Rank Math Integration with Divi 2023 | See How It Works? Ultimate Guide for Divi SEO

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the only way to rank your website and grow your business faster. Isn’t it? Yes!

So, there are several methods available to do the SEO of your content. If you use SEO plugins like Rank Math SEO, Yoast, SEO Press, etc., you can easily optimize your post page, which the WordPress default editor creates.

But what about the content made with page builders? You have to keep jumping several tabs to optimize them on your blog post. 

But don’t worry! I am so excited to share news about Rank Math’s new update with you.

After successful integration with Elementor Website Builder, Rank Math launched an existing update with Divi integration. Now you can optimize divi-build websites visually through Rank Math while creating your page or posts.

Yes, you heard correctly.

Well, before getting into the topic and seeing how Rank Math integration with Divi Works? Let’s focus on Divi.

What is Divi?

Divi BuilderPin

Divi is a widely used popular and perfect theme & builder that focuses on creating any kind of website visually without writing a single line of code. 

It is a product of elegant themes, and most bloggers across the world love to use Divi to create a stunning website. 

Now the Rank Math integration brings more possibilities for Divi users who are facing problems related to on-page SEO. They keep on jumping to a different tab to optimize their post and pages.

Let’s see what an on-page SEO Suggestion can be accomplished right there without leaving in Divi theme builder editing mode.

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Page URL (Permalink)
  • Canonical URLs
  • Schema Markup
  • Social Sharing SEO
  • No-Index Tags
  • Breadcrumbs
  • And many more

We will see all these on-page settings in action. Let’s get started with Rank Math.

What is Rank Math – Short Overview

Rank Math SEO PluginPin

Rank Math SEO is MyThemeShop’s product, launched in 2018 with the mission of “Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO”. Now it has gained massive installation and popularity in a short time. 

It offers a complete package of On-Page SEO features and functionality that you need to optimize your WordPress content and improve your business growth. 

It offers a free version with all the essential on-page SEO features, and its Pro version extends your possibilities. I have written a comprehensive article about Rank Math you can check out to learn more.

Let’s see how to install Rank Math and start taking advantage of it with the Divi theme.

Rank Math Integration with Divi – Installation & Getting Started?

It is an effortless step that you can do on your own with a few simple steps. But let me make your work easier. 

Follow the steps to install and configure Rank Math quickly.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and follow the steps- 

Plugins – Add New – Search Rank Math – Install – Activate Rank Math. 

Rank Math InstallationPin

Quick Note – You can’t use Rank Math with any other SEO plugin because it conflicts with the settings and may badly impact your website rankings.

So, if you are using any other SEO plugin like Yoast, AIO, SEO Press, etc., you have to deactivate them. But don’t worry; you will not lose any SEO settings.

Because Rank Math offers a one-click import option for Yoast, All in SEO, and SEOPress plugin you don’t need to configure your SEO settings again.

Simply run the Rank Math setup wizard and follow the instructions to quickly switch from Yoast, AIO, and SEOPress to Rank Math SEO with a few easy steps. After successful Rank Math quick setup wizard tasks, all sets, you are ready to rock.

Wait a minute, 

If you are going to use the SEO plugin (Rank Math) for the first time, you need to do all the basic and essential SEO settings that Rank Math has in Quick Setup Wizard.

Note – You can always override the initial default settings while creating your content piece.

Now, all set, you have completed the Rank Math Installation and configuration. It feels like a native experience, and the Rank Math SEO option looks like native settings. Well, you are ready to take full advantage of Rank Math and get rid of switching tabs to optimize your content. 

How to Use Rank Math with a Divi Builder?

Divi Rank Math ActionPin

You probably have a Divi builder plugin installed on your site; if not, then do the same. 

Let’s see the Rank Math SEO with Divi theme builder in action. You need to create a blog post or page usually and then edit it with Divi Builder.

On the next page, you can add/delete your content material visually. After adding the entire content material, you can Optimize the following things right there in the Divi visual editor. 

Here you will see all the Rank Math SEO features that are shown in the WordPress Guttenberg editor (classic editor as well) sidebar.

Note – You have to click on Rank Math widgets (available at the bottom of the Divi Editor Page) to access On-Page SEO Features.

Divi Rank Math Edit SnippetsPin

It is the most crucial part of any post or page because when someone searches something on any search engine, only the meta title and meta description show along with URLs.

So, you have to set up eye-catching and current information about your content. If you don’t do the same, then no matter how informative your post is, people will not click it. 

All Divi users can now set custom meta titles and meta descriptions easily within the Divi editor page. 

You need to click on the Rank Math widget available at the bottom of the page, and it will open a popup box. Now click on the edit snippets set the attractive meta title and meta description, and set the page URL (Permalink).

2. Content Optimization Based on Focus Keyword

Further, you can Optimize your Divi post content with widely used most popular SEO factors and best on-page SEO practices without leaving the editor page. It makes Divi User’s SEO effective and improves search ranking as well.

Here are the factors (divided into 5 parts) that you will see for content optimization.

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1. Focus Keyword – You can add up to 5 keywords (including LSI keywords) to optimize your content for getting a better search ranking. You can also set this blog post as Pillar Content right there.

Divi Rank Math Focus KeywordsPin

2. Basic SEO – Keyword placement in the SEO title & meta description, first 10% for your content, and length of your content.

Divi RankMath Basic SEOPin

3. Additional – Keywords insertion in heading, image ALT tag, internal link, external link as well as it should be a do-follow link.

Divi Rank Math AdditionalPin

4. Title Readability – Use focus keywords, power words, positive/negative words, and numbers in your post title.

Divi Rank Math Title ReadabilityPin

5. Content Readability – Use a table of contents, short paragraphs, and visuals (image, video) in your content. 

Divi Rank math Content ReadabilityPin

Note – If you are using your focus keywords at the right place, then all points become green. If not, then you have to fix them accordingly. 

3. Advanced Setting & Enabling Schema Type (Structured Data)

Divi Rank Math Schema TypePin

You can add Robots Meta, Advanced Robots Meta, and Canonical URLs for individual posts on the page on which you are working.

Schema markup helps Google bots understand your post type and improve your blog ranking. That’s why you need to set it correctly as per the post material. 

Rank Math has a 13+ Schema type that you can add and configure to your Divi post/page accordingly without leaving the current tab. 

You can learn more about adding Schema Markup here to change the appearance of your site in search results and boost your traffic faster. 

4. Custom Meta Title and Description for Social Share

Divi Rank Math Social Media SharePin

Nowadays, social media is the best and most massive traffic-driving platform for any kind of business or website. So, you can utilize them by sharing attractive and click-worthy posts. 

So, all Divi users are allowed to use the rank math social share feature to customize their posts as they want to show on social media as they get shared. 

You can easily set the custom title and description for social media (Facebook, Twitter) to each post and page within the Divi editor page. Apart from that, you can add a custom image and icon overlay to the thumbnail for social media.

Note – Don’t use icon overlay to thumbnail because it increases the CTR on Facebook and has a chance to get penalized. 

5. FAQs Schema and Breadcrumbs

Divi Rank Math FAQ SchemaPin

As we all know, Schema Markup (Structured Data) helps search engine bots understand your website’s content and improve your search performance faster.

That is why Rank Math stands one step ahead and makes life easier for its users. Rank Math offers FAQs Schema (to win feature snippets) that you can enable in Divi theme Builder, which automatically gets added to Divi Accordion Widgets. 

Apart from that, you can add the breadcrumbs in each post and pages made with Divi Builder. Before you take advantage of this function, you need to enable the breadcrumbs setting in Rank Math. 

Just Login into WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > General Settings > Breadcrumbs Enable this function and click to save your changes. 

Rank Math BreadcrumbsPin

Now copy the Rank Math Breadcrumbs shortcode and place it on your Divi page as you want to display it. 

Over to You 

That is all in Rank Math Integration with Divi Builder. Although Divi is a favorite page builder for many digital entrepreneurs across the world and now Rank Math integration makes it more powerful. 

If you want to taste this integration advantage, you can grab the Divi builder and start creating SEO-friendly websites today. 

If you like this post, let’s share it because it motivates me to bring more informative posts for you. 

Happy Blogging.

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