Interview with Navin Rao: Making Decent Money from [S-12]

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Hello friends!

Welcome back with another Interview this article is going to be fantastic for all of us. You probably already know about this article (Interview with Navin Rao) by seeing the title of this article. I am quite sure that you are enjoying this interview series and learning new things from pro bloggers.

As we all know, getting success in blogging is not so easy as it sounds. You have to work hard and smartly to succeed in blogging. But you have to make sure that your effort should be in the right direction. Perfect and proven tips can lead you towards successful blogging.

Starting a blog doesn’t require any specific knowledge, but if you want to take it to the next level, then you have to put your effort into learning SEO, Content writing skills and many more. In such a situation if you get some tips and strategy from a pro blogger, then it makes your work a little bit easy.

So, without wasting any time let’s see an interview with Navin Rao and his thoughts about blogging, and its different part-

Interview with Navin Rao: Founder of

I am very happy to introduce Navin Rao to you through this article Interview with Navin Rao. You are going to learn many new things about him and Blogging.

He is a well-known person in the blogging fields and featured on many blogs. He is quite simple, Polite and helpful guy who never disappoint anyone.

He is a software engineer and turned into a blogger in 2016. He runs various blogs where he shares knowledgeable and beneficial content which is incredible.

We will know more by himself in the next question,

So why we are waiting, Let’s see Interview with Navin Rao.

Table Of Contents
  1. Interview with Navin Rao: Founder of
  2. Round Up

1. Hello Sir, first of all welcome to my blog, can please Introduce Yourself to My Audience and about your blogging journey?

Hi Archana, Glad to be at your blog, and thanks for letting me introduce myself to your audience. 

I was born in Kolkata and now I am living in Hyderabad. I completed my bachelors, and am working with an IT firm. I am a part time blogger. And my first blog is which I started in late 2016, precisely in November.

The first 7 months were not easy for me as the blog wasn’t generating any revenue, then things started changing and are smooth now. Later started making money through affiliates and Sponsored articles. Now, I have a few more blogs apart from QuestionCage in other niches.

By the way my first income from my blog came through a sponsored post.

2. Can you please tell us who is your inspiration to get into Blogging? Which are the blogs do you like most and why?

Honestly there was no inspiration at that time, the story begins when I stumbled upon a blog while doing some research and development for my project. I was looking for that solution for some time and finally got it. 

The blog was by the way by Amit Agarwal. Later I started exploring more and that took me to another popular blog by Harsh Agarwal.

That is when I realized even blogs exist and they tend to solve people’s issues technically.

Though, I was already techy, and did it a lot. So, I realized why I should also start writing about what I know and help other folks.

I wasn’t sure that the blogs could be monetized as well. and that is enough to drive you to get going and write more. Which i realized later by reading a few blogs at that time.

3. What are the problems you have faced while Starting a Blog and how can you get rid of them? Can you share your Experience?

Though I am a tech person, creating a blog or website wasn’t any issue for me. And I was working full-time as well, so money wasn’t the issue too. But yeah, there are some aspects like SEO, Online Marketing was a new concept and I gradually learned it through reading random blogs.

Apart from that, making money from the blog was challenging for 7 months. Yes, I started making money 7 months after it. I would say don’t stop, keep blogging, fruits will be there just a little away.

4. As we all know, time management is essential for blogging, how do you manage time to run your blog efficiently along with Job?


Certainly, it is. If one is looking for a long-term blogging plan, start thinking of time management in a proper way. A strict routine and a way to balance your personal, professional and blogging life is important.

You need to be disciplined and spend your time the right way. That doesn’t mean we need to work like machines. But one thing to remember, no one can understand your body needs better than you. Eat healthily, sleep well, spend time with family and friends and only that will make you blog well.

I generally take a lot of breaks while I work, this makes me more productive as the body needs refreshment and that works like fuel for an engine. I have written a blog post on a similar topic on Chayan’s blog, how to be more productive, I am sure your audience wants to go through it.

5. Blogging is so Highly Competitive Niche. How do you find topics and keywords which rank Easily?

Well, was started as a Technology blog, where I used to write all how to articles.

But I was growing in the blogging industry, i learned a lot of things and still do on Blogging, WordPress, social media. I have started sharing all my acquired knowledge.

Yes. that’s true it’s competitive!

I know, if it’s competitive, then there is an opportunity.

When it comes to finding keywords and blog topics, tools like Semrush work great for me. As i find all the keywords and backlink opportunities scanning my competitor blogs.

Keep it simple, don’t stress too much on Keyword research. Use tools that make the job easier and let you focus on the content.

6. Some premium WordPress tools make our work easy. Can you tell which one you are using and recommend some to us?

No one could resist using tools, being in the Digital Industry and, why not, those made to make the work easier.

Instead of recommending, let me mention the ones which I am using right now.

These are a few which I am using and come to mind right now, valuable stuff.

7. I hope you are doing well and making massive money. Can you share some proven tips to increase sales and also share some earning proof to motivate us?


Probably not massive, but yes, I do by the grace of God. Living the kind of life which I always wanted to. Still a lot to achieve.

Apart from my full-time job, blogging and Freelancing (Web Designing) has become a good source of income for me. And I am glad I have started it in 2016. Although I have never shared my online income, I’m probably a bit shy.

Or probably, I don’t want people to follow me for that. I know, money encourages as it’s shiny but knowledge dominates.

Sales won’t come if you just add affiliate links. 

Add value, without thinking of money a lot. Create articles and think from the reader. Let the User Experience be excellent, as you know people are impatient. Fulfill the user requirement, eventually sales will come. 

  • DO IT CONSISTENTLY. money will follow.

8. Actually, how many blogs do you need to generate a decent income every month? Feel free to share your other blogs?

Ahh…. I feel there is no certain number of blogs to make decent money. Some bloggers work on multiple blogs, and some of them make from one blog as well. Keep experimenting with what is working for you.

I have multiple blogs, though I probably cannot share all of them. But definitely few are public.

  • My Primary Blog
  • As told by my Future service website, where I share WP articles.
  • – Started a few months back, where I covered how to write articles, as I used to do earlier on QuestionCage. But this site will be purely on technology.
  • WP Grace New one coming soon, I am working in the backend. This site will be live soon. You can sign up for the newsletter if you want to be informed.

9. What are the core skills every blogger needs to run a successful blog? And how to acquire them as a beginner?

A blogger needs to be an all-rounder, without any second thought. I know every individual can be good at everything, but gradually things can get better. Let me share what i feel,

  • A blogger should be working on their writing skills and sharpen it continuously.
  • Improve the technical skills to handle the blogs on your own, without waiting for someone else to do.
  • SEO Skills to be improved for sure.
  • Promotional Strategy – The right way
  • Making Friends (Fellow bloggers are required in your journey). Shake hands with them to have a fruitful journey.
  • Patience, yes this is also a skill and a blogger needs it

10. What are the most essential things needed to implement to succeed in blogging as well as in affiliate marketing to increase sales?

This might seem repetitive, but written content from the reader’s perspective. Only valuable content can bring up the right sales. Be to the point Don’t think of money while writing the blog post, that will bind your creative writing.

Moreover, don’t just research content, research the market as well. For instance, sometime back SiteGround Hosting was a little expensive. And I was fortunate enough that I had created an article SiteGround Alternatives before that, which became a good addition in my Affiliate sales along with the rest. That was just an example.

Ranking an article for affiliate sales if good, but don’t just stick to it, there are tons of articles made on the topic. So, it should take time.

I would say, structure your blog well for easy access. Stick with UI/UX updates to get more clicks and eventually you would be able to drive sales. 

Blogging is lucrative, be open to other money-making sources as well, don’t just stick to Affiliate marketing or Banners.

There is a hell of a lot of possibilities. You just need to keep the doors open.

11. What is the best way to grow the blog and drive organic traffic on the new blog? Do share your content marketing or promotional strategy.

There are some niches, which have an urge to prompting a lot and some need to brand well to make enough money. So, it completely relies on what we are working on.

  • I would say that the best strategy is Guest Posting, remember this not only lets you promote your blog post, but also earns a permanent backlink. Guest posting lets it reach a wider audience, as you will choose a high traffic site.
  • Along with that, creating a FB community will help me. Although I don’t promote a lot there, it’s good for personal branding. 

12. What are the main sources of your income and what is the secret behind your success? Google AdSense vs Affiliate any Opinion?

Well, I have multiple sources of income.

  • Blogging (Affiliate Marketing)
  • Web Designing
  • Sponsored Content.
  • Brand collaborations.
  • Premium Product Reviews
  • Google AdSense

Every blog should be treated differently. Find an opportunity to make the maximum from it. Keep exploring new ideas to make money, of course in a legit way. Don’t get trapped in easy money.

13. What is your biggest Failure in Blogging and What have you Learned from it? Share some points which we should avoid?

We all make mistakes; I had not made money for the first 7 months of my blogging. I use to write and share those anyways. Mistakes I was making.

  • I was not promoted in the right way
  • Was not doing Guest Posting
  • Not thinking of SEO
  • Was writing from me (In blogging we have to write for the reader, as we are not hobby writers. We want to sell products through content)

Don’t do anything. Go slow but on the right path. As I always share my quote

“Crawling in the right direction is always better than running towards the wrong one.”

14. Do you provide any service through your blog? Or, do you have any such plans? Any Goal you have set for 2020 or in 2022?

Yes, I do provide all the services which are related to WordPress through my personal blog, I cover all the WordPress related blog posts over there, whenever i find time.

Although i haven’t created service pages yet, still i could always find many emails landing to my inbox asking for services related to WordPress, be it could be Creating a website for them, WordPress security, WP-Optimization and even I manage a couple of few startups blogs.

I guess helpful WP blog posts at my website helped me find those opportunities as well. On the other hand, going further, I want to scale it further, by creating a full-fledged service website and a web designing platform. 

15. What is Your Opinion on starting blogging as a career in India? Nowadays, what is the future of Blogging in India.

It’s the way to go, it’s booming and tends to grow in the future too. If one has not started yet, this is the time. 

Blogging can be a great career option, if one is focused and thinking of a long-term plan. And when it comes to India, people gradually know more about it. Things are getting digitized, hence getting into the digital field would not be wrong at all.

16. Can you Give some highlights on Micro Niche Blogging? How much it Beneficial if anyone starts it Now?

No wonder, it is beneficial. One needs to filter out the right niche. Many folks are making good money out of it. And rumors come against it, but micro niche blogging will never die.

Although, I don’t indulge in micro niche blogging and focusing on the evergreen blogs only right now. It’s only because my schedule is completely occupied for now. Let’s see in the future.

17. Any Suggestion for my blog to Improve Performance and drive organic Traffic?

You have started your journey well, and I would say you are active on social media as well and started making friends. Which is very good for long-term blogging? I went wrong here with my journey for the first few months. 🙂

Keep on Guest posting and commenting on blogs it drives traffic. And eventually the blog grows. Only publish valuable content. Keep the User Interface and Experience top notch, so people can stay longer on your blog. Search engines, recognize that closely. 

18. Say Few words for Roundup this post?

I guess the interview already went too long. Haha!

But, last but least, I would stay positive about whatever you’re doing. And be patient. Money doesn’t come to them who are desperate but to the one who is working the right way. 

Round Up

That is all for now in an interview with Navin Rao. I am quite sure that you have learned many new things from Navin Rao, Sir.

I will continue this series in future because I find it very beneficial and I am very sure that you are also finding it helpful.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Navin Rao. Probably you have got a solution for your queries. If anything, I forgot to ask then; please let me know through comments.

I will try to ask your questions from another pro blogger. Very soon, I am going to invite some more Professional blogger for an interview.

If you find this interview with Navin Rao useful then you must share it. It will take a few seconds, but it motivates me.

Thanks for giving me your valuable time to read it.

Happy Blogging
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  1. Archana,

    You are doing amazing stuff on your blog BloggingTry especially The interview series.

    Your questions throughout the interview with Navin Rao seems to be engaged and I never feel anywhere in the middle to stope reading this interview post.

    Navi Rao, Your answers inspiring many newbies for sure.

    • Glad you have gone through this Interview and find it helpful. Archana has asked some really interesting questions and that is always the motto behind conducting interviews. We all can learn from each other. by knowledge sharing. Thanks

  2. Hi Archana,

    I just love this interview with Navin Rao. There is so much to blogging and you have covered it all here in this wonderful article.
    The very best advice here is “Keep on Guest posting and commenting on blogs it drives traffic. And eventually the blog grows.” Only because I’ve done so myself. It takes persistence and patience, but commenting on blogs is the backbone of it all. Doing guest posts helps to bring others to you.
    -Donna Merrill

  3. @Navin. @Archana. It is good to see somebody blogging for 4 years. Also, the revenue part is the most influential part that keeps us motivated to blog. In 2020, you can see that different forms of content have taken shape – WebStories, Instagram stories, Videos etc. Though they have been for long, in recent time, Zoom webinars are also good way to earn money.

    How do you see the future of blogging.

  4. Hi Archana

    I am following Navin from the beginning, he is doing really amazing.

    I also interviewed him on my blog but going through this interview, I came to know a lot of new things about him.

    Thanks for sharing
    Amit Garg


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