Semrush SEO Writing Assistant Review 2023→ Ultimate Guide with Pros & Cons

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Writing unique content plays a vital role in any kind of business. But the problem is that writing techniques are something that you can’t earn. You must learn it. 

Many people think that it is easy to write!! But let me clear your doubt that writing a blog post doesn’t mean you have started writing anything because you want to write.

I required a lot of research (like a topic, keywords, difficulty of keywords, and more) and planning (outline preparation, visual collections, linking materials, and more) before I commenced writing. 

On top of that, the optimization of content based on the Google ranking factor is the most precious part before you hit the publish button.

Because everything is worthless if your article doesn’t rank in SERPs in any case, you must perform search engine optimization (SEO) to make your article rankable. 

To get rid of all these problems, I am going to review “Semrush Writing Assistant,” which makes the post-optimization process super easy while writing any blogger post. 

Before going to the actual topic, let’s have some highlights on Semrush Writing Assistant. 

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What is the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant (SWA)?

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant Review 2021Pin

Semrush Writing Assistant (SWA) is an SEO writing assistant tool offered by the most popular SEO tool provider, “Semrush.” 

It is part of the Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit that helps you write SEO-optimized winning articles hassle-free. 

Using Semrush Writing Assistant, you can optimize your content with real-time metrics like SEO Score, Tone of Voice, Readability Score, and originality of content. 

Apart from that, you will find many other metrics to improve your content quality so that you can get a better search ranking faster. We will discuss them later in this post. 

First of all, let’s go further and see how you can use these fantastic tools to write a winning article that people love to read and get a better ranking in any search engine.

How to Get Started Semrush SEO Writing Assistant (SWA)?

Well, Semrush Writing assistant can be utilized to write & optimize any kind of article in three different ways, 

  • Within Semrush Dashboard
  • Via Google Docs Addon
  • With MS Word Addon
  • Installing the SWA WordPress Plugin

Note – Semrush SEO Writing Assistant is not a FREE tool (Available in Semrush Guru Plan), so if you want to take full advantage of SWA, you must subscribe to the Semrush Guru Plan.

However, you can taste the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant by getting 7 Days FREE Trials of the Semrush Guru Plan from this Exclusive Link.

When you grab the Semrush Guru Plan FREE Trials OR Subscription, you are allowed to access the full feature of the Semrush Writing Assistant Tool. 

Just follow the steps to get started with the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant Tool. 

Step 1. Login to Semrush Account, navigate Content Marketing ToolKit and select SEO Writing Assistant (SWA). 

Semrush SEO Writing AssistantPin

Step 2. After clicking on the “Get Recommendation” button, you will see a simple text editor box and a panel (right side) along with Semrush SEO Writing Assistant Editor. 

Now you are onboard the Semrush Writing Assistant Tool. Now you can start writing, copying, and pasting previously written content to optimize for better results.  

Apart from that, you can import the published article by pasting the post URLs in the SEO Writing Assistant editor for further optimization.

How Does Semrush SEO Writing Assistant Tool Works?


Now you are ready to explore this excellent tool to make your content writing worthy based on several real-time SEO factors. 

Before these metrics appear, you need to set a goal by providing all the targeted keywords inside the right-side panel that you have collected.

You can further target your audience for these keywords by selecting Country, Region, City, Language, and Device Type to narrow down your content optimization process. 

After providing target keywords and selecting audience location and user types, click on the “Get Recommendation” button for real-time SEO recommendations.

After that, Semrush will crawl the web pages to collect the SEO metrics for your goal (around your target keywords) that will help you to make your content high converting.

As you start writing inside Semrush SEO Writing Assistant Editor, Semrush will provide real-time SEO factor metrics in the right-side panel. 

Either you can optimize your content simultaneously OR complete your writing process, then start optimizing your content with given recommendations. 

But it would be best if you complete the content writing and then focus on optimizing your content. 

Now I will show you the recommendations you will see and how to optimize your content for better search ranking.

What Are SEO Writing Assistant Recommendations?

Well, you have mainly four types of SEO recommendations that contain several SEO metrics (based on top-ranking articles) to optimize your content effectively.  

Here are these recommendations,

  • Readability Score
  • SEO Score
  • Tone of Voice
  • Content Originality Score
Semrush SEO Writing Assistant InterfacePin

These recommendations display out of/10. It is an overall grade that shows the strengths of your article compared to top-ranking articles.

You can increase these scores by implementing SEO recommendations that Semrush has given you.

Let’s move ahead and see each SEO recommendation and what metrics it has to make your article worthy. 

1. Readability Score 

Readability ScorePin

It is self-explanatory, which means the readability score shows how easy or difficult your article is to read by different categories of people based on knowledge level. 

It is essential because if your readers cannot consume what you have written, then everything is worthless. 

If your content readability score is good, then people can easily understand your content and don’t need to read your sentences again and again.

Semrush uses the Flesch reading-ease score formula to measure the readability score of your content and display the ease percentage with which a reader can understand your content.

Readability Score FormulaPin

Apart from that, it will show you the word count recommendation with reading time which you have to write for the given targeted keywords to beat your competitors. 

Also, get suggestions for content title length, like the number of characters and words you have used. If it is exceeded, then search engines will cut it and will not show it in SERPs. 

Lastly, you will get the recommendation for content issues like long paragraphs, hard-to-read sentences, and complex words. 

You can modify them for a better readability score. 

2. SEO Score 

These scores show you the On-Page SEO score of our content that you have optimized for given target keywords. 

By using these metrics, you can enrich your content and be able to place the target keywords to improve the On-Page score so that Google can understand your content in a better way.

That means you can track all your target keywords used in your content that you have added or left to add for better optimization. 

SEO ScorePin

It also shows you the recommended keywords that you must have to add to your content to maximize search performance.

One of the best parts of SEO score metrics is that it will light up green when you add the keywords, and orange is a warning for overusing content. 

This way, you can avoid keyword miss and keyword stuffing. 

Apart from that, you will get recommendations for Alt Attribute Issues for used images and Link issues (internal & external) by performing an automatic audit to check whether they are redirecting well or not.

That way, you can fix the broken link, if any. Finally, you will get the recommendation to add target keywords to your content title. 

3. Tone of Voice

Tone of VoicePin

Consistency is the key to any kind of work, and the same applies to content writing. While creating content, you need to focus on tone of voice to convey any message clearly. 

Using these metrics lets you visualize the content and see whether you are writing formal, casual, or formal sentences. 

It helps you to figure out how you are projecting your content in front of your audience to build trust in them.  

Here you can see the amount of casual and formal sentences and if required modify them to keep your consistency. 

4. Originality Score

Wow, you have got enough recommendations to optimize your content, and now it is time to measure your content uniqueness (originality score) and keep away from copyright issues.

Everything is worthless if your article contains copied content (already published). 

Originality ScorePin

Here you will not show any score until you perform plagiarism checks. Based on your Semrush subscription, you will have a limited number of originality checks per/month.

If you have an originality check limit, move further and check your content’s originality score (in percentage). 

Semrush will crawl into millions of web pages and find out whether your content has been copied content or not. If you find the same, modify them with our Word to make your content plagiarism-free.

More Ways to Use Semrush SEO Writing Assistant (SWA Addons)

Until now, you have learned what Semrush SEO Writing Assistant is? How to Get Started with SWA? How Does an SEO Writing Assistant Work? To make your content compelling.

Now, it is not the end; you can take full advantage of Semrush SEO Writing Assistant on different platforms to optimize your content.

Not only in Semrush Dashboard, but you can access all these features on WordPress – a most popular content management system (CMS), Microsoft Word (MS Word), and the widely used writing platform Google Docs. 

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant AddonPin

Author Note – No matter Where you are accessing SEO Writing Assistant features on WordPress, MS Word, or Google Docs, you will get the same user interface for optimizing your content. The only difference is enabling it. Also, you must have an active subscription to Semrush Guru Plan to access SEO Writing Assistant Features.

Let’s look at how you can use SEO Writing Assistant on WordPress, Google Docs & MS Word. 

1. Using SEO Writing Assistant SWA in WordPress

It is very straightforward, like other plugin installation processes. You need to install the FREE SWA WordPress Plugin from the WordPress Plugin library and activate it. 

Login to WordPress Dashboard – Plugin – Add New

Install SWA WordPress PluginPin

Then Search for Semrush SEO Writing Assistant, and click on Install Now. After successful installation, you need to activate it. 

Now you are ready to use SWA inside WordPress. When you start a new post, you will see the SEO Writing Assistant interface at the bottom of the post. 

Before you use it, connect your Semrush Account by logging in to access the feature of SEO Writing Assistant and get SEO recommendations within the WordPress Dashboard.

SWA WordPress InterfacePin

Now, click on the “Float Mode” option to shift the SWA panel to the right side of the WordPress editor. 

Now set the goal by providing targeted keywords and selecting user-specific criteria. 

All the SEO metrics will show up here to help you optimize your content for writing a winning article. 

2. Using SEO Writing Assistant SWA in WordPress

Want to optimize your content before publishing it on your WordPress website? Don’t worry,

If you handle a lot of content with multiple authors, then SWA Google Docs Add-on can be handy for you. 

Using one account, you can share the entire SEO content template through a link instead of sharing Word files with multiple authors and scale your content marketing effectively. 

Semrush provides a FREE SEO Writing Assistant Google Docs add-on so that you can write a compelling article and optimize it for better search results quickly. 

All you have to do is just install, and connect the SWA add-on in your Google Docs and access the full feature inside the Google Docs editor. 

Install SWA Google Docs AddonPin

Here is how,

Login to Google Docs, navigate to the Add-ons menu, and click the Get Add-ons option to install SEO Writing Assistant from the Google Workplace marketplace.

OR click on the direct link to install SWA Google Addon instantly. 

Note – While installing Semrush SEO Writing Assistant Google Docs Add-on, you need to connect the active Semrush account. 

After successful installation and connecting the account, the SEO Writing Assistant interface in your Google Docs Editor. 

If this interface is not showing, you can enable it from Google Docs Menu by going, to Add-ons > Semrush SEO Writing Assistant > Show.

Semrush SWA Google Docs Addon InterfacePin

3. Using SEO Writing Assistant SWA in WordPress

Lastly, Now you are allowed to use the Semrush SEO Writing tool in MS Word (Microsoft Word) Effectively to write and optimize your content before making it live on your website.

Microsoft is a widely used document editor and almost everyone uses it globally. So, it is great news for all MS Word users.

If you are a blogger and want to optimize your article while writing in MS Word then just install the SWA MS Word Addon from Microsoft AppStore to get started.

Here is How?

First of all, you need to open any MS Word Document on your computer. After that follow the below-mentioned steps to install Semrush SEO Writing Assistant Addon for Microsoft Documents.

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant MS Word Addon InstallationPin
  1. Select Insert Menu
  2. Click on the Get Add-ins Option from the Toolbar Section
  3. Search for Semrush SEO Writing Assistant Addon
  4. Scroll a little bit and Click on the “Add” Button to Install SWA in your MS Word Documents.

Note- Once you have installed the SEO Writing Assistant in any MS Word Documents then you don’t need to add it again for other documents. It will be available for each Microsoft Document.

After Successfully adding the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant to MS Word Document it will be available in-Home Menu Tool Bar Section.

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant MS Word InterfacePin

You have to click on the SWA icon to enable it. After that, you have to log in with your Semrush account to access the SEO Writing Assistant feature & functionality inside your Microsoft Word Documents.

Now you are ready to write and optimize your content with Sermush real-time SEO recommendations inside MS Word.

Pros of Using SEO Writing Assistant

  • Add up to 30 targeted Keywords
  • Automatic Recommended Keywords Suggestions
  • Real-Time SEO Metrics
  • Improve Content Readability Score
  • Strengthen On-Page SEO
  • Maintain Tone of Voice
  • Audit Content Originality
  • Automated audit for Fixing Broken Links
  • Avoid Missing ALT Tags
  • Default Editor in Semrush with Google Docs, WordPress, MS Word Addon
  • And Much More

Cons of Using an SEO Writing Assistant

  • Expensive for Beginners
  • Available in Guru Plan and Above
  • Limited Plagiarism Checks
  • Limited Tone of Voice Checks
What is a Semrush SEO Writing Assistant?

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) is a tool that comes under the Semrush Content Marketing Platform. By using SWA, you can write and optimize your content effectively to beat your competitors faster.

How to Use Semrush SEO Writing Assistant?

There are three ways to access the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant-
1. Within Semrush Account
2. Using Google Docs Addon
3. Installing WordPress Plugin
4. Adding MS Word Addon
But make sure you have an active subscription to take advantage of Semrush SEO Writing Assistant.

Can I Use SEO Writing Assistant For FREE?

No, It is a premium feature, so you are not allowed to use it for FREE. You need to create an account on Semrush and be allowed to create one content template. 

However, you can access the full features of this tool by availing of a 7 Days FREE Trial OR purchasing a Guru Plan/ Business Plan to understand how Semrush SEO Writing Assistant works.  

Is it Worth Using Semrush SEO Writing Assistant?


Although you can get several tools to optimize your content better, by grabbing a Semrush subscription, you perform any other tasks other than just optimizing your content.

How to Optimize Content with Semrush SEO Writing Assistant?

The process is pretty simple; you just need to provide target keywords and select user-specific ones to narrow down your SEO recommendation. Semrush will start showing Real-Time SEO metrics like SEO Score, Readability Score, and Tone of Voice to optimize your content effectively.

Can I Optimize Already Published Articles?

Yes, Semrush SEO Writing Assistant allows you to optimize your existing published article. Just set the goal for target keywords and paste the Post URL in the Editor box. It will automatically import the entire article into the SEO Writing Assistant Editor Box for further optimization.

Final Thought on Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

That is all about Semrush SEO Writing Assistant and how it helps you write winning articles and optimize them effectively to get better search results. 

If you are struggling to write a compelling article to improve your business growth, Semrush SEO Writing Assistant would be the #1 choice for you. 

Although it is a little bit expensive for beginners, believe me, you will never regret it after using these fantastic tools. 

Are you confused about buying a Semrush subscription? 

Give a test by availing Semrush Guru Plan for 7 Days for FREE

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