How to Improve Your Client Communication with a WordPress Feedback Plugin [ProjectHuddle Review 2022]

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Are you an agency, developer or freelancer where you are offering web design service for your valuable client? Then you have come to the right place?

Here I am going to explain everything about how to scale your business by giving importance to client’s feedback, how to collect actionable feedback from clients and how to make feedback collection process smooth.

Keep on reading,

The more you care about your customers, the more your business cares for you. You just need to monitor your project progress and scale your workflow by getting valuable feedback from clients.

Your total effort would be meaningful when your customer gets satisfied with your quality project. It is only possible when you get regular feedback from your client on a regular basis and improve yourself day by day.

Bu the problem is that you have to be always online to chat, keep opening your email inbox for any mail. Frankly say, this process is quite time consuming and it might be possible that you miss some essential feedback.

In such a case you may need a perfect tool that makes your job easier than ever.

So, what is the solution?

Wait a minute, in today’s post I will discuss a simple yet powerful tool “ProjectHuddle” (WordPress Feedback Plugin that Compatible with other CMS also) that helps you to collect direct feedback from your client on a live website.

But before we get to the main topic let’s learn something about feedback, and how to collect feedback from clients to bridge the communication gap.

Let’s begin with yourself. 


What is User Feedback?

Feedback from clients refers to information, insights, and issues they have regarding your company, ongoing projects, product, or service that you are offering. 

The customer feedback you will obtain can be used to improve your products, services, client support, and client success, as well as the customer experience.

To improve user experience, you need to gather feedback from customers, visitors, and users. Asking for feedback isn’t difficult. 

It is not necessary to use any special tool to collect clients’ feedback. But if you are offering WordPress based services or web design service, you can use the user feedback plugins also. 

To use the plugin, just choose a WordPress Feedback Plugin that fulfils your business core need, install and configure it, and you can start collecting feedback. It’s that simple.

What Makes Direct Client Feedback So Valuable for Your Business?

The importance of collecting customer feedback can’t be underestimated. Only 4% of unhappy customers file a complaint with the company, and the other 96% switch to another company without saying a word. 

In another study, every second consumer says that businesses should take action based on customer feedback.

There are certain ways in which client feedback can benefit your business:

  • Enhance products and services.
  • You can make business decisions based on the data provided.
  • Analyze customer satisfaction.
  • Retain customers better.
  • Respect their opinions by showing you care.
  • Enhances the efficiency of processes
  • Provides customers with a feeling of value
  • Ensure a great client experience
  • Facilitates a faster design process
  • The application uses multiple platforms (email, messages, SMS, etc.) to save.

Feedback, reviews, and ratings determine the maximum number of sales. After reading a trusted review, every one person out of 10 B2B buyers proceeded with their purchase. 

Feedback from customers has gradually become a milestone for growth initiatives. Online Marketing is all about client feedback, which is a very important part of improving the business’ performance.

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How to Collect Client Feedback?

To start getting feedback from your customers, first of all, you need to determine exactly why you need it. Knowing your desired outcomes and outlining the steps to get there will help you invest your time (also the time of your customers) in a worthwhile way.

Here are the possible ways to consider of collecting feedback from your customers:

1. Feedback Forms

The use of feedback forms and website surveys has made opinion surveys more accessible and efficient than traditionally low-response written surveys. 

By using them you can reach a large audience and cover a variety of subjects. 

Additionally, there is flexibility to focus on a narrow, current topic for quick feedback.


  • It’s an easy way to get feedback and a proven way to engage consumers. 
  • As long as they don’t take too long, customers will often finish them. 
  • By tailoring the research, you can get highly accurate results.


  • Sometimes they might misinterpret feedback forms. 
  • It is easy to manipulate data to fit any agenda. 
  • Additionally, since opinion surveys don’t dig deeper into the real feelings of customers, companies may spend many resources fixing one isolated issue and miss a trend altogether.

2. Emails

Sending an email to your site visitors and customers is an effective way to keep in contact. Whenever an event occurs, such as a successful purchase, a new subscription, or a successful registration, an automated email delivery system is triggered.

Nowadays, email is much more than a means of collecting feedback – it plays a vital role in the customer-seller relationship.


  • Easily reaches a wide audience
  • A simple and quick method of collecting feedback
  • A simple and easy-to-use system


  • It may not produce accurate results
  • Time-consuming compared to other methods
  • It is possible that not all clients will provide feedback

3. Project Management System

Project management software makes it easy to collect customer feedback directly.

It is easy to monitor project progress and interact with clients once you set up a system.

By doing this, clients will be kept informed of the progress of their projects and their feedback will be collected timely.

You can also manage client expectations more easily through the use of a project management system, making sure that their needs are met.

To summarize, a project management system is a must-have thing for gathering feedback directly from clients and for ensuring successful project outcomes.


  • The progress of a project can be easily tracked
  • Provides regular updates on project progress to clients
  • Assures the successful completion of projects


  • Setting it up and using it may be challenging
  • The client may not know how to use the system
  • It’s possible not all clients will give you feedback

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4. Direct Feedback Using a Plugin

It can be tricky to collect feedback directly from your visitors if there is no contact form or live chat on your site.

The situation can be resolved, however.

It is now possible to collect direct feedback directly from clients with several plugins.

These plugins allow you to place a widget on your site so visitors can directly leave you feedback.

You can also moderate the feedback through many of these plugins in order to ensure only meaningful comments are posted.

Therefore, using a plugin to gather client feedback is an easy and convenient way to make your site better.


  • Enhances the functionality of a website
  • Features a wide range of functionality
  • It’s a great way to collect feedback
  • Enhances the communication between businesses and their clients
  • A cost-effective option for all businesses


  • Setting up and using it can be a time-consuming process
  • Management can be challenging
  • It is often expensive to buy
  • Client feedback may not be forthcoming from all clients

It is evident that there are many methods to gather client feedback.

Based on your business’s needs and resources, you will need to determine the best approach. However, you can use them to collect valuable feedback that will ultimately benefit your business.

Thus, subsequently, you can collect direct client feedback and improve your site’s & business performance.

The plugin lets you collect feedback easily and moderate comments so that only constructive criticism is posted.

A WordPress feedback plugin like ProjectHuddle is a great way to enhance communication with your clients and keep your business moving forward.

What is ProjectHuddle? An Intuitive WordPress Feedback Plugin

Organized client feedback for designersPin

ProjectHuddle is a that is a web-based feedback tool and project management tool.

It was an arduous and lengthy process to gather feedback and criticism. Designers and clients had to communicate over email and chat channels for hours. Ultimately, neither party is happy with the process nor you and wishes it could be easier.

But don’t worry,

Plugins like ProjectHuddle help agencies and clients communicate more effectively. It offers many awesome features that help you get direct feedback (pin point) from your clients on a live project to scale your work progress.

How the ProjectHuddle Works?

ProjectHuddle plugin has two parts – first one is to install on agency site (agency dashboard) and second one is on client’s website (client Side).

After installing the plugin, the agency or web developer can ask for the feedback and the customer can leave the feedback on a live project visually (elements, section throughout website pages).

There are two types of ways to collect feedback from your clients,

  • Mockup – By using ProjectHuddle you can get visual feedback directly on PDFs, Digital Designs, Wireframe, sketches and more to improve your workflow.
  • Website – You can also get visual feedback on live websites or web apps and keep communicating with your customer to his satisfaction.

Agency can monitor all the feedback and mark it as resolved when problem get fixed. Customers can see the progress of their project and keep giving feedback as per their business needs.

This is how you will be able to receive and send feedback on digital designs and websites you are building and customers can submit feedback visually on any element or page of your website.

As soon as a customer comments, you can fix it.

Why Only ProjectHuddle?

ProjectHuddle is not just a tool but a package of solutions for your website. By using ProjectHuddle, you can:

  • Monitor your project progress
  • Consult with clients
  • Get feedback from clients
  • Integrate with any CMS

Additionally, ProjectHuddle is equipped with a variety of features designed to help businesses succeed with their projects. It is actually a WordPress collaboration plugin. The features include:

  • Management of tasks
  • The sharing of files
  • Collaboration within a team
  • Approve feedback
  • Do conversation with customers

ProjectHuddle is a project management program that can improve business communications with clients efficiently at a low cost.

Who Should go for ProjectHuddle Feedback Plugin?

ProjectHuddle is designed specifically for teams that implement WordPress solutions for clients but do not have programming expertise.

Non-technical users were the target audience for the interface. A limited number of input options are given to users so they can focus on sharing their feedback without getting confused about how to use the tool.

Concluding everything, if you are a developer who appreciates the flexibility of customizing WordPress tools, the team behind ProjectHuddle provides multiple integrations and a child template system to enable you to do just that.

Strong Reason to Use ProjectHuddle WordPress Feedback Plugin

There are dozens of advantages available if you wish to use ProjectHuddle for collecting feedback from your customers and scale your business capability.

Here are some key benefits,

  • Ease of Use – ProjectHuddle offers a very simple dashboard and minimal settings so that you don’t waste your time on learning tools’ features and how they work. Just install and connect to the client website in a few steps and start collecting feedback from your customer.
  • Centralized Agency Dashboard – You don’t need to install ProjectHuddle on multiple websites for feedback management. ProjectHuddle allows you to add unlimited projects and monitor activity for all websites from a single dashboard.
  • Compatibility – No matter which CMS is used by your clients; you can seamlessly integrate Project with few lines of JavaScript Code. Remember the agency site must be on WordPress where ProjectHuddle is being installed.
  • Cost Effective – Compared to similar software ProjectHuddle is inexpensive and costs you $109/year for the all-core features of collecting/ managing project feedback efficiently.
  • Refund Policy – ProjectHuddle offers the industry standard 30-day refund policy that means if you are not satisfied with its features, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days.
  • Regular Product Update – They work harder consistently to provide the best user experience and software compatibility so that you can focus on your business rather than fixing software issues. That means you will get regular updates as long as you have an active subscription.
  • Top Notch Customer Support – ProjectHuddle offers a solid support system that includes 1-on-1 quality support from developers, not some offshore teams. 
  • Future Possibility – They are not going to stop here and have a solid plan (product roadmap) for the future that means you are going to use many other features & functionalities to handle client feedback more efficiently.

How to Set up ProjectHuddle WordPress Feedback Plugin?

The first step to using ProjectHuddle is to buy and install the plugin on the WordPress website that will serve as your primary dashboard for client website feedback.

For ProjectHuddle to function properly, you’ll need to first create an admin dashboard on the agency site, where you can view and manage all your projects and connect to your client website either automatically or manually.

First, I will show the auto method for connecting to a client’s website,

To do so, you need to login your WordPress and Follow the steps,

  • ProjectHuddle > Websites > New Website and then provide client website name, website URL. Then click on the “Next” button for the next step.
Add Website Step 1Pin
  • After that you need to select the CMS type, either WordPress or something else. Select WordPress and provide login details of client website to connect & download child plugin.
Add Website Step 2Pin
  • On the next step you need to download ProjectHuddle child plugin that you need to install & activate on client website for successful connection.

After successful connection you will get notified and then start collecting visual feedback from your customer.

Note – For other CMS you need to just copy and paste the JavaScript code before closing </body> tag of client website to connect site successfully.

Secondly you can connect to your client website manually and to do so follow the steps below,

Follow the above step and at the second point you need to click on the “Try Connecting Manually” link and you will get a few lines of JavaScript code.

  • Copy these lines of code.
Copy JS CodePin

  • Go to Client WordPress Website.
  • Install & Activate ProjectHuddle Client Side Plugin.
Install Client Side PluginPin
  • Go to WordPress Setting > ProjectHuddle > Connection.
  • Paste the copied code here and click to save changes.
Manually Connecting Client WebsitePin
  • Go back to the Agency site and click on the “I’ve pasted the code” option and you will get notified that connection is successful.

By successfully connecting to your customer website, you are able to view, reply, and manage all the feedback left by your client as well as keep communicating on particular feedback the problem gets fixed.

In order to reduce the impact of the plugin’s files on your website’s speed, we recommend creating a separate WordPress database.

ProjectHuddle handles both types of projects. Adding plugins that enable PDF mockups and file uploading with comments is also possible.

As soon as your dashboard site is connected to individual websites and mockup files, you can leave feedback.

Now you have successfully created a project and connected to your client website. It is time to ask for feedback to enhance your work performance and deliver the quality project that your client expects.

Leaving Feedback as Client

Leave Comment as ClientPin

As you have connected to your client site, now your customer can leave them on any page, elements throughout website.

Here is how, when your client opens any web page, he will see the feedback tool bar on the bottom of page. He just needs to click on the comment button and move the cursor on any specific elements and click to add comment.

Managing Feedback as Agency

As an agency or web developer you can manage all the websites’ tasks like asking for feedback, replying to client feedback, approve feedback, deleting useless comments and much more.

To see all the activity, you need to go ProjectHuddle > Overview, here you will see all the activity & tasks that happens across your project. Furthermore, you can filter tasks by

Manage Feedback ActivityPin
  • Website
  • Mockup
  • Reporter
  • Project
  • Assigned
  • Resolved

This process helps you to find essential and relevant feedback.

To view the activity, you need to click any of them and a slider will come out from the right side where you can do certain things like

View Reply to FeedbackPin
  • View Feedback details
  • View Feedback Location
  • Reply to Feedback
  • And More

Apart from that you can ask for feedback on the live website to a particular and specific element. To do so, just visit the website page and you will have feedback toolbar (as shown on client website) with extra “Approve” option.

Leave Comment as AgencyPin

Note – You can move the position of feedback toolbar as per your convenience.

Leave the reply on existing feedback & checkbox for marking feedback as resolved. You can click on the “Approve” button to approve changes for that page or click on the “Comment” button for asking new feedback.

In the conversation you are allowed to share files to provide better understanding about feedback.

Branding of ProjectHuddle

This is the cool advantage of using ProjectHuddle WordPress Feedback Plugin for your business. You can rebrand your ProjectHuddle with your business color, theme, and upload your own logo to build trust among customers too.

To do so,

Visit ProjectHuddle > Settings > Customize, here you can upload your own logo and set the business color to rebrand ProjectHuddle.

ProjectHuddle RebrandingPin

Leaving Feedback on Image Mockup

Along with a live website ProjectHuddle allows you to collect visual feedback on image mockups like PDFs, sketches, wireframe, pictures (png, jpg and gif) and digital design.

You just need to upload visual assets and go to ProjectHuddle > New Mockup and upload & publish mockup project to get feedback on your digital designs.

Upload ImagePin

After that the client can leave feedback on your image file and you can ask for feedback from customers or reply to client feedback. Once the image is finalized you can approve the project and add it to the website appropriately.

reply approve feedbackPin

For more details you can check out the live demo here,

If you still have some doubts then just watch the ProjectHuddle’s Walkthrough Video and see how it works for you and make your feedback collection process super easy.

ProjectHuddle Features & Functionality

ProjectHuddle offers a range of features and functions. Let’s have a look at them

  • Unlimited Projects & Users:  ProjectHuddle provides your clients and colleagues with optional user accounts. It even lets you keep track of all your in-progress projects and feedback from your website in just one place. This reduces the amount of time you spend wandering around
  • Comment Directly on Websites & Other CMS: The ProjectHuddle WordPress plugin can be used cross-domain on any number of websites once you’ve installed it on your WordPress site. It even lets you leave comments directly on the live design feedback portal of your website. Things are really simplified with it.
  • Keep Track of Mockup Changes with Versions: This extraordinary tool solves many of your problems as it keeps an interactive history of mockup revisions, comments, and approvals that are recommended. Similarly, you can also restore older versions when you just click on a button.
  • Sketch Sync: Syncing is no longer a headache. With ProjectHuddle you can sync all your Sketch designs without additional saving, exporting, or uploading required.
  • 1500+ Integrations: Zapier allows you to connect ProjectHuddle to 1500+ apps. You need no additional bunch of tools to do so. In other words, it’s good to go option if you wanna stay focused without messing up with anything else.
  • Assign and Resolve Issues: With ProjectHuddle’s simple, straightforward approach, you will be able to manage issues in a very effective way as well assign someone from your team to resolve issues.
  • Beautiful Formatting: With its built-in WYSIWYG editor, it has beautiful formatting that you can use to really express yourself.
  • Integrated Shortcodes: Embed your projects anywhere you like using the ProjectHuddle shortcode. You can create “overview” pages for client accounts using the subscribed projects shortcode. Moreover, both single WordPress installations and multisite setups work well with shortcodes, mockups, and websites.
  • Easy Client Access: You can create unguessable URLs for sending to your clients automatically with ProjectHuddle. Make clients and colleagues have special user accounts with specialized permissions.
  • Point and Click Ease: Simply point and click to describe. What could be easier?
  • Login Protection & Password: With ProjectHuddle, you can add a password to your projects for security. This isn’t all, you can also add an optional login requirement to projects so that they are even more secure by creating client accounts.
  • Bug Tracking: With point-and-click bug tracking by ProjectHuddle, you can find the root cause of the problem much faster. Having a threaded communication system makes it much easier to manage.
  • Mockup Approvals: With just a click of a button, you can easily get approval for your mockup images. For additional legal protection, you can also opt for adding a click-wrap agreement.
  • Email Notifications: The automatic email notifications feature of ProjectHuddle lets you keep everyone updated on the progress of the project. If you want to encourage more people to join the discussion, just add a link from an individual comment.
  • Easy to Customize: You can customize ProjectHuddle’s appearance for each client with plugin settings. ProjectHuddle is a good option to make your brand stand out seamlessly. And also, for your images and logos, you can choose between HDPI and Retina. An SVG icon will appear crisp and clear no matter the screen resolution.

Pros and Cons of ProjectHuddle WordPress Feedback Plugin


  • Management of files is excellent
  • Provides a collaborative environment for multiple teams
  • An intuitive interface that integrates seamlessly with Outlook
  • Assurances of high security


  • Despite its quality features, it is too expensive for its price.
  • It is quite challenging to maneuver and overwhelming. You might take a few days to fully understand the gist of it. 

Pricing Details of ProjectHuddle WordPress Feedback Plugin

ProjectHuddle offers an affordable pricing structure that you can choose as per your requirement. You can choose from two pricing plans which may suit your requirements and preferences, yearly and lifetime.

ProjectHuddle PricingPin

Regular – 109$ for one dashboard site.

Professional – 139$ per year gives you access to 3 dashboards

Ultimate – $599 one-time payment entitles you to unlimited dashboards.

All plans include the following features and functionality

  • Unlimited Mockups, Websites, Users
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Fully Customizable
  • White Label (Rebranding)
  • Sketch Sync
  • 1 Dashboard Site

You also get other features like numbers of dashboard site, file upload, PDF support and future addon on their professional & ultimate plans.

The good news is that Renewal discounts of 10% are included in the Regular and Professional plans. You can return the software to Project Huddle for a refund within 30 days if you decide that it is not for you.

Price Comparison with other WordPress Feedback Plugin

If you are looking for an affordable WordPress Feedback solution then ProjectHuddle would be more cost effective and feature in-rich. By using ProjectHuddle you can avoid monthly payment and the services you cannot control.

Here is the yearly price comparison of ProjectHuddle with similar products

  • Invision – $1188/Year for 5 Team Member
  • RedPen – $1080/ Year for 40 Projects
  • Bugherd – $588/Year for 10 Users
  • Pastel – $1188/Year for 5 Users
  • ProjectHuddle – $109/Year for Unlimited Project & Users
Competitive Pricing StructurePin

FAQs on WordPress Feedback Plugin?

What is Feedback?

When any user or customer leaves a comment on your product & services, is called feedback. Feedback contains evaluative or corrective information so that you can improve yourself and provide better results.

Why Feedback is Important?

There are too many benefits available like feedback helps you to
Improve Product & Services
Analyze Customer Satisfaction
Enhance Work Efficiency
Make the Right Decision for Your Business
And Many More

How to Collect Feedback?

There are several ways to collect feedback from your customer to improve your product & service and generate leads for you. You can ask for feedback via
Send Email
Start Conversation (Chat with Customer)
Use Feedback Forms
Connect via Project management Tool
Use Feedback Plugin (for WordPress)
Use a Website Like Trustpilot

What is ProjectHuddle?

ProjectHuddle is WordPress feedback plugin (works with any CMS) that helps you collect actionable feedback from your client visually on a live website & image mockups (pdf, digital designs, wireframe, images etc.).

How PojectHuddle Works?

After installing this plugin and connecting to your client website you can ask for feedback, reply to customer feedback, approve designs and much more effectively. Same like that your customer also can leave the feedback your designs, specific elements of your designs visually.

What is the Cost ProjectHuddle?

ProjectHuddle WordPress Feedback Plugin costs you $109/Year that includes all core features like
Unlimited Website, Image Mockups, User
Centralized Dashboard
Fully Customizable
White Label (Rebranding)
Rest API
One Year Update & Support
30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Final Thoughts

As there are so many options available on the market for WordPress feedback tools, it’s your best bet to pick the one that fits your business needs and the types of clients you work with.

You should also make sure the tool is well supported with future plans so that you are not constantly re-learning it or risk losing data in case it shuts down.

The project management services provided by ProjectHuddle are ideal for businesses that implement WordPress on behalf of multiple clients.

The rest is up to you!

Let us know how helpful are the features of WordPress feedback tools to you when implementing them with clients? 

Is there anything I can clarify about this ProjectHuddle review? I would appreciate hearing from you!

ProjectHuddle Review 2022

Are you an agency, freelancer or developer who offers web development services? Are you struggling to get direct feedback from your customer? Then ProjectHuddle WordPress Feedback Plugin is the right solution for you.


Organized client feedback for designersPin
Ease of Use


ProjectHuddle is WordPress based (works with other CMS also) feedback tool that helps you to collect visual feedback from your clients on any live website or image mockup.

Get rid of sending email, wasting time on chat and use ProectHuddle WordPress Feedback Plugin for providing a better solution to communicate with your customer directly.

ProjectHuddle extends the possibility to bridge the communication gap between you and your clients. By using ProjectHuddle, you can ask for feedback, approve digital designs, and manage all feedback activity more efficiently.

Apart from that your customers can also leave feedback on your work so that you can take appropriate action on time and scale your business growth.

So why are you waiting? Click on the button below and try ProjectHuddle today!!

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