Interview with Mangesh Bhardwaj Making Decent Money Blogging [S-5]

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Hi friends, Today’s post is going to be amazing for all of You. Because it is an interview with Mangesh Bhardwaj. 

As we all know, starting a blog and taking it to a new height is very difficult for everyone who just started it.

Every new blogger always has a doubt regarding traffic, blog ranking and all other important points of blogging.

It is not always possible to connect with some popular blogger every time. So, I have started this Interview series for all of you. Where I keep on Inviting some very Popular Blogger at certain interval. 

I have already asked them some very essential question, if you have any other question let me know via comment so that I include them into next Interview.

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Table Of Contents
  1. Interview with Mangesh Bhardwaj from
  2. Warping Up

Interview with Mangesh Bhardwaj from

In this series our special guest is Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj from BloggingQNA. He is a very creative minded person and always ready to help new bloggers.

We will know more about him only. So, Let’s get start interview with Mangesh Bhardwaj and see what is his opinion on various question which I asked them. 

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself when you started your blogging journey?

First of all, Thanks Archana for Inviting me on your amazing Blog.

Hey, lovely people out there. This is Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj. I am a 23 years old Full-Time Blogger, Youtuber, and Affiliate Marketer and Founder of

Apart from this, I am also running some micro-niche blogs in different niches and also have a Facebook Group “ BloggingQNA” and Telegram Channel with more than 5K+ members.

I started blogging in October 2016. At that time, I failed many times, and started many blogs and micro niche websites.

But all my efforts are going into vain.

After struggling a lot, I learned many things about how blogging works.

I launched my blog BloggingQna and YouTube channel on July 18, 2018, and the rest of all is in front of you guys.

2. Any start up is filled with challenges, what challenges have you faced and how you handle them?

The main challenges I faced in my initial days are not getting traffic and results from my blog. Like every newbie I am also looking for quick results, and I was also thinking that blogging is a quick rich scheme where you will become rich overnight.

That was my biggest mistake or you can say challenge because there was no one who could guide me right in blogging.

That is also a main reason why I struggled 1.8 years to earn my first dollar.

The harsh truth is “Blogging is not a quick-rich scheme” It takes time and hard work. So, it’s very important to follow the right people who can guide you in the right way.

I suggest every newbie follows a guy who will teach you the authority of blogging, not the quick money-making schemes.

3. Everyone has some inspiration, what is yours and why? Which are the blogs do you like most and why?

For blogging in my initial stage, I was inspired by Harsh Agarwal, Brian Dean, Neil Patel, and some other blogs.

And for Youtube, I was inspired by My Smart Support youtube channel.

Here are some of my favourite blogs: –

  1. MasterBlogging Of Ankit Singla – Fan of his strategies and Mindset (GuruJi)
  2. BloggingJoy of Santaun Debnath – Amazing blog with real life experiences (I can say he shares everything after implementing things. Pehle istemal kare phir vishwas kare ? ?)
  3. BloggingLift of Sumit Sao – Detailed and in-depth knowledge of every topic.
  4. BloggingCosmos of Santosh Bhai – Sharing proven and amazing blogging tips.
  5. BloggersPassion of Anil Agarwal – For Amazing affiliate marketing and seo tips.
  6.  Simplefactonline by Chayan Bro – Most supportive and amazing blogging buddy I found on the Internet.

There are many more blogs that I read and visit on a regular basis but these are the top I can say.

4. As we all know, time management is very important for blogging, can you share how you manage your time and your daily schedule?

Time management is very important to make your days productive for your business.  Honestly speaking I am very bad at time management and following the schedule. I tried many times to follow a timetable and work accordingly but I am unable to follow that. 

As I am doing this full time, that’s why I work when I want, and I take a rest when I feel like it. There is no such fixed schedule for my work.

If I talk about my daily schedule. I woke up at around 9 am or 10 am in the morning. After doing some basic day-to-day stuff, I start my work at 11 am.

Then I work continuously till 2 or 3 pm, then I take a break of almost 1 hour or a small nap to refresh my mind.

Then I start my work again and do it till 5 pm or 6 pm. Then I go to the nearest park to do some outdoor activities. Back home somewhere around 8 pm.

Then spend some time with family till 10 pm and then back to work, and go to sleep around 12am or 1 pam.

This is my daily schedule I can say.

5. While, after and before starting a blog, what we should keep in Mind. Give us some pro tips from your experience?

If I tell you in short, spend most of your time researching your niche, keywords, competitions, monetization methods before starting your blog.

All I can say is do as much deep research as you can before starting a new blog. If you spend 70% on research then trust me the rest of your way to make that blog successful will be very smooth. You will enjoy that journey a lot.

And after starting the blog your main focus should be on producing the best content, promoting it on the right platforms, taking care of SEO. So, and most importantly, networking within your niche with other fellow bloggers.

Sharing this from personal experience. 70% in research and then the rest 30% in making content, promoting your blog and SEO.

6. Blogging means Writing anything on blog is not at all, then how do you find topics and keywords for your new Article?

What I Feel, Blogging is all about solving problems of readers or providing authentic information to the readers, what they are looking for.

In My case I got most of my blog topics ideas from my YouTube Subscribers and Telegram group.

After that I do research on those topics to find out the perfect keywords to target. To know more in deep how you can find the best blog topics ideas. 

7. Some premium wordpress tools make our work easy. Can you tell which one you are using and recommend some to us?

Here are some amazing tools that I use on a daily basis.

  1. Ahref and Semrush for keyword research and competitor analysis
  2. Grammarly and docs for content writing and planning.
  3. Thrive for building amazing blog posts
  4. Google Site Kit – All in one plugin
  5. ConvertKit for Email marketing
  6. Thrive lead for lead generations

There are many more tools that will make your blogging life easy but these are the tools that I use on a daily basis.

8. Everyone starts their blog to make money, can you share some proven tips to increase sales and also share some earning proof to motivate us?

A simple and very easy formula to increase sales is to build your audience and build your trust in them. This is my main weapon. I can say that it is giving me a lot of conversion.

My Audience trusts me and Whenever I recommend any good product to them, they are ready to purchase from my link.

Pro Tips: – Don’t recommend any random or bad products, otherwise you will lose trust and that will be your biggest mistake.

For motivation I already shared my many earning proofs in my videos and on my Instagram handles.

9. What are the most essential things needed to implement to succeed in blogging as well as in affiliate marketing?

The 3 most most essential things needed for success in blogging and affiliate marketing are: –

  1. Patience, consistency in producing quality content with lots of values and hard work
  2. Promoting the right products and services to the right audience.
  3. Building your audience around your blog and YouTube channel.

10. What is the best way to grow the blog and drive organic traffic on the new blog?

Getting organic traffic to a new blog is quite a time taking process. In that case there are some amazing methods that you can get instant website traffic to your blog.

Leverage social media like Quora, Facebook group, Pinterest, twitter for initial traffic.

11. Which is more important (1) creating backlink or (2) creating unique, High-Quality content and building our Audience/ Email List?

Always go for the 2 second option. Building an audience/email list and producing quality content will help you more in the long run.

Let’s understand with an example.

Your blog post content is not that good. And you are creating high quality backlinks and with the help of that, your blog post is ranking on top of google.

Now when users visit your blog and see that the content is not good, they will leave instantly and this will bring your site down in ranking. And after that, your backlinks will not help in ranking. No matter how quality they are.

Always Remember Content is the king and Backlinks are Queen, without King queen is nothing, and without queen king is nothing. Both should go parallel for best results. 

12. What strategy are you employing on your blog to grow and increase sales; would you like to share some of them?

I am trying to provide more and more values for free to my audience. And Sometimes I promote products and that really boosts my sales. Providing more values and selling less is an amazing strategy for generating more sales.

13. What are the main sources of your income and what is the secret behind your success?

I am earning from various sources. My main income sources are AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Here are the rest of the revenue sources: –

  1. Sponsored post and videos
  2. Providing SEO services
  3. Freelancing
  4. Selling Backlinks

14. What have you set the goal for 2020 and new things to start in 2022?

My main goal for 2022 is to make my blog and myself a brand. My whole focus currently is on building a strong personal brand.

For that, I will do all the things that are necessary.

15. Any Guru Tips for Blogging Try Audience to improve their blog performance?

Focus more on building your audience on a single platform initially, don’t try all platforms at one time. Focus on one platform and build your audience there and then divert that audience to different platforms.

like I am also doing this… I build my audience on YouTube and now I am diverting them to my fb group, telegram group, Instagram and other platforms.

16. Suggestion for my blog if Any?

Archana, you are doing amazing in this blogging industry. I noticed your blog by Vishwajeet bhai interview and then explored some of your blog content. And the content is really amazing and detailed. Keep doing amazing things.

Warping Up

So, Friends that is all from interview with Mangesh Bhardwaj. I hope you have enjoyed this interview and learned something new from him. 

Very soon I am going to invite some more Very popular Pro Blogger for Interview who are making huge money from their blog.

Show some Positive response to motivate me. If any suggestion and Feedback than let me so that I can correct it. 

My main motto is to start this series to help you out.

Please join my Private Facebook group to learn something new from a pro blogger. 

Thanks for giving me your valuable time to read it.

Happy Blogging.

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    • Hello Mangesh sir,
      Your answers are helpful & it shows your experience in your words. It will help all bloggers. Along with this thanks to Archana for conducting a nice interview.
      Your interview series is very good & it is helpful for all bloggers ; keep it up.

  1. Hi Mangesh Bhai,

    I loved your interview, I must say you follow Elon musk type of Lifestyle. Thanks, dear bro for sharing your valuable insight. It was so helpful. Along with that thanks to Archana for conducting this awesome interview. No doubt Mangest is such a talented and down to earth person. Guys Follow him to learn pro blogging.

    Santosh Gairola

  2. Thank you for sharing this interview I am follower of Mr Mangesh I learnt a lot from his video, once again thank very much

  3. Hi Archana Ji, Thanks for this beautiful post, i know Mr Mangesh is very professional blogger and YouTuber but your blog also surprised me you are also good writer i like the way how you ask Questions and answers.


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