Liquid Web VPS Hosting Review 2023 | How Efficient is for Growing Your Business

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Being business owners, we must have a reliable, secure, fast, and advanced infrastructure to win the market. 

In such a case, you must require many tools and resources to help you run a successful business efficiently.

And web hosting is one of them because hosting is the foremost essential that can either make OR wreck your business.

No matter how you have optimized your website, everything is worthless if you don’t have a better web hosting environment offered by a premium hosting provider.

Basically, you have Shared hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, a VPS Server, and a Dedicated Server to choose from.

But the problem is that there are tons of hosting providers available in the market, and you may be confused about choosing the best one. 

I have already covered types of web hosting and who should buy which one, so you can read to learn more about hosting. 

Here I will explore VPS hosting (Server) and which hosting provider you need to choose for your dream project.

I will explore Liquid Web VPS Hosting in today’s post and explain why you should go with Liquid Web VPS Hosting.

So, before going to the main topic, let’s have a short overview of VPS Hosting.

Let’s get started,

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What is VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

VPS hosting is a solution for those needing a more robust and flexible hosting platform than shared web hosting can offer. 

OR you can say that VPS Hosting is the advanced version of Shared Hosting, but it is a highly secure, stable, and scalable hosting service. 

As it is named, a VPS operates on a virtualized operating system that can be partitioned into multiple virtual machines, each running its own copy of an operating system.

It allows for greater control over how your website is run and resources allocated to ensure it performs efficiently.

Simply, you can say that you have been provided with a specific part of a shared hosting server with resources, and Its resources would not be shared with any other users.

Whereas Shared hosting’s resources are always being shared among multiple website owners. And it may be possible that you will not get the required resources when you need them. 

That is why you need to go with a VPS hosting service at the initial stage when your business has just started growing.

By getting VPS hosting, you can own a particular space in the shared server and lock the server resources by purchasing the suitable plan as per your requirements. 

These resources are not shared with anyone, and they are 100% available to use as and when your website needs them.  

VPS hosting is a little bit expensive compared to shared hosting and cheaper than having a dedicated server. 

So, if you are an SMB or a website owner with medium-level traffic exceeding the shared hosting limit, then VPS hosting would be the best solution for you.

And here is the Liquid Web VPS Hosting that you can try to launch your business and scale your growth faster.

What is Liquid Web?

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Liquid Web was founded in 1997 and completed 25 years successfully. It is not easy to achieve two decades when you offer poor service to your customers.

They empower over 500,000+ websites with a 500+ team of professionals and have more than 45,000+ happy customers from 150 countries. 

They offer the latest technology and advanced infrastructure with a fully managed environment to make your business more secure and enhanced.

Liquid Web VPS hosting is one of the top web hosting providers out there, but what makes their VPS Hosting different from other hosting services? 

In this article, we’ll give you the low-down on Liquid Web VPS Hosting, including the benefits and drawbacks of their services, so you can decide if they’re suitable for your website.

We’ll also go over what Liquid Web provides with its packages and how to sign up and use their services correctly.

We’ve even included customer support information just in case you need help! 

So, let’s move on to our Liquid web VPS hosting in-depth review.

Benefits of Liquid Web VPS Hosting

Liquid Web is mainly known as a premium-grade hosting service provider that includes VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting, and enterprise hosting solutions according to customers’ needs and budgets.

So, you can say that Liquid Web VPS Hosting is the basic hosting service that you buy for your business OR go for another premium hosting if you need it.

There’s a reason that Liquid Web is a leading provider of VPS hosting. They excel at everything from customer service to top-of-the-line products to reliability.

Read our in-depth Liquid web VPS review and learn more about what makes them great.

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1: Ease of Use

The web hosting service is a breeze to use, with a step-by-step wizard that walks you through the process. 

You can manage all your website-related tasks through your admin account without any difficulty.

Liquid Web offers a powerful control panel called “InterWorx” with two different parts.

  • NodeWorx: It is the centralized hosting management (Admin Interface) and complete solution for server control. It allows you to set up DNS, configure email, add firewall rules, spam protection, and many more things.
  • SiteWorx: It offers user-side control so that you can manage your website-related tasks quickly. By using SiteWorx, you can install CMS applications, create or upload data, access FTP, and MySQL, configure email accounts, create backup/ restore, and much more.

InterWorx works as a cPanel and has almost the same functionality you get in the cPanel. It makes website and hosting management super smooth.

All you need is your desired domain name, login information, and email address to get started. 

There are also plenty of tutorials and documentation that can help answer any questions you might have about using their platform.

If you are looking for a hosting service with superior customer support, then Liquid Web VPS Hosting is worth considering.

Liquid Web Control InterfacePin

2: Speed & Uptime

Speed and uptime are crucial factors of any web host, and you should never compromise with these factors. It would be best to choose a host with blazing-fast speed and better uptime.

Speed provides a better user experience while visitors want to see your content, whereas server uptime keeps your business always online. 

The good part is that when you host your business on Liquid Web VPS Hosting, you will get 100% guaranteed uptime for power and network (SLAs Agreement) with extraordinary speed.

3: Advanced Technology for Better Performance

Have you ever heard that “Old is Gold” but it does not imply digital things? If you want to keep yourself one step ahead, you must adopt the new era of technology.

Like that, if you are still using a server with outdated technology, you will face issues in the coming days.

That is why Liquid Web VPS Hosting is built on the latest technology, hardware, and software that offers optimum speed and keeps your site secure against any possible threat.

Liquid Web VPS Hosting pre-loaded with fast SSD storage, GB (Gigabit) network, Cloudflare CDN, dedicated IP, cloud-based infrastructure, 100% uptime SLAs, auto-scalable features, global datacenter, and much more.

Liquid Web offers fully managed VPS Hosting, and they mean it. I am pretty sure that you never get any speed and performance issues at all.

Liquid Web Server Response TimePin

4: Graded Security

Keeping your business secure and protected against malware attacks is a challenging job while growing your business. 

But thanks to Liquid Web, which offers graded security features and a reliable environment to keep your business protected from any possible threat.

Liquid Web VPS Hosting is powered up by ServerScure advanced security, integrated firewall, multi-level DDoS protection, proactive monitoring, off-server backup, and much more to keep your business safe and secure all the time.

5: Plans and Pricing

Liquid Web offers various hosting packages, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers. 

Their most popular plan is their VPS hosting which includes a fixed IP address, SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

You can choose from Windows or Linux operating systems, and you can even create your own custom plan with their Build Your Own Cloud tool. 

The pricing ranges from $25/month to $495/month, depending on what services you want in addition to your server.

The entry-level package is $25 per month and includes 2GB of RAM 40GB of storage space, and 10TB of Bandwidth.

This package also includes two free domain names, one free IP address, and five email accounts. Additionally, this package also includes 100 GB backups or OS installation services.

6: Reliability

VPS Hosting is a type of web hosting that gives you more control and flexibility than other types of hosting. 

It is also secure and scalable, which means that it can be cheaper than other types of hosting while still being highly reliable.

The end result is a website that’s optimized for fast loading times and high performance, no matter how many users are viewing your site at once.

The technology used to create this type of hosting is called virtualization, which allows us to create multiple servers in one physical server machine.

7: Comparison

Liquid Web VPS Hosting ComparisonPin

In comparison with HostGator, Liquid Web is a little more expensive, but it offers faster VPS hosting and better customer service.

GoDaddy also has cheaper options, but their server performance is significantly lower than that of HostGator.

We can conclude that HostGator is an option for those looking for low-cost shared hosting, while those who want fast servers, fast services, and active customer support at an average price should get a VPS from Liquid Web.

Here is a small comparison for you

Reason to Choose Liquid Web VPS Hosting?

There are a lot of reasons that force you to choose Liquid Web VPS hosting. However, here I am going through some attention-grabbing points.

Let’s have a look at those points,

1: Brand Trust

Over the past two decades, Liquid Web has been serving to provide better hosting solutions to its costumes with world-class user experience. 

They have recently completed their glorious 25 years in the hosting industry; that is not a joke. If they offer poor service, they won’t survive for such a long time. 

Apart from that, they have many other family brands that also offer great products and services to grow your business efficiently. 

You must check out Liquid Web Family Brand,

  • Nexcess Complete managed hosting solution for WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and ExpressionEngine.
  • StellarWP – One Stop Solution for WordPress tools to make your project online hassle-free.
  • StoreBuilder One of the fastest and easiest ways to create WordPress & WooCommerce-based online stores.

2: Fully – Managed Environment

Managed hosting is for those who don’t have time to manage their hosting server and consistently focus on growing their business faster.

If you are one of them, you must go with Liquid Web Hosting Service because they offer fully managed hosting service, whether it is WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, or Dedicated Server.

You will get a fully managed server, and Liquid Web means it. Just oft Liquid Web managed service and forget about server management. 

They cover all the server maintenance tasks that are required to keep your business running and keep your server healthy round the clock without any downtime. 

Fully Managed vs DIY ManagedPin

3: One-Stop Premium Hosting Solution

If you are looking for a complete premium hosting solution for your business, then Liquid Web would be the #1 choice for you.

Except shared hosting, you will get all types of hosting services with a fully managed environment. Here is the kind of hosting that Liquid Web offers to its customers,

  • VPS Serve
  • Private VPS Paren
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Cloud Dedicated Server, 
  • VMware Private Cloud, 
  • Server Clusters, 
  • HIPAA Compliant Hosting
  • Database Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Magento Hosting 
  • Cloud Site
  • CMS Hosting
  • And Much More

So, here you will get almost all types of hosting with dedicated support, which you can choose as per your business requirement and budgets that are suitable for you. You need not wander here and there.

4: Dedicated Customer Support

When it comes to digital products and services, the support system is one of the main deciding factors whether you buy that product or not.

But don’t worry

Liquid Web Hosting was built with customer care in mind. If you need any assistance, whether it’s technical or billing-related, their customer support team is available 24/7 to help. 

They have a record time of 59 Seconds of initial response over the phone and chat, as well as a 59-minute initial response time over the help desk via an expert team. 

They have a phone number you can call, email addresses, and even live chat that you can use if you are uncomfortable talking over the phone. 

Plus, they have a forum where customers can share their knowledge and ask questions without waiting for an answer from someone in customer service.

You can also take the help of their extensive Knowledge base and blogs for your common problem’s solution.

Liquid Web Customer SupportPin

5: Free SSL and Site Migration

Google also prioritizes those websites that have enabled SSL certificates and provide better ranking in SERPs. But if you buy an SSL certificate, it can be costly for you.

But don’t worry,

Liquid Web VPS Hosting comes with free SSL certificates that you can install on as many sites as your subscription allows. Apart from that, they offer free site migration to new customers. 

That means you can transfer your website from the previous host to Liquid Web VPS Hosting via their expert without any data loss with zero downtime. 

Liquid Web VPS Hosting Pricing Structure

Well, Liquid Web offers a variety of VPS Hosting Plans (Linus and Window) with different price tags (Standard & Bundle) that you can purchase according to your business needs and budgets. 

Liquid Web VPS Hosting Standard PricingPin

Liquid Web VPS Hosting standard plan costs you 25/Month and goes up to 105/Month for Linux, and for Windows, it starts at $65/Month and goes up to $145/Month.

Whereas the Bundle plan for Linux starts at $40/Month and goes up to $145/Month, and for Windows, it starts at $100/Month and goes up to $190/Month.

Liquid Web VPS Hosting Bundle PricingPin

Note: This pricing is based on the Black Friday Sale so it can be varied in normal time. You are advised to check the official website for the plan & pricing structure.

Here are the server configuration and features that you can get in Liquid Web VPS Hosting,

RAM (GB)2, 4, 8, 164, 8, 16
CPU Core2, 4, 84, 8
SSD Storage (GB)40, 100, 150, 200100, 150, 200
Bandwidth (TB)1010
OSAlmaLinux or CentOSWindow Server 2019
Control PanelInterWorx, Plex Web Pro OR cPanelPlesk Obsidian
Backup100GB Acronis Cyber Backups 100GB Acronis Cyber Backups
Bundle Features
CDNCloudflare ProCloudflare Pro
EmailPremium Business Email ServicePremium Business Email Service
SecurityThreat Stack Oversight Detection SystemThreat Stack Oversight Detection System

Note: All plans include Free SSL and Site Migration with a top-notch support system by experts around the clock.

FAQs on Liquid Web VPS Hosting Review

What is Liquid Web?

It is the most popular hosting brand that offers a complete premium hosting solution (except shared hosting) for any kind of business. It includes fast and secure infrastructure with graded support around the clock.

Which Hosting Service is Offered by Liquid Web?

They offer a variety of hosting services (except shared hosting) such as VPS Servers, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, Database Hosting, HIPPA Compliant Hosting, Managed WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, ExpressionEngine, CMS Hosting, and many more.

What is Liquid Web VPS Hosting Cost?

If you compare some other hosting service providers then Liquid Web VPS Hosting would be a little bit expensive, but it is worth every penny that you have invested. Liquid Web VPS Hosting starts from $25/Month and goes up $19/Month based on server configuration and features that you get.

How Good is Liquid Web Customer Support?

It is one of the main factors that attract you to launch your business on Liquid Web Hosting because they have a record time of 59 Seconds of initial response time over the phone and chat.

What is the Liquid Web Refund Policy?

Unfortunately, Liquid Web has no refund policy because they 100% trust what it offer (products, services, and support), and its customers will never regret availing themselves of Liquid Web hosting service.

Final Thought on Liquid Web VPS Hosting Review

Liquid Web’s VPS hosting service offers a lot to its customers. Several high-quality features make this provider stand out from the rest of the competition. 

They have some of the best customer service in the industry.

Their uptime is great, and they offer an excellent variety of different server configurations.

When it comes to pricing, they’re not one of the cheapest providers, but their prices are still fair and competitive when you look at what you get for your money.

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