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Hello friends, I hope you are enjoying the Interview Series and Learning Many actionable and proven tips from them. it’s also motivating me, so today in this post I am going to have Interview with Ravi Dixit.

Every new blogger has dreams of growing their blog and earning some money from their blog. But having Less experience and Knowledge they are unable to get success as they dreamed. 

As we all know, starting a blog is not enough, you have to work hard and spend time and money as well. You have to consider many things like Fast Hosting, SEO and many more to grow quickly. 

But if you succeeded in getting advice and tips from pro bloggers which they are implementing on their blog your work will become easier. So, after thinking more I have started this Interview series. 

Table Of Contents
  1. Interview With Ravi Dixit: Founder Staymeonline.Com
  2. Now Your Turn

Interview With Ravi Dixit: Founder Staymeonline.Com

Today’s post (Interview with Ravi Dixit) is going to be more helpful for all of us. In this interview I have asked many questions related to blogging which every new blogger has in their mind. 

May be most of you have known about him if not then you will know about him and his working environment and his opinion.

Ravi dixit is a blogger and affiliate marketer who has almost all the answers about blogging and many more. He is the owner of StayMeOnline Blog where you will get High quality and Informative content which is very Helpful for bargainers.

So, without wasting any time let’s start an interview with Ravi Dixit and See their Opinion–

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself when you started your blogging journey?

First of All, Thanks Archana for giving me this opportunity!

Hey, lovely readers! I’m Ravi Dixit, a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer from New Delhi, India. I am the founder of and a few other sister blogs where I share my knowledge on various topics.

I started my blogging journey on 16 May 2016, this was the day when I purchased the domain( and a shared hosting account from GoDaddy.

2. Any startup is filled with challenges, what challenges have you faced and how you handle them?

The biggest challenge was to arrange money for buying a laptop (to at least get ready to start a blog) and then for domain and web hosting.

So, back in 2015-2016… I was using a 2G mobile phone and that was the same phone which made me familiar with the blogging world. So, thanks to that…

I was reading about blogging and other related topics using my 2G mobile phone on various blogs. And excited to start my own blog and implement the things that I learned.

But the main problem was, I did not have any laptop/computer or money to purchase it. I joined a 9 to 5 office job at a call center, yes It was my first job.

But the salary was very low, I was not able to save enough money to buy a laptop. So, I ended up buying a Windows Tablet.

It was not good for my work, but it was okay than having nothing. Then, I purchased the domain and web hosting from GoDaddy. It was the day when my first blog StayMeOnline was born, the day was 16 May 2016.

I quit the job at the Call Center and joined a web services company. This time the salary was good and I was able to save some money to finally buy a laptop for my work.

It was the biggest challenge for me, I did not have a good source of income to support my blog. So, because of lack of money, StayMeOnline went down for almost 6-8 months in 2017 because I failed to pay for the web hosting renewal.

3. Everyone has some inspiration, what is yours and why? Which are the blogs do you like most and why?

When I was not aware of blogging, I did a search on Google “How to Make Money Online”, I landed on a post of ShoutMeLoud where Harsh Agrawal shared amazing methods. And I got attracted to blogging. 

Then started following Harsh Agarwal sir and then came to know about other bloggers from Indian and outside of India.

I am actively reading posts from Backlinko, Ahrefs Blog, Moz and a few others to learn SEO.

Here are the blogs that I like most:

  1. ShoutMeLoud by Harsh Agarwal
  2. BloggersPassion by Anil Agarwal
  3. MasterBlogging by Ankit Singla
  4. SimpleFactsOnline by Chayan Chakrabarti
  5. BloggingQNA by Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj
  6. BloggingLift by Sumit Sao

4. As we all know, time management is very important for blogging, can you share how you manage your time and your daily schedule?

I used to be a big-time waster when I was not a blogger. But when you have a blog to manage and you are serious about blogging, you must conquer time-management.

Now I have been a full-time blogger since July 2019, So I have more hours daily to work on my blog compared to when I was working in a 9 to 5 office job.

But here is a bitter truth about me, I can’t work according to a timetable. I hate that a lot…

So, I use to assign my tasks according to their priorities. And work on the tasks with high priorities first and then move to others.

I aim to work at least 12+ hours a day, I take it as a 12 hours full-time job. But sometimes because of workload, I even used to work 16-18 hours a day.

For tracking my productivity, I use Rescue Time which really helps me in knowing where I am spending my most time online and how many hours, I am working per day along with a productivity score.

5. While, after and before starting a blog, what we should keep in mind. Give us some pro tips from your experience?

Before starting your blog…

When you are planning to start a blog, you need to spend a good time researching your niche. Because this becomes the reason to quit blogging midway, I have seen a lot of beginners.

If you are choosing a random niche just because someone else (who you follow) is doing great work in that and generating good money every month, you are going to fail.

Choosing your niche carefully is very important when you are planning to start a blog.

After starting your blog…

Here are some tips that you should follow after starting your blog:

  1. Be consistent
  2. Create quality content rather than focusing on the quantity of content.
  3. Never stop learning, try to learn new things every day.
  4. Do collaborations with the other bloggers in your niche.
  5. Never be afraid of investing in premium products. 
  6. Deeply care about user experience.

6. Blogging means writing anything on a blog is not at all, then how do you find topics and keywords for your new Article?

Absolutely, Blogging isn’t limited to writing content only, I have seen many people think that blogging is only about writing content on a blog. 

But they don’t know that writing content is only 20% of blogging. There are a lot more things involved in blogging.

I use Competitor analysis to find low-competitive keywords which my competitors are already ranking for. Then I check how they have written their content and if there is anything they forgot to add. 

Now it’s time for me to create content on the same topic but a better version. 

AND apart from the above strategy, I use to share the things that I am implementing on my blogs or learning about related to the topics that I cover on my blog.

Moreover, Semrush topic research tools and Quora help me to get the topic to write on.

7. Some premium WordPress tools make our work easy. Can you tell which one you are using and recommend some to us?

There are tons of tools that I am personally using for my blog and these tools literally save a lot of time and make things easy for me to manage.

But as you are asking for only premium WordPress tools then I am using the following tools:

  1. Web Hosting – A powerful and blazing fast hosting paly Important Role in website Ranking and user experience, so I highly recommend you to go for WPX Hosting or GreenGeeks Web Hosting.
  2. WP Rocket: WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin which helps in improving the loading speed of my blog.
  3. WPForms: The form builder that I have been using from the very first day of my blogging journey. It is a drag-n-drop form builder which makes it easy to create any type of form you want.
  4. OptinMonster: For capturing the emails of my visitors, I am using OptinMonster on my blog.
  5. GeneratePress: The best theme I found in my entire blogging journey. I am using the GeneratePress premium theme from the first year of my blog.
  6. Astra Pro: Another easy to customize and fast WordPress theme, I am using this on my other blogs.
  7. Elementor Pro: I am not a pro web designer but Elementor Pro helps me a lot in designing my website without even having techy designing skills.
  8. Social Snap: – Everyone knows the importance of having social share options on blogs. In such case Social Snap Share Plugin made my work Easy.

8. Everyone starts their blog to make money, can you share some proven tips to increase sales and also share some earning proof to motivate us?

Well, yes! Everyone starts blogging to make passive income…

But the first mantra should be… Provide value to others then money will automatically start rolling into your account. It works like give and take.

Here are some proven tips to increase affiliate sales:

  1. Find the problem of your audience and then find a product as its solution, Now promotes that! When you are promoting a solution to the problems that your visitors are going through, then why won’t they buy?
  2. Do not focus on huge numbers of products, focus on few which have a good reputation in the market.
  3. Use the product yourself before promoting that.
  4. Make good use of coupons and deals.
  5. Create a resources page on your blog and list down all the tools you are using on your blog.
  6. Build trust, don’t promote any product just to earn commissions. It can ruin your image.
  7. Try to understand the pocket weight of your audience, it will help you to recommend better products. For example, a beginner with a low budget cannot start his/her blog with WP Engine hosting. On the other hand, if a well-established business is looking for web hosting, then you can recommend WP Engine.

I am not very comfortable in sharing my earnings online, that’s the reason I never published any income report on my blog. 

But I gave an idea about my income in this video:

9. What are the most essential things needed to implement to succeed in blogging as well as in affiliate marketing?

First of all, A good mindset is very important before jumping into blogging or affiliate marketing. Because now people started taking blogging and affiliate marketing as a quick-win game, just because they have seen someone’s income report and they got impressed.

The second is choosing a perfect niche. The most common reason behind quitting blogging in beginners is they failed to pursue the niche they selected.

I have seen mostly beginners choosing the same niche as the person they are following, or the blogger they have seen income reports of someone. This is the biggest mistake that leads them to failure in blogging. 

Your niche should be something you are passionate about and also have knowledge. Moreover, it should have a good demand in the market and the potential to make money for you.

I have shared an amazing guide on the same topic which will help in choosing a perfect niche + it has 100+ most profitable niche ideas.

10. What is the best way to grow the blog and drive organic traffic on the new blog?

Collaboration! The same thing you are doing now…

Collaborating with other bloggers who have a good number of audiences can give a new blog instant boost in traffic. 

For collaboration, one can do the following things.

  1. Invite for Interviews
  2. Invite for Roundup posts
  3. Guest posting, you can do on others’ blog or invite others to do on your blog (both works)
  4. Blog Commenting (It still works just need to do in an effective way)

There is another thing one can use to get some initial traffic on a new blog, whenever you are linking to others on your post, let them know about that mention by sending an email or message. 

Your post will surely get shared with their audience, overall, who will not be happy with a free backlink and ready to appreciate you by sharing your content.

11. Which is more important (1) creating backlink or (2) creating unique, high-quality content (3) building our Audience/ Email List?

I prefer creating unique and high-quality content because this is what matters most.

Who wants to link poor quality content? No one’s, right! And who wants to stay as a subscriber to someone’s email list who is not providing any value? again no one.

If you are publishing quality content, others will be more likely to link to you. You can earn huge backlinks without hustling for them, just because of the power of your content.

12. What strategy are you employing on your blog to grow and increase sales; would you like to share some of them?

For now, I am focusing on creating freebies for my audience and trust me, this is the best technique to grow a blog or get sales.

Who doesn’t want free things, everyone does, including you and me?

13. What are the main sources of your income and what is the secret behind your success?

My main source of Income is Affiliate Marketing for sure, this is the main source of my income from my blog. I also get a good sum of money from Sponsorships. 

I am using these two methods to make money from my main blog StayMeOnline. When I started my blog back in 2016, I used Google AdSense for 1 year but couldn’t get any good amount from there, So I stopped.

And I do not consider myself a successful person in the blogging industry, I have a huge journey ahead that I still need to go through.

14. What have you set the goal for 2020 and new things to start in 2022?

I am working on my first ever course, this is going to be my 2022 Goal. I have planned to launch it in 2022. This is going to be a totally free course where I am going to share the experience that I have got in my entire blogging journey.

This course will be helpful for all who want to start a blog and make their living through Blogging.

In 2022, I am planning to set up an office officially (I have one in my home) and increase the no. members in my time. The more hands you have, the more it will make it easy to manage things.

Despite the office, I plan to bring some premium courses and products in 2022.

15. Any Guru Tips for Blogging Try Audience to improve their blog performance?

Focus on creating quality content and the second, collaboration with others from the same industry.

This is the only mantra that will help you to grow your blog. And also invest in learning every day. By investing here, I don’t mean by money only, invest your valuable time as much as you can to learn daily.

16. Suggestion for my blog if Any?

You are doing amazing work, as you are inviting other experts from the same industry and conducting their interview. It will surely help you to generate good traffic and backlinks as well.

I liked the design of your blog and the way you have written your content; I really appreciate it.

Keep doing great work.

Now Your Turn

That is all for Now in Interview with Ravi Dixit. I hope you have learned many new tips and strategies from him to grow your blog. Here he has shared some basic, simple and easy to implement tips to increase blog performance and drive some traffic on new blog.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and gained something new. Let’s share it with your friends so that they also benefit from this. Sharing is all about caring, it will take a couple of seconds but it will motivate me.

Very soon you will see more interviews with other pro bloggers on this blog. So be connected with me for more updates. You should join my private blogging Facebook Group where you can ask your doubt and get a solution from Pro Blogger.

If you have any question or Feedback then feel free to share via comment or contact us, Page. I will surely help You. Thanks for Giving me your time to read it.

Happy Blogging
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