Semrush Vs Similarweb 2023 | Which One is Better and Why? [Detailed Comparison]

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In the Internet-dominated era, online marketing has become the top priority of every business, irrespective of its size.

To showcase the value your business brings, you need robust tools that help you reach a greater target audience and increase the traffic of your website. 

Strategizing a well-developed online marketing campaign and conducting a thorough competition analysis has the potential to grow the presence of your company and generate more leads.

Thus, you need to make online marketing your top priority and invest in the right set of tools to boost your reach effectively. 

Today, in this article, we are going to compare the two best tools out there – Semrush .Trends (former CI add-on) and Similarweb to help you decide the best one for your business and its website.

Before we get into a detailed comparison of Semrush vs Similarweb, Let’s have a short overview of both SEO tools.

Semrush vs SimilarwebPin
Semrush SEO ToolsPin

Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing & SEO tool (55+ Amazing Features) that enables businesses to increase their online visibility and to have a detailed market analysis with a few clicks that are included in your subscription. 

Marketers who work in the following services will benefit from our tools and reports: SEO, Content marketing, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Insights, and Campaign Management are some of the services available.

Apart from that Semrush always does its best to bring more tools that make your life easier and help you take your business to the next level.

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By paying a Semrush subscription cost of $200, you can use Semrush .Trends, a strategic intelligence solution. It contains the Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer resources in particular.

Its reliable and accurate data enables you to identify undiscovered consumer markets, gain a larger share of the market, identify upper-edge platforms for greater business effect, and develop your data-driven marketing plan to boost investment.

 The main features of Semrush and Semrush.Trends are:

  • Semrush provides tracking traffic size for both mobile apps and desktops. 
  • Users can also track a website’s ranking. 
  • It provides users with tools that research organic and PPC keywords. 
  •  Semrush provides its users with backlink analysis. 
  •  It can also grant its users the best long-tail keywords. 
  • Semrush allows its customers to track traffic based on a marketing channel. 
  • It allows customers to compare numerous websites in parallel. 
  • Customers can find their domain-specific keyword ranking through Semrush. 
  • It also helps in auditing the website’s SEO. 
  • Semrush provides its users with features like Social Media Tracking, Advertising research, Ad-sense assessment, etc. 

An Overview of Similarweb

Similarweb FeaturePin

Similarweb is a service that calculates the cumulative volume of traffic that various websites get. It lets you view your rivals’ top traffic channels that are divided into different categories: referring pages, social traffic, and top trending keywords.

Along with that Similarweb doesn’t provide many tools which Semrush has like Content Marketing, Social Media Monitoring, Bulk Domain Analysis, Google Data Studio Integration, etc.

The biggest downside of using Similarweb is that it doesn’t provide any data for a website that receives less than 5000 visits monthly.

That means you can analyze only that competitor’s website which has over 5000+ monthly visits.

The main features of Similarweb are:

  • Similarweb provides sources to generate traffic for mobile apps. 
  • Users can analyze up to 5 websites simultaneously using Similarweb. 
  • Provides users with a tool that researches organic keywords. 
  • Similarweb also provides its users with a tool that finds PPC keywords. 
  • It allows users to track traffic according to the marketing channel. 
  • Facilitates KPI tools and graphs. 
  • Similarweb caters to its users with an in-depth analysis of competitors. 
  • Helps in understanding the engagement by using metrics like popular page, time spent, bounce rate, etc. 
  • Similarweb provides its customers with a comparison between the effectiveness of organic and PPC keywords. 
  •  It supplies website data on referrals, keywords, visits, etc. 

Both platforms have different types of tools that can be helpful for any kind of business, but here I will discuss some top reasons to compare Semursh vs Similarweb.

This comparison is going to help you make the right decision about whether you should go for Semrush or Similarweb.

But before we get into the topic let’s have a short overview of a feature that you get with Semrush .Trends subscription. So, without any further delay, let’s see one by one 

1: Market Explorer 

You may use Similarweb to look at your audience’s profiles, preferences, and location as well as related websites that will also be shown in the tool. But on the other hand, the audience overlap appears unaddressed.

Whereas, Semrush. Trend’s Market Explorer offers detailed market research, including a list of leading competitors and their profit margins, major consumer factors, customer demographics, and much more to grab the best opportunity.

You can examine the nearest rivals’ growth patterns with the precise analytics provided by Semrush. This tool offers a broad picture of the market for a domain.

Copying and pasting a domain name into the search bar will bring up a list of the most popular competitors, as well as a variety of methods for analyzing their traffic and comparing aggregate market trends to each individual site in this area.

You may confidently conquer a specific market niche, form smart alliances, or do a detailed strategic analysis of the entire industry with such expertise.

This method will assist you in determining where the bulk of a website’s traffic originates. Using this information, you’ll be able to see where your own website is slipping back.

Semrush .Trends Market ExplorerPin
Semrush Market Explorer

2: Traffic Analytics Tool

As you know, Traffic Analytics is a method for determining the flow tactics and strengths of every website.

Traffic Analysis, Traffic Source, Destination Sites, and Subdomain are the sub-reports that make up the headline. Semrush reports’ data provides fast feedback and an in-depth study of the industry and business.

Semrush Traffic Analytics is a market insight and strategic research platform that calculates the mobile and desktop traffic of every website.

It will assist you in establishing a metric, evaluating a potential competition or market, and even developing a competitive media procurement strategy.

This tool will reveal to you all the sources from which a website’s traffic is coming, just how the audience interacts with it, which platforms users choose to use, how the crowds of different websites interact, and even more.

Traffic Analysis is one of Semrush’s most important platforms for industry analysts, brand managers, corporate growth departments, and marketing companies, thanks to its market analysis expertise.

Semrush .Trends Traffic AnalyticsPin
Semrush Traffic Analytics

At a simplistic level, Similarweb gives a more comprehensive overview of the traffic sources. It does, however, back up hope by including data for two additional platforms.

Display advertisements and emails are the two additional sources. Similarweb also has data from various countries but only allows access to datasets that have been bought. The database for each nation is priced individually.

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Semrush vs Similarweb: Comparison (Why Choose Semrush over Similarweb?)

Semrush vs Similarweb comparison infographicPin

Semrush is fully packed with many incredible SEO features and resources (Included in each plan) to scale your business and allows you to analyze your competitor very closely so that you can improve your business and grow quickly.

However, Similarweb charges extra for the same features which means you have to purchase every feature by paying an additional amount.

Though, you will not get as many SEO features in Similarweb as Semrush offers. Here are some key benefits of using Semrush over Similarweb.

1: Marketing Insights

Semrush allows the marketing department to handle all of its very critical activities in one place, like SEO, social media marketing, competitor analysis, and content marketing.

It also offers practical advice to help you improve your site, articles, and marketing strategies even more quickly.

Similarweb, on the other hand, is not really a marketing tool. It’s just a data analytics business that provides you with statistical information about site traffic.

That’s what there is to it. There is no specialized SEO software available. There are no content promotions or SMM tools available. There are no suggestions for putting new studies into practice.

2: Sophisticated SEO 

Semrush offers Definitive keyword sorting, keyword manager, keyword gap, rank monitoring, backlink analysis, on-page SEO, and much more are among the advanced SEO capabilities that can put you way ahead of your rivals.

Whereas Similarweb provides Only simple Search engine optimization tools regarding web traffic analysis are available. There have been no resources for in-depth keyword analysis or rank monitoring as well as no index of backlinks.

3: Data Collection

If you want to gather detailed web data, you’ll need to begin with a good web crawler. And Similarweb does have one, which monitors & scans search engine pages and sites in great detail that we visit often and assists its web crawlers to get more data when we install the Similarweb extension, add-ons, or apps on our devices.

Whereas keyword database and clickstream data are the foundations of Semrush. Since these results in a plethora of specialized information contexts, Semrush chose to tackle data collection.

It created several crawling programs (artificial intelligence algorithms) to browse through all the local search engine versions to create the related data sets.

Semrush has collected as many as 20 billion keywords in 142 databases, 40T backlinks, and 500TB of pure clickstream data across 200 million panelists around the world so far. I can vouch for Semrush’s keyword data, undoubtedly with a higher degree of reliability.

4: Keyword Analysis

Semrush has good customer data from multiple anonymous consumers, including collaborations, official data, and real Google SERP reports. It can link to 20 billion keywords in 142 indexes from around the world.

By using the Keyword Overview tool, you can analyze the search volume, difficulty, and trends of any keywords based on location as well as you can analyze keywords in bulk.

Semrush Keyword OverviewPin

There are about 40 trillion inbound links in its database. Its prime purpose is to let you find the most suitable keywords for your money website based on keyword search volume, CPC, competitive density, and overall traffic. Apart from that keyword magic tools help you to filter results based on various terms to find the best keywords that can perform better.

Semrush Keyword magic ToolPin

Similarweb, as the name implies, provides you with similar data reliability for medium and large websites. For blogs with less than 5K regular visits, the analysis would be less reliable or non-existent. Here, the keyword database’s size is unknown. It is found that Similarweb has no database of backlinks.

Similarweb keyword AnalysisPin

5: Content Marketing

When we talk about money-making blogs then you must have unique and high-quality content on your site that attracts an audience and forces them to take action. 

So, here Semrush’s content marketing tools come into the role. It extends your possibilities into opportunities and enables you to produce conversion-optimized content on the go. 

By using content marketing tools, you can explore new topics to create quality content. You can also take advantage of their SEO writing assistant/Template for optimizing your blog post to beat your competitors as well as increase possibilities to get higher rankings in search engines.

Apart from that you can track your post performance along with content audit with a few simple clicks. Whereas Similarweb doesn’t offer such tools that help you to create high-converting articles for your business. You can only do keyword research, that’s all. 

6: Accuracy and Reliability

Semrush is a powerful package of all-in-one SEO tools that you need to succeed in your business. A large number of companies and Digital Entrepreneurs are using it with full flash. Semrush is already used by 7M marketers and has 14 international awards for the best SEO Suite.

Semrush ReliailityPin

They have a huge database of keywords and backlinks that enables you to analyze any competitor’s website with a few clicks so that you can take appropriate action at the right time. 

You can get a more accurate and concise report from any website available on the internet to make your strategy robust and take your business to the next level. 

Whereas, Similarweb offers only traffic analytics data based on random click streams that may be inaccurate sometimes. Also, these data are categorized (geographical) and you need to pay to access specific location data.

Apart from that they haven’t any database for keywords and backlinks. So, in that case, Semrush is more reliable than Similarweb.

Semrush vs Similarweb – Features Highlights

After reading the comparison of the tools you must say that Semrush is far better than Similarweb in all respects. You did not pay for each service that you need. Semrush offers a complete solution for all your core business needs that you have ever required to take your business to the next level. 

However, for a better understanding see the quick feature (Categorized) comparison table of Semrush and Similarweb so that you can easily figure out which one would be best for you. 

Content MarketingYesNo
Social Media ManagerYesNo
Keyword Database20BUnknown
Backlink Database40TNo
Keyword ResearchYesYes
Keyword GapYesYes
Question KeywordsYesYes
Local SEOYesNo
On-Page SEOYesNo
Technical SEOYesNo
Mobile & Desktop DataBothDesktop (Mobile Paid)
Bulk Domain AnalysisYesNo
Custom PDF ReportYesYes
Google Data Studio YesNo
Social Media AdsYesNo
Click PotentialYesYes
Content AuditYesNo
Addon & IntegrationYesNo

After seeing the feature comparison table, you can easily make out that Semrush is power-packed with a variety of incredible tools and data analysis included in plans (at no extra cost). Whereas Similarweb comes with limited resources and advanced tools available at extra cost. 

Semrush Vs Similarweb: Pricing

You may choose four translucent packs with Semrush. You can pay a monthly price for a well-defined set of advantages organized into toolkits based on your needs. For Semrush, there seem to be no hidden fees. It also gives users the ability to cancel at any time.

Semrush Pricing:

Semrush does not provide a free plan, but they offer free trials to taste the feature that is well-structured and reliable. Semrush Pricing structure is as follows:

Semrush PricingPin

1: Pro Plan ($119.95 per month):

  • Reports per day: 3,000
  • Results per report: 10,000
  • Keyword metrics updates per month: 250

2: Guru Plan ($229.95/mo):

  • Reports per day: 5,000
  • Results per report: 30,000
  • Keyword metrics updates per month: 1000

3: Business Plan ($449.95/mo):  

  • Reports per day: 10,000
  • Results per report: 50,000
  • Keyword metrics updates per month: 5,000

You can get complete access to Semrush .Trends solution (Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer) data for $200 per month and you can only avail it with Semrush paid subscription. The price for the existing subscription of Business, Guru, or Pro would be:

  • Pro: $319.95/month 
  • Guru: $429.95/month
  • Business: $649.95/month
Semrush .Trends PricingPin

By purchasing Semrush.Trends market explorer and traffic analytics, you can better compare the performance of various analyzed websites based on their organic traffic, user engagement, presale research, and much more.

When you opt for .Trends you will get the following benefits –

1: Entry to your premium traffic analysis data is as shown below:

Free subscription without Semrush.Trends solution:

You get restricted access to the overview analysis report. Using 3 sample domains, you can view the other reports.

Paid subscription without Semrush.Trends solution:

You can avail yourself of the opportunity to include queries in the overview study. All other findings can be checked for the three sample domains.

 Paid subscription with Semrush.Trends solution:

Here you get full access to all results, reports, and features of the website traffic analysis.

2: Access to Market Explorer data based on your subscription is as follows:

Free subscription without Semrush.Trends solution:

Overview report limited access. No previous information.

Paid subscription without Semrush.Trends solution:

No historical data access. All traffic analytics reports contain just 10 findings. All other findings can be checked for the 3 sample domains.

Paid subscription with Semrush.Trends solution:

Full access to all information, reports, and features of Market Explorer.

All Semrush plans come with more than 55+ specialized tools and features to help you improve your marketing. So, even though you pay a little extra for it, you’ll find it quite beneficial because it has many advantages.

Similarweb, on the other hand, does not seem to be the greatest value for money since it has fewer features than Semrush.

Since, in addition to traffic analytics, Semrush includes a slew of other tools, such as strategic backlink research, keyword research, paid traffic analysis, and a social media toolkit at structured prices, thus making it a perfect digital market intelligence tool.

Similarweb Pricing:

SimilarWeb has a customizable pricing strategy. As a result, a Product Consultant will align your requirements to the most appropriate features, and the cost will be determined accordingly.

You’ll be pleased to learn that SimilarWeb provides a free plan to get you started. And, indeed, it is entirely secure. Although we’ve seen a lot of 2–4-week free trials in this room, this is a much-needed solution.

Similarweb PricingPin

The catch, though, is that the free package is only valid for three months. Beyond that, it’s pretty pointless. On the positive hand, 90 days is more than enough time to evaluate the service’s capability.

If you find SimilarWeb useful after the free trial period expires, you can upgrade to an enterprise plan, which is not a fixed price and can be customized based on your needs.

You get three months of web traffic data, 30 days of mobile app data, and 5 results per metric with the free plan. In addition, Enterprise- (Custom Plans) includes services such as market and keyword review, mobile app engagement, and more. Web traffic reports for up to three years, and up to 28 months of mobile app data are available, as well as an infinite number of results per metric.

Frequently Asked Question – Semrush vs Similarweb

What is Semrush?

Semrush is one of the leading and most powerful SEO tools that offers tons of features and resources like Keyword Research, Content Marketing Tools, Advertising, social media, and Much More to analyze your competitors and make a solid strategy to beat them.  

What is Similarweb?

Similarweb is a service that calculates the cumulative volume of traffic that various websites get. It lets you view your rivals’ top traffic channels, divided into different categories: referring pages, social traffic, and top trending keywords.

Is Semrush Good?

Yes! Indeed, Semrush is a complete SEO package for all digital entrepreneurs that provides the most accurate and actionable data to succeed and get a better search ranking. If you are looking for all in one SEO solution then Semrush is the perfect choice for you.

What is Semrush .Trends 

Semrush .Trends are recently launched in-depth traffic analytics & market explorer tools that help you to analyze your competitors more deeply. But remember. Trends are available with only a Semrush paid subscription at $200 extra amount.

Final Verdict – Semrush vs Similarweb, which is Better?

Due to its additional site audit tool, Keyword Magic Tool, and PPC Keyword Tool, Semrush outperforms Similarweb in keyword research. It also offers more in-depth site inspection through its auditing service, highlighting essential SEO issues and recommending potential solutions.

In terms of in-depth homepage and session research, Similarweb surpasses Semrush. Semrush compensates for this by exposing the ad spending and social media promotion tactics of the competitors.

So, what’s next? You are the judge; examine your company objectives and determine which tools can better serve your SEO objectives.

Subscribing to Semrush.Trends, on the other hand, can make much more sense if you want to make better use of your money and effort. And this is one of the best data-driven choices you’ll make in your profession.

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