Why You Should Use MilesWeb Dedicated Server Hosting [8+ Key Benefits of Using]

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If you are looking for the best and most affordable Dedicated Server Hosting then you have come to the right place.

Here I am going to explore one of the convenient, easy to use and affordable Dedicated Server Hosting Provider Called “MilesWeb”

I will also highlight the key benefits of MilesWeb Dedicated Server hosting so that you make the right decision while opting for a Dedicated Server for your Business.

The key to website success is superior speed and performance. Want to host a resource-heavy website/application and boost your business? 

How many options have you explored so far? I am sure you must have got stuck on which hosting option to go with. If you want to have a perfect balance in your hosting, meaning good in terms of security, speed, and performance, a dedicated server is a great choice to make. 

It’s best to host a website/application that demands ample resources on a Dedicated server Australia as MilesWeb is a powerful hosting option. 

The company offers powerful and feature-packed dedicated server hosting and cheap Reseller hosting at the best value. They have a data center in Australia that offers a great combination of redundancy and capacity with connectivity to reach an audience based in Australia. 

MilesWeb is one of the most prominent website hosting providers in the industry. They have been in the hosting business since 2012, serving customers across the world. 

To keep websites up and functional 24×7, their dedicated hosting plans come with a 99.95% uptime guarantee. There are a lot many features to explore about MilesWeb dedicated server Hosting. 

Before starting, let’s first get to know what a dedicated server is. 

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What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is basically one physical server with a single-tenant hosting environment. They are an apt option for running high-demanding websites/applications. 

With a dedicated server, you don’t have to share server resources like RAM and Bandwidth with other users on the server. All the resources are dedicated entirely to your website/application. A dedicated server means no virtualization and a completely isolated environment.

Benefits of Using MilesWeb Dedicated Server

If you have decided to go with MilesWeb Dedicated Server Hosting then you are going to take too many advantages of it. MilesWeb Dedicated Server Hosting has a lot of attractive features that help you to accelerate website performance with full root access.

Here are some of them that will attract you to grab the MilesWeb Dedicated Server Hosting for your dream Projects.

1: Intel Xeon Processors

MilesWeb utilizes Intel Xeon processors on their dedicated servers. The Intel Xeon processors are a new generation of processors with the most significant number of CPU cores. They deliver accelerated speed to your dedicated server and are best for running resource-heavy websites/apps. 

2: SSL Encryption for Security

For every web hosting company, the most vital factor to consider is security. MilesWeb always puts security first and takes different security measures for it. 

MilesWeb includes an SSL certificate with its dedicated server plans at no extra cost to keep websites secure from any type of breaches or attacks. With this, no attacker can access the sensitive information shared by visitors as it passes through the internet. 

3: Unlimited Website Hosting

MilesWeb does put any restrictions when it comes to resource usage. This lets you host unlimited websites within the resources allocated in your dedicated server. Hosting multiple websites under one dedicated server is beneficial as maintenance becomes very easy. 

4: No Setup Fees

With MilesWeb, you don’t have to pay any additional charges for setting up the server. You don’t have to pay extra costs for installing the operating system, control panel, or other software needed for the smooth functioning of your website. The team ensures your dedicated server is all set to use without any delays. They will look after the complete server setup very shortly after your order is received. 

5: Enterprise Hardware

The performance of the server totally depends on the hardware utilized. MilesWeb uses enterprise-grade hardware optimized for top-speed performance. With this, you get super-class speed for your heavy website/application. Plus, you get to enjoy reliability and the best performance. 

MilesWeb Dedicated Server FeaturesPin

6: Root Access

When you opt for MilesWeb’s dedicated server, you get full admin access to the server. This means you have total control over the server, allowing you to modify any file on the server. Also, you can imply the configurations in the way you want, install and delete applications on the server and do so much more. Also, you can access and transfer files on your dedicated server with the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). 

7: 10 Gbps Network Speed

MilesWeb has a highly advanced network speed optimized for superfast loading speed to make your websites run faster than ever. They have a data transfer speed of up to 10 Gbps that can host your websites/applications without having performance and speed issues.

8: Uptime Guarantee 99.95%

MilesWeb provides an uptime guarantee of 99.95% with its dedicated server plans. This is the highest uptime guarantee and is possible with their Tier-4 data center having a highly robust architecture, high security, and enterprise-grade hardware and software. 

9: Rapid Provisioning of Servers

MilesWeb has an expert team that swiftly deploys the dedicated server for you without making you wait for a long time. They have in-stock servers that are deployed instantly within 4 hours after you place an order. Your dedicated server will be all set to use efficiently as their team will install the desired operating system and control panel on the server. 

MilesWeb Dedicated Server Plans Explained

MilesWeb utilizes the newest hardware and industry-leading technologies to power your website. MilesWeb offers some of the best dedicated server plans in the industry. They have 3 plans for dedicated hosting on the list. 

You can select a plan that best meets your high-demanding website’s requirements. Their basic plan is D-1 2.4GHz and includes the resources below:

MilesWeb Dedicated Server PricingPin

This plan costs $199/month compared to the features and resources you get with dedicated server plans; the prices are inexpensive. 

If you want to scale higher, you can check out their high-tier plan that costs $260/month. 

The resources you get with each dedicated server plan are top-notch and can help your website/application run 10x faster and deliver outstanding results. You can take the reference of the above image to know about the pricing and resources you get with each dedicated server plan. 

Final Thought on MilesWeb Dedicated Server Hosting 

Dedicated servers are the best option if you are looking to host a resource-heavy website/app. As we mentioned earlier, they are the best in speed, performance, security, and reliability. 

MilesWeb offers the best-dedicated server hosting at competitive prices. Presently, they are offering a free server trial on their dedicated server plans. Get a dedicated server for your website today! 

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