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When we talk about the best SEO tools available in the market, then the name of Semrush All in SEO Tools comes on top because it provides all the assets to digital entrepreneurs in one place for growing their business faster than ever.  

Starting a blog is not enough to make money online, you have to rank it in the search engine to drive organic traffic on your blog. Then you will only able to make some passive income from your blog. 

If it is facts then you need powerful SEO Tools that help you to analyze your competitor and give complete and accurate data to make better strategy. That’s why Semrush entered the market.

And brings Semrush Key Products Updates in 2022 that helps you to take your business at the next level and grow it faster than ever.

Doing topic research and keyword research, competitor analysis, site audit, etc., becomes even easier for everyone. With the help of Semrush you can get complete X-Ray of any website in a few clicks.

Apart from that, Semrush SEO tools offer several other services that help all digital entrepreneurs to achieve their goals most efficiently and faster. 

Semrush has launched and updates their tools with plenty of features and data over the period that gives you accurate and detailed reports about your competitor to make a solid strategy to get #1 rank in search engine.

Along with that, they are consistently working hard to provide more value to their users. And last year, 2022 was fascinating for Semrush and its users.

In this post, I will talk about some critical and significant Semrush Key Products Updates made in 2022. 

Before we start digging Semrush SEO tools and Key Products Updates let’s have some highlights on Semrush.

What is Semrush?

Semrush is one of the best and most popular SEO tools available in the markets, with a 20 billion keywords database of 825 million domains from 142 Geodatabase.

And this is the largest number that helps to provide advanced, accurate and detailed reports of your competitors.

Semrush is not only for keywords and topic research, but it is more than that which helps you quickly beat your competitor.

Let’s have a short look at Semrush Features that you get and Semrush Key Products Updates were made in 2022

  • SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Competitive Research

It is just a primary section you get as a feature in Semrush. But I want to say that the Semrush tool is more than that.

Because these sections are further divided into various unique features categories, which will make your SEO work relatively easier to extract data of your competitor’s website. 

As we are talking about essential Semrush Key Products Updates in 2022, so I am not going to explore all. 

So, without wasting any time Let’s get into the Semrush Key Products Updates for 2022,

New Semrush Key Products Updates and Features Key Improvements in 2022

In 2022 Semrush has focused on improving their algorithm and designing software to provide more value, better user experience that matters to all its users across all the channels. 

You will find significant Semrush Key Products Updates in 2022 to amplify the digital strategy and strengthen your SEO effort. 

1: SEO Tools

Doing keyword research is essential when you want to rank your blog or blog post in the search engines. And Semrush SEO tools allow you to extract more profitable keywords from any website.

Now Semrush Key Products Updates bring some more features in their SEO tool section to analyze your keyword potential. 

1.1 Global Research of Your Competitor with Domain Overview

Domain Overview allows you to track and analyze organic search traffic, backlinks, and Organic keyword profile for any of your competitor’s websites in a single click. 

Apart from that, Semrush has added some new features to make your decision right there

  • Now you can conduct the competitor website research with a worldwide tab to get an extensive site matric and growth report quickly at the global level.
  • You can now analyze subdomain and subfolder-level besides doing a full domain overview. 
  • To increase domain research efficacy, you can now compare five domains simultaneously for website search (organic/paid), Organic keywords, and backlink profile.
Domain OverviewPin

1.2 New Feature Added in Keyword Overview Report

Keyword research plays an essential role in growing websites and businesses and now analyzing the keywords data now becomes handier with Semrush refurbished Keyword Report. 

You will get more accurate keywords/phrase insights reports in the Keyword Overview to get a more determined keywords strategy from the Semrush database. 

Thanks for Semrush Key Products Updates which brings new refurbish Keywords Overview Reports. Now it becomes more powerful to extract keywords from a website to strengthen your marketing effort.  

  • You can now assess the keyword latent based on the global volume metric and the probable search volume in the top most popular countries.
  • You can analyze the 100 URLs of Google SERP for their analyzed keyword, backlinks, referring domains, search traffic, URL keywords.
  • Semrush has enabled SERP and Questions features for each keyword to optimize while doing competitor research. 
  • Now you can analyze the 100 keywords with the Bulk Analysis feature to make instant decisions about the keywords’ potential and save your time. 
Keyword OverviewPin

1.3 Explore Keyword Opportunity with New Keyword Gap Tool

Semrush Keyword Gap tools allow you to find hidden and missing keyword opportunities of untapped paid and organic keywords.

Semrush Key Products Updates has made the keyword Gap tool more powerful so that you can explore more hidden keywords to rank well.

The new feature is extremely useful to find more keyword gaps from your competitor’s website. 

Here are some Semrush Key Products Updates that were made and new features added in Keyword Gap Tool,

  • You can see the quick keywords potential by the Top Opportunities widget, or take the help of Volume filters to make your work easier.
  • You can also use the Keyword grouping tab for finding Shared, Missing, Weak, Strong, Untapped and Unique keywords.
  • Now you can compare the URLs and Subfolder to find more winning keywords.
Keyword GapPin

1.4 Backlink Analytics – More Link-Building Ideas for You 

You can get more link building Ideas from your competitors by monitoring their broken page with the Indexed page report tab.

You can ask to replace the link of your top relevant page with the referral’s website owner. 

1.5 Targeted Backlink Audit of Your Competitor

You can get a more targeted backlink audit report about new, active, and lost backlinks Backlink that is more accurate and advanced.

Also, Semrush Backlink Audit provides sneak pick insights of competitors’ website backlinks to avoid Google penalties. 

Backlink AnalyticsPin

1.6 SoV & Extended Reporting Abilities with Position Tracking

Now you can monitor your website for target keywords at particular locations and device types on a daily basis. Apart from that here are some other cool features that you get-

  • SoV is now accounted for selected keywords search volume and estimated traffic to display the market percentage you cover for tracked keywords. This feature is quite beneficial for analyzing SEO efforts’ real impact on a new Metric-Share of Voice (SoV).
  • The New Cannibalization report helps you improve your content strategy and identify self-competition on SERPs by merging competing pages, split content, and cannibalizing target pages for different keyword clusters.
  • Suppose you own multiple businesses within one state. In that case, Semrush position tracking features allow you to compare your business performance and benchmark visibility at various geo-targets on a country, region, and even city-level too.
  • You can get updates based on Overview, Rankings Distribution, Landing Pages reports by Export scheduling features. You can also get these data insights based on daily, weekly, or monthly through a detailed spreadsheet (Excel or CSV).
Position TrackingPin


1.7 Robust Site Audit to Improve Your Website Performance 

Semrush Site Audit Feature allows you to get an enhanced site audit report on website health, a list of issues, and suggestions for better improvement. 

Semrush markups report helps you get a chance for SERP features and better organic performance. 

Markup’s overview indicates user-friendly visualization of markup usage and error of markup implementation for enhancing site audit. 

Site AuditPin

1.8 Listing Management Tool for Boosting Local SEO 

If you have an online business, you can use the Listing Management feature to distribute your business profile data to the most popular online directories by enabling local SEO and voice search optimization. This Semrush Key Products Update is quite beneficial to enhance your voice search optimization.

Semrush has included France and Germany to extend the number of available countries and added more directories covering all the locations to fit more businesses with more outspread geo. 

SemRush Local SEOPin

Now you can get the following benefit of comprehensive local SEO after Semrush Key Products Updates-

  • You can track your ranking in Google Local Finder with The Local Rankings report.
  • Respond to your customer review on GMB (Google My Business) and Facebook directly from the Review management tool.
  • Get an advanced Local Ranking report with the help of Local Ranking Heatmap, which accurately tracks your business’s Google Maps positions in a specific location as well as tracking up to 5 keywords on a hyper-local level for your targeted area. 
Heat MapPin


2: Social Media Tools

We all know the power of social media and its conversion because nowadays, social media is one place where millions of people are spending their time. In such cases, you should not ignore this and leverage social media platforms’ power to drive quality traffic and increase your sales.

But the problem is that maintaining consistent eye progress in engagement, post share, and improvement points on social media is tricky. But don’t worry, Semrush Key Products Updates has offered solutions for your business needs. 

You can take Semrush Social Media Tools’ help to track your social media performance in one place in a few clicks. Semrush is consistently working on these tools to make them more effective and extremely beneficial for users.

Here are some new cool features added in 2022 to closely analyze your social media performance. Let’s have a short overview of new social media products-

SemRush Social Media ResearchPin

2.1 Keep a Sharp Eye on Your social media Internal Analytics 

As I said earlier, monitoring social media performance is challenging. You have to use third-party services to track your engagements and keep watch on internal analytics.

But Semrush Key Products Updates enable you to monitor internal analytics of your all-social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., inside the Semrush Dashboard. 

Semrush’s social media Analytics Tools allows you to track and see your social media performance metrics based on new followers, post reach, post engagements, and Engagement rates for Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media AnalyticsPin

2.2 Easiest Way to Manage Your Social Media Ad 

Semrush Key Products Updates has rolled out a great feature, Social Media Ads tool to manage social media ads if you are willing to run the social media ad to increase your sales and visitor. 

Its interface is quite efficient and easy to use for users, allowing you to craft, launch, and manage ads for the entire Facebook family directly from the Semrush dashboard. 

You need not dig into the complicated setting for running your ads. Apart from that, you can monitor your ad performance to take instant action for low-performing ad elements. It helps you to improve your ad performance and gets the best results.  However, this feature is in beta tester.

3: Content Marketing Tools

Creating a website is not enough; you have to write and publish a valuable and unique article that people want to read. But the question of how you come to know which topic is trending and whether the article you have written is fit for your audience.  Take the help of Content Marketing Tool Feature to find content Idea that people love to read.

You have to put a lot of effort into researching all these things, am I right?  

But don’t worry, Semrush has launched a fantastic product called ImpactHero to get rid of finding excellent teams. This tool helps you identify the best and top-performing assets at various levels and offers the best suggestions for your content. 

Apart from that, if you need high-quality SEO optimized content, you can use Semrush’s Content Marketplace. Here you will get a professional copywriter for all your content needs. Choose them and hire them for your website or business’s unique content creation. 

SemRush MarketplacePin

3.1 Content Marketplace that Fulfills all Your Content Need

“Content is King” for any website or business and helps grow faster in the heavy crowd. Keeping these things in mind, Semrush Key Products Updates brings a Content Marketplace In 2022. Tons of users and business owners are taking the benefit of Content Marketplace for ordering on-demand content and copywriting services. 

Here you can order various types of content writing services as you need, like product descriptions, email newsletters, press releases, eBooks, and website copy. But make sure that these services are available in British and American English till now.

Apart from that, Semrush has also rolled out subscription options for the content marketplace to get the best discount on ordering content. Based on your needs and budgets, you can choose from either a monthly or annual plan. 

SemRush Marketplace SubscriptionPin

If you are signing up for premium subscriptions, you will get the following excellent feature to take your website to the next level- 

  • You can make an unlimited number of content revisions and save up to 20% on all your content order.
  • You can use Media Stock to download high quality unique visual assets like images, videos, icons, and vector images for commercial use.
  • You are allowed to create a workspace of three members (if they have a Semrush Account) to make your work easy while crafting orders, creating briefs, making content revisions, and leaving feedback for all your orders.

4: Competitive Research Tools

In this tool section, you can analyze your competitor’s websites for various terms that can help you to grow your business faster. Let’s explore some cool features added to this tool to make your life smooth. In Semrush Key Products Updates 2022, some cool features were added that help you to analyze your competitor in a better way.

4.1 Traffic Analytics

You can analyze the competitor’s website for top traffic driving sources, traffic acquisition strategies, and user engagement metrics with a single click.

Apart from that, you can now analyze your competitor’s website to get exact traffic counts at the subdomain level instead of exploring the entire website. Semrush has also enhanced its traffic estimation algorithm to get better traffic analytics reports.

To get the best partner for your marketing activities now, you can compare your website with competitor websites for seeing audiences overlap and audience matches with the help of the Audiences Insights report. 

You can also visualize the traffic flow and user’s action for your competitor’s site with the Traffic Journey report. You can utilize these insight reports to remarket your audience and attract your competitor’s visitors to your products. 

Competitor Traffic JourneyPin

4.2 Market Explorer – Better Market Insights to Win the Game

Analyzing the market trends and key benchmarks, it now becomes more efficient to find out the top players in the market and their market share. You can also get improved results for in-market audience characteristics to improve your business strategy faster. 

  • Semrush Growth Quadrant feature enables you to explore any specific market’s selected market’s competitive perspective. Further, you can track down market position change over time and find top industry players based on Niche players, Game changers, Leaders, and Established players.
  • Apart from that, you can customize your market analysis by adding up to 20 domains by custom Market.
  • You can also see the benchmarking reports for a selected domain against five other sites based on their traffic counts, traffic sources, and key audience characteristics. Semrush has also extended the market explorer’s geolocation up to 190 regions and countries.
SemRush Market ResearchPin

5: Some Other More Powerful Semrush Updates 

As I said to you initially, Semrush is a power pack of any business and website to grow your business and beat your competitor faster than ever. 

Because Semrush has many tools that power up your business in any way you want. Let’s have some highlights on other Semrush Key Products Updates that were made in 2022 to empower their users. 

5.1 Agency Growth Kit – Get More Targeted Clients 

Suppose you’re running a digital marketing agency and looking for an effective lead generation and final report. In that case, you must try Semrush’s Agency Growth Kit to cover your agency’s needs at every stage of your regular workflow with clients. 

Here you will get an agency-tailored set of Semrush features to empower your business to attract and hold your clients for the long term.

Other than that, you can find more lead generation opportunities through the Agency Partners Platform for your agencies, where you can create a platform and get more potential cooperation. Your agency may feature among other popular marketing expertise. 

You can get advanced reports to strengthen your branding and white-label customization with the new Semrush’s Agency Growth Kit. Along with that, you can add a customer profile and other client’s data, projects, and reports to automate your customer management routine through Unlimited Client Manager access. 

5.2 Sellzone- A Powerful Toolbox for Amazon Seller

A Powerful and smart toolkit for amazon sellers who want to increase product sales and increase their audience number very quickly. If you’re Amazon seller, Sellzone can make a huge difference in your product listing capabilities and drive more customers.

  • Sellzone Traffic Insights features enable you to find the best opportunity to scale your online business. You can also find a new customer source via evaluating traffic channels to beat other amazon seller’s products.
  • You can perform an audit of your product listings with the Listing Quality Check feature for probable suspension threats and Amazon Guideline’s qualifications. It will also provide actionable tips to improve your product listing and increase your amazon’s product visibility.
  • Keep track of various terms of products listing for change, traffic loss based on competitor’s activity like price change, keywords position and buy box, and listing suppression. Sellzone will get notified via SMS or email through the Listing Protection feature to take necessary action ASAP.

5.3 Prowly – Fast Growing Saas for Digital PR

If you want to enhance the digital PR effort, you must try the fast-growing SaaS PR startup tool Prowly. Semrush acquired the Prowly platform in 2022, offering one million+ journalists and influencers access. 

You can also take the benefit from CRM functionality, online newsrooms, email campaigns, and smart PR analytics. The best part of this platform is you can get access by putting in your Semrush credentials.

5.4 Integration with Yoast SEO Plugin to Optimize Blog

Optimizing your blog post is more essential than writing content daily. If you have a blog or business on WordPress, you can utilize several SEO plugins, but beating Yoast is hard. 

If you are using Yoast to optimize your blog and Semrush for Keyword research, it is excellent news. Semrush has a partnership with Yoast and now can optimize your blog for search results. 

You can see and add the related keywords, long tail keywords and keyword phrases inside Yoast SEO plugin with few clicks. This integration helps you find SEO-focused keyword suggestions to produce high-value unique content within the WordPress Dashboard. 

SemRush Yoast IntegrationPin

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What Is Semrush?

Semrush is one of the popular All in SEO Tools that provide complete X-Ray of your competitor website like backlink profile, keywords overview, traffic analytics and much more. If you are looking for an SEO tool that helps you to beat your competitor and grow your business faster than Semrush would be the best choice for you.

Who Should Use Semrush?

Any Blogger, Business Owner or Digital Entrepreneurs can use this tool to analyze their competitor and grow an online business faster than ever.

Is Semrush Free?

Semrush doesn’t offer free, however it has 7 days free trial that charges a regular price. Although it is expensive for beginners, they charge for what they offer and it is totally worth it.

Semrush Vs Ahref Which One Is Better?

Both are used for the same work you have to decide which one would be best for you. But make sure Ahref is only for competitor analysis. However, Semrush offers a lot of features that are not available in Afref as we discussed in the post above.

Now Your Turn

This post covers almost all the Semrush Key Products Updates that were made in 2022. After reading this post, you can determine why Semrush is an All-in-One SEO Tools for all digital entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Semrush Key Products Updates provides all the solutions to cover your core business needs, and you need not go anywhere. Whether you are a blogger, digital marketer, or business owner, Semrush helps you scale and beat your competitor faster than ever. 

This post was based on significant updates made in 2022, but Semrush consistently improves and tweaks its tools to provide maximum benefit and value to its users. If you are still confused about choosing Semrush, you are making a huge mistake, and it may lead you to face a massive problem in the future.

If you like this post and find it useful, you must share it to spread the Semrush All in SEO Tool knowledge. That is all for Semrush Key Products Updates in 2022. 

Take the right step at the right time, Let’s give a try to Semrush All in SEO Tool to grow your business faster than ever.


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