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Hello friends!

Creating a Blog is easier than handling it. I mean to say that growing your blog will take a lot of time as well as correct technique and your effort. 

If you are really passionate and serious about blogging and excited to make some passive income through blogging then you have to search for perfect guidance to win this game.

Don’t worry I brought this Interview series to help you out. In this series I make sure that I ask that essential question which really matters.  All these questions will be going to help you in creating a profitable and successful Blog and grow it faster.

Let’s get started quickly without wasting any time starting an interview with Vishwajeet Kumar.

Interview with Vishwajeet Kumar:

In this Interview I have invited a special person Vishwajeet Kumar from I am going to cover all the important questions which every new Blogger has in their starting Time.

Vishwasheet Kumar is a very intense blogger who builds bonds with every Blogger freely. After unsuccessful of three blog and having some Issue in their blog, he has rebuilt new blog called BloggingGate.

He is a professional full-time Blogger and Affiliate/Digital marketer. He started his blogging career in 2016 and wrote many articles online for many reputed companies as a freelance.

After this he started a blog (Blogginggate) to help newbie bloggers. He always publishes a unique high quality and informative content with full explanation. All these articles are based on various topics related to blogging like – SEO, Affiliate, Email marketing and blog ranking factor.

If you have a blog or are going to start a blog then this interview is going to be very beneficial.

So, without wasting time let’s start Interview see how he is growing his blog and what are the strategy he is implementing on his blog. 

1 Let’s introduce yourself Quickly?

Hello Archana, first of all thanks for inviting me for the interview.  Hello guys, My Name is Vishwajeet Kumar. 

I am a full-time blogger and digital marketer. I am the founder of my blog I started my blogging journey in October 2016.  I love to help newbies to become a successful Blogger

2. When and why do you choose Blogging?

I started my blogging career in October 2016. Before it, I was just surfing the internet and learning coding and designing. I have worked for many clients and helped them to set up their website.

Later I came to know about Amit Agarwal, founder of I really like his articles. He inspired me a lot. I know that he is a full-time blogger and making good money from it. 

So, I have decided to blog. I have created 3 failed blogs but it helps me to learn everything of blogging.

3. As a blogger what is your Daily Schedule?

Since I work from home so, I usually don’t have any exact time frame for my blogging job. However, I do follow some schedules like:

I write a Blog post every 2 to 3 days and publish it on my blog. In the rest of the week, I work on link building and other promotional activities.

I am also quite active on social media sites to build my networking.

4. Which blog do you like most and why?

I read many blogs and always try to learn something new from them. The list is huge. However, the blog I like most is I have followed them from the early days of blogging.  

Their posts are very helpful, especially if you have issues with your blog, then you can find the answer to this blog.

5. What is your main source of Income?

The primary monetization of my blog is affiliate marketing. I think it is one of the best ways to monetize a blog. The majority of my revenue comes from affiliate marketing.

Sponsored posting, paid reviews, and banner ads are also my secondary ways to monetize my blog.

6. What is the secret behind your Success?

There is no rocket science behind my success. If you have the passion of blogging and working hard on it. Nobody can stop you from becoming a successful blogger.

I think patience and consistency are key factors behind my success. These two things are very important.

Blogging needs time and you can’t expect anything overnight.  You need to build your authority online and it definitely takes time.

7. Which premium tools do you use to improve your Performance?

I am using Semrush for my SEO related work and keyword research. It is a complete SEO tool that helps you to make your SEO strong.

I use FotoJet to design my blog graphics and images. It is a fantastic tool and I really love using it.

I am also using Coschedule headline analyzer to analyze my blog post titles. It helps me to write attractive and SEO friendly titles for my posts.

Other than that, I am using the following Premium tool to improve my blog performance >>

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8. How do you do topic and keyword research for new Blog Posts?

I use Quora to find trending and most asking questions in my niche. It helps me to understand what people are looking for in my niche and I create posts according to it.

For Keyword research I am using Semrush and Ahrefs. Ahrefs work great when it comes to keyword research as their results are precise and accurate.

9. Best way to succeed in Blogging and Affiliate?

The main factor in becoming a successful blogger is to choose the right niche. Choosing a niche is very important. Because when you choose a niche only for money then you cannot provide quality content.

To provide quality content choose the right niche for you. It can be anything which you are passionate about and have good knowledge and command over it. 

It helps you to deliver quality and problem-solving content for your readers.  Which builds your trust and authority online? It will help you to become a successful blogger and affiliate marketer. 

When people start trusting you then they will try the products and services you offer. It will increase your affiliate sales.

10. How to increase Affiliate Sales?

As I said, trust plays a great role. People won’t buy a product or service from a stranger. To increase your affiliate sales, you need to build trust by providing helpful content.

I also recommend using the products and services first before writing a review about them. It will help you to write genuine and authentic product reviews that will help generate more sales.

11. What is your goal in blogging at the end of 2020?

2020 is really a challenging year for everyone as we are all facing a serious issue. I really don’t have anything special for this year instead of creating more problem-solving posts and tips that help newbies to become successful in blogging.

My focus is also on Brand building for my blog this year.

12. Tips for our readers to increase blog Traffic?

Driving traffic to a blog is a challenging job for newbies. Here, I would recommend focusing on your content. Look what your readers want from you.

Promote your blog posts on social networking sites. Also update your old blog posts and share it on social networks.

Working on your Blog SEO and building some strong back links from high authority websites to rank better in search engines. You can do guest posting to get some quality back links from high authority websites.

13. Any tips and Advice for blogging try Readers?

Yeah sure, I suggest your readers work on their blogs and keep adding more and more informative content.

Choose the right niche and maintain consistency.  Don’t resist trying new techniques and strategies.  Always check the new happenings in blogging and SEO world and start working on it.

Any Suggestion for my Blog?

You are really doing great with your blog. Just keep working on what you are doing. Just one suggestion, Start working on your off-page SEO and build some backlinks for your blog.

I wish you great success for your blog

Final Word

Hey Blogger,

Last but not the List, I hope enjoyed this article (Interview with Vishwajeet Kumar) and learned something new from him to improve your blog performance.

I think I have covered all the questions which you have. If I forgot something then let me know via comment so that I include them in my next Interview.

I am quite sure that you are going to do awesome things in the blogging field. Visit their blog to read their quality content.

Show some Positive response to motivate me. Very soon I am going to Invite Chayan Chakrabarti founder of Simplefactsonline and Tanmay Kapse founder of Bloggingwand to help you out on various Topic.

That’s for all Now,

Stay Connected to Learn More.

Thanks for giving me your valuable Time.

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Happy Blogging

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8 thoughts on “Interview With Vishwajeet Kumar: A Passionate Blogger at – [S -2]”

  1. Hey Vishwajeet Bro,

    It’s nice to see you here. You have shared some pretty simple but effective hacks for every newbie bloggers.

    Thanks, Archana for the amazing interview.

    Sayem Ibn Kashem

  2. Hi Vishwajeet,

    You are such a wonderful person. Your Blogging knowledge is simply superb, newbies can learn so much from you. I really loved reading your answers!!

    Thanks pal for sharing your wisdom.

    Santosh Gairola

    • Hello Santosh,

      Thanks so much, Bro for your continuous support and love. Guys like you and others always encourage me and admire me a lot. You and all other friends help me to become successful in blogging field. Thanks a lot for everything 🙂

      Vishwajeet Kumar

  3. Hello Archana,

    Thanks for inviting me and giving me the opportunity. I am happy to share my blogging journey with your audience. You are indeed a hard-working blogger and there is no doubt in it. Thanks again 🙂

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  4. Hlo Vishwajeet sir,
    This is an Amazing and very interesting interview.
    From this interview, I got an idea about various things in blogging because I am a newbie in blogging also.
    This article will help newbies who has just started their own new blog like me.
    And your knowledge about blogging is awesome.
    Thanks for sharing
    Jatin Munjal

  5. Hey Archana,
    Thanks for arranging this awesome Interview of Vishwajeet bro. I know him for last one year. And the kind of values he is providing in this blogging sector is remarkable. He is also very helpful towards the blogging community.
    All the best Archana.

  6. Hey! You have done a great Interview. This will inspire many new blogger! I met Vishwajeet Brother on Facebook a month ago. He has a very helping and calm nature. I had discussed some issue with him which i was facing on my blog, and guess what He helped me! and his solution work for me!

    You will going to achieve great success in blogging Vishwajeet Bro.

    Thanks 🙂


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