9 Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Tips to Increase Sales in 2023

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Driving affiliate sales is hard, especially if you are a newbie to blogging with no experience.

However, it is not impossible if you do it in a proper and organized fashion.

In this post, I will tell you 9 Ultimate Affiliate marketing tips to increase affiliate sales in 2023.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing? (CLEARLY Explained in Under 2 Minutes)

Affiliate Marketing is a process of earning a commission by promoting other people or a company’s product to your audience.

However, your audience doesn’t have to pay extra for the product.

It means that the company or person whose product you are promoting doesn’t get the total profit of selling the product.

So, why are so many brands open to affiliate marketing?

Because this reduces the cost of marketing the product.

Giving a 5% commission for each product to an affiliate is much more profitable than spending a lot of $$ on ads where you don’t know whether you’ll get sales or not.

How does affiliate marketing work?

In the affiliate marketing business model, there are three or four parties involved.

Most prominent affiliate marketers consider that only three parties are involved, but Wikipedia thinks otherwise.

I think that it is essential to include the fourth party as well.

So, let’s jump to the first person involved in affiliate marketing.

How Affiliate Marketing WorksPin

1. Creator

The creator can be a solopreneur or big corporate giant who has made the product and wants to market it through bloggers and influencers.

It is possible that the creator may not be involved in this affiliate cycle. 

But all the profit from the product (after removing commission and other expenses) straight to the product’s creator.

2. Publisher

A publisher is a full-time blogger or an influencer promoting the product to their audience.

And if anyone from their audience bought it, then they would get a commission.

The commission can vary for different brands and also depends on how extensive your audience base is.

3. Audience

The audience is the aspect of this affiliate business that buys the product and helps the publisher get the commission.

It could be possible that the publisher is transparent with their audience about this affiliate business.

And it could also be possible that the audience would have no idea what is going on in the backend.

4. Affiliate Network

It is the fourth step of the affiliate marketing chain that many affiliate marketers don’t consider.

An affiliate network is a platform where a lot of companies host their affiliate program.

So, the publisher won’t have a hard time joining all the affiliate networks one by one.

Why should you choose affiliate marketing for website monetization?

There are many methods to monetize your website in 2023, but affiliates maintain the best out of them all.

Here are some benefits of using affiliate marketing for your website’s monetization:

1. Passive Income that can be full-time

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn a passive income with your full-time job. 

And if you get success, then you can go full time as well.

2. Little Traffic, More Money 

With AdSense or any other ad network, you need millions of website traffic to earn a decent earning from it. 

However, this is not the case with affiliate marketing. 

You can easily earn a decent affiliate income with a few visitors to your website; you have to drive targeted traffic to your website.

3. High ROI

Affiliate marketing gives far more ROI (Return on Investment) than other website monetization methods.

It is because the people you are marketing your affiliate products to know about the product. 

And you are just trying to convince them by telling them its benefits, pros, cons, etc.

4. Low-Cost Startup

As you might know, to start a startup, you have to make a product to market. 

However, if you don’t have enough funds to make your product, you can promote other people’s products. 

And in return, you would get some commission out of it. And this is what affiliate marketing means.

5. Low-Risk Business 

I have previously told you that you can make your low-cost startup by promoting other people instead of yours.

In that startup, you have to make your website, drive targeted traffic (organically or by paid ads), and market the product.

In this whole process, you would get a commission when you drive a sale. 

So, if you fail to do that, then it won’t cost as much as failing a full-fledged startup where you are putting a lot of money into product making and marketing it.

9 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Drive More Sales in 2023

Now after talking about what affiliate marketing is and its benefits. 

Now let’s jump to the handpicked techniques that I use to increase my affiliate sales.

1. Use Monetary Words to Get Targeted Buyers

Want to earn money from affiliate marketing?

If yes, then for that, you have to drive targeted traffic to your website.

In affiliate marketing, a hundred action-takers are far better than 1 million fluffs.

But what’s more important is how you can drive people that have an interest in the affiliate products you are promoting:

For that, you have to use these monetary words in your blog title and description.

  • Deals
  • Sale
  • Low-cost
  • Cheap
  • Improve
  • Better
  • Alternatives
  • Competitors
  • Low-cost competitors
  • X% off (X = Number)
  • Promo
  • Coupon
  • Challenge
  • Discount

Adding these words to your blog’s title and meta description would help you drive only those people to your website who are interested in buying.

2. Offer some incentive or giveaway to skyrocket sales.

If you are active in this blogosphere, you might have heard about Bloggers Passion Mega Giveaway of $13,000.

It was a super successful giveaway where a lot of bloggers participated and won too.

But the important thing is that due to this giveaway, Anil Agarwal got 1100 new leads within 24 hours of launching the giveaway.

I know that all your leads don’t become your customers, but still, the leads are remarkable.

But why has he got these many leads?

Due to this enormous giveaway.

Many prominent bloggers have given Anil Aggarwal’s blog, Facebook group, and email list a free promotion to participate in the giveaway. 

Which has helped him capture these many leads.

However, I am not telling you to host this large giveaway to get some affiliate sales.

Instead, you could do a small giveaway within your range or offer some incentive like a free eBook, consultation call, etc.

For example, Ayush Mishra hosted a free giveaway of the GeneratePress premium theme for his group members if he helped him complete 1000 telegram members.

Giveaways AnnouncementPin

It was not as large as the blogger’s passion but still worked like a charm in taking his telegram group to 1000 subscribers.

So, giving some freebies to your audience while promoting an affiliate product can actually help make a dent in your affiliate sales. 

3. Email List Day 1

There is one affiliate sales hack that has been used since the Stone Age and still works like a charm.

And that way build your own email list from day 1.

It is super important to build an audience in this tough blogging world because it could help you get more affiliate sales and regular affiliate income.

And the best way to do that is to build an email list.

But why?

Because the average open rate of an email newsletter is 21.33% which is 20X more than Facebook post engagement.

Email Engagement GraphPin
Caption – Source Backlinko

Along with that, email marketing ROI is 42:1 (Spend on email marketing: ROI)

Email Marketing ROIPin
Caption – Source Backlinko

I personally recommend Aweber for capturing and sending newsletters to my email subscribers.

You can easily make landing pages, email automation, and more with it.

So, if you want to get regular affiliate sales and a full-time income with the help of affiliate marketing.

Then pair it up with email marketing and see the magic happening.

Almost all the affiliate marketers out there add their affiliate links either as CTA buttons or text links within their posts.

However, if you really want to maximize the sales, you have to add it where others are not.

Here are some places where you can add your affiliate link to:

  • In the footer
  • In the navigation menu of your blog
  • Image banner in your posts (Especially in popular posts)
  • On the tools or resources page
  • Sticky widget in the sidebar
  • Review box at the start of the review post

5. Seal the deal with review posts

Review posts are the posts that help you get the maximum out of your affiliate links.

However, generic over positive product review posts don’t work as the internet is filled with it.

So, instead of only reviewing the product, try to educate your readers on using the product.

These types of affiliate review articles can help you seal the deal with your readers and give you the maximum affiliate sales.

Here are some elements which you should definitely add to your review articles:

  • Research every aspect of the product
  • A proper blog structure to make it persuasive
  • A product box at the start
  • Educate your readers about all the features of the product
  • Why section that would help your readers know why they need that product
  • Counter common objections to the product
  • Give alternatives
  • Compare with other alternatives and tell them why your product stands better
  • Clicky CTAs (Call-to-Action)
  • Image banner of product
  • Back up everything you say
  • An action taking a conclusion

6. Single affiliate product at a time!

Do you know what the biggest mistakes of affiliate marketers are?

To choose a lot of affiliate products at a given time.

It confuses their audience with which product they should buy, and it results in zero sales.

So, choose a single product and at least make 2 to 3 posts about it at a given time.

After that, move on to the following effect.

It would help you increase your affiliate sales count for that product.

Affiliate TipsPin

Not only me, but pro bloggers like Mangesh Bhardwaj say this as well.

7. Benefits over features

This tip is a super exclusive affiliate sales tip that can take your affiliate income to the next level.

And that tip is to tell the product’s benefits in your review or product comparison posts instead of telling the features.

In today’s blogosphere, there are many bloggers, and due to that, there are a lot of review posts.

But the good thing is that most of them just mug up all the product’s features and present them to their audience. 

Which doesn’t do any good to them.

Even the product pages also tell the product’s features, and if anyone wants to know them, they can easily do that from there.

Why would anyone read your blog posts?

However, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore features completely.

You should add features but with that use benefits as well.

Benefits tell your readers the reason to invest in the product, which leads to an increase in sales.

For example, the CosShedule product page highlights both the features and benefits of their product.


They just move over from features.

CoSchedule BenefitsPin

And digs down on every benefit of using their product.

8. Use pop-ups for good.

Pop-ups are one of the most intriguing things in this online world.

It freaks out people, and they click the back button like a cheetah after seeing it

So, should you add a pop-up or not?

Add it but in a proper manner.

Don’t give a pop-up on the face of your reader when the reader has just entered your website.

However, if you use it on exit intent, then it can do wonders for you.

It helps to remind your readers about the product, which enables you to increase your affiliate sales.

For adding an exit intent pop-up to your website, you can use OptionMonster.

OptinMonster PluginPin

It is super light and won’t hamper your website loading speed much.

Along with that, it has a lot of pop-up forms which you can use on your website.

So, if you want to make conversion-focused pop-ups, then the easiest way is to use OptinMonster.

9. Build trust first, then make sales

Previously in this article, I have told you that many review or comparison posts are published every day.

However, most of them are trash because, in these posts, webmasters are trying just to have product sales.

But it acts exactly the opposite, and they end up getting zero to minimal sales.

However, if you really want to increase your sales, the #1 tip from me is first to provide value to your blog reader.

First, educate your readers on how the particular tool is used, its benefits, pros, cons, alternatives, etc.

After that, if you pitch the product to your readers truthfully, then they will surely buy the product from you.

Which would eventually increase your affiliate sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get more affiliate sales?

Here is my seven-affiliate marketing which can help you get more affiliate sales:

1. Use monetary words
2. Write an excellent product review
3. Host a giveaway or give some freebies
4. Make an email list from day one
5. Use affiliate links at unique places
6. Use pop-ups for good
7. Single product at a time
8. Benefit of features
9. Build trust, then focus on sales

Q2. Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

Yes, of course, it can make you rich. 
However, instead of focusing on sales all the time, try to solve your reader’s problem and promote your affiliate product.

Bottom Line

I know that driving affiliate sales is a pain in the neck for bloggers.

However, it’s not that hard if you follow the tips I have shared in this post.

Just implement these tactics one by one, and eventually, you will see the graph of your affiliate sales rising.

Tell me which tactic of this post you liked the most in the comment box.

Also, one request to share this post on social media as it helps us to keep going.

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