Interview with Anil Agarwal Making Decent Money From Their Blog [S-7]

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Seeing the positive response on last Interviews, I think, I should continue it to invite more pro blogger for Interview. So, I have published another pro blogger interview.

This Interview with Anil Agarwal is my seventh Interview series and it is going to be very awesome for all of us. here is I have asked most essential questions from him which every new blogger always have in their mind.

As bloggers we are all capable of creating a blog and giving it a professional look as well as creating content for almost every topic. But The content which we have create is it worth and or not? Is it optimized for better search ranking? 

Probably your answer would be “NO”

Because of too much competition in blogging we always look for better content creation and SEO optimization on our blog as well as on Article. In such a situation if we get some help from a Pro Blogger then our work would become easier.

So, keeping all things in mind I began this interview series to get some help and advice from pro bloggers who are all time proven and actionable.

I am quite sure that you are learning many tips from them to grow your blog quickly. So, without wasting any time let’s begin the Interview with Anil Agarwal and see his Advice and tips for blogging. 

Table Of Contents
  1. Interview With Anil Agarwal Founder
  2. Round Up

Interview With Anil Agarwal Founder

You are going to learn many things like SEO strategy, Proven tips, Affiliate Marketing advise and many more through interview with Anil Agrawal. 

Almost all bloggers know him very well who is very decent and supportive guy. Anil Agarwal is Full Time blogger, Affiliate Marketer who runs many blogs and making massive income form their blog.  

He is also featured on many popular websites and blogs like – Semrush, ProBlogger, Forbes, WPX Hosting, LifeHack and many more.

He is offering time to time many bloggings, SEO and Affiliate related Course (Free and Paid also) which are very beneficial for all new bloggers. 

Let’s move ahead and see the question and the answer which is going to be really informative and helpful.

1. Hello Sir, first of all welcome to my blog, can please tell a few words about Yourself and when you started your blogging journey?

Thanks a lot Archana for having me on your blog.

Those of you who don’t know about me, Guys I have a blog at and I started BloggersPassion blog in 2010 and started in 2019.

I started my blogging journey while creating free blogs on platform in 2005. In 2008, I started my first self-hosted blog which I sold to someone via Flippa for $35,000 in 2011.

2. Everyone has some inspiration, what is yours and why? Which are the blogs do you like most and why?

I got into blogging after seeing the success of Pro Bloggers Like Amit Agarwal (, Darren Rowse ( and

I used to get lots of inspiration and knowledge from these blogs in my early stage of blogging.

These days, I used to read (by Brian Dean), (by Pat Flynn), etc. to gain more knowledge about SEO and affiliate marketing related topics.

3. Any start up is filled with challenges, what are the problems you have faced at the beginning and how can you get rid of them?

The first major challenge that came in my blogging journey was when my Google AdSense account was banned. At that time, Google AdSense was the only way I was using to monetize my blogs.

After that, I started finding more ways to monetize my blog and keep working in that direction. Guys don’t rely on one monetization method.

More than 80% of traffic on my blog comes from Google Search. So huge dependency on Google search. And you know Google keeps making too many changes at its algos level. So, traffic keeps fluctuating every now and then.

To be safe from Google Algo updates in the long run, we should keep improving the quality of our blog contents and improving the quality of backlinks that are being created for our blogs.

4. As we all know, time management is essential for blogging, can you tell how you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

When I was blogging along with my job, it was a really busy schedule for me. I had a feeling; I’m doing two jobs at a time. I used to be busy with my full-time job for the whole day and in night and on weekends, I had to get time for my blogs.

I used to keep a list of things I needed to finish on a particular day. When we know what we want to achieve in a day, we become more productive.

I used to stay away from social media accounts and other distractions while writing or doing any serious work.

Mornings and late nights used to be the most productive time for me when there was no disturbance.

5. Recently you have launched your 10-day Blogging Course. Why should we join this? Can you say something about your AFFILIATE MARKETING BLUEPRINT Course?

Archana, your blog readers can benefit from my courses from here.

Free Blogging Course is created to help bloggers start their own blogs and how to make them profitable. I tried to make their blogging journey easier with this course.

The Affiliate marketing course was created to help you start making money with affiliate marketing efforts. I tried to share lots of insights during this course so that you can start getting lots of affiliate sales.

6. Blogging means Writing anything on blog is not at all, then how do you find topics and keywords for your new Article?

When I pick a broad topic on my blog, I happen to write posts around all of its subtopics if they have decent search volume in Google.

Suppose I think of covering affiliate programs on my blog, I do several posts around this broad topic like best affiliate programs for SEO, Fitness, Finance, Travel, Web Hosting etc. Apart from this, I will write case studies around specific affiliate programs that are doing well for us.

For keyword research, I mostly use the Keyword Magic Tool from SEMrush. You can check my Semrush review from here to know how I’m using SEMrush tool for keyword research and other SEO dependencies.

7. Can you share some Best SEO strategy to move up on the 1st pages from 2nd and 3rd pages in search engines?

Let me share some pointers here that should help your blog audience in improving their rankings on Google search: –

  • Improve the speed of your pages for all devices. Make sure your target pages load within 2-3 seconds.
  • Improve the quality of your content. Your content should be much better than the top five ranked websites. Work on your content in a way it helps with better engagement metrics
  • Play with your SEO values (SEO Title & Meta Description) while keeping a backup of the current version.
  • Build some high-quality links for the contents that you are aiming at getting better rankings in Google search.

8. Some premium WordPress tools make our work easy. Can you tell which one you are using and recommend some to us?

♦ We are hosted on WPX Hosting and looks like a good choice so far.

♦ For email marketing, we have ConvertKit. 

♦ For heatmaps and conversion optimization, using

WP Rocket is the caching plugin that we are using.

♦ Blog Design and Layout with GeneratePress Theme and Elementor Pro Page Builder.

Social Snap is the plugin we are using to show social icons on our blog.

♦ For SEO, we are using the Semrush Guru plan.

You can find the complete list of plugins that will improve your blog Performance. 

9. I hope you are doing well and making massive money. Can you share some proven tips to increase sales and also share some earning proof to motivate us?

We are able to make $10,000 plus every month from affiliate marketing only. We made $287,000 from the SEMrush affiliate program only so far.


From the Bluehost affiliate program, we have made $47,000 plus so far.


I recently wrote a detailed guide for affiliate marketing beginners here where I shared my affiliate marketing journey and at the same time-shared lots of strategies you can use to gain more profit from your affiliate marketing blogs. 

10. What are the most essential things needed to implement to succeed in blogging as well as in affiliate marketing? What are the main things new bloggers forgot to do?

Consistency is really important to get success with blogging and affiliate marketing. Lots of newbies work on their blogs for a few days and then quit their blogs. This is a big mistake. It’s going to take at least a year to get success with blogging and affiliate marketing.

Improve your blogging and SEO skills. Basic understanding of On-Page and On-page SEO is a must.

Keep trying different affiliate programs and stick with the one which works best for you. Just make sure you are promoting high quality and relevant affiliate products only with your blog audience.

11. What is the best way to grow the blog and drive organic traffic on the new blog? What are a few best ways to promote any new blog post?

Target long tail and easy to rank keywords. Go for the keywords where you see a few new websites appearing in the top 10 results. 

Create a YouTube channel and start uploading videos there. Traffic coming from YouTube is going to be really high-quality traffic.

Join Quora type of Question Answer communities and reply to the relevant questions while linking to your contents in a few of your answers. This is going to help you in driving some traffic to your blog instantly.

Become active on 2-3 Social media websites and spread words about your contents in relevant Facebook groups without sounding like a spammer. 

12. What strategy are you employing on your blog to grow and increase sales; would you like to share some of them?

When you are targeting a product to promote on your blog, you should create content around all of its brand queries, features, how To’s and list posts where you can include that particular product.

Once you have written these contents, link to those contents from other pages on your blog and try to build a few links from relevant websites and blogs.

If you are looking for ways to increase affiliate sales, I have created a very detailed guide around methods you can use to take your affiliate sales to the next level here.

13. What are the main sources of your income and what is the secret behind your success?

A major source of income for us is affiliate marketing. More than 90% of our revenue comes via affiliate product selling.

We are promoting very few products to our blog audience and going for those products only we are using and really satisfied with.

This year, we started launching our own premium eBooks. So far, we have launched two premium eBooks and are going to launch a premium eBook around SEO soon. 

Your blog readers can download our premium eBooks from here. Next year we are planning to launch premium courses.

14. What have you set the goal for 2020 and new things to start in 2022?

We are aiming to increase our monthly revenue from $10K to $15K in the next couple of years.

We want to create more awesome content on and And at the same time, I am aiming at doing more videos on my YouTube channel in the coming days.

I also want to take our community on FB to the next level.

15. Any Guru Tips for BloggingTry Audience to improve their blog performance?

Guys if you are blogging about the topics, you are most passionate about, keep creating more and more high-quality content on your blog.

Your content should be much better than your competitors’.

While working on any topic, try to share your own prospects about that particular topic.

Creating awesome content is just half work done, you have to invest lots of time for its promotion. You cannot expect traffic, especially to money pages, without building strong backlinks for them.

I hope my answers are going to help your blog audience in taking their blogging and affiliate marketing journey to the next level.

If you have any questions for me, you can drop an email to me at or you can join my FB Community from here where we have 12K plus awesome bloggers like you.

Round Up

So, Friends that is all from interview with Anil Agarwal. I hope you have enjoyed this interview and learned something new from him. 

Very soon I am going to invite some more Very popular Pro Blogger for Interview who are making huge money from their blog.

Show some Positive response to motivate me. If any suggestion and Feedback than let me so that I can correct it. 

My main moto is to start this series to get help, Advise and learn about proven strategy and actionable tips from Professional Bloggers.

Please join my Private Facebook Group to learn something new from pro blogger. 

Thanks for giving me your valuable time to read it.

Happy Blogging
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  2. Hey Archana,

    It’s worth the time reading this interview series. Thank You for hosted Anil Agarwal, who is one of the India’s leading bloggers. Archana, Your questions are awesome and the way he answered looks informative. I wish you do more interview series in the future.

    • Thanks Yasar,

      It am quite happy with this interview and it is very informative for all of us. Very soon you will see some more pro bloggers interview. Stay tunned.


  3. Amazing interview. I read it thoroughly. Enjoyed learning great things.. Great work done, Bloggingtry.. Look forward more like this.

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