What are WordPress Themes? Best Place to Buy Themes in 2022

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Nowadays, WordPress Blog is becoming more popular in terms of blogging and WordPress themes define the style and design of any Blog or Website.

If you want, you can create a blog on various platforms to share your ideas and experience. Among all the blogging platforms WordPress is more famous and easier to use. You can build a stunning website WordPress with the help of WordPress theme and plugins.

You can start a blog on WordPress by purchasing a domain name and hosting server. After installing WordPress and creating a blog, you need the best theme to give a professional look to your blog or website. 

Before moving ahead to find out the best WordPress theme, you must know some things about WordPress theme.

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Overview of WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are elements which give stunning looks (Style and Design) to your blog or website without doing anything.

Themes give the perfect matching of Fonts, colors and layout to your site. If you are not satisfied with any theme, you can change the WordPress theme to change the blog layout, style, color, fonts etc.

Although you will get many themes in the WordPress Themes Library for free of cost, all the themes are available for everyone to download and use it. But the question is, which will be the best pick for my blog. 

What we should Look at in the WordPress Themes?

If you search on the internet, you will find a variety of WordPress themes. In such a situation, it is callous work and also time-consuming to select the perfect and best themes for your Blog.  

Don’t worry. I have made your work more comfortable to get a better WordPress theme. 

If you want to choose the best theme for your blog, then you should always consider the following things while purchasing it.

  • Responsive for any device– You always consider the themes you are buying, whether it is Responsive or mobile-friendliness to provide the best user experience in any device.  
  • Optimized for SEO – If you are purchasing a WordPress theme which is not SEO optimized, then it’s going to affect your blog. 
  • Security Update – The WordPress theme you are buying should be from an authorized vendor so that you get the regular update. These updates contain security patches and other features added to improve your blog performance and security. 
  • Easily Customizable– If you are investing some penny, then make sure that WordPress theme must allow you to customize it according to needs. 
  • Speed – Your WordPress theme should be lightweight and fast loading.

Types of WordPress Themes

Although we have not heard anywhere about types of WordPress theme Probably, you have heard about the terms (Child Themes, Nulled Themes, Free and Paid Themes) of WordPress theme. 

You also have seen the various category’s themes like a blog, affiliate, magazine, business, portfolio themes etc. let’s see about multiple terms of WordPress themes which are mentioned below.

1. Free WordPress themes

These WordPress themes come with a standard layout and limited features where you are unable to edit, change or modify the design, color, fonts, and style of the themes. So, you can say that free WordPress themes have come with little to nil customization facilities. 

Although free themes are available on various websites where you can find a variety of WordPress themes for your blog, I recommend you to use only the WordPress themes library or verified site to download themes. If you are not doing so, then you are making a big mistake and indirectly harming your blog.

Editor Note: – if you have good knowledge of coding then you can create a stunning layout by using the free WordPress theme also you need not buy a paid theme. But if you are starting and unable to invest in premium themes, then you can go for free WordPress themes.


Make sure If you are using a free theme on your blog, you will not get any technical support when your site breaks. You might be inviting hackers through malicious code hidden in free articles.

2. Paid or Premium WordPress themes

If you are using a premium version of WordPress theme it comes with a lot of customization options where you can change, edit many things like Layout, Font, Color or style of the theme as per your need. 

In the paid version of the theme, you will get a Theme control panel or Theme Option where you can manage your WordPress theme design more efficiently. Premium WordPress themes authors also provide you with technical support if anything goes wrong with your themes.

Press themes come with a lot of customization options where you can change, edit many things like Layout, Font, Color or style of the theme as per your need. 

In the paid version of theme, you will get a Theme control panel or Theme Option where you can manage your WordPress theme design in an easier way. Premium WordPress theme authors also provide you the technical support if anything goes wrong with your themes.

Editor Note: – If you are buying the WordPress theme, then you can give a stunning look to your blog or website without any coding knowledge by importing beautiful demos. I recommend you invest some money to avail yourself of the fantastic feature of any Premium WordPress Themes, which makes your work easy.

3. Child Theme

If you have a blog on WordPress then you probably must have heard about child themes. Child themes are nothing but clones of that theme which you have installed on your blog.

When you make some change in your themes straightway, you will lose all changes and customization when you update that WordPress theme. 

To get rid of that problem, you can use Child Themes.

Using the Child theme allows you to make changes and edit layout separately without touching parent themes. Any changes in the child theme will not get affected while updating the parent WordPress theme. 

Nowadays Almost all the WordPress theme are coming with many customization features in such a situation you don’t need to use a child theme. But if you want to make some changes beyond the demo of the theme, then you can use the child themes.

4. Nulled WordPress themes

You can say in simple language that the Nulled WordPress Themes are premium themes which are available on the internet for free. You can find many websites on the internet, where you will find FREE nulled WordPress themes.

You are probably interested in downloading them because these Nulled themes are premium. 

Wait a minute and see why we should not use the Nulled Themes on our blog as we all know that nothing is free in this world, especially premium items. In such a situation if anyone provides you with premium themes for free, then there must be a reason.

Reason for not using Nulled WordPress Themes

Sometimes or almost all the nulled WordPress themes may contain bugs or malicious code which may destroy your blog by allowing hackers to your blog.

Using nulled WordPress theme is not only illegal but also it is some support to theme piracy as well as it not recommended to use considering the security of blog or website.

How to Get WordPress Themes?

Now you have learned about WordPress Theme and their types. So, Let’s move ahead and see where you can get the WordPress Theme Both Free and Paid Version.

1. Free WordPress Theme

If you search on the internet, you will find many websites where you can get a free theme for your blog. You have to download it and install it on your blog.

But wait a minute, is it safe to use themes which you have downloaded from any websites? Probably it is not because you are not aware of those themes. It may have malicious code that can destroy your blog. 

If you want to use free themes, I highly recommend you download from only well-known and trusted theme authors or use the WordPress.org Themes Library, which is very safe.

You will get more than 2000+ WordPress themes for any website on the WordPress theme Library. If you are using the theme from WordPress Library, then you will get regular updates also.

2. Paid or Premium Themes

Premium themes are well coded considering SEO, Speed, and Responsiveness. By using Premium themes, you are capable of customizing any section of your blog according to your needs.

Premium themes authors keep updating their themes with Google’s algorithm to a better result and Increase performance. 

Many premium theme authors sell WordPress themes. You can choose any of them. If you want to make your blog secure, then I would like to request you that Purchase/ Install themes from trusted authors only. 

But the question is which theme seller you should trust. Don’t worry, let me help you find the best theme authors you can trust blindly.

Final Word

So, Friends, I have covered all the things related to WordPress theme and I am quite sure that you have no doubt about it. I have also shared some popular and trusted theme sellers where you can find the best theme according to your needs.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and learned many things about WordPress themes. Kindly spread the word to other friends to get maximum reach.

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Happy Blogging.


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