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Hello friends!

Creating a Blog is very easy but making it successful is very difficult.

If you want to become successful and make some money from your blog then you need perfect guidance to achieve this goal.

That’s why I started this Interview series, where I talk to pro bloggers and ask some important questions and tips from them which is very essential in making blogs successful and profitable.

Let’s get started quickly without wasting any time.

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Interview with Akash Singh:

Today I got an opportunity to invite Akash Singh from to my blog for an Interview. In this session, I will try to cover all the questions every new blogger has.

Akash Singh is a very dedicated and Helpful Guy. He is a professional Blogger and Affiliate marketer who runs 10+ successful blogs.

He Provides High- Quality Content on Blogging, SEO, and Affiliate Marketing which is very Beneficial and Informative.

If you are about to start a blog or have already begun to then you can take advantage of their strategy by reading his blog.

let’s start Interview. 

1. Let’s Introduce yourself Quickly to BloogingTry Readers

First of all, thanks Archana for inviting me. Hey everyone, I am Akash Singh. Personally, I am an ethical hacker and part-time blogger who runs 10+ successful blogs and makes huge income from them.  

I share my knowledge and experiences about blogging and affiliate marketing on and I also have another blog called where I can help people to make money through affiliate marketing.

2. When and Why, You Choose Blogging

I started blogging in 2016. I was browsing the internet for some ways to make money online. In the beginning, I found many things and I also tried some of those things.  

But after some time, I watched some videos on YouTube and I saw a video on making money through blogging. Then I started my first blog. 

To be very honest, as I said, I was searching for ways to make money online so when I started my motive was to make money through it but now, I am in love with blogging.

3. As a Blogger What is Your Daily Schedule

As I said I have multiple blogs so it’s a little bit hard for me to manage time between all my blogs but I am spending 3- 4 hours a day on my blogs and mostly I work at night.

Right now, I am trying to spend maximum time on my Facebook group called lit blogging where I am helping other bloggers.

4. Which Blog do you Like Most and Why?

I read many blogs in a day and most of them are related to blogging. If I would say I like only one blog then it’s not right but here I want to talk about 2 blogs that I like. The first one is Backlinko because Backlinko is an amazing blog for SEO. 

On the other hand, I like Sumit Sao’s Blogging Lift. Sumit Sao is like a brother to me and I love his writing style if anyone wants to know about his amazing writing style then you must check out his blog.

5. What are the Premium WordPress Tools you Use?

Many people are not investing in the right tools and I think this is the biggest mistake in the blogging journey that I see with many new bloggers.

Let’s talk about the tools that I use

I am using Semrush for keyword research and competitor analysis and this tool is all in one tool for SEO. For email marketing, I am using Mailer Lite and convertkit on my different blogs.

On my blog, I am using GeneratePress Themes and Thrive Architect for designing my blog posts.

6. How do you do Topic and Keywords Research Before Blog Writing

I am not spending too much time on this because Semrush will do it for me in a few clicks. I just analyzed my competitors and put their URLs in Semrush and from there I got a lot of topics to write about and also got amazing long-tail keywords.

7. What is Your Main Source of Income?

I have multiple sources of income like Blogging, affiliate marketing, my eCommerce store, and some paid services.  

But my main source of income is affiliate marketing and my eCommerce store.

8. Best way to Succeed in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Many people think that blogging and affiliate marketing gives you results overnight but that’s not true. Yes, this is a great source of income but for that, you should have patience. 

So, continuity is the way to succeed in blogging and affiliate marketing. There are many rumors about blogging and affiliate marketing. Just stay away from them and learn things and implement them. If your impediment you will get results otherwise there is no shortcut to success in blogging or affiliate marketing.

9. How to Increase Affiliate Sales, Any Pro Tips

Affiliate Sales is like selling emotions to someone if they trust you, they will buy your product if they don’t trust you, they will never buy any of your products.

So, make good connections with your audience by replying to their questions and comments. Solve their queries and then suggest some products that help them and believe me they will definitely buy all the products that you suggest.

10. What is Your Goal in Blogging?

My goal is to provide every possible information about blogging to everyone who wants to do something with blogging because I see there are a lot of bloggers who just make money by selling their courses but to be very honest a lot of courses provide zero value that is just a waste of money.

Not all the courses are bad but many are available in the market and this thing I am saying with my personal experience.

So, my goal is to provide the right information to the right people.

11. Pro Tips for BloggingTry Readers

My tip to everyone is to have patience and not rush for money. Focus on providing value to readers through your blog post.

Make connections with your fellow bloggers.

Also, don’t focus only on Google promoting your content on all social media platforms.

Last but not least, maintain consistency.

Happy Blogging.

Final Word

Hello Friends,

We have completed our Interview with Akash Singh. I hope you have enjoyed this article. I am also 100% sure that you have learned some amazing things from him. For more details and to read their blog you can visit LitBlogging.

If I found your positive Response then very soon, I am going to Invite Sumit Sao from BloggingLift, Umer from GuideBlogging, and Many more Pro Bloggers to my Interview Series.

Thanks for Giving me your valuable time to read it.

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