10 Best Semrush Alternatives & Competitors to Maximize Business Growth in 2023

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When it comes to SEO and digital marketing platforms, Semrush has just about everything you could need.

You can perform in-depth analytics, utilize a powerful keyword search tool, and generate reports on the spot with this tool.

However, Semrush isn’t for everyone, despite its impressive list of features.

There may be bloggers who find Semrush’s pricing too steep. Additionally, its plethora of features may be too much for their needs, thereby complicating their campaign rather than simplifying it.

In all likelihood, you’ve come here searching for the Best Semrush Alternatives solution that can help you achieve your SEO and online marketing goals.

That’s how I came up with the idea for this post.

We’ve compiled a list of a few of the most popular paid and free alternatives in this article. Let’s dive right into our inventory and look at some of the most outstanding features of each package. 

You can test the Over 50+ Tools by Grabbing Semrush Free Trial for 7 Days before you grab any Semrush Competitors for your business needs.

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Top 10 Best Semrush Alternatives 

The SEO industry is growing rapidly and many SEO tool providers jumped into digital marketing. There are tons of SEO tool providers out there but few of them are very popular.

Although, Semrush is one of the most powerful and complete SEO toolset providers in the industry. However, you might need some of the best Semrush Alternatives no matter what the reason is.

So, I have come up with the 10 Best Semrush Alternatives that you can use in 2023 for increasing your business performance faster than ever.

Let’s get started one by one.

1. Serpstat


The company claims to be an “All in One” SEO tool. It provides advertising analysis, content marketing analysis, keyword research, competitor research, and market research capabilities. It’s an excellent growth hacking tool that can boost your ranking dramatically. 

For example, you can monitor your competitors’ performance to achieve high rankings. Additionally, you can find out who your biggest competitors are by simply typing your domain name into the interface. Simple, right?

What are the Features of Serpstat?

As an alternative to Semrush, Serpstat has several advantages.

Keyword Value – Using Serpstat, you can determine what keywords to target based on search volume, keyword difficulty, and search result numbers. Additionally, you can access a list of the most profitable keywords and their variations for your business. These include long-tail keywords as well as recent keyword trends. 

Great Companion for Site Audits – Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO tool capable of doing everything from keyword research to link analysis. Still, its big highlight is its ability to perform a thorough audit of any website and even each page individually.

Content Marketing Ideas – Are you trying to come up with content marketing ideas? Get insights into the most common questions your audience is looking for answers to with the Serpstat content marketing ideation tool. You can also track how many people have shared your content on social media with this software. 

Intelligent Dashboard – Serpstat dashboard provides detailed SEO reports and infographics that reveal your SEO position at a glance. Track the query history and set up automated email alerts so you can be notified when keywords or rankings change. 

With beautiful charts and visuals, you can visualize complex metrics with ease. Furthermore, you can also generate white-label reports complete with your branding logos so you can leave a lasting impression on your clients. 

Find Broken Links – It is no secret that 404 error pages (also known as dead links or broken link pages) can drastically lower your search engine rankings, and it can even result in a site penalty if they are overly frequent. 

You can quickly fix or redirect broken links with the Serpstat site audit feature, which reveals all broken links on your website, so you can quickly fix them or redirect them to some other working pages on your website.


  • Explore data from around the world
  • Discover long-tail keyword ideas that are really profitable
  • You can search for PPC ads
  • You can quickly look up keyword trends (to discover industry-specific topics that are trending)
  • Track changes in the position of domains
  • Text analytics and keyword clustering
  • A system that allows multiple users
  • Identify and find your top competitors easily, plus much more


  • Shows no display ads or video ads
  • No synchronization with Google Search Console or Google Analytics
  • With backlink analysis, filtering options are not available

Serpstat Pricing

Lite Plan: There is a Lite version of Serpstat that costs $69 per month if you’re satisfied with a limited number of daily searches. The search limit for the Lite plan is 4,000 at the time of writing, which is still more than enough for beginners and infrequent users. 

Advanced Plan: Users with special needs can opt for the Standard plan ($149 per month) or Advanced plan ($299 per month), which offers more daily searches and a more significant number of API requests if you’d like to report the results using your own tools.

2. Ahrefs

Ahref SEO ToolPin

Ahrefs is unquestionably the most competitive tool against Semrush. Ahrefs has quickly gained popularity among leading SEO tools because it offers similar features at the same price point as Semrush.

You can perform everything from backlink analysis to keyword research to competitor research with accurate data.

What are the Features of Ahrefs?

Their keyword explorer tool provides metrics such as:

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Monthly average search volume
  • Global search volume
  • Keyword ideas etc
  • Click

Take a look at some of the metrics you can use with Ahrefs.

Keyword Difficulty – You can use Ahrefs keyword difficulty score to see how difficult it is for you to rank for a particular keyword. Rankings are calculated between 0 and 100, with 100 being the hardest and being the easiest. 

Therefore, while performing keyword research, this metric is crucial to picking low-hanging keywords (as a rule of thumb, pick those keywords below 50 KD).

Search Volume – Furthermore, it shows you the search volume for any particular keyword you’re targeting (as well as the number of clicks generated by the top results for the keyword).

Besides paid ads and volume, it also displays the number of clicks for the keywords you’re trying to rank for on Google.

Keyword Ideas – The Keyword Generator allows you to generate so many keywords that relate to your primary keyword idea, which will enable you to find Phrase matches, Same terms; Also rank for, and Search suggestions (autosuggest) to come up with even more relevant keywords.

You can Use Their Content Explorer to Find Out What’s Most Popular – Ahrefs’ content explorer makes it easy to find out the most popular and shared content for any topic on the web.

The following metrics can help you find the most popular content.

  • Social shares: This data includes social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Organic search traffic: By analyzing how many searches engine visits a given article each month, you can determine its effectiveness.
  • Referring domains: It shows you how many unique website links are pointing to that article.

Total Backlink Count – For any website you desire to analyze, you can find the referring domains along with the links (both do-follow and no-follow links) attached to it.

Using this tool, you can find any domain’s new backlinks, lost backlinks, and broken links. Moreover, you can find out what content is generating the most backlinks.

The Site Explorer Tool Provides In-Depth Information About any Site – By using their Site Explorer feature, you can find out all the information, such as;

  • Total number of backlinks to any site (including new and lost links)
  • Keywords and organic search traffic
  • Pages with the best performance
  • Outgoing links from this site
  • PPC search metrics (keywords, ads, etc.)

Paid Search Metrics (PPC Keywords, Ads, etc.) – With Google AdWords, you can quickly discover all the paid keywords your targeted website uses to increase visitors, leads, and sales. You can also see all the ads that are appearing on Google search for any of your targeted websites.


  • Ahrefs crawls more than 6 billion pages
  • Identify accurate keywords through accurate keyword data
  • An accurate analysis of backlinks
  • Search engine optimization with content research
  • User-friendly
  • All tools offer powerful filtering options
  • Easy-to-understand SERP features
  • A detailed analysis of metrics
  • Provides suggestions for parent topics
  • Many SEO experts use Ahrefs for keyword research, including Neil Patel, Brian Dean, etc.


  • Although great for keyword research, Semrush is bigger (when it comes to competitor analysis, database updates, etc.)
  • Expensive
  • There is no outreach tool
  • There is no relevance score available for keyword suggestions
  • There is no integration with Google Analytics or Search Console
  • Traffic statistics are not as detailed as other tools

Ahrefs Pricing:

Ahrefs offers four pricing options, which are listed below.

Lite: With a basic plan, you’re able to track 300 keywords, create 5 campaigns, and add a user. It costs $79 a month.

Standard: The plan costs $179 per month, but it’s ideal for bloggers looking to increase their search engine visibility where you can create 10 campaigns, add 1 user and track 1,000 keywords.

Advanced: The monthly plan costs $399, which allows you to track 4,000 keywords, create 25 campaigns and add 3 registered users.

Agency: It is their most advanced plan and costs you $999 per month. With this plan, you can create 100 campaigns, add 5 users, and track 10,000 keywords.

3. WriterZen

WriterZen SEO ToolPin

When it comes to growing your business and ranking higher in SERPs then you must have to analysis your competitors as well as keywords. So, why not taste the power of WriterZen SEO tools for making strong your content strategy.

WriterZen is a name that cannot be ignored in the SEO analytics space and is trusted by marketers and analysts worldwide. This tool claims to offer ‘detailed’ keywords insights and can result in a higher rank with the right SEO strategy. 

What are the Features of WriterZen?

Discover Trending Topic – Are you not getting enough readers for your blog then you probably not writing on a trending topic or topic which is being searched highly.

So, the question is how to find relevant topics that attract visitors? With WriterZen you can explore tons of topic ideas for your blog and write extensive articles to rank higher.

Just enter the main keywords and WriterZen will search the top 100 URLs for all the relevant keywords. It shows you plenty of topic ideas with their search volume within a few seconds.

You can filter those topics further for finding highly relevant topics with three relevancy options 1. Closely, 2. Medium, and 3. Widely.

Find Easy-to-Rank Keywords – WriterZen offers intuitive keyword research tools so that you can find the best and easy-to-rank keywords without spending much time.

You just need to enter the main keywords, select language, and location, then hit the search button; it will bring a bunch of keywords in front of you.

You can see here the global search volume and top-ranking pages for that keyword along with its related keywords, CPC, overview chart of the search volume, and total search volume for every keyword.

Detailed Insights of Keywords – Well, it is not the end of the keyword’s explorer, you can explore further to get a perfect keyword that ranks well in the search engine.

You can see the keyword’s difficulty, competition level, search volume, and top SERPs results for every single keyword. Apart from that you can also filter the keywords by phrase name, having the same name, and also search to get a relevant bunch of keywords.

You can also find the question-related keywords and keywords cluster for your primary keywords that helps you to figure out a perfect keywords group that you can use in your blog to get better search ranking.

Plagiarism Checker It is an awesome feature that you can use to check your content plagiarism and make your content copyright free.

Although this tool is not much effective you can have some idea about the paragraph you have copied in your content.

It is sure that it would be better in the coming days so that you never face any copyright issues in the future and get a better SERPs position.


  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Affordable price considering the feature
  • Topic Discovery
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Content Creator
  • Analyze geo-specific rankings
  • Detailed Keywords Insights


  • Need improvement in the content creator
  • Doesn’t have a backlinks analysis
  • Competitors analysis not available
  • Plagiarism tools are not as good as expected.

WriterZen Pricing:

Apart from a 7-day free trial, you can purchase their (among three – basic $39/month, standard $59/month, and advanced $99/month) plan as per your need.

You can save more on each subscription by opting for their annual plan.

4. SpyFu

SpyFu SEO ToolPin

SpyFu is an excellent choice if you are looking for tools like Semrush since it is considered one of the most powerful SEO tools for competitor research.

Aside from keyword research, the SpyFu SEO tool lets you analyze PPC campaigns and conduct influencer marketing, making it one of the most affordable alternatives to Semrush.

What are the Features of SpyFu?

Competitor Keywords – One of the key features of SpyFu is its ability to determine which of your competitive keywords are the most profitable. Also, you can see which backlinks result in a higher ranking for your competitors.

AdWords Research – SpyFu shows you the AdWords that your competitors are using. Using the keywords that a specific domain purchased, you can conduct a deep analysis of the website. 

Great for PPC Competitor Research – PPC keyword research can help you find out what to add to your own PPC campaign using SpyFu, where you can get new ideas and estimate costs for those PPC keywords and save more money and get better search results conversions using SpyFu.


  • Keyword research is made easy with these powerful tools
  • PDFs of unlimited domain overviews
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • A good user interface with easy navigation
  • You can access unlimited data and reports


  • Crawlability is limited
  • Only U.S. and UK data are available in the database

SpyFu Pricing:

The following are the three pricing plans offered by SpyFu. Now that you know what SpyFu pricing plans are, we can help you choose which is suitable for you.

Basic: Using the basic plan, which costs $33 a month (billed annually), you’ll have unlimited searches, data exports, and 250 sales leads & domain contacts, as well as 5K, tracked rankings, and 10K top lists.

Professional: For a cost of $58 per month (billed annually), this is the ideal package for medium-sized websites and professional bloggers.

In addition to those features, you’ll get 500 sales leads and domain contacts, 15k tracked keyword rankings each week, 50k top lists, along with API rows for 10k.

Team: This can also function as a Keyword Spy alternative that costs $199 per month (billed annually), where you’ll get all the features that are found in the Professional plan.

Aside from that, this plan provides you with 2000 sales leads, 40k weekly tracked keyword rankings, 75k top-list results, and 10k API rows.

If you are not satisfied with their features or pricing, you can cancel at any time via email, live chat, or phone, and SpyFu also offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days (no questions asked).

5. Web CEO

WebCEO SEO ToolPin

This is one of the fastest-growing SEO companies that offer a number of SEO tools you can use for everything from keyword research to SEO analysis to technical audits. Also, you can use it as an alternative to Semrush to increase your traffic.

What are the Features of the Web CEO?

Intuitive Tools – WebCEO offers over fifteen comprehensive SEO tools to handle every possible SEO issue in a systematic and logical manner.

These include rank-checking features, keyword research tools (complete with secondary relational keywords), competitor research, auditing, and backlink evaluation, to name a few. 

In order to check all these features off, competing tools typically require extensions or parallel, secondary tools.

Team Management – Teamwork is key to success in business. WebCEO understands your SEO strategies as well. The features include:

  • Lead generation tools.
  • Marketing automation tools with role-based access.
  • Task managers.
  • Event journals for everyone to formulate and implement marketing strategies.

Full Customization and Branding – Create SEO reports that match your company’s identity and corporate culture with logos, schemes, and layouts.

It may seem like a mere formality, but in the end, matching your identity and documents is much more important than you might think.

Cross-Platform – Whether you are using Windows, Mac, or mobile devices, this works just fine on any desktop or mobile environment.

There’s a reason the SaaS model is so popular, and it’s not just because developers make money from it. As time goes on, platform agnosticism will become more important.


  • Excellent for tracking keyword rankings and keyword research
  • Emailing of reports automatically
  • A study of social media popularity
  • Optimization of internal links
  • SEO Roadmap and email alerts
  • Support from a dedicated team


  • It’s not as accurate as Ahrefs
  • Not as comprehensive as Semrush

Web CEO Pricing:

Three pricing options are available;

  • The Startup plan (which costs $99 a month)
  • The corporate plan costs $199 per month
  • The Agency plan (which costs $499 a month)

Unlike most other lead generation tools, Startup is heavily focused on small business needs. The main difference is the number of projects and the level of automation. Considering the unavoidable need for an SEO solution, even the costlier plans are pretty reasonable.

6. Moz Pro

Moz SEO ToolPin

Among many SEO analysts, Moz is considered to be an authority on SEO analytics and is their go-to tool. There is no doubt that this software will prove immensely useful when it comes to keyword research, content optimization, analytics & reporting, and link building and analysis. 

What are the Features of Moz Pro?

Keyword Research – The Moz interface allows you to enter a URL and see what keywords are best suited to the same. The tool includes 500 million suggestions and can provide search volume data for specific keywords with up to 95% accuracy. 

Using this tool, you can also find long-tail keywords that are relevant to your business. Aside from that, the software displays the keyword difficulty score for each keyword.

SEO Audit – An SEO Audit helps you identify and resolve both common and complex issues to enhance your web presence constantly.

By conducting a website audit in-depth, you can take control of your SEO strategy by identifying areas of improvement. Using Moz, you can set up your website to be scanned at regular intervals and to alert you of any new issues. 

Domain Analysis – This metric shows you the Page Authority (PA) of a webpage. Additionally, you can see the Domain Authority. Currently tracking more than 35 billion links, Moz helps you track metrics that matter. 

Link Explorer – As part of Moz Pro, you have access to the Link Explorer tool, which shows you how inbound links affect your ranking. Furthermore, you can find and fix broken links on your own site and those of competitors. 

Nevertheless, not every backlink is good, and Moz can help you identify spammy links that are actually damaging your search engine ranking.


  • The accuracy and reliability are excellent
  • Complete control over the SEO of your site
  • Checking spam scores for backlinks
  • Provided Moz bar to get metrics quickly


  • The price was not worth it
  • It lacks most of the features
  • The rank tracker does not display any graphs and is not powerful
  • The backlinks are displayed without the page title
  • More expensive

Moz Pro Pricing:

The following are the Moz Pro pricing options.

Standard: In case you are just getting started and would like to try the SEO tools and features offered by this service, this plan will cost you $99 per month.

Medium: If you choose this plan, you will have unlimited access to all of their keyword research tools. This plan costs $149 per month.

Large: If you run a small business and want to boost your presence on search engines like Google, this is the best plan for you, which costs $249 per month.

Premium: The premium package offers features like unlimited user seats and a massive crawl budget for $599 per month.

And the best part is that Moz Pro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

7. Majestic

Majestic SEO ToolPin

Majestic describes itself as a backlink checker and keyword analysis tool. By aggregating link intelligence data, this software will give you valuable nuggets of information that are vital to developing an effective SEO strategy.

What are the Features of Majestic?

Data is kept up-to-date with the last 120 days with the fresh index of Majestic. It includes all lost links and any new links added during that period. The historic index will allow the database to hold up to five years of data.

Majestic offers tools such as:

Site Explorer – Using Site Explorer, you can see information about external backlinks and referring domains. It also displays the languages used in the anchor text. In addition, the software shows you historical data on the backlinks.

Bulk Backlink Checker – With the tool, you can examine backlink data for up to 400 links, and you can upload a file containing up to a million links. The tool provides a comprehensive database of referring domains.

Domain Comparison Tool – The tool allows you to compare up to 10 domains simultaneously. It displays the data graphically. Websites with the highest scores appear darker on the graph.

Link Profile Fight – The graph displays the relationship between citation flow and trust flow.

Clique Hunter – It is an excellent tool for exploring link-building opportunities. Filtering options are included as well.


  • It is one of the most comprehensive SEO web crawlers with an excellent backlink database
  • It has a perfect API and handles bulk requests well
  • Links with a high authority
  • Fresh and fast indexing rate
  • Separate links are displayed for government and education. These are high-weightage backlinks.
  • A detailed analysis of domain analytics and backlinks


  • It’s not an all-in-one tool
  • The UI isn’t good
  • Onpage SEO does not integrate with Google Analytics

Majestic Pricing:

It offers three pricing plans including;

Lite: A basic plan from majestic costs $49 per month, and it is ideal for domain metrics, domain backlinks, and domain trust flows.

Pro: Ideally suited to bloggers, small businesses, and SEO enthusiasts, this plan costs $99 per month.

API: The advanced plan costs $399 per month and is excellent for agencies and developers who want to know more about links and can register up to five users per account.

And the best part is that it offers a 7-day money-back guarantee as well.

8. SE Ranking

SERanking SEO ToolPin

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO software solution that promises to simplify the process of streamlining your site’s SEO. When it comes to SEO platforms, SE Ranking is a promising newcomer with just over 300,000 users. 

What are the Features of SE Ranking?

Good API – Easy access to the data allows you to generate detailed reports that help you manage projects and accounts effectively. 

Competition Research Feature – Search Engine ranking offers SEO and PPC competitor research, which is one of its most appreciated features. Basically, you can easily access competitor information.

Track Keyword Changes – Choosing the right keywords is a crucial aspect of your marketing campaigns. Using SE Ranking, you can quickly identify Clickthrough rate (CTR) issues or solve traffic drops.

White Label SEO Services – You can now enhance your brand’s visibility with various white label SEO tools, whether you’re an independent webmaster or an SEO agency – website audits, traffic analysis, backlink monitoring, or keyword rank tracking.


  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Pricing packages start at only $31 a month.
  • Using the target URL, you can analyze the keyword.
  • Track keyword rankings and find out why rankings fluctuate
  • Provide a free on-page SEO audit to your website visitors to generate leads
  • Find out how many searches a keyword has
  • Automate social media posting
  • Automate or manually generate branded reports
  • Analyze your entire website with a website audit


  • Website audits can be challenging to perform if you have a lot of data to update (especially if you have a lot of posts).

SE Ranking Pricing 

Let’s examine all of the pricing plans of SERanking as well as the features and limits so you can choose the one that works best for your budget and website needs. SE Ranking offers you three different pricing plans.

Optimum: The SE Ranking cheapest plan, which costs only $31 per month where you can track up to 250 keywords, is for you.

Plus: This is an excellent plan if you’re a small business or website owner and costs $71 a month. For this price, you’ll also get white-label SEO reports.

Enterprise: The plan is suitable for anyone running an agency who needs white-label reports, API access, and API reports. It costs $151 a month.

9. Raven Tools

Raven SEO ToolPin

Raven Tools is a marketing and SEO tool for agencies, freelancers, and e-commerce businesses. This tool provides search marketers with all the essential SEO components they need to track keyword rankings, analyze campaign performance, and integrate analytics. 

What are the Features of Raven Tools?

Monitor Backlinks with Ease – Raven tools link manager allows you to keep track of all your backlinks in one place, so you can eliminate any bad links that are causing your site harm when searched.

Moreover, it notifies you when someone adds a link to your site or when someone removes a link – this will help you manage all your backlink profiles easily.

Investigate Competitors to Outrank Them on Google – By using Raven tools, you can get a great deal of data from phenomenal SEO tools such as Majestic, Moz, Google AdWords, and OpenCalais to see keywords, backlinks, and competitor information for your site (so you don’t have to pay for those premium services).

Search Analytics and Google Analytics – The data for search analytics comes from the Google search console. You can link it to Google Analytics.


  • Provides site auditing, ranking tracking, and keyword research features
  • Offering plans starting at $49 per month that are budget-friendly
  • Provides 45+ features
  • There is unlimited data on all plans
  • Easy campaign management through helpful integrations


  • Compared to top competitors, it has fewer powerful features
  • Applications are error-prone – for example, they display incorrect results
  • It is sometimes difficult to navigate the tool

Raven Tools Pricing:

You can start using it for free for 7 days. The first is the “start” plan, which costs $79/month and provides four users with access. There is also the “grow” plan, which costs $139/month. The price is quite reasonable compared with Semrush.

In terms of features, it provides almost all of them for a reasonable price. There are restrictions for accessing the data, and it depends on the package, except for competitors and keyword research.

10. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo SEO ToolPin

BuzzSumo is a content marketing research tool that can also be used as a compelling Semrush replacement. Marketers use it to determine what content types work best on the web, testing the waters.

What are the Features of BuzzSumo?

Content Research – BuzzSumo helps you make data-driven decisions. According to the software, BuzzSumo has the largest social engagement index globally.

You can search a specific domain, such as your competitor’s, to find out what content they’re hosting that’s ranking well.

Influencer Discovery – Among the essential components of SEO strategies today is identifying valuable influencers. BuzzSumo helps you identify the right authors and creators to cater to your target audience.


  • Even for beginners, the interface is simple and easy to use
  • A well-designed pricing structures
  • Discover popular content in nearly any industry
  • Receive email alerts whenever your brand or name is mentioned (to find ways to build links)
  • This is a great way to reach influencers


  • This is not a comprehensive SEO package like Moz Pro, Semrush, etc.
  • Metrics such as keyword competition and search volume are not included.

BuzzSumo Pricing:

There are currently four pricing options available on BuzzSumo.

Pro: Using this plan, you can run unlimited content searches and get alerts for up to 5000 mentions per month for $79 per month.

Plus: With a plan that costs $139 per month, you can do unlimited searches and receive alerts for up to 10,000 mentions.

Large: This plan costs $239 per month, but you can search unlimited content and get notifications for up to 20,000 mentions.

Enterprise: There is also a $499 per month plan that allows you to search unlimited content and receive notifications for up to 50+ alerts and unlimited mentions.

Top 5 FREE Semrush Alternatives & Competitors for 2023

Well, you have learned about some paid SEO tools but these tools are quite expensive and a beginner can’t afford them. So, you might be searching for some free SEO tool that makes your job easy.

Although, Free SEO tools have a lot of limitations and may provide wrong analytic data, at the initial stage they are a much more appropriate option for you.

So, let’s have a short overview of some FREE Semrush Alternatives that you can use in 2023 to scale your business growth free of cost.

1. Ubersuggest (Keyword Research & Site Audits)

Ubbersuggest SEO ToolPin

To be honest, the first tool that came to mind when I was thinking about Semrush-free alternatives for keyword research was Ubersuggest.

It is a free tool that provides several metrics, including search volume, CPC, and SEO difficulty. You can also find long-tail keywords through it.

Ubersuggest helps you generate more traffic to your website. With this tool, you can devise a customized SEO strategy that gives you an edge over your competition.

With powerful domain overview tools, you can examine what lies behind any domain you want to analyze. 

What are the Features of Ubersuggest?

SEO Reports – Using Ubersuggest, you can find detailed SEO reports showing what competitor pages rank well for a particular keyword. This service can also reveal which content gets shared most on social media. 

Backlink Analysis – Backlink analysis is a crucial component of SERP analysis, and Ubersuggest helps you to do it by showing the most popular content on your website.


  • Totally free to use (no account registration required), and you can sign in using your Google account free of charge if you want more keyword suggestions.
  • Unlimited searches for keywords
  • The keyword metrics include search volume, difficulty, CPC value, competition, etc.
  • An extremely user-friendly interface
  • A login is not required.


  • The keyword data is not as accurate (when compared to other paid alternatives to Semrush)
  • Comparatively, other paid SEO tools like Semrush provide fewer keyword suggestions.
  • Search limits
  • Provides limited metrics

2. KeywordTool.io (for Keyword Research)

Keyword Tool SEO ToolPin

KeywordTool.io generates up to 750 long-tail keywords for every search term, so if you are looking for long-tail keywords, KeywordTool.io is a great tool to use.

The tool automatically generates similar keyword phrases for your SEO and PPC campaigns based on your reference word.

What are the Features of KeywordTool.io?

Keyword Explorer – A top keyword tool, it extracts the most powerful keywords for its users. You’re going to love this if you want to organize a PPC campaign, require good results on social media, are searching for an ASO tool, and need outstanding results on YouTube home.

Search Volume – Understanding search volume is crucial for Google ad campaigns. In order to rank your website quickly, you must choose a keyword that has a high search volume and still makes it easy for your website to rank.

Even though it’s a big job, this tool has made things easier. Although the free version does not include the ability to track search volume, the premium does. 

Analyze Your Competitor – You can also use this tool to check out your competitor’s website. You can see which keywords they rank on and how well their website is doing. 


  • This tool is extremely useful for finding long-tail keywords.
  • Identify and ask a ton of questions about your targeted keywords.
  • Discover tons of keyword suggestions for YouTube
  • Besides Amazon, you can also perform keyword research for Instagram, Twitter, Play Store, etc.


  • With their free version (available when you subscribe to their Pro version), you cannot access search volume, trend, CPC, and keyword data.

3. KWFinder

KWFinder SEO ToolPin

As with Ubersuggest, KWFinder is another free alternative to Semrush. You don’t need to create an account in order to use it, which is a plus if you want a commitment-free tool.

This software is the best choice if you are looking for long-tail keywords that have low SEO difficulty and can be used to your benefit.

What are the Features of KWFinder?

Competitor Research – The KWFinder tool allows you to see what works well for your competitors in order to reverse-engineer your own content to outrank them.

It provides you with a list of keywords that rank well for your competitors. Aside from the top paid keywords, you can also view the search volumes and top paid keywords used in Google Ads advertising. 

SERP Analysis – A SERP analysis is critical for keyword optimization. You can also use KWFinder’s SERP analysis tool to identify the search intently you should be used to determine the best content type to create to rank higher.

Using this tool, you can see website metrics and see how each rank on search engines. 

Historical Data – This tool allows you to view historic search volumes and trends. The tool will also allow you to determine how many searches are made and which keywords are trending.

In order to make the most of seasonal trends, you can utilize the software to keep track of seasonal trends and create content. 


  • Keyword research tool at the lowest price
  • Accurate reporting of data
  • Offers long-tail keywords


  • Keyword suggestions are limited.
  • There is no integration with Google Analytics or Search Console.
  • Keyword reports are less powerful than Semrush or Ahrefs

4. Google Keyword Planner (for Keyword Research)

Google Keyword Planner is the first entirely free Semrush alternative on our list. You can use this free tool as part of your Google Ads account.

How does it compare with Semrush? In spite of its cost-effectiveness, the tool is not as robust as Semrush. The curated metrics from their site are vague rather than precise so they will be unreadable to your SEO team.

What are the Features of Google Keyword Planner?

Keyword Analysis – The Keyword Planner helps you identify the right keywords to target. Using these keywords, you can increase the exposure of your advertisements.

Historical Analysis – Using the tool, you can see which phrases are searched frequently and see how ranking changes have occurred over time. It also provides you with an estimate of the costs associated with each phrase.


  • Use is entirely free (you only need a Google account to sign in)
  • PPC research (ad keyword research) can be performed using this tool
  • Data from the past four years is available.
  • Estimates your bids for each keyword to help you determine your ad budget
  • This tool allows you to track keyword performance and holiday trends by CPC, clicks, impressions, etc.


  • There is no reliable keyword data (especially average monthly searches)
  • Quite tricky to find keyword ideas that are not highly competitive (because it’s used by millions of users worldwide, and even low, competitive keywords are highly competitive if you use this tool).

5. Varvy SEO Tool (for Site Audits)

Varvy is an online SEO tool that provides a detailed report on implemented and not implemented optimization in accordance with Google’s guidelines.

It includes an on-page SEO report, speed testing, and mobile optimization report based on Google’s mobile-friendly website guidelines.

What are the Features of the Varvy SEO Tool?

SEO Analyzer Tool – The tool will give you an idea of how the search engine ranks your website and how it compares to its competitors. Using it, you can see how many blocked links are on your website, giving you an idea of how they may hinder your rankings. 

The tool provides a detailed analysis of optimization techniques and security issues. Additionally, the tool is able to display website efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, this tool offers helpful information such as HTTP header validation, links, modifications, and tracking data for header validation.

Speed Test Report – It’s a user-friendly and convenient tool for measuring the performance of your website. All statistics and terms are explained at the beginning of each analysis.

The report highlights more methods you can use to grow your web presence and make it grow. This report also provides insights into server-related concerns and positives that make your website run smoothly. 

As part of the tool, you can also view details about the HTML design, CSS, and JS interface that can enhance SEO. As an added benefit, it is a powerful tool for viewing cache and cookies, linking the performance of those resources to the rank they achieve.

Mobile-Friendly Test – This feature allows you to monitor how your content performs on handheld devices. It indicates whether your website performs well across multiple platforms and how dynamic it is. As a result of Google’s “mobile-first index,” this feature is a must-have for webmasters and bloggers alike.


  • Check your site’s page speed
  • Discover how accessible your site is
  • Check whether any of your web pages have too many links
  • If there are any HTML errors, you will be notified
  • If there are paid links, you can quickly discover them (and remove them from the robots.txt file if they exist).


  • You may occasionally see your blog comments data and be alerted to “missing alt tags” for comment Gravatars
  • Most useful for “basic site audits” but cannot do in-depth site audits like Semrush

Before you decide on one of these tools, take the time to explore each one so that you can determine if it is worth the effort.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Semrush Alternatives -FAQs

1. What Does Semrush Do?

One of the best SEO tools, Semrush is the perfect tool to help you with everything you need to know for your blogging success, starting from domain analysis, organic research, backlink analysis, keyword analysis, traffic analysis, and more.

2. Is there a Free Version of Semrush?

Yes, you can try out the Pro Account 30-Day Free Trial to learn about SEO, paid search, social media, and more.

3. How Much Does Semrush Cost?

In addition to their free trial, Semrush offers three subscription plans, Pro, Guru, and Business, which are priced at $119.95/month, $229.95/month, and $449.95/month, respectively.

4. Which is Better – Ahrefs or Semrush?

When it comes to deep data analytics, Ahrefs and Semrush are in a head-to-head matchup. In terms of price, Ahrefs outperforms Semrush. A yearly subscription to Ahrefs costs $179, making it more affordable than Semrush. 

Moreover, it provides two months of free usage with every yearly subscription. Ahrefs also outperforms Semrush in terms of its frequent product updates.

5. How do I Research Keywords for Free?

You can find lots of tools to help you with a keyword search for free, such as Ubersuggest, KeywordTool.io, etc.

6. Which is the Best Tool to do an SEO Audit of Your Website?

Semrush is a powerful tool for conducting SEO audits. The Keyword Gap widget allows you to find potential keywords on your pages. It compares your keyword profile with your rivals and offers suggestions for improvement. 

The widget can also identify your top 5 weakest and strongest keywords – information that you can use to formulate an effective marketing strategy for your brand.

Final Thoughts on Semrush Alternatives

It’s no secret that bloggers love free stuff.

Our entire blogging ecosystem would be built with free tools if we could get away with it.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an alternative to Semrush that can match its features. Because Semrush offers a complete SEO Toolset (50+ SEO Tools) under one subscription for any kind of business.

Your best course of action is to identify which parts of Semrush you need and replace them with individual tools.

Have you used any of the Semrush alternatives mentioned earlier? Is there anything missing from the list? If so, please share your experiences in the comments section.

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