15 Common Blogging Mistakes in 2022? May Destroy Your Blogging Career

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Hello friend! 

Do you also have a blog? Are you also struggling to rank yourself? Is your blog ranking continuously going down? If so, you are in the right place. 

It looks like you are making some awful mistakes on your blog. Or you have started blogging incorrectly. Because of which this is happening. I have highlighted some of the essential Blogging Mistakes that a new blogger often makes on their amateur blog. Read it carefully and see what blogging Mistakes you are making. 

Today everyone wants to make a blog, and they also succeed in making a blog inspired by something. But can all succeed? The answer is no. 

Do you know what the reason is? Why can’t they all become successful bloggers? If you don’t know, let me tell you. 

Creating a blog is very simple, but it is challenging to make that blog successful, Brandable, and profitable. It takes a lot of effort and time. At the same time, you need the right direction and proper guidance. 

But the problem with a new blogger is that he does not know the right way to make a blog successful and get it ranked in Google. That is why he keeps making a lot of common blogging mistakes from start to end. 

So, let’s move on

Common Blogging Mistakes

Today I am going to share some common blogging mistakes but very important with you through this article, which a new blogger often does. He is not even aware that this common blogging mistake is taking down the ranking of his blog. 

It is 100 percent certain that this mistake can affect your blog severely and can even destroy your blog.

Perhaps, your blog position may be cut, but better practice can expand your blog traffic and your blog rankings. 

So, let’s proceed without any delay and see it one by one,

1. Not Choosing a Right and Ideal Niche

If you want to create a successful blog and take it to a new height, you must never ignore how to choose the right and ideal niche for your blog.

You have to keep in mind that you have decided your domain name correctly, and your niche is included in your domain name.

An ideal niche determines where you are going to take your blog and the destination of your blogging journey.

If you succeed in choosing the right niche for your blog, you win half the battle initially.

2. Using Cheap and Slow Hosting

Slow hosting plays a vital role in ranking your blog. Now the question arises in your mind that how? Because if your blog is hosted on a slow hosting server, then your blog will open slowly.

In such a situation, you can lose many valuable audiences, and if this happens then, your page view is also reduced because no one likes a slowly opening blog or website.

So, if you are serious and passionate about blogging, instead of choosing cheap and slow hosting, you can invest a little bit and buy blazing fast hosting like Nexcess Web Hosting or GreenGeeks Web Hosting.

3. Not Investing in Premium Theme & Plugin

Not investing in premium tools is the biggest blogging mistake that every new blogger makes. Because initially, every new blogger does not have that much budget, he can afford premium tools.

In such a situation, he uses free or Nulled themes and plugins on his blog. Due to which, the load time and performance of the blog is greatly affected. You must know that good things never come freely in the world.

But if you want better results and performance, then you should not ignore it. If you wish, you can use Generatepress Theme (Freemium), which is not very costly, along with you can use Thrive Architect or Elementor (Freemium) as a page builder.

4. Using Copied Content from Somewhere

If you want to rank a blog, then you should always take care that you do not copy content by copying it somewhere to publish more posts. But a newbie blogger makes this mistake often.

Always wish that whenever you write or publish any content, it is 100% original. If you do not do this, then you may suffer the following.

  • Your blog can never rank.
  • You will never be able to publish high quality and unique content.
  • If copyright has come, you may have to lose your blog too.
  • You will never win the trust of your audience.

Therefore, to avoid such a situation, you should only present high-quality content written by yourself to your readers. You may create a little bit in the beginning, but later, you will become an expert in it.

5. Never Thinks About Blog Post Topic

A new blogger often says that I have written a lot of posts, but traffic is not coming to my blog, nor is the click rate increasing. Have you ever thought about why this happens?

I tell you; blogging is not just a place to write and publish whatever you want to do. Blogs are made for others and not for yourself. Therefore, you should write only about those things which are in more demand in the market. It is not that you like to write and you want to write, so you wrote an article and published it.

First of all, you should make a group of audience for yourself, and your effort should be to get the idea of the blog post from them. Out of those ideas, you have to select which topic is trending or how much demand is there.

If you succeed in doing this, then you should start writing your blog post. After that, you will not have to cry for traffic and click rate. In this way, you will write and publish high-quality content that people want to read or know more about.

6. Proper Keyword Research

It has been seen many times that people choose the topic, but they do not know which keyword to work. So, they start writing anything. But do you know that people do not search all your content in search engines? They only use a few words, which are known as keywords. 

Therefore, you should never ignore keyword research. If you do proper keyword research in the right way, which makes your article SEO friendly and, at the same time, it is more effective in ranking the blog. 

So, whenever you start writing an article, do proper keyword research for your blog topic. For better and proper keyword research, you can take the help of SEO tools like Semrush. 

Semrush helps you in choosing the exact keyword on which you want to rank your blog post. In this way, you can easily rank your blog post in any search engine. Doing so will boost your blog ranking as well as blog traffic and click rate.

7. Proper Keyword Placement in BlogPost

Like I said earlier, doing keyword research is very, very beneficial. But even more important is to include it in your blog post at the right place.

The arrangement of the right keywords in the right place in your content is incredibly essential, which makes your blog posts more SEO friendly.

So, you have to make sure that you include these keywords in the ideal place. Embedding keywords anywhere in an article is not good practice at all.

If you think that using more and more keywords will expand your blog’s status, then you are entirely wrong on this point. Excessive keyword usage is known as a terrible SEO rehearsal.

If you include too many keywords in your article, it worsens the content status. The result of this is that your blog post looks unnatural and meaningless.

8. Using only the Target Keyword

Now comes the time to include keywords, so you always have to take care that you do not use only focus keywords in your blog post, which is often done by a newbie blogger.

Using only the main keywords in your blog post is not good practice at all. You should also use synonyms and variations of that primary keyword.

This type of practice gives the top position to your content in the query result, which is very important from the SEO point of view. Related words of any focus keywords, synonyms, equivalent concepts, and synonyms help the search engine’s web crawler to understand your blog post topics of a page in a better way.

9. Not Defining Blog Permalink

It is a type of prevalent blogging mistake that many bloggers often make. They either don’t know about it at all, or they forget to set it. Setting the URL of any blog post in the correct format is called Permalink.

Shortening the URL of any article is a better SEO practice. Also, you must include your focus keywords in this URL. The incredible thing is that Google also always likes this type of URL more.

But if you have not set the ideal Permalink for your blog post, then your blog post title becomes your post URL (Permalink). This URL becomes too long. If you want better results, then never forget to set a better URL for your blog post.

10. Clickable Title and Meta Descriptions

The title and meta description of any blog appear simultaneously in the search results. So obviously it is essential to set it. When a person tries to find something in the search engine, he sees that title and meta description first in the search result. After that, readers click on it and go to your blog and read your article.

Therefore, your blog post title should be clickable, and the meta description should be such that it is entirely telling about your content. If you don’t set it wisely, then you lose the chance to improve your content value. 

Whenever Google or any other search engine bot visits your blog article, it first inspects the title and meta tag description of your material. So, it becomes evident that a better title and meta description determine the future of your blog.

11. Over Optimization of Blog Post

Blogging means that you want to share high quality and informative content to your readers. Therefore, you have to improve your content and make it more and more informative.

Keep in mind that you mention the same things in your article, which is related to that topic. It is not that you go off your path and start writing anything. 

Your objective is not to expand the article but to give accurate information. When writing a blog, you should focus on writing high-quality content rather than showing your art.

If you increase your content and over-optimize it, then that content becomes meaningless and useless. You would know that Google never gives any place to such articles. Therefore, you should always pay attention to content readability and word count.

12. Small and Low-Quality Content

If you think that by writing short and low-quality content, you will be able to improve your blog ranking, then you are entirely wrong because no one likes to read half an incomplete information article.

Would you like to read an article that is useful to you? The answer is obvious; is it not? So how are you sure that someone will read your low information and low-quality article? Also, low-quality content does not perform well in any search engine.

If you write a short article, then obviously you will not be able to include all the facts which should be. Your small item is not beneficial for anyone. Therefore, Google will not give priority to such content under any circumstances.

So, whenever you think of writing a post, do a thorough analysis of that topic. Only then start writing and mention all those things in a minimum of 800 words related to that topic.

13. Making Backlinks

Creating back-links is a good thing because back-links help a lot in ranking your blog. But never buy back-links and never make back-links anywhere without thinking.

If you do this, then you take your blog on the wrong path, and doing this is a crime for Google, and your blog may be punishable. The back-link you have purchased may be of low quality and contain a link to a pornography site.

Therefore, you are requested to make a thorough check about the backlink whenever you make it and ensure that the website is of high quality. By doing this, you can be successful in creating a high-quality backlink, which will significantly help in the SEO of your blog.

14. Not Being Consistent

If you are passionate about blogging then you should never ignore it. Because if you are not consistent in publishing blog posts on your blog, you are making awful blogging mistakes.

Consistently publishing a blog makes your blog search results excellent in Google search. If you want a better result and want your blog to rank in Google, you must be consistent. You can set a fixed interval for publishing articles on your blog.

In this way, you are always in the eyes of Google or other search engines, and the status of your blog continuously gets better.

15. Blog Speed and Mobile Responsiveness

For now, the last but not the list, blog design, and speed can be the main factors in destroying your blog. Therefore, you should emphasize the design, response, and speed of your blog. 

Because Google or other search engines lean towards a quick loading and mobile responsive blog to give a better experience to their user, no one likes slow-opening websites and blogs. Do you like this blog? Definitely not.


In this post, we have learned about 15 common Blogging Mistakes, which every Newbie blogger often makes. Let me know which mistakes you are making now.

I hope you enjoyed this article and find it helpful. If you pay attention to the above points and avoid common blogging mistakes, you will be able to improve your blog and make it rank on google. 

Thanks for giving me your valuable time to read it. Please share it so that others can also benefit from it. It will take a few seconds, but it motivates me a lot.


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