Nexcess StoreBuilder Review | 10 Best Reasons to Use Nexcess StoreBuilder in 2023

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Looking for Nexcess StoreBuilder Review, then you have landed in the right place. Here I will show everything about Nexcess StoreBuilder.

So, keep reading to learn more about Nexcess StoreBuilder.

In the last two years, we have faced many problems due to Covid-19, and many offline businesses have been destroyed. 

While some people have taken their business online, however, there are still lakhs of people who are unable to shift their business online. Because either they don’t have the required budget or lack essential resources.

Typically, creating an eCommerce website requires a lot of resources and a little bit of extra budget to invest in it. There are several ways by which you can make an eCommerce website,

  • Hire a Web Developer (Maybe too Expensive)
  • Use eCommerce Store Builder Like Shopify, Wix, or Squarespace (Subscription Based)
  • Use CMS like WordPress, Magneto, etc.

Each method has different criteria and limitations that you must accept before choosing them. But let me make one thing that you must go with those methods which fulfill your business needs as well as being affordable.

Here are some essential features and functionality that are a must in any Store Builder for ease of use and scaling your business growth.

  • Easy to Create eCommerce Website
  • Seamless Integration with Third-Party Apps
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Secure and Navigable
  • Useful Data Reporting
  • Payment Processing
  • Decent Customer Support
  • Affordable Price

So, by seeing the above points and without creating any confusion in your mind, let’s have a look at the most straightforward method with a lot of possibilities for making an eCommerce Store online hassle-free.

Presenting Nexcess StoreBuilder – A Fastest and Easiest Way for Creating a WooCommerce Store on the world’s most popular content management system called “WordPress” under a secure & reliable web hosting environment.

Click on the Exclusive Link here and Try StoreBuilder Risk-Free for 30 Days Today!

Nexcess StoreBuilder – An introduction

Nexcess StoreBuilderPin

It is a standalone product of Nexcess Hosting (Part of the Liquid Web Family) brand. However, you can take full advantage of StoreBuilder for FREE if you are an existing customer of Nexcess Hosting.

Frankly, creating an eCommerce website needs a lot of technical knowledge. But if you need a professional-looking website without writing a single line of code, then you must require a specialized StreBuilder. 

So, Nexcess StoreBuilder is the perfect solution for you. Nexcess launched their online StoreBuilder in Feb 2021 so that a non-technical person can also create an online eCommerce store faster and more efficiently.

Nexcess StoreBuilder offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) and drag & drop builders so that anyone can create a stunning eCommerce website without having any technical knowledge. 

The best part of using Nexcess StoreBuilder is that it is based on a widely used content management system (CMS) called “WordPress” and WooCommerce Plugin.

How to Create an eCommerce Store Using Nexcess StoreBuilder

To create an eCommerce store using Nexcess StoreBuilder, you need to have an account on Nexcess hosting or get a new StoreBuilder subscription.

It is quite a simple process, and you don’t require any technical knowledge at all. Just follow the steps below and get started with Nexcess StoreBuilder on WordPress.

Note – Below mentioned steps are only for new users, so if you are an existing Nexcess customer, you can take the StoreBuilder advantage right now. Login to your account and start building an online eCommerce Store.

Step 1. Click on the Exclusive Link that will redirect you to Nexcess’s official site, where you need to create an account. On the same page, you need to click on the “Try StoreBuilder Risk-Free for 30 Days” button to proceed further.

Creating Store 1Pin

Step 2. After that, you will be redirected to another page where you have to provide some information (answer three quick questions) for creating an account and setting up a store.

Here, you need to provide personal data, create a website for whom, and what your knowledge state is in creating a website. After filling in all the details you need to click on the “Finalize My Store Now” button for the following process.

Creating Store Step 2Pin

Step 3. In the next step, you need to create an account before placing an order with Nexcess StoreBuilder. First, select the subscription term, either monthly or yearly, and then go for entering account information.

Here you need to enter a password, click on I’m not a robot, check the box for T&C acceptance, and then click on the “Create Account” button for the next step.

Creating Store Step 3Pin

Remember, the Free Trail coupon will be automatically applied to monthly or yearly plans. If not, you can use “ONEMONTHFREE” coupon code during checkout to get 30 days of a free trial of Nexcess StoreBuilder. 

Step 4. In the next step, you need to provide the billing information for generating an invoice. Just fill out the required and valid data (Name, Contact No., and Address) and then click on the “Save Billing Information” button, and proceed to the next step.

Creating Store Step 4Pin

Step 5. On this page, you need to select the preferred payment method (Credit Card OR PayPal) that will be used for the transaction after 30 days (if you wish to continue with Nexcess StoreBuilder). Otherwise, if you are not satisfied with their services, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days.

After selecting the payment method, you need to click on the “Save Payment Information” button for the next step.

Payment MethodPin

Step 6. After saving the preferred payment option, you need to select the server location and review your plan summary in the next step. If everything is okay, just hit the “Purchase” Button and try Nexcess StoreBuilder Risk-Free for 30 Days.

Creating Store Step 5Pin

Note – You have only a few server locations (1. Asia Pacific – Sydney, NSW 2. Europe – Amsterdam, NL 3. Europe – London, UK 4. US East – Lansing, MI 5. US West – San Jose, CA) to select and create your online eCommerce Store.

After clicking on the “Purchase” button, StoreBuilder will start setting up your WordPress-based eCommerce Store for you. Based on your initial preference, your WordPress-based store will be ready In a few minutes (approx 2-8 minutes). 

When the process is finished, you will have your store login credentials like Admin URL, Username, and Password here. You will also get the email about Nexcess StoreBuilder Purchase (30 Days Free Trails).

On the same page, just hit the “Login to Your Site” button to head over to the WordPress dashboard. 

Nexcess StoreBuilder InvoicePin

Congratulations! You have successfully subscribed to Nexcess StoreBuilder 30 Days Free Trial and your store has been created too. Now it’s time to configure your site settings and customize it as you want.

Step 7. In this step, you need to provide the login credentials to login into your store, where you can start the customization of your eCommerce store further. 

Then click on the “Get Started” button for other store site settings and customization. You will need to perform four steps before accessing Nexcess StoreBuilder functionality. 

  • Store URL, Username & Password – You can set the new username and password here and click next. Remember, you can replace the temporary store URL with a custom domain name later. 
StoreBuilder AI Wizard Step 1Pin
  • Site Details – Here, you can set the Store Name, Tagline, and Store Logo to fulfill your business requirements and click next.
StoreBuilder AI Wizard Step 2Pin
  • Store Location – Provide the store address like area, city, country, etc. here and click on next.
StoreBuilder AI Wizard Step 3Pin
  • About Your Store – Here, you need to provide some information about your store, like what currency you will use. Type of products you are selling and quantity of products and click on next. 
StoreBuilder AI Wizard Step 4Pin

After providing details, you are now able to customize your store as per your requirements. Click on the “Save and Continue” button to start your store customization.

StoreBuilder AI Wizard Step 5Pin

Note – Your store would be Powered by the most popular Kadence WordPress theme, which has deep customization options with ultra-fast speed.

Customizing Your eCommerce Store Using Nexcess StoreBuilder

Now you are inside the WordPress Dashboard powered by Nexcess StoreBuilder. Here, you have many options and functionality to design your store that meets your business requirements. 

Here is what you can perform to make your online eCommerce Store attractive and feature-rich.

1: Designing Your Store

Store Design Step 1Pin

Nexcess StoreBuilder comes with many professionally designed templates (Kadence Powered) that you can use to give a stunning look to your eCommerce Store instantly. 

Run the setup wizard for further customization and just choose any templates that suit your business, define font style and color combination for professional looks, and click on the next. 

Store Design with Kadence TemplatesPin

Apart from that you can use any page builder like Elementor, Beaver, or Divi OR simply use the Kadance Block Pro & Qubely Block Pro (works seamlessly in default native WordPress block editor) to make your store more professional.

If you are satisfied with the site design, click on the Save and Continue buttons. After a few seconds, the template will get imported to your site. 

2: Configuring Payment Gateway

Nexcess Store Payment IntegrationPin

In the next step, you can integrate the payment gateway for transactions to purchase your product. Currently, you are allowed to integrate only Stripe and PayPal payment methods for accepting payment. 

3: Manage Your Products

Now it’s time to add products and services to your store. Here you have different methods to add products to your store to make your process easy and fast. Here are they 

Adding Product in Nexcess StorePin
  • Add a New Product
  • Importing Products via CSV
  • Set Up Tax Rates

4: Configure Shipping

This step lets you set shipping details and shipping charges for the purchase of your product. Here is what you can do

  • Set Shipping Zone
  • Set Shipping Classes
  • Add Flat Rate Shipping Calculation
  • Define Fixed Shipping Charge
Configure Shipping DetailsPin

You have fully customized, added payment methods, added new products & services, and configured the shipping changes. Now you are ready to make your store live and make money from it. 

Note – If you are satisfied with website customization, then you can add your custom domain and launch your eCommerce store online. You can perform this task by yourself OR raise the support ticket to make your job easy. 

Nexcess StoreBuilder Feature & Functionality

Although Nexcess StoreBuilder offers tons of features, functionality, and flexibility to create your dream eCommerce online store and scale your business to grow faster. 

However, here I am going to present some key benefits of using Nexcess StoreBuilder that attract you and you will find all the answers regarding why to use Nexcess StoreBuilder

1: Ease of Use (Goodness of WordPress)

Nexcess StoreBuilder WordPress DashboardPin

When you create your online eCommerce Store, it will be powered by WooCommerce, and the most popular content management system (CMS) called WordPress.

If you are not aware of WordPress, then let me explain to you. WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS that offers extended flexibility for developers or any non-technical person to build almost any kind of website quickly. 

And Nexcess AI-powered StoreBuilder adds more functionality to native WordPress that extends more possibilities to create and manage your online eCommerce Store hassle-free.

You will get all the in-built WordPress functionality (creating pages/ posts and installing themes/ plugins with Nexcess StoreBuilder functions (Analytics, Customizations, Add Products and coupons, and bulk plugin installation) to make your store more professional looking.

2: Deep Customization Option

The basic customization features are creating eCommerce stores from scratch or using pre-designed templates. You can use other methods to take your design to the next level. 

Apart from that, you can WordPress Native Gutenberg Editor (extend functionality with Kadence Block Pro, Qubely Pro) OR use any Page builder like Elementor, or Beaver Builder to design and customize your eCommerce store quickly. 

Store Customization MethodPin

Page builder comes with many customization options and integration functionality itself, and premium Gutenberg Block Editor also offers a variety of blocks with deep customization options for WordPress native block editor. 

By using the above methods, you can design and customize your store as you want without writing a single line of code. This process makes your job super easy and saves a lot of time and money.

Nexcess StoreBuilder also offers a WooCommerce plugin that adds more functionality to your store and makes your product-adding process superfast.

3: Sell Anything and Unlimited Products

No matter which business you are in, you can sell unlimited products (almost anything) using Nexcess StoreBuilder. Whether It’s physical/ digital products or you are offering some other services.

Simply add the products or service details, decide the cost, add coupons, and sell online faster and make money worry-free. You are not bound to sell specific products and services anymore. 

4: Monitor Business Performance Growth

You can’t get success in your business if you are not analyzing your performance. Because analyzing business performance data helps you to take appropriate action in time to scale your performance growth. 

Don’t worry!

Using Nexcess StoreBuilder will get deep insights into your business analytics data within the WordPress dashboard. You don’t need any third-party tools for that. 

Monitor the entire business analytics data inside the WordPress dashboard and take the necessary action as and when required. Here is what you can monitor

  • Total & Net Sale Revenues
  • Products Orders Data
  • Generated Revenue 
  • Sales Variations
  • Best Performing Category
  • Coupon Performance
  • Taxes Data
  • Stock Availability
  • And Much More

This analytic data helps you to evaluate your business performance growth and take necessary action if required so that you can make your business more profitable.

Apart from that, you have access to the Nexcess Plugin Performance Monitor, WooCommerce Automated Testing, and Nexcess Sales Performance Monitor for better analysis.

StoreBuilder LogoPin

Risk-free for 30 days. Then just $19/month.

Taste of WordPress

Intuitive Designing Tools

Performance Monitor Tools

Built-In Nexcess CDN

24x7x365 Dedicated Support

5: Huge Saving Via Free Premium Tools

What happens if you get some expensive premium WordPress tools free of cost? Amazing, isn’t it? Yes!!

When you subscribe to Nexcess StoreBuilder Plan, actually, it becomes inexpensive OR totally Free because you are getting several premium tools free of cost. 

Let’s Explain it based on yearly cost. You are getting Nexcess StoreBuilder at the cost of $190/year, and you are getting some Free Premium Stuff like

  • Solid Security Pro – $99/Year
  • Qubely Pro Block Editor Addon – $39/Year
  • Kadence Blocks Pro Theme Pro, Pro Starter Templates $129/year
  • Object Cache Pro – $95/Year

So, you are getting $343/year worth of premium stuff at the cost of $190/year. So, you are still saving $153/year. That is why Nexcess StoreBuilder is more profitable than other store builders available in the market.

Note – If you upgrade the plan, you will get some other premium stuff. The above stuff is for the starter plan.

6: Secure & High-End Performance

Do you know? eCommerce sites are quite highlighted for hacking because people do online money transactions here. 

Apart from that, these types of sites require high-performing servers to provide the best user experience and better page loading time.

So, if your site doesn’t have security features, then it is dangerous for transactions as well as your user data won’t be safe.

Don’t worry!

Nexcess StoreBuilder serves the latest technology environment so that you can run your business worry-free. It offers Free SSL, automatic updates, Plugin Performance Monitor, Daily Backup, and Solid Security Pro to keep your site safe against any malware attacks. 

You will also get SSD disk space, built-in Nexcess CDN with 22 locations, premium Image Compression, Image Lazy Loading, and advanced caching that makes your site ultra-fast loading in any region. 

7: Staging Environment & Free Migration

Staging is called cloning or creating a copy of a live website. That means by using this feature; you can create a duplicate copy of your live website for development purposes.

Suppose you want to make some changes to your site, if it is minor, you can make the change on a live website, but when the changes are huge, it may break your site. 

In such a case, staging features play an essential role. You can create an exact copy of your eCommerce store and make the necessary changes without touching the live website. 

When everything is perfect, you can transfer it to the live website without any data loss or experiencing downtime.

Apart from that, if you have an existing eCommerce store (WordPress-based), you can raise the ticket for Free Site Migration. After that, the expert team will take care of all other things. They will transfer your site without losing any data and downtime.

8: Easy to Use Nexcess Admin Area

If you have the budget to hire a web developer to manage your website data and server, that’s good. But what happens if you have tight budgets?

No problem, 

Nexcess offers an ideal and easy-to-navigate website management setting so that any non-technical person can manage their site without any difficulty.

On the Nexcess account, you have one-click WordPress Dashboard access and a site Dashboard for website management like

Nexcess Admin Control PanelPin
  • Backup Your Site
  • Adding Custom Domain
  • Installing SSL Certificate
  • Enabling Nexcess CDN
  • Accessing Database
  • Creating Email Account
  • And Much More

Apart from that, you can find many other settings that help you manage the products you have subscribed to. You can also contact the Nexcess support team directly from the client area to get the best solution for your problems.

9: Affordable Pricing and Free Trials

Nexcess StoreBuilder costs $19/month and $190/year because you get 2 months free when you go for the yearly subscription. You will get more months free in their higher plans.

But if you want to taste the Nexcess StoreBuilder for Free of Cost, then you can do so. Currently, Nexcess StoreBuilder offers industry-standard a Risk-Free 30 Days Free Trial. The discount will automatically be applied; if not, then use the “ONEMONTHFREE” coupon code during checkout.  

10: Quality Customer Support

Everything is worthless if you are not getting any support from the service provider. But this is not the case with Nexcess, 

You will get 24x7x365 days fast and dedicated human support from experts. You can use the Live Chat, Email, and Ticketing system to reach out to the Nexcess Support Team and instantly get the best possible solution.

You can also use their blog, knowledge base, and WP101 video tutorial for almost all your store-related problems.

Nexcess StoreBuilder Review – Pros & Cons

No one is perfect in the world, so it is quite possible that Nexcess StoreBuilder also has some advantages and disadvantages. 

So, let’s discuss some Pros and Cons of Nexcess Store Builder here.


  • SSD Storage
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • In-Built Nexcess CDN
  • Sell Unlimited Products
  • Accept Payment Via Stripe & Paypal
  • Free Premium Plugin & Theme
  • Automatic Plugin Update
  • Secure Environment with Better Performance
  • Auto Scaling
  • Pre-Designed Templates
  • Deep Analytics Data
  • Based on WooCommerce & WordPress
  • AI Wizard for Fast Store Creation
  • Free Site Migration
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Staging Environments
  • 27x7x365 Dedicated Human Support
  • 30 Days Free Trials
  • Monthly Billing, No Contracts
  • 30 Days Refund Policy


  • Little bit Expensive for Beginners
  • No Email Account
  • Demo Not Available Before Account Creation
  • AI Wizard Should be More Specific
  • Should Have IconicWP in Place of WooCommerce

Nexcess StoreBuilder Comparison

It is always good to compare any products or services before investing money. But don’t worry, you won’t regret it later after getting a Nexcess StoreBuilder Subscription.

Because Nexcess StoreBuilder has a lot of tremendous key benefits that I have explained earlier. However, here is a short comparison of Nexcess StoreBuilder with other Store Builders available in the market like Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix.

Nexcess StoreBuilder ComparisonPin

Nexcess StoreBuilder would be the perfect solution if you,

  • Have Less Technical Knowledge
  • Have a Tight Budget for a Big Project
  • Want Easy to Use Store Builder
  • Complete Control of the Content
  • Lack of IT resources
  • Don’t Require Specific Features or Functionality

So why are you waiting? Grab the Nexcess StoreBuilder and Try it Risk-Free for 30 Days.

StoreBuilder LogoPin

Risk-free for 30 days. Then just $19/month.

Taste of WordPress

Intuitive Designing Tools

Performance Monitor Tools

Built-In Nexcess CDN

24x7x365 Dedicated Support

Nexcess StoreBuilder Plan & Pricing

Well, Nexcess StoreBuilder Plans include web hosting. BTW Nexcess StoreBuilder is based on Nexcess Managed WooCommerce Hosting. That means you will get all types of plans and features like Managed WooCommerce Hosting.

So, the Nexcess StoreBuilder starter plan starts at $19/month (2 months free on an annual subscription) and goes up to $999/month. 

StoreBuilder starter plan includes a Single WooCommerce Store, 30 GB SSD Storage, 3 TB Bandwidth, 500 Order/Hours, Kadence Bundle, Solid Security Pro, Qubely Pro, and much more. 

Remember, StoreBuilder doesn’t require a separate hosting plan. If you have a hosting subscription with Nexcess, you can use the StoreBuilder to create an eCommerce store online.

Nexcess StoreBuilder Review – FAQs

What is Nexcess StoreBuilder?

The Nexcess hosting products offer AI-powered wizards to create a WordPress & WooCommerce-based online eCommerce store faster than ever.

Who Should Go for Nexcess StoreBuilder?

Anyone with no technical background and a tight budget wants to create an eCommerce store quickly in the best possible easy way.

What is the Cost of Nexcess Store Builder?

You can take advantage of Nexcess StoreBuilder at the cost of $19/month which will go up to $999/month. 

Does Nexcess StoreBuilder Have Free Trials?

Yes! You can use the full features and functionality of Nexcess StoreBuilder Risk-Free for 30 Days. 

Does Nexcess Offer Free Site Migration?

Yes! If you have an existing eCommerce store, then you can raise the ticket for free site migration, and the rest will be taken care of by the Nexcess expert team.

Final Thought on Nexcess StoreBuilder

That is all in the Nexcess StoreBuilder Review, so if you are from a non-technical background and looking to create an eCommerce store online, it could be the perfect solution for you. 

Nexcess StoreBuilder comes with almost every resource you ever require to launch a store quickly and faster. 

So, if you are searching for managed WordPress hosting that offers complete resources for creating a store and selling your products under one subscription, then, believe me, no one can beat the Nexcess StoreBuilder.

Premium stuff, built-in performance, and analytics tools help you save much time and scale your business growth amazingly. 

If you find Nexcess StoreBuilder Review helpful, consider sharing this blog with your audience. It would take a few seconds, but it motivates me to write another informative article for you. 

Happy Reading & Happy Blogging 🙂

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Nexcess StoreBuilder Review 2023

Nexcess StoreBuilder is an AI-powered, feature-in-rich (based on WooCommerce & WordPress) eCommerce Store Builder that enables you to sell almost anything online without any trouble.


Ultimate Nexcess StoreBuilder ReviewPin
Ease of Use


Are you from a non-technical background and want to create an online store? Don’t Worry! Nexcess StoreBuilder would be the perfect solution for you. By using StoreBuilder you can create a professional-looking eCommerce store in a few clicks. Apart from that its built-in sales & performance monitoring tools give you detailed analytics data so that you can make the right decision in time to improve your business growth.


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