Top 7 Factor for Blog Failure and Success, You Must Focus it in 2022

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Hi friends, 

Blog Fail, OMG!

Everyday many blogs are made in the world, and many of them fail as well. But do you know why this happens? Why does a blog fail?

A lot of people have this question in their minds: why does a blog fail? So, after thinking, I have created a set of reasons that play a crucial role in blog failure. 

If you’re also a blogger or likely to begin a blog, then I recommend ignoring or avoiding these things that I am going to discuss below.

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7 Most Essential Factor for a Blog Failure

There could be many reasons or blogging mistakes for blog failure, but in my opinion, these 7 reasons are most suitable to take your blog near collapse. Let’s move ahead and see them one by one, which might badly impact your brand-new site. 

1. Very Large Expectations in Less Time

Blogging is an easy job, and at the same time, it isn’t easy too. It takes some time to grow. Growing an enormous audience may additionally take you some time. 

It’s also tough to create a place in tens of thousands of articles published daily on different blogs. It may happen that another person has recently taken the Niche you have selected. 

In such cases, you’ve got to work smarter and it is more challenging to get noticed on the internet. Attempt every day to develop and grow organic traffic as well as your audience on your blog. 

You need to be very consistent and maintain your endurance to gain the faith of your audience. If your readers have faith in you, they will surely return your blog for the most recent blog post updates. 

I also advise that you create your identity on various social networking sites. Like, creating Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and Facebook groups, linked in, etc. on your blog name. 

It is also going to help you a lot in driving massive traffic on your blog. But it’s perhaps not permanent, but you should never ignore it. It is also going to take some time and never expect more within a limited time.

2. Thinking about people who have little knowledge

Probably you are from that place where technology has not developed yet. In such a situation, if you talk to them about blogging, then they hardly know it. Therefore, many brand-new bloggers feel shy to talk about their blog and hesitate to share a blog with them. 

They always think first they will grow their audience and work more to become popular eventually, then they share and talk about their blog. Often, a new blogger also has a fear that they aren’t so popular as what other people will think about them. 

That you never have to be an expert on your blog. You’re able to present your brand-new site. You’ll still remember by the individuals regarding the method that you’ve got a blog. 

In such cases, when you have something (wrong or best) to spread, and you’re not sharing it, then how would someone come to know about your blog and the content you have published on it?

Pro Recommendation – Never stop telling and sharing Websites from the day you have started it; even though you become a pro blogger, then never ignore it. Keep on talking and spreading your blog to get more traffic. 

3. You Might Not Finishing & Publishing Your Own Blog Post

Lots of new bloggers think that blogging is all about writing a blog post and just publishing it. It’s perhaps not their mistake, since they do not have a lot of wisdom and experience. They have written good content; however, they doubt in their mind, is it a comprehensive article they’ve written? 

However, I understand if you compose articles by owning, then it’s going to express your experience because you did not copy anything from anywhere. 

Even if you told somebody that you have begun blogging, they would undoubtedly be curious to learn how you’re managing it. Tell your visitor about your blog, where you are sharing your experiences. 

Starting a blog and Composing content is not very essential. It’d be best if you keep publishing it in your blog. There may be reasons for which you’re considering people’s responses. Stay away from these types of anxieties and decide the deadline for the post-publication.

That you never have to publish a post daily. Whatever time you’ve decided to publish your blog post, be constant on that schedule, never ignore that schedule.

4. You Believe Your Work Instantly End After You Click the Publish Button

This reason is directly connected to article promotion. If you examine it, you can see that many bloggers have superb articles. However, they aren’t so famous. It demonstrates that exceptional and unique content doesn’t always triumph. 

When you’ve written great stuff and aren’t telling anybody, then how your audience will come to know about your blog and your content, you’re the man who reacted to publicize your information. Whenever you get started Blogging at the moment, it’s more crucial to spread your word to acquire an audience. 

At this time, you must emphasize distributing your articles, choosing your readers, optimizing your blog, and increasing your site and visitors. It’s possible to disregard the standard of the content material slightly. It becomes essential the way you’re projecting your articles.

5. You Believe That It really is for Your Own Benefit

Starting a blog for the benefit is always right; nothing is wrong with this. Everybody wants to make money from it. However, in the instance of blogging at which give-and-take is very popular, you must think about it.

It’d be best if you remember what they desire or are curious about. Everybody enjoys those ideas which can be valuable for him, and also the material affects their mind never to go to a different place. 

Thus, please spend some time analyzing your audience and find out what exactly they need. Create distinctive and high quality, enlightening content in their opinion. Does that include all of the related content that ought to be there? 

So, if you are doing that regularly, you are growing the number of viewers who visit your website daily. Because blogging is all about to your viewer only, and that means it’s necessary to meet their requirements. 

Doing this will increase your audience, which is likely to soon be helpful for you personally. With this reader, you’re able to earn some money using different methods.

6. You Believe That Blogging Is About Writing Content

It’s a significant mistake that lots of newbie bloggers make. They consistently believe that writing a blog post and publishing it is called blogging. If you are writing the film script, then it’s okay. But if you’d like to be a successful blogger, you’ve got to do lots of things aside from writing. 

As soon as we discuss a popular blog, it only depends upon blog layout, design, speed and optimization marketing methods, etc. Additionally, it depends upon how you’re intending, encouraging, and building your visitors, despite being a perfect writer.

Most Bloggers think like a writer; however, you aren’t. Many professional bloggers never write a book or publish it; however, they are still famous. Because paper articles cannot decide successful blogging, it measures how you reach the readers.

7. You’re not Building Connection with Your Audience

Successful blogging can also be known about building links between your readers. Your job doesn’t finish while publishing or boosting your content. You’ve got to introduce your blog post to your audience. 

Perhaps your audience will enjoy your article and comment on that blog post. Never ignore these comments and try to give precise answers to their questions. As they enjoy the writing, so they wanted to associate with you. Whatever the instance, you should never ignore them and keep on discussion with your visitor. 

Otherwise, you could lose your reader. They desired to provide you with feedback, appreciation, and wanted to convey new issues through comments. That means you may prepare better for the upcoming time, and you will be able to quickly understand your viewer’s attention.

Final Word

I’ve clarified the most important reasons that can severely change your blog. I expect, after reading that, you won’t ever repeat those things. A pro blogger doesn’t miss even a little something that will favor the blog. If you’re seriously interested in blogging, then begin fixing yourself NOW. 

I think you have enjoyed this blog post. If so, then talk about it with your friends also. It is going to take a short time. However, it motivates me. 

You might also touch upon some other opinions and suggestions, or if you would like to read something fresh, please tell me via comments. I’m delighted to assist you later on.

Thanks for giving me your valuable time, let’s spread the word. 

Thanks for now, 

Happy Blogging


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  1. Hlo Archana mam,
    It’s a detailed and very very informative post about 7 factors for blog failure and success.
    I am also a newbie and after reading your article I will kept all these factors in my mind.
    Thanks for sharing such an amazing article.
    Jatin Munjal

  2. Hello Archana mam,

    This article means a lot of value to bloggers like me. Simple words and valuable methods shown in this article will really help your audience.

    Thank you for your guidance. Keep growing…

    Lingam Says.

  3. I have read the article and the thing which I personally feel is that people lack consistency.
    If you are consistent for one year on word press you may get to see results.
    And, it’s not an option to fail. You fail Ok. But, try again one time.
    Nice post.

  4. Wow, This is awesome. I got this article from Facebook. It is really helpful for Blogger. By the way, Admin, The UI is very pretty.


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