How to Start a Blogging in India? 9 Easy Steps to Start Blogging [Ultimate Guide]

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Important – Before you start reading this blog, I want to tell you something that I have written this article after much analysis and have taken care of everything which is very important for how to start a blogging in India. I have covered almost every point you should know about how to start blogging in India. Due to which this article became a bit long. But I believe that after reading this post, you won’t go anywhere to find out answers to what a blog is? How to start a blog? What is needed to start a blog? What is the benefit of creating a blog? 

Why Start a Blog?

Do you want to make a passive income with starting blogging business in India, then let me tell you that it will be good for you? If you want you can live life like a boss with the help of a blog. In this sequence, starting a blog in India is the first step for you to go towards success.

So, after reading this article, you will be well aware about how to start blogging in India that will open a new path for you to get success in future.

Creating a blog is not such a difficult task, you just need a little bit of guidance. So that you can easily create a blog.

Today we will talk about some easy and important steps for how to be a blogger in India so that you will be able to start a profitable blog by your own without making any mistake.

And finally, I will also tell you some important tips that will help you to take your blog to a new height and you will also be able to make a unique identity in the world of blogging.

So, let’s start without delay

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The Benefit of Starting a Blog?

Wait, first of all, you should know what is going to happen when you start a blog in India?

Maybe some of you are thinking, why should I start a blog? Will it be good for me or not?

So, I would like to advise you that 2022 is a golden opportunity to start a blog in India and take it to a new height.

Because the world of blogging is becoming more competitive day by day. In such a situation, you should start a blog today and now. It is possible that you will have more opportunities & possibilities instead of others which will start after you.

If you start a blog in India and pursue it then there are many benefits. Apart from that here you get some unexpected benefits from blogging which will help you a lot in the upcoming future.

How to Start Blogging in India
  1. Why Start a Blog?
  2. The Benefit of Starting a Blog?
  3. What Can We Do Through a Blog?
  4. How to Start Blogging in India – Step by Step Guide
  5. Step 1. Selection of an Ideal and Profitable Blog Topic Ideas to Start a Blogging in India – Key to Success
  6. Step 2. Choose an Ideal and Brandable Domain Name to Start a Blog
  7. Step 3. Select Right Platform to Start a Blog
  8. Step 4. Choose Blazing Fast Web Hosting to Start a Blog
  9. Step 5. Install WordPress from Hosting Account
  10. Step 6. Choose a Wisely Fast Loading and Lightweight Theme
  11. Step 7. Install Some Powerful Essential Plugin
  12. Step 8. Write Your First Informative and High-Quality Content
  13. Step 9. What is the Future of Starting a Blog?
  14. FAQs – how to start blogging in India?
  15. Now your turn

What Can We Do Through a Blog?

You can do the following thing through your blog

  • Share Your Creativity Idea Blogging is a platform where you can express yourself by writing content (about yourself, knowledge, service, products, etc.) to your audience. These materials can be important for them so that you can win the trust of your readers, as well as creating a great identity among your readers.
  • Help the Newbie & Get a Valuable Audience – I have already told you that you can write content on any topic (on which you have deep knowledge) by creating a blog. Therefore, by writing content (in a specific niche) on your blog, you can help your readers on that subject. In this way, you can get your readers’ trust as well as their support, which will be useful for you in the future.
  • Make Good Income from Blog – I can promise you that a lot of money can be made through blogging. However, with time, your hard work and dedication matter a lot. You can also make a lot of passive income from your blog through Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense Ads.

I think there is no doubt in your mind as to why you should start a blogging in India. A blog opens the way for you to earn money as well as live a life like a boss.

So, let’s start and see what things are needed to start a blogging in India. We hope this will make your work easier.

How to Start Blogging in India – Step by Step Guide

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Step 1. Selection of an Ideal and Profitable Blog Topic Ideas to Start a Blogging in India – Key to Success

Choosing the right niche (blog topics) for your blog is the most important part, because if you don’t do it then your blog can fail. Many newbies’ bloggers get stuck at this point.

do you know? 99% of bloggers leave blogging within six months of starting blogging because they either choose the wrong place to start their career or are not passionate about it.

A niche is like a subject but it is too complicated. Because there are many subjects in it, you have to choose a better niche from it. If you have chosen a better and profitable niche for your blog in the beginning, then maybe you can win the game at the beginning itself.

Are you still confused about how much money can be made through a blog? Many Pro Bloggers are making a massive income because they have chosen an Ideal and Profitable Niche to start a blog.

There are many other blogs available on the internet which I can show you. Which is very popular and makes a lot of money? But I think now you have got an accurate idea and you must have become aware of how important a niche is for start blogging career in India.

By the way, there are many profitable niches (blog topic ideas), on which you can start your own blog and grow it. But I would like to give you a suggestion, that you should never choose niches in which you have no interest or knowledge about it.

Because if you do this then surely you will get bored with it soon and will quit blogging. This is because you are not interested in it and do not know about it. In such a way, how can you take your blog forward?

So, the question is, how to get right blog topic ideas (Niche) so that you do not regret it later. But do not panic, I am telling you a secret way that you can easily choose a good and profitable niche to start a blog. For this, you will have to look closely at the methods mentioned below

Ideal NichePin

1.1 Profitability Potential

  • Look at blogs related to her niche and how much they are earning.
  • How much do blogs grow on that niche?
  • How much money can you make from that niche?
  • There is an affiliate program available related to that niche.
  • Does this niche have a good number of keywords or not?
  • What is the search volume of that niche?

1.2 Interest and Knowledge

  • Are you interested in working on that niche and passionate about it?
  • Are you able to share the article above that niche?
  • Are you really able to write content on that niche as well as answer problems related to it?

After reading the above point, I believe that now you can easily choose a better and profitable niche. But if you still have any problem in choosing the right niche, then you can do something like this

First of all, you have to make a list in which you are interested, in which you are passionate about and in which you have more knowledge. Now get information about the niche that you like the most, as well as how many affiliates programs & other revenue programs it has. In this way, you will not have any problems in choosing a better and profitable niche for your Blog.

Now you have selected a better niche and can start your blog, which is beneficial for you. So, you can proceed to the next step: –

Step 2. Choose an Ideal and Brandable Domain Name to Start a Blog

If you have chosen a niche or topic for a blog, then choosing the ideal domain name is not a difficult task for you. If you have not yet chosen a domain name for your blog, then you can choose the best domain name with the help of the tips given below.

But if you have already selected a domain name, then you can skip this step and proceed. So let us take a look at the ways in which you can choose an ideal domain name for your blog.

When I first created a blog on Blogspot, I found the name Blogspot associated with the blog name. I was not aware of the customs domain until that time. Then I heard the name of GoDaddy, where the domain can be registered, so I registered a domain from there without any analysis.

2.1 Best Practice while choosing Ideal Niche (Blog Topic Ideas)

But it did not end well for me because it did not look like Brandable. And thus, I registered more than 3 domains and failed to choose the right domain for my blog. But I want you not to make such a mistake and pay attention to the things mentioned below. And I am confident that for the first time you will be able to choose an ideal and brandable domain for your blog. Let’s see- 

  • Keep it short and easy to Remember – This is a very important step when you want to make a career in the blogging world. If you choose a domain name that is long and difficult to pronounce, then it becomes difficult for your audience to remember it.
  • Make sure to use the Focus Keyword – It is very beneficial to do so. If you add the main keyword to the domain name, then by knowing the search results, people know what they are going to get in this blog. If you don’t do this, then you are actually misleading people. This way when people visit your blog and they will not get the right content then they will come back. This is not at all good for your blog from an SEO point of view, due to which the ranking of your blog can also be down. For example, my blog is above blogging, so I have chosen the name BloggingTry.
  • Never use Numbers and Special Characters – As I mentioned above, your domain name should be short, simple, and easy to remember. In such a situation, if you add a number or special character to the domain name, it becomes even more difficult to remember. Therefore, I advise you not to use any number or special character in the domain name at all.
  • Use TLD Extensions for Your Blog – Last but not least, this is also a very important part of choosing an ideal domain. You can choose it according to the niche of your blog, such as .com, .in, .uk, .info, .net. Etc. is important. But I would advise you to choose .com TLD extension because it is used globally.

Now I hope that you will not have any problem in choosing an ideal domain name for your blog. Let’s move ahead and look at the next action.

If you are still unable to find your best domain name then you can try LeanDomainSearch to Get Better Name.

Step 3. Select Right Platform to Start a Blog

By now you must have chosen an excellent niche and domain name for your blog. Now we will move to the most important step which will help you in establishing a professional-looking blog. Now, the question may be arising in your mind that what is this important step now? The answer is on which platform you will start your blog.

So do not panic, I want to give you some advice on which platform you can start your blog. If you want, you can start your blog on a free platform, where you will not have to pay any money. Or if you can spend some money, you can start a blog on a self-hosted platform.

Before you proceed, I want to tell you about free platforms and self-hosted platforms to start a blog. Let us begin: –

Whether you agree or not, a good platform simplifies your work as well as determines your blog’s future. So, I will recommend you to choose a good platform very cleverly to start a blog.

I have given a brief explanation about the free and paid (self-hosted) platform to make your work easier. I hope this helps you a lot in choosing a good platform.

3.1 Free Blogging Platform

Let us tell you that there are many blogging sites in India where you can start your blog for free. Among them, Blogspot, WordPress com, and Wix are more popular. I will tell you about Blogspot because what is found here is also available on other free platforms. Some things may be different but they do not matter much.

If you want to start a blog for free, then you have to keep in mind that the free platform gives you a limited facility. You cannot use them openly according to you. Here you get many restrictions, such as: –

Here you get Subdomain name i.e. You do not get the freedom to choose a domain name, like, yourdomain.WordPress .com, etc.

  • You have to struggle a lot to earn money.
  • SEO analysis of an article is very difficult.
  • You are not really the owner of a blog created on a free platform.
  • You do not have complete control over that blog.
  • You cannot control the entire data of your blog from the back end.
  • You can customize the blog on the free platform to some extent.
  • All your data is in someone else’s hands, which can be deleted at any time.

Read more about the Most Popular Free Blogging Platform

3.2 Self Hosted Blog

It is very beneficial to start a blog on a self-hosted platform that is seen in the true sense. Because here you get complete control with lots of features. You can manage your blog whenever you want. That is to say, you can control the data of your blog in your own way.

Let me tell you that you have to spend a little to start a self-hosted blog. But this expense is not too much that you cannot afford. If you want, you can start a blog in the month for 500 rupees. Which can fit into your budget very easily?

If you are serious about blogging then starting your own blog on a self-hosted platform can be very beneficial for you. You get complete control over the blog here. Along with this, you get a lot of features (plugins and themes), which is very important to establish a successful blog.

If you want to start a self-hosted blog, then WordPress can be the best option. We will learn more about how WordPress can be beneficial for you. But WordPress is a self-hosted platform and you need hosting to create a blog here. And you have to take care of many things to choose from and buy good hosting.

Step 4. Choose Blazing Fast Web Hosting to Start a Blog

As we have already read that you need the best web hosting and domain to create a self-hosted blog or start a blog. We have already learned a lot about domain names, and now we will talk about hosting.

4.1 Web Hosting

As you know, a website requires a server. It is like a computer hard disk. Where you store all the data of your blog or website. Whenever someone searches your domain name, then it is able to access your content through this server.

Web hosting is a place where all the files in your blog are stored and show your blog when someone tries to access it. Hosting is like a computer hard disk that stores all your data (pictures, posts, pages, and many more) and keeps your data secure. This server is called hosting.

See the list of web hosting which you will find in the market: – 

  • Shared Web Hosting – This hosting is the most popular and is cheaper hosting. Because a lot of websites are hosted here by a single server. This is a very good plan for a new blogger.
  • VPS Web Hosting – In this type of hosting, you are given a part of a server that only you can use. It is slightly more expensive than shared hosting. You get more performance in this.
  • Dedicated Web Hosting – You should get this hosting when your business is growing rapidly. It is quite expensive because the entire server is given to you, which you can choose according to the need.
  • Reseller Web Hosting – This hosting is good for starting a business. Anyone can start their own hosting business with Reseller Hosting. You can also sell this type of hosting to your client.
  • Managed WordPress Web Hosting – If you want to start your business and do not have time to manage it, then Managed WordPress Hosting can be very beneficial for you. Because this type of hosting service is managed by an expert and special optimized to give optimum performance to your WordPress Blog.
  • Cloud Web Hosting – This type of hosting is best for a business website. But you can also use it. In this, you have to pay according to your usage, or you can also buy a particular plan.

After knowing all this, the question will arise in your mind which hosting should be taken. So let us tell you that if you are going to start now, then shared hosting will be the best for you to start a blog.

There are thousands of companies worldwide that provide you with their hosting service. in which you can choose any hosting provider according to your need and budget. But before you buy any hosting plan form a company, I recommend that Consider these Point 

4.2 Remember This Points while Buying Any Hosting Plan

  • 24×7 Hours Support – Be present at all times for any technical problem.
  • Guaranteed Up Time – Keep your server running at all times so that your website is not closed.
  • Good Security – They provide good security service so that your website is not hacked.
  • Speed of Hosting – Their server should be fast so that your website can open quickly.
  • Money-Back Offer Many companies offer some discounts on their plans. It must be checked.
  • Popularity – This is the most important step that helps you get good hosting. The popularity of that web hosting provider must be checked.

However, almost all companies claim to provide all the above services. But in fact, there are few companies that can follow these responsibilities faithfully.

I do not want to give you the names of those companies but speak directly about the issue. I would advise you to use the services of GreenGeeks Web Hosting. 

Because the site GreenGeeks web hosting is very good and commendable for the start of the round. This company hosts over 6 million+ websites and with all the above services provided, their support is excellent. Their plans are also cheaper than the others, which start at $2.95 per month. Know more about GreenGeeks Hosting Here.

Initially, When I bought my first web hosting, it was very cheap. But I was very disappointed when I saw the poor performance and speed of my blog. Then I did a lot research on Google and after reading a lot of reviews, I decided to buy GreenGeeks web hosting. You will not believe it, when I hosted my blog here, after that I was stunned by the performance and speed of my blog. You can see below.

4.3 Before GreenGeeks Hosting

Site SpeedPin

4.4 After GreenGeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks SpeedPin

But how do you believe me? So let me show you some reviews and data, by seeing which you will know what the bloggers of the world are saying about the GreenGeeks web hosting.

GreenGeeks ReviewPin

Now we will go ahead and learn how you can buy GreenGeeks Hosting Plan. If you want, you can choose your favorite hosting provider. But I am recommending to you the best and most popular hosting at an affordable price.

But if you really want to have better and faster hosting then I would highly recommend you to go with GreenGeeks Web Hosting. Because if you are a beginner then it will be cheap and reliable in your initial days.

If you have registered your domain name then you can buy hosting here or You can register a new domain name from here also.

4.5 How to Buy GreenGeeks Hosting

Just follow the steps mentioned below. In this way, you can start your own blog by purchasing a hosting at some time. Let’s start.

4.5.1 Step 1. You can click here on an Exclusive Link of GreenGeeks Web Hosting to buy your plan.

GreenGeek Buy Step 1 PlansPin

Here you will see 3 types of plans, out of which you can choose any plan according to your budget. But if you want to host multiple websites then you can choose a pro are premium plan that includes extra features. Otherwise, you can start with Lite Plan and also the process will be the same. I am going to buy a Pro Plan because I have to host multiple websites here.

4.5.2 Step 2. Register a New Domain Name or Use Your Existing Domain Name

GreenGeek Buy Step 2 Choose Domain NamePin

If you have chosen a domain name and want to register, select the first option, and type the domain name. If you have registered a domain name from somewhere else, select the second option, and type the domain name. Then click on the Proceed button.

If you have not yet selected a domain name, then you can choose a better and ideal domain name for yourself from the methods mentioned above.

4.5.3 Step 3. Enter Account Information

GreenGeek Buy Step 3 Account DetailsPin

Here, you have to fill in the exact information sought. Based on which your account will be created.

4.5.4 Step 4. Credit/ Debit Card and Oder Details

GreenGeek Buy Order and Card DetailsPin

Now you have to check your order summary and give the details of your credit or debit card so that you can pay the hosting amount. If everything is ok then click to create account and complete your order. On successful transaction you will get the order confirmation message from GreenGeeks Hosting.

Order ConfirmationPin


Your purchase has been confirmed and now follow the next step to Website setup.

4.5.5 Step 5. Login in to Your GreenGeeks Account for Website Management

When you click on logo you will be redirected to homepage you have to follow the next step to Loging in your GreenGeeks Account dashboard. 

GreenGeeks LoginPin

In this page you have to enter your username and password then click to login in your account. Here you will get all the options to manage your website like support, direct access to cPanel, SSL installation, Security, Domain and more.

GreenGeeks Account DashboardPin

After setting up of required things like SSL activation you can click to cPanel for further setup like WordPress installation and professional email creation.

Step 5. Install WordPress from Hosting Account

As I have already said, you can start a free and self-hosted blog. While we have purchased a hosting, we will set up the WordPress blog here. By the way, you get many applications to set up a blog set in a hosting account, but WordPress is one of the top blogging sites in India.

Let’s have some highlights on WordPress 

5.1 Advantage of WordPress

Before you start your blog by installing the WordPress application, I want to make you aware of some important benefits of WordPress. If you are really curious or serious about blogging, then WordPress may be a better option for you. Let us begin: –  

  • 1. Open Source – It is available for free to everyone, which anyone can use without any expense. You can install it in your hosting account with one click and enjoy its best features.
  • 2. Easy to Use – It is very simple to use. All its options were shown in a better way, which you can easily see and use. You do not need any technical knowledge for this. New updates of WordPress keep coming at fixed time intervals, in which you are provided with new features as well as better security.
  • 3. Some Limitation – Although WordPress is absolutely free for anyone. But you cannot use the Pro version of a theme or plugin. But you can start a blog with the help of free themes and plugins. If you want to enjoy other features of Theme & Plugin then you will have to spend some money.
  • 4. It’s Pricing – You can use WordPress for free, all you need is a domain name and hosting. For which you have to spend some money. You can enjoy it by installing it easily from the hosting control panel.
  • 5. Data Import/ Export/ Backup – You can easily migrate your entire website in WordPress. You can export, import or backup your blog’s data at any time.
  • 6. Admin Control Panel – Installing WordPress gives you an admin panel from where you can manage all the content of your blog. Such as writing posts, installing themes and plugins, customizing blogs, etc.

5.2 How to Install WordPress from Hosting Account

No technical knowledge is required to install WordPress. All you need is a proper guide. I will now tell you to install WordPress from your GreenGeeks hosting account, with the help of which you will be able to install WordPress without any errors. Let us begin: –

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Comes with cPanel so you have to access your cPanel account then from here you have installed WordPress for your Website. I have written a detailed guide on How to Install WordPress in cPanel step by step and what are the settings required to finish during and after WordPress Installation without any common mistakes.

Now you have successfully installed WordPress with the help of the above article and your WordPress Blog ready to explore

to login your WordPress Blog Dashboard Type ( or in your browser search bar and enter. Bookmark this URL for future.


Here you have to enter that Email and Password which you entered at the time of WordPress installation. When you click on the login page your WordPress Dashboard will be open in front of you.


Before you move further you need to do some important settings in your WordPress Dashboard. Such as: –

General Settings – Do other settings here as you want then don’t forget to Click on Save Changes.


Reading Setting – Here you can set the Homepage Post Layout, Post Per page etc.

Important – Make sure Search engine visibility box must be un-checked.

Screenshot (3)Pin

Last Important Setting but not least, 

Permalinks – This setting is very important because it plays a very important role in blog ranking. So, I advise you to choose it very cleverly. If you are confused then believe me and select it as shown below.

Screenshot (4)Pin

These are the most important settings which you have to do before using another feature of WordPress dashboard. other settings you can do later on also.

Let’s Move ahead and see the next Step-

Step 6. Choose a Wisely Fast Loading and Lightweight Theme

Now because you are starting a new blog then the look of your WordPress blog matters a lot.

In blogging, a blog’s look and design matter a lot because if your blog design is not great, then you are losing a lot of traffic and audience of your blog. A blog with a good design and good look attracts your readers.
If you want, you can use any of the free themes in your WordPress inventory for your blog. But I would never recommend you to use Free’s WordPress Theme. Because it is very easy to hack free themes, in such a way you can also lose all your data.

If you are serious about your blog and consider the blog as a business, then it would be great for you to invest in Best and Fast Premium WordPress Themes and any premium tools. If you do not do this, you may have to bear the brunt of it in the future.

Quick Note – If you are using the free theme or any other free tool, then you are actually hitting the axes on your own foot.

6.1 Now the question is, which theme is better?

Although you get a lot of premium themes in the market, it is not possible to try each one. But I will present you with some premium themes which are quite popular. Many pro bloggers also use these themes.
By the way, I have used GeneratePress theme in my blog, which is the fastest and lightest theme. In this, you get several pre-made demos that you can install on your blog. I like it because it is very easy to customize.
I will explain some more themes which are very popular. But before buying a theme, you should pay attention to some things so that you can buy a better theme.

  • The theme should be lightweight and easy to use.
  • That theme supports the latest version of WordPress.
  • Your theme is not responsive or not.
  • Technical support of the theme means a lot.

Other Premium Themes that I am using or have missed on my blog. Such as: – NewspaperAstra, Avada, Socially Viral, GeneratePress

As I mentioned earlier, GeneratePress is a lightweight and fast loading theme, so now we will install the GeneratePress theme in the WordPress blog.

It is very easy to install. Just follow the steps given below.

For this, you have to first login to your WordPress dashboard and go to the appearance option.

1. Here you will see many options, while we are going to install the theme, so you can click the Theme option. After that a new page will open where you have to click on the Add New button. View image –

Screenshot (5)Pin

2. Here you will see the list of free themes below. But we buy the premium theme. So, you click on the Upload Theme option and then select the zip file of the theme after choosing the file.

After this, click on the Install Now button. Now your theme will be installed shortly. Then activate it. As shown in the figure.

Screenshot (6)Pin

Finally, you have activated the favorite theme by installing it. After this, the most important task starts to customize that theme.

IMPORTANT – However GeneratePress is a free theme. But you have bought its premium version, so you can enjoy its pro features. For this you have to install the GeneratePress Premium plugin. You will have to download and install it from your GeneratePress account.

So far, we have installed the GeneratePress theme and the premium plugin. Now you can easily customize your thumb according to your need.

For this, you can do the active theme in the theme section by clicking on the customized option.

Or go to Appearance → Customize. Now you can start customizing the theme.

Till now we have installed a premium theme on our blog and have also customized it. Now I will tell you about some essential plugins that help you to run the blog easily.

Let’s move forward

Step 7. Install Some Powerful Essential Plugin

Plugins are a tool that helps you make your blog much better and more automotive. If you do not use the plugin, you will not be able to enjoy many features of your WordPress blog.

Truly speaking, plugins work like the feet of WordPress. WordPress is nothing without it. With the help of the plugin, you can optimize your content, SEO, loading time, and make the blog secure. Let me tell you about some must have plugins which every new blogger should have. 

1. WP Rocket  

The loading speed of a blog or website plays an important role in ranking that blog. In this case, you should always pay attention to the loading time of your blog. If you use wp rocket plugin in your blog, it helps a lot in optimizing your blog as well as making it fast loading. If you also want to make your blog fast loading, then you can go with it without any doubt. 

2. Elementor  

If you want to create a good audience, then your blog homepage or landing page would be great. If so, then visitors are attracted to your blog. To make this work easier, you can use the Elementor plugin. This plugin helps you a lot to create a landing page that you like. It gives you the option of drag and drop as well as being a very lightweight page builder. 

3. UpdateraftPlus

It’s a good thing to have a backup of anything. Unfortunately, there may be something wrong with your website. In such a situation, you may have to lose your entire data. In this case you can avoid this untoward with the help of this plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can back up your entire website, and can restore that data if needed. 

4. Yoast SEO & Rank Math SEO Plugin

By ranking any blog or blog content on Google or any other search engine, you can get a lot of traffic and valuable audience on your blog. But to do this, you have to optimize your content according to the search engine. You can use any one of these plugins to do this work better.

Although Rank Math comes with more features, Yoast SEO is also very helpful. By the way, there are other plugins which help in making your blog better and secure. But it is a bit difficult to mention all in one post. 

Now it comes to installing the plugin, so let me tell you that it is very easy to install it. Go to WordPress Dashboard → Plugin → Add New → Upload File → Install Now and after successful Installation Activate it. If setting required the do all the setting as per requirement.

Screenshot (7)Pin

Step 8. Write Your First Informative and High-Quality Content

I hope you have created a WordPress blog so far and have customized it well with the help of the methods mentioned above. I congratulate you on this. Now you can start blogging by making your blog live on the Internet. You can start your blogging by writing the first post for your blog.

Before you write the content for your blog, let me tell you that you have to verify your blog in the search engine console (like Google, Bing, etc.). Only then will the posts you wrote be indexed in the search engine and will appear in the search results. This question will arise in your mind that how to write a blog post. Do not panic, I will help you a little bit.

Keep in mind that content is king, so when writing a blog post, you have to consider many things. To write your first post, you must first login to the WordPress dashboard. After that Dashboard → Post → Add New, then a page will open in front of you where you will write your first high quality and informative post.

Screenshot (9)Pin

While Writing a Blog Post Consider These Things: – 

  • If you cannot find a topic, then do some keyword research around your niche.
  • Try to find keywords that rank easily.
  • Use the long tail keyword as it is easily ranked.
  • Make sure to use Numbers in your title. Like “10 Best Image Editor Android Apps”
  • Use some related images in your post to make your post more comprehensive.
  • Whatever posts you write, it should be longer, informative and more in detail.
  • To connect more with your readers, you must use words like I and You
  • Do not use copyrighted images, always use copyright free images.
  • Optimize the post and image according to the search engine.

Step 9. What is the Future of Starting a Blog?

It is very clear that I and you have created a blog, which aims to share knowledge, experience and ideas with others. And also communicating with those who have the same views as we have. At the same time, we cannot deny that we want to make money from it.

Therefore, we should know very well how to make our blog or its content accessible to the people who need it. Only then will we be able to add valuable and reliable audiences to our Blog. 

If this happens, then we can make a lot of money from that blog.

By now you must have published your first post on the blog. Now I will tell you some ways by which you can earn money from your blog. By the way, there are many ways by which you can make money. But I will tell you about some popular ways by which many pro bloggers are making a lot of money.

Let’s go ahead and know about those methods –

9.1. Advertisement

It is the easiest and most popular way to earn money. With its help, you can make a lot of money by monetizing your traffic. In these ways, monetization by Google AdSense is more popular. Many bloggers are making huge amounts of money using them. Secondly, you can make good money from also.

All you have to do is apply for them and follow their privacy policy. If all goes well, your application will be approved and you can earn money by showing their ads on your blog.

9.2. Affiliate Marketing

This is a great way to earn money from a blog. In this, you have to promote a product. If that product is sold by your promotion, then the owner of that product pays you some commission. If you have a reliable audience, there is no better way to earn money online.

9.3. Providing Online Service

If you have deep knowledge in any field or you are specialized in something, then you can provide it as a service to your audience. In return for these services, your readers pay you directly. This way you can earn money from your blog fast.

9.4. Selling Online Courses & Products

If you have a tutorial or a complete course on a particular subject, you can sell it to your readers. If you have a product and you know how to sell it, then you can make a significant amount of money by selling that product.

Before this, you have to gather a large audience on your blog. Even more important is to gain their trust. 

If you are able to do this then you can sell them anything.

Now I have learned about some popular ways by which we can make a lot of money. But you have to remember that it takes a lot of time as well as hard work. So, you have to wait patiently. If you can do this, then you will see a big growth in a few days.

FAQs – how to start blogging in India?

1. What is the Cost of Starting a Blog?

It depends on where you are buying your domain and hosting to start a blog. If you want to host your blog as well, then you have to spend about $ 3.50 every month for hosting.

Along with this, you may have to pay 200 to 500 rupees annually for top level domain name registration. But if you take hosting or domain registration for a year or more, then this expense can be reduced considerably.

2. Can I Start a Blog for Free?

If you want to know about the blog or if you want to start a blog for entertainment purposes then you can start a blog on Blogger or another free platform. But if you want to make a career in blogging and want to make a lot of money, then you have to focus on investment. My advice is to start a blog by purchasing hosting and domains without wasting any time.

3. How to Start Blogging in India and Make Money from it?

We have just learned in this article how to start a blog and what things are required for it. Now the point is to make money, you can make money in different ways.

You can make money from your new blog through Google AdSense, Media Net, Affiliate marketing, offering service, selling product or online course etc.

4. How to Convert Blog into a Business?

You can convert your blog into a business with your hard work and dedication and by reading this comprehensive guide to creating this blog.

5. I Started a Blog, Now How can I get Traffic?

Lack of traffic on the blog can lower your morale. In such a situation, slowly increasing traffic is like a rising sun in the dark night for new bloggers.

If you do not know how to bring traffic to the blog, then you can read this post – How to increase blog traffic.

6. Is it Beneficial to Start a Blog in 2022?

If you are not sure that starting a blog in 2022 is not beneficial, then you are not reading this post.

If you want to make a career in this field by blogging a business, then it is not too late. Here the Proverb “When you wake up then morning” fits perfectly.

Now your turn

I hope you have learned everything about how to start blogging in India. We have learned about how to start a blog. Where to Start a Blog? What are the benefits of creating a blog? etc. 

Let’s get started with your profitable blog and enjoy it.

If you find it helpful, please like, comment and share this. 


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