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Are you an affiliate marketer? Are you a WordPress user? Then this post is only for you. Keep on reading, here you are going to learn about an amazing WordPress tool that will make your affiliate marketing journey quite smooth.

Nowadays, Blogging is becoming quite popular and many bloggers are generating passive income by monetizing their blogs with different types of earning methods. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the that is most popular among bloggers. If you are in the blogging industry then you know affiliate marketing very well. 

Almost every blogger has partnered with multiple WordPress service providers and making money by promoting affiliates’ products and services through their blog or website. 

To do so, first, you need to sign up for an affiliate program and get the affiliate links to place into your blog post. But here is the problem, you need to log in affiliate dashboard for the affiliate links whenever you need them for your upcoming blog post

Additionally, almost all affiliate links are long and complex, making them look ugly and spammy when shared. In such a case, you need to organize all the affiliate’s links in one place and shorten the links for better results and increase link clicks. 

You can make this process super easy by using a specialized link manager tool that helps you manage all your affiliate links in one place as well as provide link-shortener features. 

So, here I am going introduce you to an excellent WordPress plugin called “ClickWhale 🐳” which dramatically changed the way you manage affiliate links and shorten them efficiently.

This ClickWhale review aims to provide various key features, benefits, and usability of ClickWhale Link Manager, helping you make an informed decision about this essential tool.

So without any further delay let’s get started,

What is ClickWhale?

ClickWhale Link Manger PluginPin

As we all know effective management can reduce your workload and save time as well. ClickWhale Plugin is a versatile platform equipped with an array of features tailored to meet the demands of bloggers and digital marketers seeking an efficient link manager.  

ClickWhale Pro was founded by the team behind “AAWP – A Prefect Amazon Affiliate Plugin” who are committed to delivering perfect WordPress tools that minimize workload and save time for digital entrepreneurs. 

AAWP launched the ClickWhale Free Plugin in Dec 2022 with limited and basic features whereas its Pro version was launched in Jul 2023  to provide the best user experience and better usability.

The ClickWhale Plugin comes with a wide range of features that make it a powerful link management tool for both beginners and seasoned digital marketers. 

It offers robust link management, link-shortener, and tracking capabilities, enabling users to manage and monitor the performance of their affiliate links more efficiently.

The features of the ClickWhale Plugin are divided into four parts (Link Manager, Link Tracking,  Link Page, and Tracking Codes) that you can use according to your needs.

Let’s have a look at the ClickWhale Features and functionality,

ClickWhale Features and Functionality

You will get almost everything that every link manager tool must have for effective affiliate link management. But ClickWhale offers more than that which you will never get with other plugins available in the market.

When you install the ClickWhale Plugin you will get the ability to,

  • Manage all affiliate links in different categories
  • Create a link page for your social media profile
  • Add tracking code such as Google Analytics, etc
  • Track affiliate link performance and much more

So, if you are looking for the all-in-one link manager then ClickWhale is the #1 choice for you. Now let’s have a short overview of each feature of ClickWhale and how it works.

Link ManagerPin

You may have joined various affiliate programs and have different types of links for each product. In such a case, you need to manage them systematically so that you can find them easily whenever you require them. 

So here is where ClickWhale Link Manager came to play an important role and enable users to short all affiliate links in readable & branded URLs and organize them in different categories. 

You are also allowed to define the link title, link slug, and redirection type (301, 302, 303, 307, 308) as well as mark as nofollow & noindex or sponsored for each affiliate link and save them in different categories according to your preference.

Apart from that you can also use the click tracking & UTM parameter (Pro Feature) for tracking link performance more efficiently.

This is quite an amazing feature that lets you manage all your affiliate links in a category-based format for easy access to those links as and when you need them. 

Link PagePin

Nowadays, social media are playing an important role in product marketing, driving traffic, and increasing sales for every kind of business. So, every business owner and digital marketer is leveraging the power of social media then as an affiliate marketer why not you? 

In such cases, you can also add your website link to your profile to drive organic traffic to your business. But the problem is that almost every social media platform allows you to add only one link to your profile.

But don’t worry!! You don’t have to use any third-party link page maker or install any extra plugin to create a professional-looking link page for your social media use.

ClickWhale Link Page feature allows you to create a custom link page where you can add multiple business links, social media links, specific post/ page links, and other information for your audience to get more traffic to increase sales.

Apart from that ClickWhale Link Page has multiple customization options to match the link page with your brand and an SEO option for search engine visibility that you can use as per your business need. 

After creating a wonderful Link page just add it to your social media profile and start driving traffic to your business as well as other platforms where you want. 

ClickWhale Link Performance DataPin

It is one of the best features that ClickWhale offers to its users. You will get detailed analytics of your link performance so that you can take appropriate action if required. 

By using these features you can monitor the number of clicks for each affiliate link and the number of views for link pages to analyze performance more efficiently within the WordPress dashboard. 

You can also filter these analytics data to find specific data for your links (which anchor text is performing well)  and take required action if needed. 

4: Tracking Code

Tracking CodesPin

Sometimes you need to add tracking code or code snippets like Google Analytics Code, Google AdSense Code, etc. to your website to track website performance.  

Although you can embed these code by using the WordPress theme editor the problem is that when you update the theme your code will be deleted. 

To do so you don’t need to install any extra plugins because ClickWhale provides features to embed all your tracking code more efficiently.

But don’t worry!

It will not happen anymore because ClickWhale Tacking Codes Features enable you to embed any tracking code to your website without hampering your website or theme code in a very efficient way.

You can also be allowed to set the place (Whole website or Specific Page) and location (Before </head>, Before </body>, and after <body>) to insert tracking code and code snippets.

Strong Reason for Using ClickWhale WordPress Plugin

There is no doubt that the ClickWhale plugin is quite beneficial for those who are looking for a perfect tool that helps in managing affiliate links but it is more than that. 

Apart from ClickWhale Link Manager, it provides the facility to create link pages, organize links in preferred categories, and monitor affiliate links and link page performance by installing a single WordPress plugin.

However, here are some other strong reasons that will attract you to try ClickWhale on your blog or website. 

So, let each of them one by one,

  • Free to Use: ClickWhale offers a Free plugin with basic features that you install from the WordPress library and start using it for link management. But if you want more features, functionality, and customization options then you can buy their pro plan according to your needs and budget. 
  • Ease of Use: The clickWhale installation and configuration process are quite simple and any newbie can perform it on their own. Another standout aspect of ClickWhale Link Manager is its clean and user-friendly interface. The navigation is intuitive, and the dashboard is designed for ease of use. The tool’s sleek design and settings accessibility make it a joy to work with, regardless of your level of knowledge.
  • Customization: With the Premium Version ClickWhale offers a more advanced customization option and you have many customization (Color, Add Own Logo, Social Profile Links, etc.) options while creating a link page to match your brand requirements.
  • Integration & Compatibility: No matter which theme and plugin are you using, ClickWhale supports almost all the WordPress tools and works smoothly without any conflict. You don’t need to install an extra plugin or use third-party tools for creating link pages and inserting tracking code throughout your website.
  • URLs Shortner & Monitor Performance: ClickWhale enables you to short any long URL that looks ugly and spammy with a branded name or desired anchor text or branded name and organize them in different categories for easy access. Apart from that you can monitor the link performance (Number of Clicks achieved) within your WordPress dashboard in an efficient way.
  • Easy Migration: ClickWhale offer single click migration features to its user that means if you are using any other plugin like PrettyLinks, BetterLinks, etc. for managing your affiliate link then you can migrate to ClickWhale in a few clicks without losing your link structure.
  • Export/ Import of Links: Well this is quite a beneficial feature that ClickWhale offers to its users who desire to migrate to ClickWhale from other link management plugins. You can easily import (using a CSV file) all the links from other WordPress plugins like PrettyLinks, ThirstyAffiliate, BetterLinks, etc. in a single click without losing your link structure.
  • Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency: By automating various aspects of link management, ClickWhale Link Manager allows you to free up valuable time and resources. This increased efficiency can have a significant impact on your overall productivity and the success of your online efforts.
  • Brand Trust with Quality Support: As ClickWhale is part of AAWP- a well-known Amazon affiliate plugin trusted by thousands of digital marketers, you can trust blindly this powerful link management tool. Apart from that, you will get the same level of support from ClickWhale to resolve any issue via email, and additional support materials such as tutorials and FAQs to get started quickly.
  • Competitive Pricing Structure: ClickWhale Link Manager have a competitive pricing structure and offers 3 types of plan (Based on No. of Site License)  with different pricing tags and type of subscription (Yearly or Lifetime) that you can purchase according to your needs and budgets. Each plan comes with the same features and functionality with support and product updates according to subscription type.
  • 30 Days Refund Policy: At the end, you will get no question-asked, industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee on the ClickWhale Pro Plan. It means if you are not satisfied with their product you can ask for a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Overall you can say that ClickWhale is a one-stop solution for affiliate link management, tracking link performance as well and creating professional-looking link pages for your social media profile to drive decent traffic for your business.

Now you have learned many things about the ClickWhale Plugin and probably you have a question if ClickWhale offers a Free Plugin then why we should buy a ClickWhale Pro subscription?

So, next, I am going to compare ClickWhale Free vs Pro to get a better understanding of the features and functionality available in its Free and Pro versions.

ClickWhale Free vs Pro

I have explained the features and functionality of the ClickWhale WordPress plugin which you can utilize as per your requirements. However, ClickWhale offers a Free Plugin as well as a Pro Version then you must know the difference between ClickWhale Free vs Pro before you start using their products. 

So, here is the comparison table that shows the main difference in terms of features and functionality available in the ClickWhale Free and ClickWhale Pro,

Link Manager
Link Page
Tracking Code
Detailed Statistics
eCommerce Conversion Tracking
Social Profile 
UTM Campaign Tracking
Blog Post Feed
Advanced Customization Option
No Limitation
Remove Plugin Credit
Install FreeBuy Pro
ClickWhale Free vs ProPin

By seeing the above comparison table you can easily determine that ClickWhale Pro comes with many advanced features whereas ClickWhale has only basic features with a lot of limitations.

So, in this condition, I would highly recommend you go with a ClickWhale Pro subscription OR it totally depends on you.

Now it’s time to explain how to get started with ClickWhale,

How to get Started with ClickWhale?

Well, there is no technical knowledge required for installing and configuring ClickWhale in your WordPress website. Just you need to follow the steps to install the ClickWhale Plugin and perform other tasks

Step 1: Installing the ClickWhale Plugin

First of all, you need to log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and head to the plugin menu to install and activate the ClickWhale plugin on your website.

You need to follow this step to install the ClickWhale Plugin from the WordPress dashboard Plugin Menu > Add New Plugin > Search ClcikWhale > Install > Activate.

ClickWhale Plugin InstallationPin

After installing ClickWhale Plugin now you have a Menu “ClcikWhale” with some other sub-menu. Use this sub-menu to configure settings, create a category, create a link page, add tracking code, etc.

Step 2: Configure Default Settings

Before you get started with ClickWhale you need to configure default settings. To do so you need to go to WordPress Dashboard > ClickWhale > Settings

Configure SettingsPin

Here you will get the 3 types of global setting options (more in the Pro version)

General Options – Here you can set ClickWhale plugin global options like redirection type (301, 302, 303, 307, 308), Mark links as Nofollows & Sponsored, Add link prefix, and check mark for not suggesting random slug.

Note: You can set up these settings while adding new affiliate links. However, it is recommended to configure here to save some time. 

Tracking Options: Here you can set ClickWhale plugin global link tracking options such as Tracking duration, Disable tracking and Exclude user’s roles from tracking.

Link Page: Here you can defile the link: target whether it opens a new tab/ window or not.

Note: After adding your affiliate link here you can copy the shortest version of your affiliate link and insert it into your blog post or pages.

Step 3: Creating Category

Next, you have to create a category according to your need for organizing all your affiliate links effectively. To do so you need to go to WordPress Dashboard > ClickWhale > Categories > Add New.

Create CategoryPin

After that here you will see the option to create a new category. Now provide the category title, define the slug (short URL), and write a short description about the category. 

After that click on the “Save Category” button to save your changes. You can repeat this process to create more categories if required.

Now it’s time to add some affiliate links to your website using ClickWhale. To do so you need to go to WordPress Dashboard > ClickWhale > Links > Add New.

Adding LinksPin

On this page, you can add link titles, slugs, target URLs, and redirection types as well as mark links as no-follows & sponsored, and write short descriptions about affiliate links.

After that click on the “Save Link” button to save your changes. You can repeat this process to add more links inside your WordPress dashboard.

If you want to create an attractive link page for your social media profile then go to WordPress Dashboard > ClickWhale > Link Pages > Add New.

Create Link PagePin

Here you will find different options to configure settings, add link page content (drag & drop feature), customize link page style, and perform SEO for the link page.

After completing all the tasks just click on the “Save” button to save all your changes. Now copy the link page link and add it to your social media profile.

Step 5: Add Tracking Code

If you have some tracking code or code snippets that are required to be added to your WordPress website then you can add them very easily. Just go to WordPress Dashboard > ClickWhale > Tracking Codes > Add New.

Ading Tracking CodePin

Here you need to provide the tracking code and define some settings such as code position (head or body tag), location (entire website or specific page), exclude user roles, and provide a short description of the tracking code. 

After completing all the tasks just click on the “Save” button to save all your changes. You can repeat this process to add more tracking codes to your website.

Now you have completed all the essential tasks and you are ready to take advantage of ClickWhale features and functionality on your website. 

Apart from that if you upgrade to ClickWhale Pro you can monitor the performance (the number of clicks & views) of your affiliate links and link page more efficiently within the WordPress Dashboard. 

Note: If you looking to maximize your productivity with enhanced Link Management features and functionality then you must try ClickWhale Pro once, and will not regret your choice. Click on the button below and start with ClickWhale Pro. 🐳

It is always good to compare similar devices available in the market to get better deals. So, why not with ClickWhale? Here I have taken the trouble for you and compared ClickWhale with the popular link management tool called “PrettyLinks” to make the right decision.

Overall, PrettyLinks is a good plugin but when you compare it to “ClickWhale” you will get more excellent features and functionality here for free of cost. Creating Link Pages for your social media profile is one of those that you won’t find anywhere.

Here is the comparison table of ClickWhale vs PrettyLinks in terms of free features for better understanding,

Link Management
Cloaking Affiliate Links
Links categorization
Click Tracking
Link Pages
Visual Customizer
GDPR Compliant
Import 3rd-Party Plugin Links

Now move on to the next topic and see the plan and pricing structure of ClickWhale Pro.

ClickWhale Pricing Structure

Pricing of any products or services is one of the main deciding factors, whether you purchase those products or not. But don’t worry, ClickWhale have a very affordable pricing structure (in terms of features) compared to other plugin available in the market.

ClickWhale offers 3 types of plans (Yearly and lifetime Subscription) with different price tags based on the number of site licenses you will get.

Their basic plan starts at $49/Year for a single-site license and goes up to $199/Year for a 10-site license.

Now let’s have a look at ClickWhale pricing & plan structure, 

FeaturesPlan 1Plan 2Plan 3
Yearly Price$49$99$199
Lifetime Price$149$299$599
License1 Site3 Sites10 Sites
Pro FeatureYesYesYes
Product UpdateYesYesYes
Refund Policy30 Days30 Days30 Days
ClickWhale Pro PricingPin

Note: If you purchase a lifetime subscription to any plan you will get lifetime premium support and product updates free of cost.

So, it depends on you and your budget which plan would be perfect for your business.

What is ClickWhale?

ClickWhale is a WordPress plugin that provides features and functionality to short affiliate URLs and manages them in different categories for easy access. It also enables the user to create link pages for social media profiles and add tracking codes to their website more efficiently.

Is ClickWhale of Free WordPress Plugin?

Yes, ClickWhale offers a Free WordPress Plugin with basic features and limited functionality but you can take full advantage of many other advanced features by getting ClickWhale Pro Subscription.

Why is ClcikWhale a Better Link Manager Plugin?

Apart from Link Manager one of the major aspects of using ClickWhale is that it allows users to create link pages for social media profiles and add tracking codes to their websites without installing any extra plugins.

What is the Benefit of a Link Page in ClickWhale?

By creating a link page you can showcase all your business info, popular products, social media profile, blog feed, etc. on a single page to drive social media traffic to your business and other platforms. 

Does ClickWhale Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, ClickWhale offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the pro subscription which means if you are not satisfied with their products and services you can ask for a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Final Thought on ClickWhale Review

That is all in the ClickWhale Review post and I have tried my best to provide as much information to you so that you can make the right decision whether ClickWhale is perfect for you or not.

In conclusion, ClickWhale Link Manager emerges as a robust and user-friendly tool that simplifies the complexities of link management as well as tacking link performance in an effective manner. 

ClickWhale has numerous advantages like streamlined link management, detailed analytics data of link performance, enhanced productivity, cheating link pages, and cost-effectiveness, making it a #1 choice for bloggers and digital marketers. 

If you’re one who is looking for a one-stop solution for affiliate link management, Link Page Maker, adding tracking codes, and monitoring link performance then ClickWhale Link Manager is certainly worth considering. 

So, why are you waiting to just get started with ClickWhle and start managing your affiliate links efficiently? 

In the end, if you like this comprehensive ClickWhale review then consider sharing it with your audience so that they can also take the benefits of the ClickWhale WordPress Plugin.

Thanks for Reading,

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