Why Should You Network Generously as a Blogger in 2022?

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Why Should You Network Generously as a Blogger?

Archana asked me to write a guest post for her.

I took her up on her generous invite.


We bonded through a generous networking campaign. Archana and I have helped each other out for a sustained period of time. We help each other. Our collective success expands.

She gets free, passive content in this guest post. I generate blog traffic while helping you with a guest post. We both won because we both networked generously for quite a long time.

But imagine if Archana reached out to me as a stranger. I do not write this guest post because my schedule is packed with growing my business and helping my friends. Networking opened the door allowing both of us to benefit.

Benefits of Networking Generously as a Blogger

  • Receive help from your friend network any time you experience a blogging problem
  • Generate passive traffic as your network promotes you around the clock
  • Get a life outside of blogging; your buddy network expands your success while you sleep, travel and enjoy time offline
  • Feel the joy of helping fellow bloggers without stress, heavy weight and yoke of expectation
  • Leverage effectively through a prolific guest posting campaign; blogging buddies often invite fellow skilled blogging buddies to guest post on their blogs

Any time I feel a nudge to guest post I simply ask my blogging buddy networks:

“Who wants a guest post?”

Within a day, I usually get 5, to 10 to 15 invites or more.

Doesn’t that sound easier than cold pitching 100 stranger bloggers guest posts via email, with 95% or more of bloggers ignoring my cold, blind pitch?

Make friends by helping bloggers in your niche. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Promote bloggers by tweeting and sharing their posts on Facebook.

Mention bloggers on your blog. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Allow friendships to form organically.

Being a connected blogger is no passive venture but putting in generous networking work pays immense returns over the long haul. Connected pros attract traffic, profits and blogging business success.

Loner bloggers chase traffic, profits and blogging business, eventually struggling, failing and quitting.

Develop a Vision

Develop a vision for your blogging campaign to energize yourself for a fun, free and sometimes challenging networking journey.

Building a large, loyal blogging buddy network takes time. Hold your vision to see the blogging journey through over the years.

Network generously to build the blogger buddy support system that grows your success over the long haul.

How it works: network generously now, be patient and persistent and eventually, sales, traffic, profits and business flow to you from an organic, increasingly passive, nature.

You do some blogging work and your blogging buddies keep fanning the flames under your work, expanding your blogging reach far and wide. Keep networking generously to strengthen your bonds and to meet new bloggers.

Networking is a long-term endeavor. Friendships you cultivate now through your generosity pay incredibly prosperous returns over the length of your blogging career. Plus, it feels fun to network because networking generously feels like a big, fun blogging party.

What is worth doing solo is worth doing even more with friends because humans enjoy sharing, engaging, bonding and succeeding through a team effort. Humans are social creatures.


Do you need help with networking generously?

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3 thoughts on “Why Should You Network Generously as a Blogger in 2022?”

  1. Hello Ryan and Archana,

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post with us. Well said Ryan and completely agree with you there are number of benefits of networking generously as a blogger. It not only generates huge traffic but also helps you when you are in need and many more.

    Networking generously supports you and gives success in the long run. Thanks for sharing your valuable words. This is definitely going to help many of the newbies and aspiring bloggers. Keep writing and inspiring us.

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Hey

    You have rightly said, Ryan. As a blogger, network generously is one of the most important aspects to become successful in the blogging arena.

    Network generously as a blogger not only helps drive traffic but also you can expect helping hands when you really need them.

    Thanks for sharing valuable content with us.
    Amit Garg

  3. Hi Archana,

    This is the very first time I am here in your blog and glad to see Ryan’s guest post. Hoping to come back and read more blog posts in future too.

    Have a great time blogging.

    Thank once again for the good share.

    Reji Stephenson


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