GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review 2023 | Is it the Best Web Hosting

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Hello, my dear friends, 

You are here because you want to start a blog with GreenGeeks Web Hosting. 

To start a blog, you have to take care of some things like – 

  • Domain name registration
  • Blazing-Fast and Affordable Hosting
  • Best Blogging platform

By the way, I have already told you how you can Start Your Profitable Blog in 2023. 

For Domain name Registration- You can register a domain name from anywhere. It is your choice. The most popular domain registrars are GoDaddyNamecheap, etc.  

If you are worrying about where to start the Blog. I mean to say that Blogging Platform then you can blindly choose WordPress for the blogging platform. 

The most important thing is how you choose the best and fastest web hosting. Because Slow web hosting can destroy all your hard work and can end your blogging career before it starts.  

So now the question will be arising in your mind which web hosting will be right to take. 

Don’t worry, I am here to help you in choosing the best and fastest web hosting for your blog. 

If you talk about best and blazing fast web hosting, then only WPX Web Hosting and GreenGeeks Web Hosting providers are at the forefront.  

If we look at their Hosting Price, Feature, Service, and Support then both are at the same level. 

But some time ago Siteground increased the price of its hosting plan. So, their hosting plan Price cannot be afforded by a new blogger. Otherwise, it is one of the best and fastest web hosting providers in the market. 

In such a situation, GreenGeeks web hosting has come forward to solve this problem. Now it is challenging the SiteGround.  

Today I will tell you more about GreenGeeks and its service and features.

Before Moving ahead, Let see something which is very important to keep in mind while choosing the best web hosting.

Key Points to Consider While Buying a Web Hosting?

If we see, the best and fastest web hosting determines the future of a blog. So, if you want to get a better hosting then you should never ignore the following things –

  • Speed
  • Server Uptime
  • Customer Support
  • Hosting Feature
  • High Quality Service
  • Web Hosting Performance
  • Security and Reliability
  • Trial and Any Offer
  • Affordable Price

If you are passionate and serious about blogging, then you can skip the price of web hosting. 

Now we will move ahead and will see whether GreenGeeks web hosting is fit for you or not. Is it fulfilling your needs or not? Does it have all the features which we discussed earlier?

Let’s Dive in,

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Overview

GreenGeeks was founded by Trey Gardner in 2008, and is located in Los Angeles, California. GreenGeeks is the industry’s leading eco-friendly green web hosting provider offering its best services and Powering to over 400,000+ websites. It also has happy customers from 150 countries. 

They use renewable energy to power their Hosting Service. If you are environmentally conscious, then GreenGeeks’ best eco-friendly “green” web hosting solution may be best for you.

GreenGeeks JourneyPin

1: WordPress/ Web Hosting Type 

They provide specially engineered Shared, Reseller, VPS, and WordPress Hosting for their customer requirements, which is most Secure, Fastest, and Scalable as well as Eco-Friendly. 

If you have chosen WordPress for your blog, then each of their hooting plans provides you with a 1-click WordPress installer and auto-update feature.

Here you have no fear of protecting your data because it provides one of the best and most advanced security features along with daily backup to keep your website data safe.

GreenGeeks web Hosting TypePin

2: GreenGeeks Web Hosting Plan 

They have various plans in each hosting category, which you can choose as per your need. 

We will not go much further and assume that you are a new blogger, so that shared web hosting or WordPress hosting is the best for you. 

I will only tell you about web hosting and WordPress hosting. But if your business or blog has grown a lot, then you can take VPS hosting according to your requirement. 

And also, if you want to start your own hosting business, then you can get their reseller hosting plan. 

Note – Only the lite plan is that, in which you get the option to host only one website. Otherwise, you can host unlimited websites in pro and premium plans.

GrenGeeks Hosting PlanPin

3: What you will get in web hosting WordPress hosting

Here you always get the latest technology such as the latest PHP version, fast SSD storage, free Cloudflare CDN, etc. All these features help you in keeping a website or blog fast and secure. Other than that, you will get the following-

  • Disk Space – Unlimited
  • Data Transfer – Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificate – Lets Encrypt – Lite and Pro and Premium SSL certificate in Premium Plan
  • Domain Name – Free for First Year
  • Nightly Backup – Free
  • Email Accounts – Unlimited
  • One-click WordPress Installer/Updates
  • Performance – Standard in Lite, 2x in Pro and 4x in Premium Plan
  • Caching Feature – LSCache
  • 300% Renewal Green Energy Match
  • Extra – 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Website Migration – Free One Time
GreenGeeks Hosting PlanPin

Pros of Using GreenGeeks web Hosting

There are many reasons to use GreenGeeks Hosting and here are some of them

1: Free Website Migration

They provide a time free website migration service to their new customers. After purchasing hosting, you can avail yourself of this service which will be done by the GreenGeeks Specialist team. 

2: SSD Storage for Better Performance 

You will get Solid State RAID-10 Storage Arrays (SSD) for fast page loads and better website performance. 

3: Security and Reliability

GreenGeeks has taken a definite step to make the website of its customers as safe and reliable as possible. To this end, they have added host and file systems named and dedicated computing resources to each of their customers’ accounts by adopting a host isolation method. 

4: Speed & Up Time

Although every hosting provider company makes bold claims that their hosting is fastest and has 99.9% uptime.  

But GreenGeeks has the fastest SSD hard drive storage in its hosting that is configured in a redundant RAID-10 storage array.  

Also, their hosting servers use ultra-optimized web and database servers that enable them to read and write pages 50 times faster than any other. 

Apart from this, they provide free Cloudflare CDN and HTTP/ 3, which make your website fast loading and increases browser load time faster. They have always above average 99.8% uptime server.

speed of site hosted on greengeeksPin

5: Support

GreenGeeks offer 100% Customer support which is highly needed for anything going wrong. All these support through live chat(27×7), phone (during business hours), knowledgebase documentation, video tutorial and raise a support ticket. Indian users can avail of the live chat and ticket raise option for support. 

6: Money-Back Guarantee

This is a much better option for you. Which is rarely given by the hosting companies. If you feel that there is a shortage of services rendered by them? Or are you not happy with their services? Or their services do not fit according to your needs?  

So, you can cancel the service within 30 days and ask for a refund, then they will provide you with a full refund of any setup fees, and domain registration or transfer costs. Make Sure you would not get a refund of the domain registration charge which is very high.

Cons of using GreenGeeks Web Hosting

  • Data Center – They have 4 data centers in Chicago US, Phoenix US, Montreal CA, Amsterdam NL but not in the Asian Region.  
  • Renewal Charge – Initially the Lite Hosting plan cost is $2.95 per month after that renewal charge is so high $9.95 per month. 
  • Domain Name – Although every hosting plan includes free domain name registration for free after one year the registration charge is very high.  

Note – Lock the hosting Renewal charge by getting a hosting plan for the long term. 

GreenGeeks Have the web optimized hosting server with fastest RAID-10 Array Configured SSD Storage. You will get Best Support and Free Domain Name & Website Migration Service by the GreenGeeks Specialist as well it has 30-Day risk free money-back Guarantee.

Although, it has best service and Feature at affordable price, it has some limitation like-

  • No Data Center in Asian Region
  • When cancelling your plan, you will not get the Domain registration fee.
  • Renewal charge is very high. Lock it up by grabbing long term plan.

The Final Word on GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review

In this article, we have seen every aspect of GreenGeeks web hosting. I have covered all the topics which are required to consider when choosing the best web hosting. 

The GreenGeeks have all the features and services which we need as bloggers. So, it can be the best hosting in terms of speed, security, customer support, and of course as price. Here you are getting a 30-day money-back guarantee also.

Let’s grab the offer of GreenGeeks and host your website on the Eco-Friendly hosting server. Which matches 300% renewal energy. 

I hope you enjoyed it and like this article then share this article. 

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  1. Yes GreenGeeks is So amazing Web hosting with lots of Features like Uptime Speed and Storage with Free Domain and Its also Cheap so Anyone Newbie can Afford their plans.
    I will also try GreenGeeks web hosting next year Because i just recently Purchased Hostinger Web hosting and its Not much Impressive.

    Thanks for Sharing a Detailed Reviews of GreenGeeks.

    Ranjit verma

  2. Hi Archana, you really did a good job and how easily you described greengeeks hostings benefits it’s more amazing.

    Plus, the way wrote content it’s really neat, clean and easy to understand.

    But I think you can add more in the post about Greengeeks quick launch tool.


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