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Product NameLink Whisper Plugin
DiscountFLAT $30 OFF
OccasionBlack Friday Sale

Hey, Finally Link Whisper Black Friday Deals is here,

One tried and proper on-page SEO strategy for improving your rankings in Google is to build relevant internal links to your content.

But the problem is that if you start building internal links to all your posts, it could be a challenging and extremely time-consuming process, especially if you have a huge amount of articles on your website. 

But it is now the past story,

Nowadays, a new WordPress plugin, called Link Whisper, uses artificial intelligence to help you find more relevant links and makes the internal link-building process faster than ever.

The best part of this plugin is that you can grab their subscription at a FLAT $30 discount instantly during this Black Friday Sale.

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Link Whisper Black Friday Sale Pricing Structure

Link Whisper offers three types of subscriptions with different price tags that you can purchase depending on your requirements. 

Apart from that, you can save a huge amount FLAT $30 instantly on their every plan during Link Whisper Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale.

Here are pricing highlights of Link Whisper based on the number of site licenses.

LicenseRegular PriceDiscountDeal PriceDeal Link
Single$77$30$47Grab Now
Three$117$30$87 Grab Now
Ten$167$30$137 Grab Now
Fifty$347$30$317 Grab Now

Note – All plans come with annual terms, including all features offered by Link Whisper. The only difference is that each plan has a different number of site licenses.

How to Grab Link Whisper Black Friday Deal 2021

Link Whisper is a premium plugin with many innovative features and functionality that help you build intelligent links and track performance within the WordPress dashboard. 

They offer a free WordPress plugin, but it has limited features. However, if you want to take complete benefit of Link Whisper, you must buy their plan. 

Here are a few steps to grab this plugin and massive discount (FLAT $30 Instant) during Link Whisper Black Friday Sale.

Step 1. To activate Link Whisper Black Friday Deals, Click on this Exclusive Link that will take you to the deal page. 

Step 2. On the Link Whisper website, you need to click on the “Get Link Whisper Now” button that will take you to the pricing section. Select the perfect plan that is suitable for your business (1,3,10 or 50 site license) and then click on the “Get Started” button to place an order.

Step 3. After the previous step, you will be landed on the checkout page where you have to use the “BLACKFRIDAY” coupon code (Valid only during Black Friday Sale) to avail of Link Whisper $30 instant discount

Step 4.  After successfully activating the Link Whisper Black Friday Deal, you need to provide the personal details for account creation and select payment methods (Card or PayPal) to make transactions. 

Step 5. Now check all your details and if everything is OK, then click on the “Purchase” button to make payment for the selected plan. When the payment process completes, you will receive an email regarding your purchase. 


You have successfully claimed the Link Whisper Black Friday Deals (FLAT $30 OFF). 

Now it’s time to log in to your account, download the Link Whisper premium plugin zip file, and install and activate it on your site. 

Important – Apart from Link Whisper Black Friday Deals, you can save Flat $15 instantly by using the “BLOGGINGTRY” coupon code by clicking on this Special Link right now.

Why You Should Get Link Whisper Black Friday Deal 2021

Link Whisper PluginPin

Well, Link Whisper is an amazing AI-Powered smart link building plugin that makes your link building process super easy.

It offers many incredible features and functionality so that you can create an intelligent linking structure among all your posts. 

You can read more about Link Whisper by clicking here. 

Here are some of the top features:

  • Get relevant automated link suggestions as you write content
  • Quickly add new links to old posts
  • Automatically add links based on keywords.
  • Smooth integration with Google Search Console for better link suggestions.
  • Easy to use dashboard for reporting on internal, external, and broken links
  • Bulk link building
  • And may more

And that’s just a few of the features!

You can quickly analyze which pages have lots of internal links or which ones are “orphaned” or don’t have many internal links by monitoring the full internal link report. 

And probably the most popular feature – the ability to quickly add relevant internal links to old posts.

Overall, I just wanted to give you a heads up that there’s a huge FLAT $30 OFF special offer going on this Black Friday only for Link Whisper.

Link Whisper Advantage 

There are many advantages of using Link Whisper, but here are the best 3 ways by which you can save much time…while at the same time helping you rank better in Google.

1: Automated Link Suggestions

Link Whisper AI Powered Link SuggestionsPinPin

Not now; you don’t need to remember which articles you should have to link with which anchor text (and perhaps you forget some important link). 

Link Whisper has artificial intelligence that analyzes your entire post and finds out which article is all about and perfect suggestions for where you should be linking to your site. 

Do you like the suggestion? Just check the box, and you’re done. Huge time saver.

2: Create Inbound Internal Link

Link Whisper AI Powered Link SuggestionsPinPin

Are you aware of what you should be doing each time when you publish a new article on your site? Definitely, create some internal links to your recent blog post. 

Unfortunately, this is frequently noway done by publishers. Still, I can not condemn you if you’re perfectly doing this. It could be time to process proper search queries on your website to figure out what old article you should use to link to your blog post. 

However, by using Link Whisper, you can just click the” Add” Inbound Internal Links, and you’re much enough done. 

Just check the box available next to the inbound internal links you want, and you can check that task off your to-do list. 

3: Comprehensive Reporting of Links

Link Whisper ReportingPin

Knowing which posts do not have numerous links pointing to them is precious information. 

 Occasionally just a couple of internal links can move you up a better spot (or further) in Google and be the difference between few traffic to significant traffic for a given search query. 

 Link Whisper provides complete reporting for your site links. You can see the number of Inbound Internal Links (for each composition), Outbound Internal Links, and External Links. 

You do not have to perform any fancy search queries or quest and peck for the data you need to make better opinions for your website. It’s there in the Link Whisper Reports. 

FAQs Related to Link Whisper Black Friday Deals 2021

What is Link Whisper Plugin?

Link Whisper is AI-Powered smart link-building, a WordPress plugin that helps you to create internal links with a few clicks. Apart from that, you can track the performance as well as you can build the link to old posts also.

Is There Any FREE WordPress Plugin?

Yes! Link Whisper offers a free WordPress plugin, but it has limited features. If you want to avail full advantage, you need to purchase their one plan that costs you $77/Year.

Are There Any Discounts Available on Link Whisper?

Currently, Link Whisper is offering FLAT $30 OFF during the Black Friday Sale by using the “BLACKFRIDAY” coupon code. Otherwise, you can get $15 OFF right now by applying the “BLOGGINGTRY” coupon code.

Is Link Whisper Worth?

Yes, Link Whisper offers many innovative features to speed up your link-building process like – automated link suggestion, bulk link insertion, google search console integration, link reporting, fixing broken links, and many more.

What Happens With My Link, If I Stop Using Link Whisper Plugin?

No worries, if you stop using the Link Whisper plugin on your site, your previously created link will remain active until you remove them manually. 

How to Grab Link Whisper Black Friday Deals 2021?

To activate Link Whisper Black Friday Deals, you need to click on this link and use the “BLACKFRIDAY” coupon code to avail of $30 instant discounts. 

What is the Cost of Link Whisper?

Link Whisper subscription start with $77/Year. However you can save $30 instantly during Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale by applying the “BLACKFRIDAY” coupon code.

Final Thought on Link Whisper Black Friday Deals 2021

That is all about Link Whisper Black Friday Deals that you can grab right now. No matter how many blog posts you have published on your site, you can create an internal link with a few clicks.

Fortunately, Link Whisper is offering FLAT $30 OFF instantly during this Black Friday Sale Cyber Monday Sale. 

So why are you still waiting? Go and get the Link Whisper Black Friday Deals and save massive money today?

If you find this deal beneficial for you, then share it with your friends so that they also can get the benefits of the Link Whisper Black Friday Discount. 

Happy Shopping,

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