MilesWeb Review 2023 [Great Shared Hosting Provider at Lower Cost]

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Are you looking for a MilesWeb review? Then, you have landed in the right place. MilesWeb hosting is a popular web host in the industry. They are well-known for offering excellent and budget-friendly best WordPress hosting Australia

Your website must be hosted on a device, commonly known as a server, to be viewed via the internet. 

While you can host a website on your home computer, many websites are hosted on a dedicated computer or server run by companies or non-profit organizations.

Your WordPress site can be hosted on a server in various ways. Dedicated hosting is when a single machine is used to host your website; nevertheless, this is a costly solution that is only ideal for very high-traffic websites. 

A shared hosting option is significantly better in most circumstances and to buy the best web hosting as well as the most cost-effective sort of third-party hosting available.

But does budget-friendly hosting mean compromise the quality and features? Absolutely not! They have an excellent VPS hosting Australia for a lower cost. It sounds good, but we have solid facts to prove that.  

Let’s get to know the rest of this article. Without any delays, let’s get started! 

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What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting, as the name implies, includes one server hosting numerous websites at the same time. A single server can sometimes host hundreds and thousands of separate websites.

You have full control over your account and only your account, as well as a limited number of resources and features.

The low cost and ease of shared hosting with cPanel hosting are two major advantages. If you’re just getting started with your new website hosting, you’ll probably want to go with a shared hosting package. 

The cost varies, but it is usually less than $5 per month. Because shared hosting plans are the most popular hosting plans for the majority of websites on the internet, they are also designed to be simple to use.

The disadvantage of utilizing a shared hosting plan is that just one machine is responsible for delivering data from all of the websites it hosts. 

Responsibilities for You and Your Web Host

The provider of shared web hosting is responsible for all server maintenance. The host is solely responsible for general server hardware and software maintenance and upgrades. 

The host may, for example, change their operating system software or replace drivers.

You are in charge of your own website. You will have access to your site through a control panel, from which you will be able to monitor traffic, post files, set up email, and install programs. 

As part of your hosting service, most web hosts will not assist you in maintaining your site, but MilesWeb Hosting does. You’ll be sharing the server with a few other people. 

Each user gets a specific amount of bandwidth, disc space, and features, which you will be able to manage through your control panel.

Information About MilesWebHosting : Overview 

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Founded back in 2012, MilesWeb is a web hosting company headquarter based in India. MilesWeb aims to build and enhance the online presence of businesses to the fullest. Milesweb offers a wide range of web hosting solutions to businesses of all sizes.  

Their web hosting services include shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and more. MilesWeb hosting is an award-winning web host, and over 40,000+ customers globally trust them for their super-fast web hosting service. 

Being a customer-oriented company, the focus lies in the satisfaction of customers. They take pride in offering 24×7 customer support via email and live chat to assist you with any of your web hosting-related concerns. 

Features of MilesWeb Shared Hosting Plans:

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Site Builder
  • Pure SSD Storage
  • Control Panel
  • 1-Click Installer
  • Secure Email Accounts
  • Tight Protection Against Malware
  • Latest PHP and MySQL
  • Datacenter Choice
  • Setup Your Account Instantly

Top Reasons to Choose MilesWeb Hosting 

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There are tons of reasons that attract you to become a part of MilesWeb hosting family. However, here are some of the reasons to choose MilesWeb hosting. 

1: Wide Range of Web Hosting Plans

Whether you are planning to launch your first website online, need to start your web hosting business, or want to host a high-traffic website, MilesWeb has got you covered. They have a web hosting plan catering to every client’s needs and budget. 

MilesWeb hosting services include shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated server hosting, eCommerce hosting, and more. 

2: Affordable Pricing 

No review would be complete without a look at the pricing aspect. MilesWeb is remarkably cheaper than the other hosts in the market. Since the start, they have focused on offering affordable web hosting solutions without compromising quality. 

Their web hosting plans start at just $1.2/m, which is incredibly low. I can say that MilesWeb hosting is a bang for your buck! 

3: Get a Free Domain 

A domain name builds the credibility of your business. MilesWeb offers a top-level free .com domain name with their Swift and Turbo web hosting plan. That means the domain name you get will be free for the first year, and you will be charged a regular cost from the second year. Get to register a domain for free with MilesWeb hosting. 

4: Free Website Builder 

Want to create a website? Got no coding skills? No worries, MilesWeb offers a free website builder with its shared hosting, WordPress, and reseller hosting plans. The process of building a website is super simple. 

All you need to do is select the template from available options, drag and drop the content and images, and create your dream website with ease. 

5: One-Click App Installers 

Installing apps has never been so easy. MilesWeb offers a one-click installer that lets you install your favorite app. Applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and 400+ similar apps can be installed in just one click. 

6: Great Uptime 99.95%

For any website, good uptime is essential as downtime can result in potential customers leaving your website.  

MilesWeb offers you a 99.95% uptime that is great for running your websites. They make sure your websites are up and online 24×7 without any downtime. You can rest assured that your website works fine and is accessible to users at all times. 

7: Excellent Customer Support 

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When it comes to web hosting, it’s essential to ensure customer support of the web hosting company. Choose a web host that actually cares about customers. 

MilesWeb stands first when it comes to customer support. Their dedicated and talented team is ready to help you if you face any issues with your website. You can contact their team via email and live chat. They are up for help 24×7. In a nutshell, MilesWeb can be your ideal web host. 

8: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

Unlike other web hosts in the market, MilesWeb offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with its shared WordPress and reseller hosting plans. If you are not satisfied with their services, you can cancel the service within 30 days of subscribing to their web hosting plan. This means you can try MilesWeb’s services completely risk-free. 

9: Website Migrations for Free 

MilesWeb offers website migrations for free. Indeed, the best addon service with MilesWeb! They have a dedicated team that performs the migration process very smoothly. All your website files and folders will be transferred from the old hosting provider to MilesWeb’s server without any hassle. 

How Secure is MilesWeb?

MilesWeb takes the security concern very seriously. MilesWeb provides a free SSL certificate with its web hosting plans. An SSL certificate is crucial to keep your website safe and secure from threats. Additionally, having an SSL on a website also helps in boosting its ranking. 

Is MilesWeb Fast?

Yes, MilesWeb is super-fast. The faster your website loads, the more website visitors. MilesWeb never lets you compromise on the website performance. All the websites are stored on high-speed SSD drives that make your website run 10x faster.

Plus, they use the newest PHP versions or cutting-edge protocols and compression algorithms like Brotli and HTTP/2. 

Pros of MilesWeb Hosting 

Here we have listed the pros of MilesWeb’s hosting service. 

  • Affordable web hosting plans. 
  • Free Domain Name 
  • Free SSL Certificate for website security 
  • Customer support is brilliant 
  • Tons of freebies 

Final Words on MilesWeb Review 2023

MilesWeb should definitely be on your list if you are looking for top-quality hosting services at affordable prices. In this article, I have covered in detail how MilesWeb offers incredible features with their web hosting plans despite the low prices. You can start your online journey with MilesWeb and scale your business higher. 

MilesWeb is definitely worth the value web host! They offer good customer support if you have any queries related to website hosting. Getting your business online with MilesWeb is a breeze and can set you up for success. 

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