Rank Math Content AI Review 2023 | Leverage the Power of AI Within WordPress

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Are you looking for Rank Math Content AI review before you get started Then you have come to the right place, you will get all the information regarding your question such as,

  • What is Rank Math Content AI?
  • How does it work?
  • How to use Rank Math Content AI?
  • Why you should use Rank Math Content AI?  

I will try to clear all your doubts regarding Rank Math Content AI usability to enhance blog SEO performance and maximize your productivity.

So, stay with me till the end,

As well know AI is taking place in all the industry and providing outstanding results to every kind of business. People are leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to grow their business. 

In such a case why not in the blogging field? So, you can see plenty of AI Tools have been launched to perform SEO, write blog posts, create a website, enable automated chatbots, and much more.

Almost every service provider is integrating AI in their tools, platform, SaaS, etc. to automate workflow to provide better results.

As we all know, WordPress powers 43% (one-third of the web) of websites available on the internet along with a great 65% market share in content management systems (CMS) available in the market.   

So we can say that WordPress is quite a popular content management system (open-source and free to use) that offers an easy-to-use interface with a lot of possibilities to launch and grow your online business effortlessly.

Apart from that WordPress support third-party tools such as plugins, themes, and shameless integration with other tools that create opportunity for other service providers to provide better tools to overcome many problems during website creation or launching an online business to the WordPress user. 

So, in today’s post, I have come up with a Rank Math Content AI review which is the product (part of) of the Rank Math SEO plugin. Before we get on the topic let’s have a short information about Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math Content AI ReviewPin

What is Rank Math?

Rank Math is a well-known powerful WordPress SEO plugin that provides a variety of SEO features to enhance your blog performance effortlessly.

It was founded by the most popular theme and marketplace called “Mythemeshop” back in 2018. Since then Rank Math consistently added tons of unique features and functionality to skyrocket your blog performance. 

Rank Math has currently over 2M+ active installations with an amazing 4.9-star rating (based on 5966 reviews) given by their trusted user which shows Rank Math’s reliability and usability across the globe. 

I have written a detailed Rank Math review that you can check out to learn more about this awesome SEO plugin and take your blog performance to the next level. 

Overall you can say that Rank Math helps you to optimize your blog post by considering multiple on-page SEO factors such as optimizing heading, meta description, keyword density, adding LSI keywords, SEO score, readability score, internal/ external linking, adding schema, and much more. 

Apart from that, you can automate image SEO, and social sharing, generate an updated XML sitemap, and integrate Google Search Console and G4 (formerly Google Analytics) to monitor blog performances in the WordPress dashboard.

In other words, you can say that Rank Math comes with plenty of unique features and functionality that help you monitor blog performance, optimize content, and maximize SEO productivity to improve the search ranking of your business faster.

Now, I will take you to the main topic and introduce Rank Math’s amazing product called Content AI. 

The purpose of this review is to provide detailed information about Rank Math Content AI and its features & functionality, ease of use, pricing, and plans to help potential users understand the capabilities and limitations of Rank Math Content AI and determine if it is the right tool for their needs.

So, let’s get started,

What is Rank Math Content AI?

As the name talks about “Content AI” which means it is going to be your AI-powered personal assistant while producing SEO-optimized content for your business. Rank Math Content AI is focused on helping digital marketers create high-quality SEO-friendly content effortlessly. 

Rank Math Content AI was founded back in 2022 and seamlessly integrated with their WordPress SEO Plugin and helps you to perform content research for the given keywords and country to outrank your competitors. 

Content AI provides deep analytics data such as content length, link structure, FAQs, use of visual assets, missing keywords, and much more to help you optimize your content further. 

Recently, Rank Math Content AI came in a new “Avatar” and was revamped with a lot of new features and functionality as well as added 40+ AI Tools that will increase your productivity dramatically. 

Before I take you to the Rank Math Content AI Features and Functionality let’s have a short overview of how it works,

How Does it Work?

How Does Content AI WorksPin

Content AI is the stand-alone feature that comes with the Rank Math SEO plugin whether you are using Rank Math Free or Rank Math Pro. Just you need to purchase Content AI credits to use its features and functionality hassle-free. That means you don’t need a Rank Math Pro Plan to use Content AI Also remember that Content AI is not free for any type of Rank Math Premium Subscription. 

If are an active subscriber of the Content AI plan you can perform keyword research based on targeted keywords and countries to optimize content further and improve your blog performance whether you are using Rank Math FREE or PRO. 

When you enter the primary keyword (select target location) and click the Research button, Rank Math Content AI will connect to the AI server to fetch and display a bunch of dynamic rich data based on a ranking article to optimize your content further.

Note – Each time you perform (refresh data) keyword research, it will consume 500 credits from your credit limit (as per subscription). You can buy more credit if you have used all available credit limits or wait for the remaining days in the month to get a credit updation. 

Also, keep in mind that the credit limit is available for the current month and will not be rolled over in the next month. When you exhaust your credit limit, you must have to wait for next month or buy the higher plan. 

Remember, all the credit can be used on a single site or set a limit for other connected sites as per your requirements. To do this, you must have a Rank Math SEO Business Plan.

Let’s move ahead and see what features and functionality Rank Math Content AI offers and how it helps you to optimize blog posts and increase your productivity,

Rank Math Content AI Features & Functionality

Let me explain to you that Content AI has three main parts, the first one is keyword research, the second one is content creation and the last one is RankBot – Your Personal assistant.

First, we will learn about Rank Math Content AI keyword research features. Although the Rank Math SEO plugin helps you do on-page SEO based on various best SEO practices individually.

However, Content AI opens up more optimization possibilities for you so that you keep yourself one step ahead of your competitors. Content AI comes with plenty of features and functionality to write, optimize, and improve your content quality in less time.

Let’s move ahead and see them one by one,

A. Keyword Research (Content Optimization)

Rank Math Content AI Content AnalysisPin

In addition to on-page SEO, you can perform keyword research for primary keywords based on targeted location using Rank Math Content AI and optimize your content further to outrank your competitors.

When you perform keyword research Content AI will connect to the Rank Math AI server. The server will collect relevant SEO data from various resources based on top-ranking articles and display more concise data for your content.

These data contain,

  • Word Count: This shows the length of the article (content word count).
  • Link Count: This shows the number of links to be used.
  • Heading Count: Again it shows the number of headings to be used.
  • Media Count: It shows the number of visual assets (media) to be used. 

These data give you a broad content optimization suggestion for your current article structure that must be achieved for better search ranking in the search engines.

Apart from that Rank Math Content AI offers some more data that enhances your blog performance. It includes the following,

  • Keywords: Here you will find the list of keywords (number of times used) that you have used/ not used in the article, heading, SEO title, and SEO description. You can see the keywords ad competition, CPC, and search volume by hovering cursor on available keywords. Apart from that you have some more list of related keywords that can be used to make your content more SEO-friendly. 
  • Questions: As we all know adding FAQs accelerates search ranking as most people look for accurate answers to their questions on Google. In such cases if you are adding questions in your content that will boost your search visibility. So, Content AI shows the most relevant question that should be added to your blog post to increase SERPs.
  • Links: Adding links (external/ internal) to your blog post is quite helpful to redirect your audience to the other website or provide extra information related to your content topic. So, in the links tab, you will get a list of external links that should be added to your content for extra information.

By using this data you can optimize your content more efficiently and save some time for more tasks. You can analyze your content deficiencies and improve them for better search results.

Note: As we all know getting better search ranking depends on various ranking factors so these suggestions are only for your information, it does not guarantee that your content will 100% rank in the Google Search Result. 

Now, let’s move ahead to the next point which is content creation with the help of Rank Math Content AI.

B. Rank Math Content AI – Content Creation

Content is the backbone of any blog are website and you will see One of the biggest challenges in blogging is creating content for your product or services. Writing an article consumes too much time compared to other tasks.

In such cases either you hire a content writer or use reliable SEO Content Writing AI Tools to save your time. But the problem is that both options might be costly for you. 

You may get some affordable AI writing tools but you will have to face a lot of hectic work such as using different platforms, performing SEO checks, copying & pasting to the WordPress editor, and much more.

But don’t worry!!

Rank Math Content AI Tools is going to be a game changer as you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create multiple types of SEO-friendly & engaging content within WordPress.

To do so you don’t have to install any extra WordPress plugins or integrate any third-party apps. This will help you to maintain the current website speed and save some storage on your server. 

Here are some essential features & functionalities that come with Content AI Editor (available with pre-designed AI Tools). You must know about them and follow them while creating content with Rank Math Content AI to get the best results, 

C. Generate Custom Content

By using Rank Math Content AI you can create any type of content in a few clicks. You just need to enter short instructions, set the content tone, provide focus keywords, and define content length to direct Content AI for generating accurate and target content. 

After that click on the generate button, in a few seconds, Rank Math Content AI will display multiple copies of content around your primary keyword based on your instructions. Just copy & paste content anywhere or click to insert that text in the existing blog post.

Apart from that If you want to make this process faster then Rank Math’s Content AI covers all for you. You can use their predefined AI tools to create needful content and save much time for other tasks.

Let’s learn more about predefined Content AI writer

I. Rank Math Content AI Writing Tools  

Content AI Writing ToolsPin

Rank Math Content AI 2.0 revamped with 40+ new AI tools in addition to keyword research (content analysis) that will help you create multiple types of content faster than ever before.

That means you have dedicated tools for every type of content that you ever need to create content for your blog post, optimizing old posts, social media content, marketing content, and many more.

Here is the list of some essential content types that you can create with Rank Math Content AI,

  • Blog Post Idea
  • Blog Post Outline
  • Blog Post Description
  • Blog Post Conclusion
  • Post & SEO Title
  • SEO Meta Description
  • Content Paragraph
  • Text Summarizer
  • Product Description
  • Product Pors & Cons
  • Product Review
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Personal Bio
  • Testimonials
  • Job Description
  • Social Media Post & Reply
  • Email
  • YouTube Video Script
  • YouTube Video Description
  • Podcast Episode Outline
  • And Much More

The best part of these AI tools is that they are well organized in various categories (based on their usage) such as SEO, Blog, Marketing and sales, eCommerce, and Miscellaneous so that you never waste time searching for them.

Overall I can say that these AI tools are amazing and will increase your productivity as well as save much time while creating content for your blog or business marketing purpose. 

When you click on any AI tools you will see a popup containing an easy-to-use interface to generate content for your business requirements. You are also allowed to enter some essential details related to your topic to get the best and most targeted outputs. 

Here are they,

II. Import Setting Available in AI Tools

Here is a list of some important settings available for Content AI Tools as well as in the content editor that can be utilized to create targeted, relevant, and more accurate content faster than ever.

  • Title, Description, and Keywords: You are allowed to add a title, focus keyword, and a short description of the content that will help AI to understand your requirements and generate relevant content as you instructed. 
  • Setting Call to Action: When you write a post conclusion, you can choose a call to action type in the instruction field (use pre-defined or select custom type) that will be added to the generated text that will help visitors take action after consuming your content.
  • Define Content Tone: You can also add multiple types of writing tones such as formal, casual, conversational, creative, technical, analytical, and many more, and styles such as listicle, review, tutorial, case study, news, guide, story-telling, interview, podcast, etc. that you want to describe best for your generated text.
  • Write for Targeted Audience: While generating content with the help of Content AI, you can set the target audience such as students, professionals, entrepreneurs, social media user, job seekers, investors, entrepreneurs, travelers, and many more that is described best for consuming your content.
  • Set Language and Number of Output: Rank Math Content AI supports multiple languages that you can set as a preferred language such as US English, UK English, German, Chinese, Danish, French, Greek, Italian etc. in which you want to generate your content. You can also define the number of outputs that will generated after providing relevant input.
  • Set length of Output Content: You are also allowed to set the length of output content from Short/ Medium/ Long options and Content AI will generate text accordingly. When you select these options you will get 1-2 sentences in Short, 3-4 sentences in Medium, and a minimum of 5 sentences in long. 

After providing all the essential details for generating text outputs, just click on the “Generate” button or Keyboard Shortcut CTRL+/ and wait for a few seconds for output. 

You can copy the most suitable generated text and paste it wherever you want or click to insert it into the existing post (either in the Content AI editor or WordPress block editor). 

III. Dedicated Content Editor 

Content AI Dedicated EditorPin

Apart from creating content, Rank Math Content AI comes with a dedicated content editor that really wins my heart. Using this functionality you can create any type of content separately and use it wherever you want. 

The content AI editor looks like same as the WordPress block editor that can be utilized for writing new content or optimizing old content. The content written in Content AI can be copied as text, copied as a block, and added as a new blog post in a single click. 

IV. Command Centre

content ai command centerPin

You can access the command center by just typing double slash (//) or clicking on the Content AI icon available in the WordPress block editor’s toolbar.

It is one of the most attractive features of Rank Math Content AI that will overwhelm you. I mean to say that apart from creating content, you can utilize Content AI to modify your existing content that you already have on your blog. 

You can use the Content AI command center functionality for Writing More Content, Improving Content Readability, Summarizing Articles, Writing Analogies, and Fixing Grammatical Errors in your content faster than ever before.  

The Command Center feature can be accessed by clicking on the Content AI icon available in WordPress Editor as well as from the Rank Math Content AI Editor. 

Comand Center InterfacePin

V. Prompts Library

It is nothing but a collection of professionally curated 125+ content-type shortcuts that you ever need to create targeted content with creativity in a few clicks. Apart from that you can set the custom prompts for future use that will save you time and increase your productivity. 

These are the amazing features and functionality of Rank Math Content AI editor which are quite helpful while creating content as well as enhancing existing articles. 

content ai prompt libraryPin

Now move to the next amazing feature called “RankBot – Your Personal Assistant”. Let’s get started, 

D. RankBot – Your Personal Assistant: 

It is an intuitive functionality that comes with Content AI. RankBot is a chatbot assistant that you can use for topic research to meet your marketing goal. 

It helps you quickly find relevant data related to your article so that you can write more and manage your workflow smoothly. You just need to provide some text or use predefined prompts and RankBot will show you all the essential information related to your query. 

Apart from that you can also create and manage multiple RankBot chat sessions for your content analysis more efficiently to boost your productivity.  

content ai rankbotPin

Either you take ideas from generated results OR use them in your content in single clicks. Content AI RankBot is available in the Dedicated Editor as well as in the WordPress Block/ Classic Editor that you can use to improve your content and increase your productivity.

These are the main features and functionality available in Rank Math Content AI that can help you create more blog posts/ marketing material/ optimize existing content/ improve content readability & SEO Score to get the best result in Google SERPs.

Now we will move ahead and see how to use Rank Math Content AI for content creation or optimization.

Note: Currently Rank Math is offering a 30-day FREE Trial of Content AI with a new purchase of Rank Math Pro and an extra 1.5x credits when you purchase a new Content AI subscription.

How to Use Rank Math Content AI 

As I told you earlier, Content AI is a separate tool that is seamlessly integrated with Rank Math SEO Plugin. So you just need to install Rank Math Free and get a subscription (credits) to take full advantage of Content features and functionality.

No, matter whether you are using Free or have Rank Math Pro you can use Content AI based on available credits as per subscription type. Here are some steps that you need to follow to get started with Rank Math Content AI.

The setup process of Content AI is quite simple and instant so any newbie can also do the same to get started with Rank Math Content AI SEO writer as quickly as possible.

Here is the list of steps that you need to follow,  

A. Install Rank Math SEO Plugin 

Rank Math SEO InstallationPin

Step 1: Install the Rank Math SEO Plugin from the WordPress plugin library. To do this go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugin > Add New > Search for Rank Math > Install and Activate Rank SEO Plugin.

Step 2: After installing and activating Rank Math SEO, you need to connect your ank Math account via Google Account and then utilize the setup wizard to configure Rank Math SEO Settings. 

Step 3: After configuring Rank Math SEO settings, go to Rank Math SEO > Dashboard > Enable Content AI Module. After that you will see another menu under Rank Math Called Content AI. 

Now you are ready to use the Content AI features and functionality to create quality content and optimize your existing content if you feel to do so.

Note: If you are going to use the SEO plugin for the first time then you need to configure Rank Math SEO plugin settings once. If you are migrating from another SEO plugin then you just need to import the previous SEO plugin setting with a very easy-to-use Rank Math import/ export function.  

B. Access Content AI Features

There are multiple ways to access Content AI features and functionality from your WordPress Dashboard after enabling the Content AI module. 

Method 1: Using Content AI Dashboard

Content AI Dedicated EditorPin

You can use Rank Math Content AI Tools and other features from the dedicated Content AI Dashboard by going to WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math SEO > Content AI. Here you will see all the 40+ AI tools well categorized based on requirements. 

Select any of them and start creating your content for your business requirements. You can also use the dedicated Content AI editor to write content before using it in the WordPress block/ classic editor. 

You will get all the features and functionality (except keyword research) for creating content here as I discussed earlier. Either you write your own or take the help of Content AI tools as well as RankBot assistant to make your content writing job easier. 

When You complete writing, you are allowed to copy the entire content as text/ block and insert them wherever you want. Apart from that you can also import entire content in the WordPress block editor as a New Post in a single click.

Method 2: Using WordPress Block/ Classic Editor

Using Content AI in WordPressPin

You are also allowed to use all the features (including KeywordResearch & RankBot) of Content AI in the WordPress Block/ Classic Editor smoothly.

To do so go to Add New Post and click on the Content AI icon as shown in the image below. Here you will get four tabs that you can use as per your requirements. Here are they,

  • 1. Research: In this tab, you can perform keyword research based on different locations and optimize (based on given data) your content for better search ranking in Google SERPs.
  • 2. Write: Using this tab you can create content for your blog post, just provide some details here and click to generate the required content quickly.
  • 3. AI Tools: In this tab, you will find 40+ AI Toos for maximizing your productivity. Just select one of them as per your need to create the required content in a just few steps.
  • 4. RankBot: By using this you can research your topic and get ideas for creating and optimizing your content further for better search results.

Note: If you are unable to see the Content AI features inside the WordPress editor then you can access it by clicking on the Three Dots menu available top right corner.

It is all about Rank Content AI features and functionality including 40+ AI tools now it is time to explain some strong reasons for using Content AI on your blog or website.

So, without any further delay let’s get started,

Strong Reasons to Use Rank Math Content AI

As we all know Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking place in our day-to-day life tasks and people are unleashing the power of AI to accelerate their work efficiency as well as save time. 

In such a case why should you keep yourself behind with new trends? As a blogger, we all know the pain behind creating high-quality, SEO-friendly articles.

Writing a blog post takes a lot of time and requires a huge effort in doing topic research, analyzing search results, and many more things to deliver valuable content to your audience as well as make them rankable in search engines. 

But it is not going to happen anymore, 

Now you can reduce your workload and save time by using Rank Math SEO, and its intuitive content AI tools dramatically. Rank Math Content AI comes with plenty of features and functionality that help you research, create, and optimize your content very efficient and effortless manner. 

We have already gone through Content AI features and functionality and now here are some strong reasons that you must try to Rank Math Content AI once.

Let’s see them one by one,

1: Ease of Use 

content ai user interfacePin

As above we have discussed that Rank Math Content AI comes with a lot of features and functionality that you can use to create quality content as quickly as possible. 

The best part of Content AI is that all the features and functionalities are well-organized and available in different categories based on their usage in one place.

The user interface of Rank Math Content AI SEO Tools is immaculate and all the functions are easily navigable so that you never waste your time searching them as and when they are required to use. 

Whether you want to use 40+ SEO AI Writer, Content Editor, RankBot Assistant Keyword Research, and many more, all are available in a few clicks within a dedicated dashboard. Even if you are not from a tech background, you can also use Rank Math Canotent AI quite smoothly and efficiently.

2: WordPress Integration

It is one of the best parts of Rank Math Content AI Writing Tools that you don’t need to visit a separate website or platform to create content for your business needs. Everything is available within your WordPress dashboard.

Apart from that you don’t need to install an extra WordPress plugin because Content AI is part of the Rank Math SEO Plugin that can be enabled or disabled in a single click. In such cases, It will save some disk space as well as reduce page loading time. 

Whether you use Content AI dedicated interface (Dashboard) or WordPress Block Editor/ Classic Editor, you have full access to each feature and functionality of Rank Math Content AI without any restrictions. 

3: Third-Party Integration

content ai elementor integrationPin

As you know Rank Math SEO is fully compatible with almost every WordPress Theme, Plugin, and Page Builder as well as seamlessly integrated with a variety of third-party tools (apart from WordPress core features and functionality). 

As a Content AI Writer is part of Rank Math, you can take full advantage of all the Content AI SEO Tools features and functionality without any conflict and limitations.

Rank Math Content AI Writing Tools smoothly work with different types of other WordPress tools and software. Currently, Rank Math Content AI supports Elementor website builder & Divi page builder along with the widely used Content writing tool “Grammarly”.

When you use Rank Math Content AI writing tools, you have limitless opportunities to create, optimize, and improve your content quality to get better results on Google SERPs.   

4: Create Targeted Content

content ai seo optimized contentPin

No matter in which business you are in, Rank Math Content AI SEO tools meet all your content requirements. It provides plenty of features and functionality to create SEO-friendly content effortlessly. 

Whether you want to 

  • Create a Blog Post 
  • Improve the quality of Existing Content 
  • Write Product Reviews 
  • Do Keyword/ Topic Research 
  • Write Email Content
  • Generate Article Outline
  • Social Media Content
  • Create Marketing Content
  • And Much More 

Everything is just one click away just provide relevant instruction to AI and it will produce to-the-point content in front of you. 

Apart from that you are also allowed to target, specific locations, languages, audiences from different industries, etc. along with setting your writing tone to get a perfect copy of the content that actually your customer wants.

5: Create SEO Title & Meta Description

Content AI Generator SEO MetaPin

Apart from creating content for your blog post, you can also generate SEO titles, and meta descriptions in a single click. Just click on the edit snippet button inside the WordPress editor and click on the “Generate with AI” button. 

Rank Math Content AI will write eye-catching and clickable titles and meta descriptions for your existing blog post in a few seconds. You can also narrow down the output results by providing some data here.

There is another amazing feature called “Bulk Writing of Title and Meta Description” that you don’t want to miss. Content AI SEO tools let you write enhanced titles & meta descriptions for all your previously published posts in bulk effortlessly and in a few clicks.  

6: Retain History for Future Use

content ai historyPin

It is another amazing feature you are going to love. Rank Math Content AI allows you to retain all the content history that you have generated. 

So, you are not going to lose essential content anymore, and can be used in the future as per requirements.

It can be time-saving to increase your productivity as well as Content AI credits saving for more content creation and content analysis in the future. 

7: Dedicated Customer Support

The customer support system is one of the deciding factors for the usage of any products and services. No matter how good the product is if you are not getting proper support then stop and think little about it.

But don’t worry!!

With Rank Math Content AI you will get 24×7 dedicated customer support till your problem gets solved. Whenever you face any issue just raise a ticket by email and you will get the right solution for your problem. 

Apart from that you can take the help of their huge knowledgebase for common issues such as configuring settings, using Content AI SEO tools, etc. 

8: Competitive Pricing Structure

The pricing structure of any product and service is another deciding factor whether you use that product or not for your business requirement. 

But Rank Math Content AI comes with very competitive pricing and offers different types of plans with different price tags that you can purchase according to your needs and budgets. 

Rank Math Content AI starter plan starts at just $3.99/Month and goes up to $12.99/Month based on the number of credits/Month.

Rank Math Content AI Pricing and Plans

Rank math Content AI PricingPin

As told above, Content AI comes with a very comparative pricing that you can easily afford at the initial stage. 

Currently, you will see three types of plans with different price tags called Starter, Creator, and Expert that you can purchase according to your business needs and budget. 

Every plan has the same features & functionality along with 24×7 premium support. The only difference you will see is the number of AI credits/Month. 

Here is the Rank Math Content AI Plan and Pricing structure for your better understanding,

  • Starter: You can get this plan costs $3.99/Month which includes 5,000 7,500 AI Credits/Month.
  • Creator: This plan comes at the price of $7.99/Month which includes 12,000 18,000 AI Credits/Month.
  • Expert: You can this plan subscription at the price of $12.99/Month which includes 30,000 45,000 AI Credits/Month.

Apart from that, all plans include the following,

  • Unlimited Websites & User Seats
  • Over 40+ Tailored AI Tools
  • 125+ Curated AI Prompt Templates 
  • RankBot: Your Dedicated SEO Ally
  • 24/7 Premium Support

Note: Currently, Rank Math is offering 1.5x Content AI Credits for a limited period that you must garb now. This offer is available for only new users which means existing Content AI subscribers will not get extra AI Credits benefits.

Comparison with Other Content Writing AI Tools

It is always good to compare some other tools before you get started with Rank Math Content AI SEO Tools. But don’t worry I have taken all the pain for you and providing the comparison table for you so that you can make the right decision. 

Here is the feature comparison of Content AI with other AI SEO Tools available in the market. 

FeaturesContent AIChatGPTCopy.AIJasperWriterSonic
WordPress Integration
Rank Math Integartion
Unlimited User
SEO Optimized Content
Competitor Research
Annual Pricing$47.88$240$432$468$152

By seeing the comparison table you can easily figure out that Rank Math Content AI is far better than other AI Writing Tools available in the market. 

Whether it is features and functionality or annual pricing Content AI would be the perfect choice for you.   

Pros and Cons of Using Rank Math Content AI

Nothing is perfect in this world so it may be possible that the products and services are you going to buy have some positive and negative points. 

So, I didn’t want to keep you blind side because Rank Math Content AI comes with numerous amazing features but has a few drawbacks.

Let me explain the Pros of using Content AI SEO Tools and then move to the Cons of using them.

Pros of Using Rank Math Content AI

  • Easy and Clean User Interface
  • Minimal Setup Process
  • 40+ Built-In AI Tools
  • 125+ Predefined Prompts
  • Command Center for Content Enhancement
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Suggestions for Content Optimization
  • Bulk AI SEO Content Generator
  • Unlimited Website Usage (Based on AI Credits Limit)
  • Content History for Future Use
  • RankBot- A Writing Assistant
  • Seamless Integration
  • Affordable Pricing
  • And Much More

Cons of Using Rank Math Content AI

  • Rigorous Content Writer May Feel Less AI Credits.
  • For New Topics You May Not Get the Right Suggestions.
  • It Requires Basic SEO Knowledge to Generate a Perfect Content Copy.
  • Generated Content May Require a Human Touch Before Publishing.
  • No, Call and Live Chat Support. 

The Cons of Using Rank Math Content AI do not seem too negative which stops you from using it for business needs. Just give it a try once and I am quite sure that you will never disappoint. 

FAQs Related to Rank Math Content AI

Q1. What Is Rank Math?

A: Rank Math is a leading WordPress SEO Plugin that offers a lot of features and functionality to perform on-page SEO and optimize your blog post to get better search visibility in Google search results.

Q2. What is Rank Math Content AI?

A: Content AI is the product & part of the Rank Math SEO plugin that enables you to write a variety of content, do live content analysis, and optimize existing content by unleashing the power of AI within your WordPress Dashboard.

Q3. Is Rank Math Content AI Free to Use?

A: Yes, but you need to buy a Content AI Subscription to any of their plans to take full advantage of its features and functionality. But, when you buy Rank Math Pro (for new customers) you will get a 30-day free trial of Content AI.

Q3. What are the key Features of Rank Math Content AI?

A: The key features of Rank Math Content AI include detailed content analysis, keyword suggestions, a variety of content creation (40+ AI Tools and 125+ Content Writing Prompts), and features for enhancing the quality of existing articles to create SEO-friendly content faster and increase your productivity.

Q4. Is Rank Math Content AI Easy to Use?

A: Yes, Rank Math Content AI has a simple, clean user interface and every feature is well-organized so that you can navigate them as and when they require. You will also get seamless integration with almost every WordPress tool for smooth use without any limitations. 

Q5. Is There a Learning Curve for Using Rank Math Content AI?

A: Although Rank Math Content AI is designed to be user-friendly and comes with one-click content creation tools, however, you may require essential knowledge of basic SEO to get better results.

Final Thought on Rank Math Content AI Review

That is all about Rank Math Content AI review and I have covered almost everything that you must know before you start using this amazing tool on your dream project.

Rank Math Content AI is the one-stop solution for AI writing tools to create content, optimize existing content for search engines, as well as boost your writing productivity faster than ever.

Its offer user-friendly interface, powerful features, seamless integration with WordPress, and affordability make it a first choice for WordPress bloggers who are looking to improve their search engine rankings. 

You can perform accurate and effective content analysis to get perfect SEO optimization suggestions in a few seconds. Rank Math Content AI also enables you to write content and optimize old content to enhance blog ranking and increase your productivity.

No matter Whether you’re a beginner or professional, the Rank Math Content AI can help you improve your blog search engine rankings and optimize your content for maximum visibility and engagement.

Overall Rank Math Content AI is the complete suite of AI Copywriting for anyone who is looking to write SEO-optimized content faster and improve the SEO of their website, It would be the perfect tool available in your budget. 

I hope you find Rank Math Content AI Review helpful and consider sharing it so that others can also take advantage of it. The process will take a few seconds but it motivates me to write more informative content in the future. If have any questions or suggestions then let me know in the comment box.

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2 thoughts on “Rank Math Content AI Review 2023 | Leverage the Power of AI Within WordPress”

  1. Hi Archana,
    Quite an impressive and very detailed post to read about Rank Math Content AI. I know quite a lot of AI tools that could work as Content Generators but I always had a doubt that content written with those tools would be risky and could cause Google Penalty. Thank You for the detailed review. Time to give a try to Rank Math’s awesome feature.

  2. My thoughts: To change from credits to a yearly subscription shows a lot of greed. The RANK MATH is dead for many users with the change. It is a clear disadvantage to change to a subscription role and should have the remark in your summary.


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