Formidable Forms Review 2022 | Is It Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin?

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In the digitalized era of 2022, having a website is just not enough. A business needs to have a website with a user-friendly design along with everything being perfectly managed. Formidable forms plugin keeps your website one step ahead.

With the readymade form builders, a Formidable Plugin provides an additional benefit to your WordPress, making it the most efficient content management system. 

With this, you can create a stunning website that can impress the visitors at the first glimpse itself.

Today, we are going to provide you with a detailed formidable forms review discussing all its features, customer support, pricing plans so that you can decide whether it’s beneficial for your business or not.

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Formidable Forms Review – An Introduction

As described above, Formidable Forms is the best form builder plugin for WordPress that many business owners use to embed different types of forms in their website in a couple of minutes. It makes your website enormously powerful with a data-driven application that needs minimal hard work from your end.

There are millions of things that have to be otherwise managed on a website. Somehow, using the readymade formidable forms WordPress plugin can help you to handle more in little time spent.

Formidable FormsPin

The incredible drag and drop options and powerful features offered by formidable forms can help you execute more significant projects much faster and conveniently. 

Just choose the available options to design a whole range of forms and never look back to the old traditional ways of web development.

It guarantees that your website shall give a better customer experience after blending in the unique and enticing set of formidable plugin features.

Type of Forms Can be Built with Formidable Forms 

Here is the list of forms that you can make easily with the help of formidable form builder.

  • Basic Contact Forms
  • Donation Forms
  • File Upload Form
  • Multi-Page Forms
  • User Registration Forms
  • Payments Forms
  • Survey Forms
  • Directory Forms
  • Real Estate Listing Forms 
  • Calculator Forms 
  • Email Notification Forms & SMS Forms
  • Job Application Forms
  • And Many More 

Key Features – Formidable Forms Review

Formidable forms have all sorts of powerful features you need to create effective forms and data-driven web applications for your business:

Let’s dive into the most popular features of free and formidable forms Premium WordPress Form Builder Plugin via this Formidable Forms review:

Formidable Essential FeaturesPin

1: Plenty of Templates

It goes without saying that the massive collection of form templates ranging from simple contact forms, payment forms, online forms, quizzes forms, calculations, etc., lets you think out of the box. You do not have to stick to a particular set of features (form field) because every template is unique and distinct.

At any point in time, you wish to add slideshows or give oomph to the monotonous homepage, the WordPress templates are there to cater to your requirements.

2: Calculated Fields and Forms

Calculator forms are one of the most advanced features that come with a formidable forms’ plugin. You can use it as currency converters, weight converters, mileage calculator, sales tax calculator, and more.

With the calculated fields, you can quickly perform any basic or advanced calculations in a matter of seconds. All you have to do here is add it and then add calculation type, and you’re done.

3: Conditional Logic

Formidable forms documentation has a couple of smart features that are available only on paid subscriptions. Conditional logic helps in enhancing the conversions through the tactics and techniques applied. 

It helps create flexible forms that modify themselves as per the answers suggested by the desired audience.

The visitors can then see the questions they might have in their minds while scrolling out the essential information. It is effortless to satisfy the customers once they can get complete details of your products and services.

4: Formidable View

If you wish to display your form answers on your website, then you can use a formidable view and create mini dashboards from there. It can be handy when you want to make your information public to all your users.

It also lets you format and choose specific fields using simple HTML, thereby enabling smooth customization of fields as per your site’s design and layout.

5: Stratified Ecommerce Fields for rigorous understanding

E-commerce website owners completely understand the requirement of having a well-stratified website. 

With this, you can create product comparisons, price quotations, and product offers that have to be displayed in a tabular form. 

The customizable themes make things instantly presentable without needing the developers to put in much hard work.

6: Form Scheduling

Forms scheduling has now made it easier to schedule forms and limit responses. Now you can set the particular date on which you want to make the form active and likewise close it whenever you want.

For instance, you may need students to sign up for a course that has a deadline. So, if you would not set any end date for the form, people may sign up even after the deadline. As a result, it will be difficult for you to manage it after that.

7: Add-ons for Multi-Tasking Websites

WordPress formidable forms templates offer more than 18 add-ons covering multilingual tools, payment processing options, and mail listing tools. There is absolutely no restriction in choosing the number of add-ons you want. The elite plan has it all for the users.

8: Bid Adieu to the Complexity of Web Development with Drag and Drop Builder

The most advanced features of formidable forms of documentation make things super manageable. You will never have to face regular issues that arise during website management. 

The intuitive plugin comes up with drag and drops features. There are editing labels, options, and a couple of advanced features that make things super handy and stylish.

9: Simple Styling of Things

Formidable Forms StylePin

The extremely user-friendly forms included in the formidable form plugin can be customized by changing the text, borders, background, and anything you want. These forms look precisely the way you want things to be. There are options to save the styles and add new items.

10: Better Management of Data

Forget about investing in an expensive CRM tool when you have formidable forms to help. Just choose, input the required information, and the formidable forms will manage it all on behalf of you.

Formidabe Forms User Data FeaturePin

The simplicity of these themes and user-friendly way of working makes it very easy to customize the websites. As long as you have some coding and WordPress management experience, there would be nothing that can alter your choice.

The formidable forms also come up with Pro tips that can be accessed around the editor and settings option. The easy tips will keep you guided and free from glitches.

11: Surveys and Polls

With the best drag and drop element, you can easily create polls and surveys using WordPress formidable forms. Now you can collect desired data in your WordPress site in the forms of presentable reports, graphs, and charts with this user-friendly form builder.

Formidable Forms Survey and PollsPin

Formidable forms Review – Customer Support

The moment you realize that you are stuck somewhere, get in touch with the formidable forms support center available 24/7 to give you quality help. Customer support is available even in the free plan offered by formidable forms, which is quite rare.

Ping them during business hours from Monday to Friday, and you will be able to receive your solution within a reasonable time span. Alternatively, you can submit the support ticket, and the experts will be helping you in a short time.

Formidable Forms SupportPin

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Formidable forms Review – Pros of Using

There are plenty of reasons to use Formidable Forms to build attractive and high converting forms to capture leads. I have covered almost all the benefits that you will get in Formidable Forms. 

However, here are five best Pros to get Formidable Forms for your business and increase your leads quickly. 

1: Convenient Customization

It does not take more than an hour to set up a readymade form from WordPress formidable forms plugin. Just a little bit of coding and internet knowledge is required to use responsive programs that can simultaneously save a lot of time and money.

2: Mobile Responsiveness

Following the latest web development trends, formidable forms ensure that your website is accessible on mobile devices as well. The forms and applications are tailor-made to cater to the latest consumer demands.

The intelligent coding system helps in adjusting a website in different screen sizes. There is ultimately no need to have two different versions of the same website that would have otherwise been a super expensive affair.

3: Easy Content Management

Formidable forms make WordPress an advanced content management system. Formidable Forms can be used to create any type of forms like quizzes, registration forms, profile forms, payment forms, and the platform will do the rest for you.

There are no advanced programming skills needed in the management of a website. The WordPress forms are always empowering and reduce the workload substantially.

4: Advanced Formidable View

All the formidable forms pro users have the advantage of accessing the formidable view feature that allows your format, filter, and alter the data submitted by the users on your website. Further, you can use this information to create form-focused solutions like event calendars, content management, business directories, rate systems, etc.

5: Woo-Commerce Integration

The formidable forms WordPress forms given the strong Woo-Commerce integration for applaudable ecommerce performance. Integration of Woo-Commerce helps create product forms and even product configuration forms that can be connected directly to your shopping cart.

6: Email Marketing and Third-Party App Service Integration

Formidable Email Marketing integrationPin

Formidable forms allow you to integrate your favorite email marketing tools like MailChimp, Aweber, Activecampaign, GetResponse, HubSpot and many more to manage audience leads (email address) at one place and take your email marketing strategy at next level.

Apart from that Formidable Forms allows you to integrate hundreds of web applications and third-party services through Zapier addon to export data to multiple platforms and use them for various purposes as per your business needs.

Formidable Third Party App and CRM integrationPin

Formidable Forms Review – Cons of Using

Almost all the products have some disadvantages along with benefits based on product usability and quality that you must consider while purchasing any products. It might happen that some Cons are not relatable to your requirements, but you should be aware of these.

So, here are some Cons of using Formidable Forms, and it may not impact your business as well as the primary cause for not buying Formidable Forms. 

Let’s see them one by one-

1: Not Intuitive

Formidable forms plugins are not as intuitive when compared to many other contact form plugins. Make sure that you judiciously choose the available forms because that determines your future success.

2: Expensive

The formidable forms builder plugin’s overall pricing is quite costly compared to many of its competitors. You have to pay a hefty price to get the maximum work done by the plugin. 

3: Possibilities of Bugs

The WordPress forms are wholly functional but might occasionally create issues. Select the options that have good reviews and always go to the support questions.

Plan & Pricing – Formidable Forms Review

It offers four types of plans with different price tags based on features and functionality included. You can choose an of the plan as per your requirements and budget.

Formidable PricingPin

Here is the short overview of Formidable Forms Pricing and Plans –

1. Basic – This plan comes with all the basic features that you need to create successful data-driven forms for your website. This plan cost $49.50/Years (Normally $99/Year)

2. Plus – This plan includes everything in the Basic plan as well as being allowed to integrate your email marketing tools. This plan costs $99.50/Year (Normally $199/Year)

3. Business – This plan is suitable for any kind of business which includes all Plus features as well as you can integrate hundreds of third-party apps through Zapier Addon along with priority support. This plan costs $199.50/Year (Normally $399/Year)

4. Elite – This plan is suitable for enterprises which include all features of Business plans as well as You are allow to integrate stripe payment gateway, Woo-Commerce, Form action automation along with elite support. This plan costs $299/Year (Normally $599/Year)

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Why is Formidable Forms the Best WordPress Form Builder? 

Each and everything that has been designed with formidable forms is mobile-friendly and meant to cater to all varieties of applications. 

The users can easily edit the available fields by choosing the colors and fonts of their choice. You just have to choose a paid plan, and the WordPress developer shall integrate that theme for you.

Formidable forms are known to have the most advanced features to date. The highly impressive WordPress plugins have the following set of specifications-

  • Repeater fields to allow the visitors to add new sets of fields. One can view work history, team registrations, and events in a well-synchronized way
  • Save and continue option for users that are logged in
  • Forms scheduling
  • Multi-page forms
  • Completely accessible forms that abide by a11Y accessibility compliance rules
  • Integrated views help in the better management of directories and listings.
  • Easy to customize and enhance the features of the website

Frequently Asked Questions – Formidable Forms Review

Let’s have some frequently asked questions about formidable forms for quick awareness of this product and how it is beneficial for you. 

What is Formidable Forms?

Formidable Forms is a WordPress form builder plugin that offers tons of features and functionality to create any kind of Forms (Easy to Complex) for your business requirements. It provides an easy to use drag and drop feature and HTML/CSS customization option so that you can match your forms to your website style. 

Is Formidable Forms FREE?

Yes! Formidable Forms offer a lite/free WordPress form builder plugin with all the basic features and functionality that you need to create a form. However, its premium version opens more possibilities to develop advanced forms and integrate them with your favorite third-party apps and email marketing service.

How Do You Use Formidable Forms?

First of all, you need to install the Formidable Forms WordPress plugin then follow the steps, go to WordPress Dashboard – Formidable – Add New. After that, you choose a template or select blank to start with from scratch, then quickly customize your forms as per your need, and BOOM!! All are set. Embed this form anywhere on your website.  

Who Uses Formidable Forms?

Any web developer, freelancer, the digital entrepreneur can use Formidable Forms to create data-driven forms for their needs or create for your clients. 

How to install Formidable Forms?

You can install Formidable Forms as you install other WordPress plugins. Log into your WordPress Dashboard and follow the steps- Go to Plugin Tab – Search Formidable Forms – Install and Activate (OR Upload Downloaded file).

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will see the Formidable Forms option at the left side menu in your WordPress dashboard. Now you are ready to use Formidable Forms for FREE.

If you want to take full advantage, you must buy the Pro plan and enter the license key to use Formidable Forms’ advanced feature and function.

Over to You

So, this is our in-depth formidable forms review. It would not be wrong to say that formidable forms are one of the best WordPress form builder plugins is the present and future of web designing. 

The available set of forms can easily make a website become more user-friendly, fast and mobile-friendly.

Each form has everything that a user demands and needs. Choose them to have a secure and well-managed future in the digital world. 


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