action (either updating it or creating a new one) to boost the overall conversion rate. 

When you begin auditing, it will list all the content on your site so you can analyze it individually. You can check the status of your blog posts by checking your workflow status.

Apart from that, you can check all your pages and post-performance in one place by switching table mode. here you will see the following metrics to analysis your content progress

  • No. of Pages
  • Total Shares
  • Backlinks Data
  • No. of Sessions
  • Average Sessions Duration
  • Bounce Rate
  • Search Queries
  • And Much More

Find your weak area and update/ create a new one to improve your business performance quickly. You can use the collaboration feature to plan your content strategy by adding more team members, comments, and tasks.

#7. Marketing Calendar

You can’t achieve your goal if you don’t make an effective plan. In blogging, you must be extra careful to maintain and boost your search ranking while making your work plan.  

You must publish content regularly and plan content strategy in advance. This habit will make your effort worthy and save your time as well. 

But there is a problem!!

If you are starting, you can also plan your workflow on paper or try Google Docs. But if you are a well-established business that requires plenty of content to be published, this method would be quite confusing. 

And when you have a team member in your business, it becomes more complicated to manage work plans and inform team members about changes and new goals. 


In such a case, you need perfect tools that manage all your content plans in one place and help you to monitor workflow smoothly. 

Here is the Semrush Marketing Calendar that plays a crucial role. This tool enables you to plan all your content marketing strategies in one place effectively. 

Here are some essential tasks that can be accomplished by using the Semrush Marketing Calendar tool:

  • Manage all your content marketing plans.
  • Track the progress of your editorial plans.
  • Invite your team members. 
  • Assign different permissions to your team members.
  • Share your calendar in the form of a PDF, link, or CSV file.

How It Works

Managing upcoming blog posts, social media posts, etc., becomes super easy In Semrush Marketing Calendar. 

You can track all similar tasks by assigning a color to each task and adding main actions and tags hassle-free.  

Apart From that, you can give the specific work permission in your calendar while sharing it with your team members. You can also monitor your work progress by tracking team members’ activity (Display Color Change). 

Semrush marketing CalendarPin

No matter if you have added 10 tasks or 100 tasks in your marketing calendar, you can easily track all of them by setting filters like 

  • Campaign
  • Owner
  • Status
  • Tag 
  • And more.

Along with that, the Semrush marketing calendar offers an amazing notification feature. You will always get notified about each task update by your team members seamlessly. 

Tracking Individual Tasks

Semrush marketing calendar allows you to track each task efficiently by adding extra details to it. This process makes your job easy to understand and helps you monitor your task’s overall work progress.

Here are some extra details that you can add and check-in your individual task for getting a clear picture of your calendar task progress:

Share Task with specific permissionPin
  • Task Name 
  • Task Deadline
  • Task Campaign
  • Tags
  • Task Description
  • Attachment 
  • Team Member Comments 
  • Task Edit History
  • Works Checklist 
  • Task Progress 
  • And many more.

Real-Time Tracking of Your Task Progress 

Tracking content marketing plans isn’t an easy job; you need to call or message your team members to know about work status. But here is the game-changing feature that you get in the Semrush marketing calendar. 

You can easily track the work progress of your marketing calendar tasks. It will show the task status in the following terms-

  • In Progress
  • Done
  • Require Approval 
Marketing Calendar Work ProgressPin

This is all about the Semrush content marketing calendar and how it works. And help you to plan, track, prepare your content marketing strategy smoothly.

#8. Social Media Poster & Tracking Performance

Nowadays, social media platforms are the most convenient and easiest ways to drive massive traffic to your website. There are millions of active people, and they might be interested in your products.

But the problem is that managing all social media is a tedious job. In this case, you need perfect tools that manage your social media account and track the growth performance smoothly.

So, presenting Semrush social media management tools that come with many features and functionality makes your social media management process super easy.

These tools consist of the following interface,

  • Social Media Auto Poster
  • Social Media Performance Tracker
  • Social Media Ads Management
  • Explore Various Analytics Data
  • And Much More

Let’s have a quick overview of each feature one by one and see what the Semrush social media toolkit can do for you.

A. Create, Automate and Schedule Your Post

Semrush offers social media poster tools that you can use to automate and schedule your post publishing on various social media platforms with few clicks.

Social Media Post CreaterPin

It also shows you a date along with when and on which social media platforms your content was published.

You can organize your post schedule perfectly to deliver content (on every social media platform that you have added in Semrush) to your audience at the right time.

Semrush allows you to edit an existing one or create a new post directly from a social media dashboard and see the real-time preview of your social media post and how it will look after publishing.

This tool also allows you to track the performance (engagements, engagement rate & organic reach) of each post you share on various social media. 

B. Track Social Media Performance

Social Media TrackerPin

Semrush Social Media Tracker tools allow you to track your growth and track post performance data with a few clicks.

It shows all followers/subscribers, content shared, engagement gained for each social media profile for a specific time period.

Apart from that, you can check the performance of individual social media platforms with different parameters like engagements, reactions, comments, etc.

If you have added your competitor’s profile, then you can compare your performance (based on various factors like audience, activity, and engagements) with him.

C. Social Media Ads Management

Social Media Ad ManagementPin

No matter which social media ad you want to run, Semrush allows you to create and run different social media ads from a single place. 

You can craft your social media ad campaign directly from the Semrush dashboard, whether it is Facebook or Instagram. You need not go to a Facebook ad account.

Apart From that, you can boost your post reach by creating a perfect ad campaign. 

You can also track the ad performance to determine which ad is performing well and which one is not so that you can take appropriate action to optimize it for better results.  

D. Social Media Analytics 

Although you can use the social media tracker tool to monitor your social media performance growth, you have been provided an extra social media analytics tab to show you complete analytics data in one place. 

Social Media AnalyticsPin

Apart From that, you can explore the individual social profile analytics data for a clear picture. 

You can see all the essential analytics data like audience demographic data (country, gender, age, active time, etc.), likes, engagements, mentions, etc., for your social media platforms in detail to make a solid strategy for improving your performance. 

Pros of Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit

  • You can find innovative ideas and topics in any niche using the topic research tool.
  • Finding LSI keywords is super easy with keyword magic tool.
  • The template tool gives SEO recommendations to create SEO-friendly content.
  • Your content will be improved with the help of the writing assistant.
  • Tracking the growth of your own website and the growth of your competition is made easy using the Brand Monitoring tool.
  • Content audits help you create better content to share on social media platforms to help drive traffic to your website.
  • The marketing calendar enables you to schedule your content in advance.

Cons of Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit

  • You will only get full access to their content marketing tool if you opt for the higher tier plan. It is a real downside because if you own the basic plan or the free version of this tool, you won’t have access to the majority of essential functions.
  • Limited plagiarism checks even if you have higher plan subscription.
  • Compared to other SEO tools, the cost is high.

What makes the content marketing tool of Semrush different from other tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and Moz?

Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and Moz are mainly used for keyword research, analysis, and backlink checking. Still, Semrush’s content marketing tool helps you create content that will increase your SEO ranking and engage your audience. 

With Semrush, you have access to all these features and more so that you can create top-quality content. 

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Course

Using the Semrush content marketing toolkit is quite simple. Still, if you are a beginner with less experience, you can join the Semrush Academy to explore and learn more about this platform.

Semrush offers a Free Content Marketing Course that includes 4 modules (9 lessons & more than 4 hours of video content) to boost your knowledge and learn how to execute your marketing plan effectively.

Here is the short overview of the Semrush content marketing toolkit course-module

Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit CoursePin

Module 1. Content Analysis and Optimization

The first module covers the use of content audit tools and SEO writing assistant tools perfectly. 

That means you will learn how to analyze your content (existing one also) performance to measure its effectiveness and make an appropriate strategy. 

On the other hand, you will learn how to use an SEO writing assistant to optimize your content that engages your audience as well as get better search results.

Module 2. Content Research and Generating Topic Idea

This module covers the use of Topic Research Tool, Keyword Magic Tool, and SEO Content Template in a better way.

Here, you will learn how to perform content research to find engaging topic ideas for your upcoming content. 

Also, use a keyword magic tool to find untapped keywords (topic Idea) opportunities that make your marketing effort meaningful.

Apart from that, you will also learn how to generate SEO content templates by analyzing the top 10 revivals from SERPs. 

That means this module helps you find potential topics with many SEO recommendations (LSI keywords, Competitor’s analytics) and how to craft an SEO-Friendly template with a few clicks.

Module 3. Content Distribution

This module covers the use of brand monitoring tools and social media poster tools effectively to track content performance.

That means here; you will learn how to monitor your brand mentions and content effectiveness across the web to make a perfect content distribution approach.

Apart from that, you will also learn how to use social media poster tools to automate your content sharing on various social media platforms.

Module 4. Track Performance & Content Planning

The last module of the content marketing toolkit course covers the use of Post Tracking Tool and Marketing Calendar tools to make your content marketing effort worthy.

That means here; you will learn how to track your content performance on various platforms and search engines, in one word, how your content performs on the web.

Apart from that, you will also learn how to make an organized editorial plan for your upcoming content. Also, track the progress of your tasks for the timely publishing of the new content.

Why join Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit Course

Here is the prominent benefit of joining this course-

  • 100% Free of Cost
  • Video by Professional
  • Step by Step Guide
  • Complete Tutorial
  • Personalized Certificate

Pricing Structure of Semrush SEO Tools

Semrush PricingPin

The essential point always considered while choosing any products or services is the Pricing of that product? Isn’t it 


Because if everything is fine but going out of budget, then you may probably leave any products. 

As you all know, nothing comes for free and to avail incredible products & services, you must pay for it. 

However, you can consider whether the Pricing of products & services justifies the benefits or not? Whether you should buy it or not?

But don’t worry, in the case of choosing Semrush, you will never be disappointed. Although its Pricing looks a little bit expensive, if you compare Pricing with features, you will never regret it. 

Semrush offers complete sets of SEO tools that crucially require every kind of business to improve results and scale growth faster than ever. 

It offers three types of plans that include various SEO tools in a single subscription that you can choose as you require. 

Here is the Semrush subscription plan and pricing structure table with subscription features that you get.

1. Pro Plan – Best for Small Websites & Freelancers at the cost of $119.95/month ($99.95/month for Annual Terms)

2. Guru Plan – Suitable for SMBs & Smaller Marketing Agencies that cost $229.95/month ($191.62/month for Annual Terms)

3. Business Plan – Perfect for Large Companies & Agencies at the cost of $449.95/month ($374.95/month for Annual Terms)

Let’s see what are the features you will get in different types of subscription.

Keywords Tracking50015005000
Competitive ResearchYesYesYes
Keywords ResearchYesYesYes
Keyword OverviewYesYesYes
Keywords ManagerYesYesYes
Domain AnalyticsYesYesYes
Keywords Metrics Updates25010005000
Content Marketing PlatformsNoYesYes
Google Data Studio IntegrationNoYesYes
Site Audit (Pages/Month)100,000300,0001000,000
Historical Data NoYesYes
Rank TrackingYesYesYes
API AccessNoNoYes
Social Posting103050
Social Profile Monitoring50100300
Detailed PDF Report52050
PDF Template SharingYesYesYes

Deal For You – Semrush offer 17% instant discount on each subscription when you select billing terms annually. In such case, if you wnat to get Semrush sucbscription then go for their annual plan that would be the best money saving deal for you.

Apart from that, you can take advantage of more amazing tools at an extra cost that brings more possibilities to grab new opportunities for scaling your business performance growth. 

Here are they,

  • . Trends – $200/month for Market Explorer and Traffic Analytics
  • Listing Management – $20/month for Local SEO Functionality
  • Premium Location – $40/month for availing feature of Local Heatmap & Response to Review
  • Adding Additional User – $45, $80, $100 per month for Pro, Guru, and Business plan, respectively.
  • Agency Growth Kit – $100/month to complete monitor workflow and boost agency revenue.

Here is the feature and limitations chart of Semrush content marketing platform that you get subscription wise. But remember one thing that, if you want to take the complete content marketing functionality then I would highly recommend you to go with either Guru Plan or Business Plan.

Content Marketing Toolkit LimitsPin
Source: Semrush

Some Semrush Alternatives and Most Popular Tools for Content Marketing

First of all, why do you need an alternative? So, there could be many reasons not to use any product and services. 

Also, in the case of Semrush, you might not be happy with their products, prices, ease of use, and many more factors, so you can go for any other tools which fulfill your content marketing needs.

But remember one thing, no other tools have a complete set of SEO tools along with the content marketing platform that Semrush has for boosting your business growth and scale it faster than ever. 

It depends on you which tool you are going to use for your content marketing needs. 

Here are some Semrush Alternatives SEO Tools that you can try for your content marketing requirements.

  • Ahref – For competitive research and content explorer.
  • Content Studio – Same as Semrush content marketing platform but have less functionality.
  • Canva – Create attractive visuals for your content and social media.
  • Surfer SEO – Optimize your blog post based on top-ranking articles for higher ranking. 

There are many other tools available in the market that help you to make your content marketing effective and increase business performance quickly.

FAQs – Semrush Content Marketing Platform

What is semrush?

Semrush is a well-known leading SEO tools provider that offers more than 50+ SEO tools to make your SEO effort-worthy. It allows you to perform competitive research, keyword research, generate topic ideas, create SEO-optimized content, track performance, and much more in one place.

Can I Use Semrush for FREE?

No! Semrush doesn’t offer any free plan; however, you can taste all the features and functionality by grabbing a 7 days FREE trial from here.

What is Content Marketing?

It is the marketing strategy used by bloggers, affiliate marketers, and business owners to attract, retain and engage their audience by providing high-quality content, video, podcast, etc.

What is Semrush Content Marketing?

Semrush content marketing toolkit is a complete set of content marketing tools to plan, research topics, create/ audit/ optimize content, track performance, and much more for monitoring and scaling your business growth.

How to Use Semrush Content Marketing Platform?

It is a straightforward process; you just need to create a semrush account by opting for a free trial or getting a Guru Plan or Business Plan subscription. After that, follow these steps-
1. Login to Semrush Account
2. Navigate Content Marketing Tab
Here you will get many tools for doing topic research, create SEO content templates, write and optimize your content, track performance, audit your content, brand monitoring, and much more to improve your online presence and business growth.

What is Semrush Topic Research?

Semrush topic research tools allow you to find tons of topic ideas for creating high-quality content based on various factors like priority, trends, multiple formats, competitive research, and much more. 

What is Semrush SEO Content Template?

These tools allow you to create an SEO content template based on the top 10 revivals that include the following recommendations-
1. Bunch of LSI Keywords to Add to Your Content
2. Website for Backlick Opportunity
3. Average Readability of Top 10 Revivals
4. Average Content-Length of Top 10 Ranking Articles
5. How Your Competitors Using Target Keywords (Keywords Density)
6. And Some Basic SEO Recommendation

What is Semrush SEO Writing Assistant?

It is a kind of content editor but has several functions to write SEO-optimized content hassle-free. It allows you to check content SEO Score, Readability Score, Originality Score, Tone of Voice, and many more things with real-time suggestions.

What is the Semrush Marketing Calendar?

It helps you create a perfect editorial plan and boost productivity for your upcoming content. It enables you to add team members, share tasks and track the progress of each and every task added to the marketing calendar.

What Semrush Post Tracking?

This tool allows you to track your content performance so that you can easily find out which content is performing well in search engines and which one is not?

What is Semrush Content Audit?

The Semrush content audit tool allows you to audit the overall SEO performance of your content (existing one) so that you can quickly figure out which content requires improvement to get better search results.

What Does the Cost of Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit?

Semrush offers Content Marketing Platform in Guru Plan and Business Plan, so you have to opt for any of them to take full advantage. OR you can get a 7 Days FREE trial to test the benefits of the Content Marketing Toolkit.


This package would be the best fit for those who want to start their own online marketing company because it provides enough power to grow fast without spending much money on buying other additional tools.

However, suppose you already have some clients and are looking forward to expanding them by adding new customers to your list. In that case, I suggest you go ahead with the Semrush Guru plan because it gives better value for money when compared with others. 

In my opinion, this toolkit is perfect for both small businesses and large companies alike because it has all the things required to grow a business and make it profitable. It also helps you save time, resources, and effort, which ultimately makes your work easy and less stressful.

You can also use their API to integrate into other platforms like Google Sheets, Excel, etc., so that data analysis gets easier. It has everything required to be on top of the game. Explore more about Semrush Content marketing platform by grabbing 7 Days FREE Trial from here.

I hope this review might help you to decide whether this toolkit is good for you or not! If yes, what’s next? Let’s move further with our discussion.

What do you think about Semrush? Please comment below.

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