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Are you searching for Link Whisper review, hands down? You have reached the right place.

Are you exhausted from linking your WordPress articles manually? On-page SEO practices like internal links are often overlooked because they are time-consuming. 

Every blog proprietor should leverage them to increase their search engine rankings. However, you cannot ignore them because they help link the pages on your site.

The truth is that we can also do it manually (and it is also very time-consuming); however, it becomes more tedious when you have a lot of content on your blog. 

This is where the Link Whisper Internal Linking Plugin comes in to help you generate organic traffic and rank your website by efficiently linking within your blog. 

The Link Whisper for WordPress plugin provides a powerful and reliable feature for internal linking within your site.

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Why Internal Links?

It’s no secret that internal links are essential for SEO, right?

There is even a correlation between internal links and higher-ranking pages after analyzing 1 million internal links.

Therefore, if you are serious about your site’s ranking in Google, you need to pay attention to its internal linking.

The benefits are even more significant for pages with external links since they pass the link juice from our site to other pages, boosting their rank accordingly. Usually, internal linking is the most neglected SEO technique. 

The Problem is:

You might wonder now why every affiliate you know isn’t talking about internal link building constantly. This is because creating internal links isn’t an automated process, so there’s no way to automate it.

Because the problem is that the article is not only about a particular keyword – but it has a variety of subtopics within it:

Those internal links might be relevant for the review section under consideration, and my tactics do not really cover this type of scenario. 

Curious to know more about Link Whisper?

Please stick to the article and learn why Link Whisper is the right choice, how to use it, and many other wonderful features it has.

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What is Link Whisper?

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Links Whisper is an amazing WordPress plugin that adds and manages internal links automatically based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on your site. There is no doubt; you will be amazed how quickly and efficiently it does processes.

The program also discovers orphaned content that does not appear in search results. It promotes faster internal linking on your website and ultimately allows you to rank better on Google. According to the official website,

As a result of its remarkable features, including smart anchor text, artificial intelligence, and reports, it is a good tool for interlinking. 

In short: – 

With Link Whisper, you can quietly and quickly “whisper” contextual internal link suggestions to your readers and Google, improving your site’s rank due to better external link structure.

Link Whisper lets you take what was once a time-intensive chore (and gets even more significant as your site grows) and make it an opportunity to make your website more optimized than your competitors.

Innovative Features of Link Whisper

Link Whisper has tons of features and functionality that make your interlinking process super easy and get better results in search engines quickly. These features will help you save time while also eliminating the guesswork involved in internal linking.

Here are some amazing features list that Link Whisper plugin offers to its users-

1. Use smart anchor text

LinkWhisper is known for this wonderful feature. An anchor text plays an essential role in helping you rank better in search engines. Finding the right anchor text is sometimes challenging since we need to choose SEO-friendly text (short, relevant to our target page, low keyword density, etc.). 

Moreover, when interlinking a blog post, we have to find the page URL, highlight the anchor text (or simply words) that you want to add a link to, and then click the link icon and paste the page URL, which takes a lot of time. 

Fortunately, Link Whisper does this for you by suggesting the anchor text and link together to enable auto-linking. If you do not like the recommended links, you are free to change the anchor text.

2. AI-based internal link suggestion

Link Whisper AI Powered Link SuggestionsPin

There aren’t a lot of WordPress plugins that make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Link Whisper plugin is one of the few that can accomplish the task so well.

It uses an algorithm that learns as you write your blog posts and analyzes them. Once this is done, it displays the link suggestions link suggestions, and you can add links with a single click.

Once the Link Whisper plugin has been installed and activated, the first scan takes place automatically. During periodic scans, the link suggestions are updated to ensure that they are current.

3. Link Reporting

Besides how many external links each post has, Link Whisper will also tell you how many internal links it has. You are able to see how many inbound links are coming to the article and how many outbound links are contained within it.

To check the reports, click on the Link Whisper icon in the WordPress dashboard’s sidebar, then select reports to view the entire linking reports.

Link Whisper Internal Link ReportPin

Dashboard details provide you with the exact number of:

  • Inbound internal links: Links pointing to a blog post are called inbound links.
  • Outbound, internal links: An outbound internal link is one that redirects to an external link on another domain. If you use a link cloaking plugin, such as Pretty Links or Thirsty Affiliates, you can see the links under Outbound internal links.
  • Outbound external links: Internal links pointing to a different domain are known as outbound external links. They can be no-follow or do-follow.

4. Collectively add internal links

You are allowed to add internal links to your article in bulk, and there are no restrictions on how many you can add. In order to add a link to your blog post, simply go to your account and click on Add, and it will display all the content from which your blog post could be linked.

If you wish to alter the anchor text, you may click on the word in the sentence and remove or add a word. Internal links can be added so quickly; even a novice can implement them. The link whisper software does not require any configuration; it just needs to be installed. It scans your blog post for five minutes and gives you all suggestions for internal links.

5. Customized Settings

With Link Whisper, you have the option of making some changes to the default configurations and settings. By customizing this feature, you can fine-tune the links you receive. 

Using the plugin’s Settings page-

  • You can choose various settings like ignoring certain words or phrases to get your site’s optimal linking opportunities.
  • Which post types to create a link for
  • How many sentences to skip
  • And how to open all internal links in a new tab, etc.

6. Auto Link

Link Whisper has added a new function called Auto Link with its latest update. With Auto Link, you can automate linking internally and externally without much effort.

Each time a keyword appears anywhere in your content, your posts and pages will automatically link to your chosen URL.

When auto-linking is enabled, a couple of settings are available. Such as:

  • You should add one link per post (this is highly recommended)
  • Don’t link to the URL if a post/page already links to it

Automating internal linking is a convenient feature that would save you a lot of time over the years. In the Auto links, I would like to see “rel=” tags. This would enable affiliate links to be used as well.

Another good news is – 

A new URL changer is also available. It provides the option of changing a particular link through a 301 redirect. All the changes you’ve made can be seen in a clean, easy-to-read report section.

Lastly, you can ignore the suggested links to prevent them from being recommended again in the future. Using this plugin, you can specify which pages and posts you do not want to link.

7. The Target Keywords

You can now set target keywords for blog posts and pages in Link Whisper’s new update. But wait, what do these keywords mean?

As part of your blogging efforts, you can choose a target keyword for which you want to rank on Google SERPs. The plugin will display the internal link suggestions that include those target keywords first when told this is the keyword you wish this page to rank for.

As a result, internal links with the highest authority will be found and promoted accordingly.

8. Google Search Console Integration

Link Whisper Google Search Console IntegrationPin

With Link Whisper, you can integrate your SEO reports from the Google search console with your Link Whisper account. In other words, you will be given credit for keywords you already rank for in the second or higher SERPs.

That’s right. That’s precisely what we need to do. Adding internal links to your site using keywords you’re already ranking for is the most underutilized strategy. Using these keywords, you can create internal links to help you improve your rankings.

Moreover, it also displays data on CTR, position, impressions, and clicks for your target keyword. You can connect your Link Whisper account to your Google Search Console by visiting the plugin settings in Link Whisper and clicking the authorize tab.

Link Whisper will automatically add your target keywords to your active list if you already have Yoast SEO or Rank Math plugins installed.

9. Broken Link Checker

Broken links are the most crucial factor that destroys your website ranking drastically. Broken links can be counted as 404 pages, meaning if you click on these types of links, they will not direct you to the relevant page.

It is one of the bad parts of SEO, and you shouldn’t ignore it. But if you use Link Whisper Plugin, you can quickly find out all the broken links and change/ modify them with the correct URLs.

Link Whisper Pricing Structure

The plugin is a premium one and does not offer a free version, and you cannot test it first. If you wish to use it, you have to purchase the premium offers, and there are basically three options from which to choose.

  • 1 Site– Link Whisper offers all its features for a single site license for only $69/year. You can buy this offer if you have a single website on which you publish your articles. All you have to do, just buy it and start adding internal links.
  • 3 Sites– If you own more than one website, then you should choose this option, which allows you to license 3 websites for only $97/year, which is a reasonable price even though it only charges $69 for an individual site. It also includes all the features of Link Whisper. Please make use of them accordingly to get good rankings for your articles.
  • 10 Sites- It is the best option for you if you have more than three sites, as it offers you a 10-site license for just $147/year. You are also getting a good and optimized deal with this. By purchasing this offer, you can use Link Whisper’s features on all of these sites instantly.
Link Whisper Pricing StructurePin

Although the pricing is slightly higher than that of other internal linking building plugins, the offered features are superior to its competitors. Besides giving you long-term benefits, it also saves time.

The software saves you a lot of time and effort in manual work, which can be extremely time-consuming and busy. The good thing is – if you don’t like the plugin, you can request a full refund by sending an email within 30 days of purchase.

Exactly How Does LinkWhisper Work?

You can access all the amazing features of Link Whisper; you just need to install the plugin zip file and activate it on your WordPress site. 

After that, you need to activate the license and configure Link Whisper settings, then follow the steps to use Link Whisper WordPress Plugin on your site smoothly.

Step 1: In order to create a new blog post, you must first install the plugin.

Step #2: You need to open your page or blog post in the visual editor and save it as a draft.

Step #3: After clicking on the section Link Whisper Suggested Links, you need to select links that are just appropriate for your article.

You can also change the anchor text according to your preference. Once you have completed these steps, remember to save your links.

When you have done this, your article will be ready to be published. Links will appear once you have published the article.

What If You Uninstall the Plugin?

You need not worry about all the internal links you created in your article if you uninstall the plugin accidentally.

Link Whisper allows you to create links and uninstall the plugin according to your needs. For that reason, all the internal links you create through the plugin are permanent. 

It’s not even possible to delete all of those internal links at the same time because there is no bulk deletion feature for them. Therefore, your rankings aren’t affected.

Customer Support Provided by Link Whisper

Link Whisper SupportPin

This plugin offers a complete documentation library and a series of tutorial videos so you can understand all the features of Link Whisper without worrying about setting it up and configuring it. 

If you have any queries or problems, you can email the customer support team to help you as soon as possible. 

If your question matches those already asked, then you can also find the answer on the official website since there is a very high likelihood that your question matches the answers there.

Installing Link Whisper is very simple, and you can start using it as soon as you click the install button. Also, there is a traditional ticketing system through which you can send your request.

Apart from that you can use their Knowledge Base to find common problem fixing guides.

Pro of Using Link Whisper Plugin

  • Easy to use Interface
  • Powerful Link Reporting
  • Seamlessly Google Search Console Integration
  • AI-Powered Link Suggestions
  • Auto Linking
  • Bulk Link Changer
  • Link Suggestion from Other Domain
  • Custom Anchor Text
  • Link Would Safe After Uninstalling Link Whisper Plugin 
  • Great Customer Support
  • Find Broken Link & 404 Pages and Fix Them
  • Integrate With Rank Math & Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Target Specific Keywords
  • Compatible With All Themes & Plugins
  • And Much More

Cons of Using Link Whisper Plugin

  • No Lifetime Deal
  • Bit Expensive for Beginners
  • Link Suggest for Headings
  • No other Major Cons

Link Whisper Review – Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a WordPress Internal Linking Plugin that helps you to build innovative linking structures hassle-free. It offers AI-Powered link suggestion features that enable you to add relevant links to our article and improve search results quickly.

How does Link Whisper Works?

When you install and activate the license, it automatically scans all pages/ posts of your sites and recommends the best and relevant link with anchor text to add to our recent blog posts.

What is the Cost of Link Whisper Plugin?

You can install a Free version on your site and use it with restricted features. But if you want to take full advantage of this amazing plugin you need to buy Link Whisper license that generally costs you $77 for a single site license.

Can I Use Link Whisper for FREE?

Yes! Link Whisper offers a free version of its plugin that comes with fewer or no features. If you want to make your internal link-building process powerful, you have to buy their premium plans.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Could there be any reason which stops you not using the Link Whisper plugin? Then need not worry at all, Link Whisper offers an industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are anyhow not satisfied with Link Whisper, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days from the purchase date. So, you can taste the Link Whisper for 30 days without any risk.

What Happens If I Remove Link Whisper Plugin?

Right Question??

No problem! When you stop using the Link Whisper plugin or cancel your account. 

All your links will remain safe unless you remove them manually. That means there is no effect on your internal linking.

Final Thoughts on Link Whisper Review

An internal linking strategy is an integral part of on-page SEO. Focusing on it is highly recommended if you haven’t already. Links Whisper is an effective tool that can help you build links to any niche site efficiently. 

With this WordPress Internal Link plugin, you will boost your SEO and save a lot of time. With the saved time, you can do other things to help build your blog. The price range is reasonable, and the service is well worth it. 

You should definitely try it out. A refund policy is also available, though you will not require one. Surely, your goanna loves this fantastic tool.

Thank you for reading this article! We’d appreciate your sharing it with your community. 


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