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Hello Friends, today I got the opportunity to have the question answer session/ Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti. This is my 6th Interview article of pro blogger who are making decent money from their blog.

Nowadays, blogging niche is becoming very popular day by day. Everyone wants to create a Blog with a dream to earn some money. But they were not aware of its competition.


I know there is a lot of competition even though you can make money, some decent money from it. For this you required some perfect guide or pro blogger.

So that I have started this interview series to help you in growing your blog and drive some good amount of traffic on Blog.

I hope you are enjoying this series. So, without wasting any time Let’s start an interview with Chayan Chakrabarti and see their opinion about Blogging at various aspects. 

Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti: Founder

Well friends, I approached him on Facebook and asked some questions which I have for my Blog. He replied to all the questions in the way which I wanted.  He is a Full Time Job and Part Time Professional Blogger and Digital marketer and Started to Help new Blogger.

He is very supportive and a very gentle Blogger which every pro blogger should be. Then I invited him for Interview and here is the article interview with Chayan Chakrabarti.

I have asked some important questions which I think every blogger has in their mind. So, Let’s start this Interview see their answer of my Questions:

1. Let’s introduce yourself Quickly?

Hey Archana, thanks a lot for allowing me to share my journey with your audience.

Hey guys, this is Chayan Chakrabarti. I am a computer application graduate from Kolkata. I worked in different domains like billing, tech, and sales. And in 2017 I came to know about digital marketing.

I wanted to start my blog for a long time, but I was not sure if I could manage blogging along with my job. Finally, in August 2019, I started

2. When and why do you choose Blogging?

As mentioned above, I started blogging in August 2019. I believe that blogging is the best way to express yourself. Being an introvert, this is the biggest perk for me.

3. As a blogger what is your Daily Schedule?

My schedule is a bit weird. I am working a full-time job. So, I have very little time for blogging. I work on a USA project. So, I do my office work from 8.30 pm to 5 am. And after 5 am I start my work. My schedule is:

  • I schedule My Social Media Posts and Reply to Unread Messages.
  • I checked my website metrics. Make A note of the things that need more attention.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Check My WordPress Dashboard. Update Plugins and Approve Comments.
  • Create an Outline of My Next Article.
  • Write At Least 500 words every day.
  • Read Other Blogs to Get Insights

4. Which blog do you like most and why?

Backlinko, Ahrefs, And Moz, I follow to learn new things about SEO. Other than that, I follow a few blogs. Some of them are: 


5. What is your main source of Income?

In blogging, I do not depend on one source to earn. The primary monetization is affiliate marketing. Other than that, I am earning via sponsor posts on my blog. I also do some SEO projects for my clients.

6. What is the secret behind your Success?

Blogging is like a marathon race. I do not consider myself a successful blogger. A lot of work needs to be done by me. Here are a few things I do with my blog and life:

  1. Provide Detailed Content Around the Topic.
  2. Explain Things in a Simpler Way.
  3. I try to be consistent.

7. Which premium tools do you use to improve your Performance?

8. How do you do topic and keyword research for new Blog Posts?

I follow a different strategy. If you have noticed, the homepage of simplefactsonline. You must have seen that I publish content in 3 categories, Digital Marketing, blogging, and SEO. So, in a month, I try to complete at least one post in each category. 

So, once I decide on the topic, I do keyword research. I use ahrefs to do my keyword research. However, each SEO tool will show different data in terms of search volume and keyword difficulty. So, I decided on the topic and analyzed the top 10 articles and their web metrics. 

If there are websites with moderate authority ranking on top 10, then there is a high possibility to create a 10 X better content and rank. If you see social sites (Quora, Facebook, etc) are ranking in the top 10, then fresh content can perform better. So, in ahrefs, I simply type the topic

Don’t panic with the keyword difficulty. Scroll down Under Keyword ideas by search volume you will see View All. Click here. Set difficulty and boom! You will get lots of low competition keywords.

You can also get keyword ideas from sites like quora and answer the public. Those sites are amazing when it comes to finding LSI keywords. You can also check the top blogs in your niche in ahrefs to grab a few low competition keywords. Like this.

These are a few tricks to get a bunch of low competition keywords without brainstorming much. However, that should not be the permanent goal for any blogger. You have to understand the searcher’s intent to do well in SEO.

9. Best way to succeed in blogging and Affiliate?

I am very grateful for blogging. No other field can give you this kind of recognition. I love sharing my knowledge to help others. Understand one thing, people do not buy your story, they go buy your experience.

So, whenever you are blogging or writing reviews for any products. Try to be as detailed as possible. Needless to say, you need a mobile-optimized website. The rest will happen in autopilot mode. Means, a blogger will understand the next steps with his blogging experiences.

10. How to increase affiliate Sales?

You need to be very genuine with your website if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer. Your website should talk about what you are going to offer and why your site is instead of a million other sites. The moment an affiliate marketer can do this, they will get a better result.

Before promoting any product, an affiliate marketer should do these things:

  1. Don’t Promote Without Using the Product.
  2. Write Pros and Cons
  3. Share Your Overall Experience
  4. What is it you like most about the product that you did not find on similar products?
  5. Price And Value Equation
  6. Target Audience

11. What is your goal in blogging at the end of 2020?

I had a few goals. However, things are not usual now and because of that, we are all making some compromises. By the end of 2020, I would like to post 35 detailed blog posts and 15 to 20 Videos on my YouTube channel.

12. Tips for our readers to increase Blog Traffic?

New blogs will not get much traffic organically. It’s a harsh truth. So, to obtain free traffic, a new blogger has to focus more on the referral traffic. Focus on building an audience, and create at least 2 detailed posts every week.

The number of posts will increase, you will get more chances to promote them across your social media channels. You can follow this traffic guide to get a more realistic direction.

13. Any tips and Advice for blogging try Readers?

If you have ever come across the site blogging try, that means you have an interest in blogging, affiliate marketing, and SEO. Archana is working very hard to provide valuable content for you guys. Keep supporting her.

14. Any Suggestion for my Blog?

I really like the blogging design and layout of yours. Content quality is also good. Publish more posts. All the very best.

Last Word

That is all for now,

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Chayan Chakrabarti series and I am quite sure that you have learned many new things about him as well as Blogging.

If you have any other questions regarding Blogging you can ask through comment. I need some more important questions for upcoming Interview.

Very soon You are going to see Sumit Sao from BloggingLift and Santanu Debnath from Bloggingjoy. It is going to be an amazing interview with them. 

Stay connected and visit my blog for more updates. 

Finally, thanks for giving me valuable time to read it. Give me a few words about this to motivate me. 

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Happy Blogging
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  1. Hello Archana,

    Thanks for conducting this awesome interview of Chayan’s on your blog. I know him from the past 1 year and he is really so helpful and generous to other bloggers. I really like his helping gesture towards others. Newbie bloggers must learn many things from his journey.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  2. Hello Archana, your interview series are really inspiring & by conducting interviews with experienced bloggers will help all bloggers. I am getting to learn lot of things about blogging. Chayan’s sir experience is awesome.

    • Yes, Jiten
      I am also learning many things from them to improve my blog performance. Very soon you are going to see some more pro blogger here. Stay Tunned.


  3. Hi Chayan bro,

    Chayan bhai, you are one of the most amazing blogger in the blogging Industry. I admire the way you write content for your blog simplefactonline. I just love your website, it is super-helpful. Thanks, Archana for the awesome interview of Chayan. He is one of those bloggers who are most dear to me.

    Santosh Gairola


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