Semrush Topic Research Tool Review 2022 [Find Lucrative Topics Quickly]

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Hey, have you started writing a new blog post? Did you ever heard about Semrush Topic Research Tool?

Wait a minute, 

The topic you have chosen to write your article is what people are searching on the internet?

Have you researched to find out the metrics like search volume, difficulty, and freshness of the topic to increase the potential for getting a higher rank and generate traffic on your blog?

Doing proper topic research is the key to your success and determines the future of your content, whether it will get ranking or not.

If you are still writing on outdated/random topics, you must be cautious, and you should stop this practice immediately.

Your entire effort will go in vain if you have not selected the right topic. 

If you agree with me, then you may have one question in mind: what is the solution, and how to find trending and easy to rank topics for my new blog post.

Although, you have several options to research your blog post topics with the help of various platforms like- social media, Quora, AnswerThePublic, and more. 

But the problem is that here you can find the topics, but you can’t analyze the potential of those topics.

But don’t worry,

Here is the exact solution for you, presenting the Semrush Topic Research Tool for making your whole topic research worthwhile and effective.

Before diving into the main topic, let’s have a short overview of Semrush and how it helps you to increase growth and scale your business online. 

Semrush Topic Research Tool ReviewPin

What is Semrush?

Semrush is one of the famous and rapidly growing SEO tools providers in the industry that helps you analyze the overall competition available for any kind of business.

Apart from that, Semrush allows you to search, monitor, and optimize the business competition factor to succeed faster and scale your business effectively.

Although you have a lot of tools that work the same as Semrush works, Semrush is more than that because it offers 50+ SEO tools under a single subscription that you never get anywhere.

Semrush consistently upgrades and improves its tools to provide the best user experience and ease of use. 

They also keep updating and adding new features onboard so that you don’t need to wander anywhere to research, optimize and monitor your business growth. 

Semrush has an incredible database of Backlinks- 40T+, Keywords- 20B, and 142 Google SERPs database. That means you will get more accurate analytic data while doing competitive research. 

No matter which business you are in, Semrush will help you a lot in performing keywords research, topic research, competitor research, social media marketing, exploring marketing insights, content marketing, ad campaign management, and much more under a single roof.

And Semrush Topic Research Tools is one of them by which you can analyze the potential (based on the top-ranking article in SERPs) of any given topic to achieve tremendous success. 

I will move forward and explain everything that you must know about Semrush Topic Research Tool and how it works to find the best topic opportunity that gives you outstanding results.

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What is Semrush Topic Research Tool?

Semrush Topic Research Tool is one of the incredible assets offered by Semrush inside their Content Marketing Platform that helps you find high converting topics to write a winning article. 

Not only can you perform Topic Research from this tool, but you can do more to grab a high potential topic for your next article.

Semrush brings a clear and closer picture of reader interest in one place in a different format, making your brainstorming process smooth. 

Just provide the main topic and rest all the action taken care of by Semrush Topic Research Tool.

Getting Started with Semrush Topic Research Tool


Semrush Topic Research Tool is a premium tool that comes under the part of Semrush Content Marketing Platform

So, you need to purchase a Semrush Guru Plan subscription for accessing the feature and functionality of the Topic Research tool.

Here is how,

Step 1. Just click on this Exclusive Link to get 7 Days FREE Trial of the Semrush Guru Plan or Activate your Subscription Terms. 

Step 2. Create an Account using Google Account or provide the email address to login. After that, click on the Create Your Account Button. 

Step 3. Select the Semrush Guru Plan and after that, choose your action, either opt for a trial or get the full subscription. 

Step 4. Provide the card details for payment (after completing the trial period), then click on the “Place Order” button. 

Payment would be made instantly if you have chosen to buy the subscription; otherwise, you will be charged after 7 days.

Now you have successfully created an account on Semrush. Login to your account and navigate to Content Marketing => Topic Research option in the left side panel. 

Topic ResearchPin


You are ready to explore hundreds of unique topic ideas for your next content strategy. 

Let’s move ahead and see How Semrush Topic Research Tool displays topic ideas to make your topic research workflow effective.

How Semrush Topic Research Tool Works?

No matter whether you are a newbie or professional, Semrush Topic Research Tool has a simple and easy-to-use interface so that you can find the lucrative topic idea with a few clicks.

When you enter the primary topic, keywords, and country, Semrush analyzes the web and presents the most popular and trending topics with subtopics, Q&A, and related subtopics in different formats. 

Semrush Topic Research Tool will show your entire topic research data in the following format that you can explore further to narrow down your topic research

  • Card 
  • Explorer
  • Overview
  • Mind Map

We will go through each view to see what kind of data they have for the current topic.

Let’s start one by one

1: Card

Card ViewPin

When you hit the “Get Content Idea” button, Card View would be the default view. Here you will see hundreds of subtopics around your primary topic.

Just select one subtopic card and click to expand; it will show more details related to the given subtopic. 

Here, you can quickly determine the subtopic search volume, topic difficulty, and efficiency metrics. 

Card DetailsPin

Apart from that, here, you will see the top headlines ranking in the SERPs and a list of popular question forms along with a bunch of related keywords searches. 

Tips – You have hundreds of topic ideas for your next content, but I suggest exploring keyword-relevant cards to find clickable topics. 

2: Explorer 

Explorer viewPin

This view is one of the most valuable insights about topic research. In this format, you will get the subtopics and content ideas with Facebook engagements, a number of backlinks, and total share on social media. 

You can easily find the potential subtopic with content ideas that can perform well on social media by seeing these metrics. 

3: Overview 

Topic Research Overview FormatPin

It is the most beneficial format while doing topic research which I like most, and I often use the Overview format.

Overview format of topic research contains the following data that you can use to find lucrative topics quickly. 

  • Top 10 Headlines by Backlinks
  • 10 Interesting Questions
  • Top Subtopics in Card View
  • Top 10 Related Searches

For the top 10 subtopics, you have only the top 3 cards related to selected topics that you can explore further. You can narrow down your research by choosing different parameters like Top, Trending, Volume, Difficulty, and topic efficiency.

It works the same as the data you see in the card view.

4: Mind Map 

Mind Map ViewPin

Finally, you have a fourth option to find your topic ideas in Mind Map View. The Mind Map View of Semrush Topic Research Tool looks like the AnswerThePublic topic research.

Here you will see the many topic ideas around primary topics along with popular headlines and related questions in different formats (What, why, How, Is).

Apart from that, you can find many more attractive headlines and questions by clicking the subtopic (in blue color) showing around your main topic.

Advantage of Using Semrush Topic Research Tool

The main benefit of using the Semrush Topic Research Tool is that it helps you speed up you’re brainstorming to find lucrative topics while content creation.

Semrush AI features customized data in front of you so that you can find the fantastic topic idea for your next content creation. 

It breaks down entire research data in different formats of view like Card, Explorer, Overview, Mind Map, and several criteria like Trending, Search Volume, Difficulty, Topic Efficiency. 

Apart from that, you will get a lot of other data like top headlines, popular questions, and related searches around your main topics. 

Here are some tips for using Semrush Topic Research Tool to accelerate your brainstorming to find incredible topic ideas.

1. Targeting Your Audience

Audience TargetingPin

You can target your audience while researching your topics. Just select the country, region, city, and language to narrow down your topic research process. 

2. Use Multiple Format

Different View FormatPin

I have already discussed these features earlier. It totally depends on the user’s interest and which data view (Card, Explorer, Overview, Mind Map) is easy to use for them.  

3. Use Trending Toggle

Trending TopicPin

Another great feature of Semrush Topic Research Tool is finding only trending topics from all researched data. Just enable toggle to see only trending topics in one place.

4. Prioritize Your Research

Prioritize Topic ResearchPin

You can prioritize the topic research depending on your need. It helps you find the topics based on search volume, topic difficulty, and efficiency for better search results.

5. Use Popular Question Tab

Question TabPin

One of the excellent features that help you get the right question that your audience may ask. For the beginner’s audience, you can take the question “What” and for advanced, “How” would be best. 

6. Spy Your Competitors

Competitors AnalysisPin

If your content is not better than your competitors, then your entire effort may go into vain. So, simply enter your competitor’s domain name and see which topics they are ranking well. All the topics cards will turn green which your competitors are ranking. This is how you can find suitable topics to beat your competitors.

7. Use Horn Color

Horn ColorPin

When you go through the Card and Overview tab, you will see the Horn Icon with different colors. These horn colors indicate the resonance with the audience. Simply you can say that these colors determine the popularity of a topic and how people interact with that topic. 

Here is the meaning of Horn colors

  • High Resonance of Traffic with Number of Backlinks – Green Color
  • Normal Resonance of Traffic with Number of Backlinks – Dark Blue Color
  • Medium Resonance of Traffic with Number of Backlinks – Light Blue Color
  • Low Resonance of Traffic with Number of Backlinks – Gray Color

8. Add to Favorite

Shortlist IdeasPin

While doing topic research, you can shortlist your ideas to use later on. Just click on the “+” icon that will change to green color and will be added to your favorite list. This function is available in Card, Overview for top headlines and questions, and in Explorer.

9. Create SEO Content Template

Create SEO Content TemplatePin

Great, you have completed your topic research and shortlisted your ideas. Now it’s time to create a perfect SEO Content template before you start writing.

Just click on the Favorite Ideas tab, where all your shortlisted topic ideas are organized.

If you are satisfied with these ideas, then click to create a compelling SEO Content Template to start writing and optimizing your next content with Semrsuh SEO Writing Assistant.

FAQs Related to Semrush Topic Research Tool

What is Semrush Topic Research Tool?

It is the premium feature that comes inside the Semrush Content Marketing Platform. Semrush Topic Research Tool is a fantastic tool that makes brainstorming easy while doing topic research for your winning article.

How to Take Advantage of Semrush Topic Research Tool?

To take full advantage of Semrush Topic Research Tool, you must have an active subscriber of at least the Semrush Guru Plan, OR you can take the 7 Days FREE Trial to find some incredible topic ideas for your next article.

How does Semrush Topic Research Tool work?

After creating an account (Buy Subscription or Take Trail) on Semrush, you have full access to their SEO tools, including Content Marketing Toolkit. After that, navigate for Content Marketing => Topic Research, then enter your main topic.

After a few seconds Semrush will display the relevant topic & subtopic data in different formats (Card, Explorer, Overview, Mind Map) that you can utilize to find some lucrative topic ideas.

Final Thought on Semrush Topic Research Tool

As we all know, the importance of topic research before writing any content and Semrush Topic Research Tool does work effectively. 

Taking the help of different views and other functionality, you can narrow down your topic research to find a lucrative topic that brings impressive results quickly.

You can prioritize your topic based on your interest, like search volume, difficulty, and efficiency of the topic. 

You can also analyze your competitors to find topic gaps to beat your competitors easily. 

Utilize top headlines and popular question tab around your topic/ subtopics and shortlist them for creating a content brief before you start writing any content. 

Well, Semrush Topic Research Tool comes under Content Marketing Platform. So, you have at least a Semrush Guru Plan to take full advantage of Topic Research Tool.  

If you find this post helpful, then share it with your audience so that they can also benefit from this. 

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