8 Proven and Easy Steps to Drive Free Organic Traffic from Google in 2023

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Hello Friends,

Gaining a huge amount of organic traffic from Google is the main problem of every blogger, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Every blogger does a lot of hard work to achieve it. 

So, today’s article is going to be on how to gain organic traffic on your blog. All the tips which I am sharing are very powerful and proven. If you implement all these tips on your blog then you will definitely see some positive results on your blog. 

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Why is Google Organic Traffic Important?

Before we move ahead, I want to ask you a few questions. Do you own a blog? Are you struggling to grow your blog and want to drive some organic traffic to your blog? Do you know how to bring traffic from google search engines?

If you also have the same problem, then this article is going to be very helpful for you. Here I am going to some proven tips, which are essential in driving more organic traffic for google. 

As a blogger, we all know the importance of blog post ranking, and we work hard to bring our posts to the first page of google search results. We think that putting effort into this is not a bad idea at all. 

If your motive is to make money online, then google organic traffic plays an important role in it.

If you depend on social media to drive organic traffic, then it is good, and sometimes it shows the best results. But you must remember one thing, it is not constant. It always keeps changing, sometimes it goes high and sometimes it would be zero also. 

In such a situation, getting organic traffic from google becomes essential. So, I would highly recommend you focus and put effort into gaining organic traffic from google instead of referral traffic for social media. I am not saying that you forgot social media, but you should never depend on social media only.

Let’s move ahead and see some tips and factors which affect your organic traffic.

What is the benefit of Google Organic Traffic?

As bloggers, we all know the importance of google organic traffic. It is very helpful in increasing the conversion rate. It is also constant traffic which will remain for a long time. 

However, it is free, but you need to put extra effort into gaining it. When it starts, you need to be consistent at work and try to increase your work efficiency. Let’s see other profits of google organic traffic.

1. Completely Free

Google organic traffic is completely free of cost for anyone. You never need to pay for it. Do you know why Google organic traffic is free? Because it is not diverted by anyone as well as no one is sitting to schedule it. 

It depends on your content and the quality of your content. All these organic traffic are the internet users who search for the info and come to your blog through your catchy URLs.

2. It Increases Slowly and Automatically

As I said earlier, organic traffic is a form of an internet user who comes to your blog by clicking the URLs. So, you will not find any shortcut to achieving it. 

You have to work efficiently to create an SEO-friendly Article as well as Informative content. Also, make sure that you have chosen an attractive and eye-catching title that forces the visitor to click it. 

If you are working consistently to deliver such type of content, then I am quite sure you will get Google organic traffic. You have to be consistent and patient; it will take time to grow.

3. You will generate more sales

Google Traffic means “Traffic comes from search engines”. In this case, your content is unique and high quality. They found all the information which they are searching for in your blog or article. 

If it does so your page views, and revenue will increase tremendously. When your visitors’ quantity increases, your sales will also increase.   

You have to work hard consistently and constantly create high-quality content if you want your sales rate to remain for a long time because google’s search engine keeps changing its algorithm at certain intervals.

Strong Base to Get Free Google Organic Traffic

Before we start to learn about how to get organic traffic, I want to tell you something very important. If you are starting or going to start a blog, then you have to keep certain things in mind. 

These steps determine your blog’s future as well as play a crucial role in ranking your blog. It is also helpful in getting traffic from google. You should never ignore it if you’re serious about blogging and want to make money from blogging. 

Let’s see it in deeply-

3 Essential Elements of a Successful Blog

Before I tell you tips to gain organic traffic, I want to highlight a few steps that are essential for a blog. I am going to share three things that you need to consider while creating a blog. 

All these things also help any blog to get a better ranking in google search ranking. If you make sure to implement it, then you will see a dramatic improvement in your blog. It will increase your blog performance and loading time.

1. Choose the Best Web Hosting

Better web hosting determines any blog’s future because you will host your blog data on it. If your hosting is not good and fast, then your blog will not open fast, which irritates your audience. Also, google does not give priority to such types of blogs.

In this case, if you want your blog to get a better ranking in google searches, then your blog should be fast loading. It will only happen when you use blazing-fast web hosting. 

It is not necessary that you get massive traffic on a self-hosted blog only you can bring a huge number of visitors on a free blogging platform also.

But the chances of getting a ranking will increase more for self-hosted blogs. Google also gives more priority to self-hosted blogs compared to free blogs. 

So, I highly recommend that you switch to a self-hosted blog if you are still using the free blogging platforms. A self-hosted blog enables a ton of features like SEO friendliness, More Optimization options, etc. All these features help you to grow faster and to gain more audience for your blog.

You will find many hosting providers at different price ranges. You can choose any of them as per your budget and needs. Before you proceed to buy the best web hosting, you have to consider many things. 

As I am using WPX Hosting web hosting and I am quite happy with their service. As per personal experience, I would advise you to go for WPX Hosting otherwise you can choose GreenGeeks Hosting.

2. Perfect Domain Name Selection

It is an important step that you should never ignore. Domain names with keywords will increase the probability of blog ranking but grabbing the domain name with main keywords does not make much difference. 

Sometimes it isn’t easy to find the exact domain with the keywords that you are looking for. But if you succeed in finding a domain name with keywords, then you are so lucky. If you analyze deeply, then you will find tons of websites that don’t have any keywords, but they are still ranking. 

So, you can say that domain names with keywords will not make much difference in SEO as well as ranking. But remember one thing your domain name looks Ideal as well as you can consider the following things while purchasing the domain name: –

Pro Tips to Find Ideal Domain Name for Your Blog

  • Try to include Main Keyword
  • Add your Blog or Business Name
  • Select Attractive and Clickable Name
  • Simple and Easy to Remember
  • Keep it Short Max 11 Character
  • Select TLD Extension Like .com, .in, etc.
  • Don’t add Digit or Special Character

When I started my Blogging Career at that time, I didn’t have any idea how to buy the best domain name. I advise you never to waste time finding domain names with keywords; you can try the tips above to get your dream domain name.

3. Invest in Premium Themes and Plugin

When I started a blog at that time, I had no budget to afford premium tools. So, I tried to use some free themes and plugins. But having a lack of user-friendliness and almost no customization option, I decided to invest in some premium WordPress Themes and plugins.

Firstly, I bought a GeneratePress Pro theme and Elementor Page Builder. Both tools are amazing and Lightweight, which increases your blog performance as well as your speed. 

Although you have a variety of options for WordPress themes, you will get a few themes authors and websites that offer the best and fastest-loading themes. 

Why I am saying that because premium WordPress themes are lightweight and fast loading as well as have extensive customization options. Premium themes are SEO optimized and compatible with all devices and give the best user experience to your audience.

If you want to make your blog fast-loading and SEO-friendly, then you must invest in premium WordPress tools. All the Layouts of this blog like Homepage, Single Post, Archive, Popup, etc. designed with GeneratePress Pro Theme and Elementor Pro Page Builder.

All the steps which I have covered earlier are essential if you are serious about blogging. It would be best if you did not ignore it at any cost. It will increase the probability of better search ranking.

Now we will move toward our original topic and will learn about eight steps that are very important in getting free google traffic from Google.

8 Proven Steps to Getting Free Google Organic Traffic

Now we have learned about Google traffic, the benefits of google traffic, and what are the things to be kept in mind while starting a blog. We will move further and will see the best and proven steps to get organic traffic.

1. Select Your Niche/ Topic as per your interest

It would be best if you did this before taking a domain name. But if you have bought the domain name, then no matter how you should set a niche for your blog.

If someone advises you to choose a better niche, he says it from his experience. If you choose a better niche, you can get a lot of free traffic for your blog.

You have to pay attention to the fact that you first choose the main niche; if you want, you can sub-categorize it later. Along with this, you should always write only articles related to your niche. It is very helpful in ranking your blog and also helps in SEO.

If you choose a niche in the same way without thinking, it will not be right. If you want, you can choose a popular niche like health, beauty, technology, gadgets, etc. However, this niche is a bit more competitive, so I advise you to go with some of the competitive topics. a

Maybe a less competitive niche is boring for you, but you can easily rank such a blog in Google. In this type of niche, you also get a lot of categories so that you can write a lot of content.

I would like to say something that you must go for that niche which has an option for dividing further. You should also consider your interest and knowledge in Particular Niche. Don’t look to others to find your interest.

2. Always Do Keywords Research

Organic traffic means all the visitors who are coming to your blog directly from search results itself. Google organic traffic purely depends on the keywords which you are using in your content. 

If you are creating content on those keywords which are often searched in the search engines then definitely you will be able to gain a huge amount of traffic from google searches. 

But the question is how we will find those high search volume keywords. Let me help you out with this; you can use a different method to find those keywords –

Free Tools – Ubersuggest, Google Trends, Google Adwords, etc.

Paid Tools – Semrush SEO Tool, Ahref, KewyordTool Fremium, Longtailpro, etc.

You can use free tools for keyword research, at your starting time, but I highly recommend you go for premium tools because you will get exact and genuine data, and also you will get many SEO Features.

When you start optimizing your content with high search volume keywords, you will see positive results in organic traffic as well as blog post ranking. 

There are no shortcuts available to get free organic traffic and beat your competitor. Here are some proven tips to increase performance you should consider while doing keyword research.

  • Look for low-competition and high-search volume keywords
  • Try to always use long-tail keywords
  • Look for your niche-related keywords
  • Think about the bad part of the keywords

3. Write SEO Optimized Article

As we all know, doing keyword research is not enough to get organic traffic and to get a ranking in google. You have to create high-quality, informative content over these keywords because “Content is King”. 

If you are not optimizing your content on these keywords, then your content will not give you any benefit. You have to use On-Page SEO for every blog post. You can also do the following thing while writing your content-

  • Create unique, high quality and informative content
  • Use new and Trending topics to create content
  • Add your focus keywords naturally in your post
  • Create content for your audience, not for Google
  • Your content must be extraordinary compared to your competitors

Honestly, if you are content with well-researched keywords and it has all the information which it is supposed to be then no one can stop you from generating free organic traffic from Google. Make sure you have added your keyword as required naturally, and never use the keyword unnecessarily because users like to read information, not your keywords.

4. Improve Writing Skills and Planning of Content

In any case, you have to improve your writing skill, then only you will be able to create high-quality and informative blog posts. All the blogs which are ranked on the first page of Google have only high-quality and informative content. 

So, you have to focus more on improving your writing skill and creating content that matters to your readers. If you succeed, then readers will enjoy your article and will become fond of your blog. 

The only things you require are that you have to work smartly and efficiently. If you are delivering informative and quality content, then no matter if you have published 30 articles per month or five articles. 

Improvement in writing skills will take time; please spend time then only you can achieve a valuable writing skill. The next thing you have to do is plan your content topic and acquire all the things which are essential like keywords, text, images, or video for a better explanation. 

Always choose a new and trending topic and do research on it after that to collect all the information before you start writing. After successful planning of content writing your start creating the blog posts.

Please make sure the content you are creating should be audience-oriented, and readers are getting the benefit of it. Don’t write for google ranking.

5. Create Quality Backlinks for your Blog

As a blogger, we all know the importance of Backlink. It is very important in Off-Page SEO as well as blog ranking. Good quality and quantity of Backlinks play a crucial role in increasing the authority of blogs.

It will also increase your blog search ranking, and Google also gives preference to those that blog which has a high-quality backlink. But the question is how to create a backlink for a blog. 

There are many methods to create backlinks for any blog. I am going to share some of the best and easy steps which will help you in getting backlinks.

  • Guest Posting: – Guest posting is a powerful method for creating high-quality Do-Follow backlinks. If you are writing a guest post on your niche, then you can drive some traffic to your blog.
  • Commenting: – You can create backlinks for your blog by commenting on other articles. But remember these types of backlinks are called No-Follow.
  • Exchange Post URLs: – You can also create backlinks by exchanging your blog post URLs with other bloggers in your niche. Sometimes this method doesn’t work. But it would be best if you tried it because everyone wants backlinks so maybe someone will accept it.

You should always create a backlink with High DA, and PA websites because high-authority backlinks help you in getting ranking and increase blog authority. However, the low quality of backlinks may destroy your blog

6. Update Your Old Blog Post

Have you ever checked your old blog post which you published on your starting day? 90% of bloggers did not show interest in doing this. Creating a new post is important, but updating your old post also matters. 

Let me tell you why we should update the old article. It may happen, or definitely, it is that when you start your blogging journey, you have less or no knowledge of SEO, so you have forgotten to implement it. 

Or you don’t have good articles to interlink them. After a long time, you have both SEO knowledge and a good number of blog posts. So now you are fully capable of optimizing and interlinking your article in a better way. 

If you update your old post with new content and optimize it with keywords, then you will be able to make your old post rankable in google. You can do the following things while updating your old blog post.

  • Add New and some Extra Information
  • Optimize your keywords
  • Add focus keywords in the right place
  • Make necessary changes in the heading, subheading, and Title
  • Image SEO and Internal post linking
  • And many more

7. Be Always Creative, Not Crazy

Always be simple and creative While writing any content. Try to convey the best and most valuable information to your audience. Never try to misguide anyone by writing anything which is not relevant. 

Add your creative Idea to describe more. You can start creating tutorial series, how-to, step-by-step guides, and many more as per your knowledge and interest. 

If you are creating a post series on your niche, it will always be beneficial in driving organic traffic. Try to add more relevant images and infographics for a better explanation.

8. Show the Patient It will take time

It is the most powerful weapon to win any task. You should always be patient, especially in blogging. Because in blogging, you will never be able to increase your Google organic traffic overnight.

Growing blogs or traffic will take time, but you have to be consistent in delivering unique and informative content for your visitor. Any SEO change will take time to generate positive results. So be patient and observe your blog performance.

Over to You

So finally, I have completed it and now it’s your turn to follow each step one by one. Let me know which step you forget to take. 

I am sure you have learned something new today through this article. All these steps are so easy that you can perform them yourself. If you correctly follow it then after some time you will see the difference. 

There were two most important points, which are the strong base of any successful blog. It would be best if you never ignored it. The first is Self-Hosting, and the second is investing in Premium WordPress tools.  

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, and very soon, you are going to implement all the steps on your blog. If you find this article helpful for you, then do me a favor. 

Share it with your friends, it will take a few seconds, but it will motivate me to do better in the future. I will come back with another useful content. 

Kindly join my private Facebook Group to learn more about blogging and SEO. Thanks for giving me your valuable time to read it. 

Happy Blogging

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      Most of new blogger forgot to do some point which I have shared.
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