How To Promote a Blog to Drive Organic Traffic in 2023 [10 Crucial Steps]

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Blogging has become one of the significant passive incomes for many people around the world. There are many ways by which you can make a good sum of money from blogging.

If you don’t know How To Promote a Blog, you have to prepare yourself to put great effort into driving traffic. Yes, you need to have good traffic to your blog/website.

Blog/Website Traffic is the number of people who visit your blog and the time duration they spend on your blog.

Now let me tell you a few things that you need to consider to promote a new blog;

  • Driving traffic is the first thing to make your blog popular.
  • If more people visit your blog/site, you may get more potential customers.
  • It helps to bring your blog first in ranking by the search engine.

So, if you want to make money from your blog, traffic is absolutely inevitable. It plays a significant role in your business’s success.

If your blog has good-quality content and is still not attracting visitors’ attention, there is no need to run it.

So, there are different types of traffic, and each one has its importance.

But having only a particular type of traffic to your blog will not help you in your online business; instead, it will bog down your blog.

It is a general misunderstanding that all traffic to your blog is a good one. But that is not the case.

You require targeted viewers (people who are interested in what you are promoting) that ultimately generate revenue.

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Different Types of Traffic to Promote a Blog:

So let’s see what the different types of traffic are

#1. Organic Traffic

It is the way users visit your blog while searching for something similar online through Search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

For, e.g., when you type “ice cream recipe” in the browser, it will show millions of results. Other than those marked as Ads, all links that appear come under organic search results.

When you click any of the links, your click is considered organic traffic to that link.

It is the most wanted traffic to anyone’s blog as they are genuine and helps achieve a good ranking in search engines.

#2. Direct Traffic

As the name says, it is the type of visitors that come directly to your blog without searching in the search engine.

If any visitors directly type your blog’s name or URL in their browser or visit through a bookmark, then that visit is considered a direct visit.

These people may have reached your site either through someone’s suggestion or may have previously known you and are returning customers.

#3. Social Traffic

These are the types of visitors that come from social media networks to your blog.

If anyone visits your blog through posts/links from social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., that comes under social traffic.

Nowadays, social media has so much influence on common people’s day-to-day life. Hence this type of traffic has a significant impact on getting reach for your blog.

#4. Referral Traffic

It is a type of traffic when visitors come to your blog through any external links without browsing through the search engine.

It is actually a part of backlinking. If you click on a link that appeared on another website and open our blog, It is referral traffic to my blog.

This traffic defines your blog as a brand because people find it helpful and are suggesting others.

But make sure the referral traffic to your blog is genuine visits; spamming may badly affect your blog’s growth.

Importance of Organic Traffic to Promote a New Blog

Generating traffic to your blog should be the top goal if you want to make a decent income from blogging. But make sure the majority of traffic you receive must be from targeted viewers to achieve the goal.

From the above discussion, you may have understood the main types of traffic to any blog. Every source is necessary for the healthy growth of your blog. But the most important traffic one of all is Organic traffic.

Why is Organic traffic important and How to Promote a Blog to Drive Organic Traffic?

It shows the value of your blog. These people are coming naturally to your blog, searching keywords with specific intent.

Organic traffic is purely human visitors rather than bots and paid visitors. Hence it provides a major chance for your purpose of the blog to be fulfilled.

It creates trust in visitors as your blog will be shown on the top page of the search engine; thereby, your domain authority increases.

Now let’s see How to Promote a Blog and increase the organic traffic to your blog.

1. Identifying Non-performing content

Non-performing content that fails to meet the reader’s requirements.

The simple reason why your content doesn’t get organic traffic may be because of the poor quality of content. So how can you identify whether your content is performing well?

Check the following cases and find which comes to your plate.

(A). Your content word length is less than 1000

Yes, this is a sign of non-performing content. You are going to fail Google’s quality assessment if the word length is less than 1000.

Content should be informative and detailed for users to understand properly. The more words you use, the more information you give to readers.

(B). Content should not be beating around the bush.

If you are not explaining relevant data and writing everything that comes to your mind related to the topic, it will frustrate the readers.

Organic traffic comes from people who search to find solutions to their problems.

If you are not coming to the point and explaining all random stuff, people leave your blog within seconds.

Try to write informative content on point and arrange the writing in a readable format.

(C). You haven’t received any mail/comments. 

If your content is helpful to readers, they (at least some) will find time to mail you or comment about your good content.

It can also be asking for further details about your content or the doubts they wish to clear.

The opposite can happen there can be critics who cannot agree with what you explained. Take it as a good signal.

(D). Your visitors don’t stay an average of more than 2 minutes.

When your content is good and performing well, people will stay on your page to read it and understand it.

If they leave so fast just after visiting your site shows your content was not helpful for them.

You can know the time duration people have spent on your site using Google Analytics.

So, If you face any of the problems above or all of these, there is a great chance your content is not performing well.

Understand the reasons and work on making improvements in your content to see the results.

Quick Note – Make your article unique and the best of your competitors as well as cover all the points related to the post topic. Never give yourself a chance for your audience to leave your web page and go somewhere else to find a solution for the same query.

2. Finding New Keyword Opportunities

Keywords are the phrases people type in search engines. Therefore, Google’s algorithm changes frequently considering the user’s intent.

Hence understanding what possible search words users will be typing and using them in your content will help you grab the search engine’s attention.

Nowadays, single keywords are not enough for ranking to be achieved.

You will need to make your keyword long enough like a sentence because these days, people are using virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant for searching.

Let me tell you an example of a long-tail keyword.

An earlier single keyword like “cupcake recipe” was enough because there was not much competition. But now different varieties of keywords are available,

Like “How to make the easy cupcake, “Easy cupcake recipe for beginners,” etc., and you need to focus on all of those to get a top ranking.

To find the most suitable keyword for your blog, you can seek help from various online tools available.

I suggest using Google’s keyword tool planner, which is free and also provides you with the most suitable keywords.

The simplest method is just to type the main topic of your blog in Google and look at the suggestions given by Google below.

Google usually provides this for users to get close to what they are searching for. Using this facility, you will get an idea of relevant keywords for your blog.

You can also look into top competitors’ content and make use of their keywords. There is nothing wrong with that.

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3. Write Content for Search Engines

To get organic traffic to your blog, you need to be recognized by the search engine first. For that, you need to write content understandable not only to readers but also to search engines.

So let me tell you briefly what are the things you need to consider while writing for search engines.

  • Try to include the relevant long-tail keywords – Adding long-tail keywords randomly in the content without losing the meaning of the sentence helps get noticed by SEO
  • Add inbound and outbound links – Inbound links are internal links that connect within the website. It helps search engines understand that all the information on the website is interconnected. Outbound links are external links that connect to another website. This shows your content is informative similar to the link you used.
  • Length of the content words – Your content should exceed a minimum of 1000 words. I suggest using more than 2500 words because this is the ideal size currently in trend.
  • Give importance to the introduction part – Don’t forget to add the keywords to the introduction part at any cost. SEO considers your content not worthy if you fail to do so, even if your title has those keywords.

Quick Note – You should always perform the On-Page SEO that makes your blog post SEO friendly and increases the chance of getting a better search ranking in Google.

4. Use of Rich Snippets in Your Blog

Snippets are the small pieces of content in your blog that appear to the user when they see your website link below the title.

So, this is the first information you pass on to your readers. Hence you need to provide the best-detailed explanation for what they are searching for.

A rich snippet is such a piece of information that contains fine details of the information the user is looking to find out and makes the right-click decision.

This includes a brief description of the content, rating, reviews, price, availability of products, etc., giving the user an overview of your page.

You can achieve this with the help of plugins, and Rich snippets have a higher click-through rate. It plays a major role in promoting a new blog to drive organic traffic.

Usage of the correct rich snippet helps your blog reach the top of the organic search results, which eventually increases organic traffic and ranking.

If more people click on your page, finding the rich snippet informative, google considers your page as a good result, thereby improving ranking.

Now you may be thinking, “How can I add rich snippets to my blog “?

By adding structured data to your blog’s HTML, you can display rich snippets.

Structured data is a code language that search engines can understand. Reading these codes, the search engine creates rich results.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to add structured data for your blog; there are several platforms available online to help you.

Quick Note – You can add structured data easily by installing any Schema Markup plugin or any SEO Plugin Like Rank Math SEO, Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, etc. Check Rank Math Review for more details.

Getting Google site links will help bring more traffic. They are the internal links in a website, along with a short description.

Have you ever noticed two or more internal links under your Google search results like Login, About Us, etc.? These are Google site links to that website.

This provides the user with a better experience by directly going to the page of their choice.

The advantage of Getting Site links is

  • It helps to build trust in users
  • Improves chances for more click-through rates
  • Help in creating brand awareness
  • It allows users to dive deeper into pages.

So how can we achieve these by improving site architecture?

If your website has a complicated structure, search engines will find it harder to identify all your pages.

Search engines and users will also find it challenging to understand how each page is related to your website.

Hence search engines like Google will not be able to assign a site link for you.

So, these are the things you need to consider to improve your site architecture;

  • Make the Home page the main page of your website.
  • Use proper heading and natural structure to organize the pages
  • Try to add sub-categories wherever possible
  • Add basic pages like About Us, Contact, etc.

Learn more about getting Good Site Links for your website – Click Here

6. Publish Regularly and Consistently

Posting new content regularly is super important if you want to drive more traffic to your site. The purpose of doing so is to provide more information to your readers and SEO as well.

If you update any data to your website, the search engine notices it, and if you don’t update, the search engine will not show your website to people acting like you are dead.

There are many reasons to consider updating regularly and consistently an essential factor, like;

1: Visitors Consider New Updates Valuable.

  • Your regular viewers hope to find new information whenever they visit your website.
  • If you can update with new content, they will stay as your subscribers and may even share your site with others.
  • When you fail to update the content, they may come and visit your page once or twice and then leave you forever, making you lose valuable customers.
  • Updating doesn’t mean you need to write a long post all the time, day by day. Adding new points or photos to existing pages can also be done.
  • Try to update with new content 2 -4 times a week to get desired results.

2: New Content Helps Improve the Site Ranking

  • When you add more content, you bring more keyword opportunities for your blog to the search engine.
  • Avoid stuffing the content with keywords that bring negative results to your blog.
  • Try to write a compelling title, which attracts readers to initiate a click.
  • Please note that you shouldn’t publish new content just for the sake of maintaining consistency. Make sure your content is informative.
  • If you fail to do so, it may badly affect your search engine ranking.

Pro Tips – No matter what day and time you have decided to publish a new article, whether it is weekly, fourth-nightly, or monthly, you have to be consistent always.

Link building is a method of placing the link of your website on other websites. If you wish to increase traffic and ranking to your blog, you need to build links with other websites.

By link building, the search engine finds your valuable content for other people who are not your readers anyway.

So, if a website links your content, they are driving their valuable customers to you, leaving their own page to get into your page.

Why should they do so? What should you do to achieve this?

The simple answer is, “Your content should be amazing and have great information worth linking.”

Let’s briefly see a few ideas for building links to your website;

(A). Guest Blogging

It is a way of creating content for another person’s blog to build a relationship and thereby receive more exposure to the creator.

One way to build links is to approach those bloggers who will share their content on their blogs and social media platforms.

Be careful while choosing bloggers; consider those who have top ranking to earn more traffic and reach.

So, what are the things you need to consider while creating a guest post

  • 1. You should keep the audience in your mind, and create content that they want to know.
  • 2. Study the demand from the competitive popular posts that get max shares
  • 3. Create quality content that attracts a larger audience

(B). Create Infographics

Infographics have a massive impact on the human brain. It helps viewers to understand the content very easily with the help of the graphic representation of data.

Rather than reading a time-consuming long post to understand the content, people consider infographics very useful.

Creating an informative and attractive infographic relating to your niche and distributing it will help you gain natural traffic.

Building links from other resources like forums, Reddit, Quora, etc., can help you build links to your website.

People randomly coming to these sites can notice your content along with the link to your page.

If they find it useful, they will surely make a visit to your page for more information.

Pro Tips – You should always look for high authority websites (at least DA 15) for guest posting and creating backlinks whether it is No-Follow or Do-Follow.

8. Leverage Social Promotion

Social media is another super helpful platform to get more reach and traffic to your blog.

Nowadays, people are super active on almost all social media platforms and spend quality time on them.

Hence promoting your blog there will ultimately bring more people to you.

Do you want to know how to drive traffic to your blog from social media sites?

Here are some ideas;

  • Conduct surveys to understand user intent
  • Connect with the viewers and provide quality content
  • Post the content during high-traffic times on social media to get more reach.
  • Share the content multiple times. But avoid spamming
  • Announcing some giveaway or discount in your service
  • Use hashtags. Adding suitable hashtags gets more reach
  • Join or create relevant social groups and communities to find potential customers
  • Open a YouTube channel to promote your service
  • Consider paying for Ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Pro Tips – As we all know millions of people use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. In such a case, you can take a significant advantage to drive some quality traffic to your blog. You just have to create an account on those platforms and share your content with your community.

9. Stop Unethical Ways to Promote a Blog

As there are many ways to bring traffic to anyone’s blog, people still try to manipulate them for the sake of getting more traffic.

If you do so, you may get some traffic initially, but later it will be noticed by search engines, and you will be banned from further posting.

So, try to maintain a healthy profile.

Let’s see what some unethical ways you shouldn’t try are;

(A). Spamming

“SPAM” is the most unethical form of digital marketing. Spamming means sharing your links everywhere, even to the place it is irrelevant.

Let’s see an example; someone is explaining in a video how to make a cookie?

Suppose you go and comment several times in the comment section about your new digital marketing course offers and plans. It comes under spamming.

Here the audience is not from your area; even if someone finds it useful, commenting several times makes you identify as spam.

Not only commenting, spamming emails, and social media also severely affect your blog growth.

(B). Using Software to Increase Traffic

There are many platforms available online that provide fake traffic to your site. They are usually bots.

Initially, it may provide more traffic and increase your ranking, but your site’s bounce rate will increase, and Google will realize its fake traffic.

These are not natural methods and are against Google’s privacy policy. So your site may get permanently blocked.

Links are essential to increase traffic to any blog. But what if the links are not genuine? Not valuable for the readers?

Yes, this is a demanding issue to look into.

Paying or Bribing others to link your page to their website, which doesn’t suit your niche and audience intent, will make your page nothing more than spam.

Note – Never try illegal ways (spamming, adding low-quality links, misguiding with title, etc.) to drive traffic to your blog otherwise you will lose the trust of your reader as well as google will penalize your website in the future.

10. Make Visitors Come Back

Once you do all the above-listed ideas, you will indeed be receiving more organic traffic. But to make this a continuous process, you need to maintain the visitors you have. Try to bring them back again to your page.

This shows the success of your hard work. What if a visitor came, stayed on your page, and left your page not to visit back again?

They may have liked your service and can be potential customers as they know about you now.

If you lose them, it is a significant loss for you in many ways. So how can you make the visitors come back to your page?

Here are some tips;

1. Make your blog user-friendly and unique

2. Allow visitors to follow you on your social media

3. Be active on all social media platforms posting the latest popular content you published

4. Publish new content regularly to inform and entertain existing visitors

5. Start an email newsletter and engage with customers

6. Provide loyalty programs to existing customers

7. Offer discounts for the first few orders if you are selling your service

8. Use push notifications to attract visitors

Final Thoughts on How to Promote a Blog

Nowadays, everyone is taking blogging as a medium to build brand awareness and earn money.

Getting noticed among the millions of blogs and getting stable traffic is the most crucial task for any blogger.

Out of the different traffic, Organic traffic is a vital part of blogging. The reasons are

  • It is free traffic, unlike paid traffic that comes from visiting Ads.
  • You don’t need to spend money or other compensation to drive organic traffic.
  • It gives more chance to attract potential clients
  • It contributes authority to your site
  • It provides a good sign to search engines, indeed increasing your ranking.

If you seriously want to promote a new blog, Organic traffic is the best way, and work hard to achieve it.

You will need to spend some quality time to achieve this, but organic search traffic is the best way to uplift your blog as a business.

No doubt this will not happen within the days you start implementing the above-said ideas, but it will surely get your desired results soon that last forever.

So why waste time?

Contributor Information – Devi Maligai is a young and charismatic writer, a business developer working for the brand Rajsoftech Hosting. She made herself involved in the Blogging Industry in 2019 while starting her career as a Business Developer. She is always fond of writing every day about domains, web hosting, website design, UI/UX, etc.

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