Stromonic Review: A Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting in 2023

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Are you still looking for the best-managed WordPress hosting solution to launch your dream project online? Hands down this article (Stromonic Review) is for you only.

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In this age of digitization, having an online website is an unavoidable need of today’s time. Gone are the days when a website used to be a luxury for everyone. 

Irrespective of the business, blog, online shop, or other, a fast-loading and flawless website is a basic need to gain online exposure. 

Creating a website involves a lot of factors of which the very first one is to choose a reliable hosting provider. 

For those who are not aware of the hosting service, it allows you to put your domain online on the internet. 

Although there are countless web-hosting providers, finding the right one that can eliminate problems and ensure functional websites can be a daunting task. 

So, what’s the catch? How can you find the right Managed WordPress Hosting company? 

Well, the process is pretty simple if you follow certain things. Look for a Managed WordPress Hosting provider that can deliver reliable, fast-loading, and budget-friendly services along with prompt customer service. 

However, there are certainly other factors as well, but these are some of the must-haves in a website hosting provider. 

In this Stromonic Review, we are saving your efforts and reviewing one of the most dedicated Managed WordPress Hosting that meets all the above-mentioned criteria(s). 

Stromonic is a leading hosting company that brings the fastest and most cost-effective industry-leading hosting services to your disposal. Stromonic is the best go-to option for any blogging website, online store, small business website, or any general website. 

Keep scrolling and reading to know more details.  

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Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting – An Introduction

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Stromonic, a leading industry hosting company bootstrapped in 2017 and achieved significant growth in such a short period. 

The company focuses on using the latest technologies and modern-class hardware for Managed WordPress Hosting services. 

If you’re searching for a company that ensures to provide the best-in-class hosting, Stromonic is the answer to all requirements. 

Their core mission is to eliminate the hosting industry flaws with power-packed hosting solutions at cost-effective prices. 

Unlike others, the company provides premium performance-managed WordPress Hosting plans to cater to the requirements of the most value-packed hosting services. 

The worth of the company’s vision can be understood with the Stromonic CEO’s (Natan Ray) thoughts: 

“At Stromonic, our primary goal was generally quickest execution and a gigantic measure of traffic dealing ability. Things have stayed unaltered till today. What’s more, we are devoted to making this conceivable.”

Natan Ray – CEO & Founder

Stromonic is a trustworthy name when it comes to finding reliable managed WordPress hosting. 

As per the HostAdvice, they hold a prominent place among the Top 10 shared hosting 2021 and top 25 VPS hosting 2023 awards. 

You can get powerful managed WordPress hosting along with their Stromonic cloud and dedicated security. 

Avail of the domain services along with secure hosting plans. 

How Stromonic Differs from Usual Hosting Services?

While, other low-cost Managed WordPress Hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers struggle with sharing the standard performance, Stromonic comes with shining colors with an amazing managed WordPress hosting provider. 

The low-cost hosting is not capable of handling the huge traffic. Moreover, they’re not even properly optimized to deliver fast performance. 

Choosing Managed WordPress Hosting comes with its perks for flawless website functionality. 

On the contrary, VPS hosting or dedicated servers are only suitable for tech geeks as they can require huge manual efforts in managing and configuring operations. 

It is an obvious fact that not everyone has reliable expertise to take care of technical glitches and enhancements. 

That’s the basic reason why they’re relying on the renowned Managed WordPress Hosting company. On top of everything, ensuring the security of the server from outside backup can also be painful. 

Stromonic doesn’t let you struggle with anything like that and brings powerful managed WordPress hosting. 

The company ensures 100% uptime with 24*7 assistance the entire year. The skilled hosting experts and a team of professionals are always ready to assist with any sort of quick assistance. 

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Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting Package Overview 

The managed WordPress Hosting of Stromonic comes with plenty of features. 

Going by the name, the company is responsible for managing WordPress hosting for your website. 

You can freely leave the technicalities on the team and focus more on the other productive tasks related to the business operations. 

Here are some power-packed features of the Stromonic hosting plan for WordPress hosting: 

  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Free Domain Name Service
  • 99.99% Uptime assurance
  • SFTP User Access
  • One-click Staging
  • Multi-Code Support
  • 24/7 Site Monitoring
  • 45-Day Money Back
  • DDoS Protection
  • SSL WordPress Encryption
  • Regular Website Backups

That’s not all, as Stromonic offers another diverse set of features with managed WordPress hosting services. 

The plan even offers managed security to achieve firewalls, safe infrastructure, regular backups, DoS protection, malware detection, and complete isolation. 

Why Choose Stromonic?

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It is an obvious thing to search for differentiation aspects for Stromonic hosting providers. 

They are narrowing down some of such factors that serve the clients with amazing benefits. 

1. Stromonic Cloud

Unlike others, the Stromonic hosting services use their Stromonic cloud instead of Google Cloud servers. 

They created a cloud to support the clients with extraordinary services and numerous advantages. 

They do not agree to suffer due to poor customer service or bad performance. All their hosting clients can get the best-in-class CPUs and NVMe drives. 

That’s how Stromonic is claiming to deliver the fastest WordPress hosting service. 

2. Auto Scaling

Avoid the need for low-cost restricted hosting & tap into their managed WordPress hosting provider. 

In case of an increasing load, the website resources can be easily scaled up to deal with urgent requirements. 

Thus, flexible website hosting services can ensure the website functions smoothly and with fast performance. 

No website slowing down and page error or any such issue. 

3. Technology Stack

They have opted for the LiteSpeed Enterprise which is showing impeccable & faster performance than Nginx and Apache. 

This makes WordPress load faster with the usage of the right set of technology. 

Simply put, the hosting provider can allow the dependency of thousands of HTTP connections without the chance of errors. 

Here are some technologies that Stromonic Hosting is using on their server to make your website super secure and ultra-fast loading.

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4. Daily Backups

Stromonic hosting services ensure the overall backing of the website with sheer safety. 

The entire website is backed up and stored for a month. In case there is some issue or you made some undesired changes revert to the previous version with one click. 

5. Hassle-Free Migration

Gone are the days when WordPress migration used to be a hectic task for a lot of people. 

Stromonic’s Managed WordPress hosting has you fully covered in such a scenario. 

No need to worry anymore about the website downtime or expense. The team ensures handling the website migration without any issues. 

6. Stromonic CDN

Their content delivery network (CDN) services are more reliable than others who depend on Cloudflare. 

It powers up the website’s response time and makes the loading faster to enhance customer experience. 

These are just a few features of Stromonic hosting services and there is a lot more to browse. 

You can check their website to learn more features, details, and pricing plans. 

7. 24x7x365 Dedicated Quality Support

Support is a crucial factor that you should not ignore while purchasing any service or product. If you have chosen a product with a poor or no customer support system, then you are going to have a bad time in the future.

But don’t worry!

When your website is with Stromonic hosting, you are going to avail top-notch customer support round the clock through experts. Stromonic offers quality support via Live Chat and email as well as on-call (10am-8pm IST) to solve your problem until you are satisfied.

Apart from that Stromonic has an extensive knowledge base that you can utilize for common hosting problems.

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8. Domain Management

Without a Domain name, you can’t launch (except Free Sub-Domain based platforms) your business online. Although you can register your domain from any registrar, it would be best if you have the same service provider for domain and hosting.

This way you would be more convenient regarding managing and publishing your content online. This ecosystem provides a more secure environment and better performance for your business. So, try the Stromonic Domain service (register or transfer) for effective business management.

Stromonic Web Hosting Plans and Pricing: –

Stromonic offers world-class hosting services at very affordable prices. It is just pure luck to get such premium hosting services in your budget these days. 

The company’s managed WordPress hosting plans are mentioned below: 

Stromonic brings three different pricing plans for a reliable hosting service. Every plan comes with a specific set of features and benefits. 

However, there are several common benefits as well, still, you can browse and choose the one suitable for your needs. 

Below are some of the common benefits of each plan: 

Stromonic Hosting FeaturesPin
  • Free Domain
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Multi-code Support
  • One-click Setup
  • Regular Backup
  • Managed Security
  • Transmail Service
  • Pre-installed GIT
  • SFTP user Access
  • DDoS Protection

Here are pricing details about the three Stromonic Web-hosting plans to choose from:

1. StromBolt Plus: $29.95/month (Special Price)

  • 2 WordPress Sites
  • 5 GB fast SSD Space
  • Power to hold massive traffic
  • No server end limits
  • No monthly visitor limits

2. StromBolt Plus: $29.95/month (Special Price)

  • 5 WordPress Sites
  • 10 GB fast SSD Space
  • Power to hold massive traffic
  • No server end limits
  • No monthly visitor limits

3. StromBolt Pro: $59.95/month (Special Price)

  • 10 WordPress Sites
  • 20 GB fast SSD storage
  • Power to hold massive traffic
  • No server end limits
  • No monthly visitor limits

4. StromBolt Extra: $89.95/month (Special Price)

  • 15 WordPress Sites
  • 30 GB fast SSD storage
  • Power to hold massive traffic
  • No server end limits
  • No monthly visitor limits
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Other Hosting Services

Apart from the Web Hosting solution, you can try Stromonic’s VPS and Dedicated hosting for better performance and strong security features.

Stromonic VPS hosting starts at the cost of $5.95/month which includes 1 GB RAM, 1 Core CPU, 35 GB SSD Storage, 1 TB data transfer. Its higher plan costs you $101.95/month, in which you will get 16 GB RAM, 6 Core CPU, 320 GB SSD Storage, and 3 TB data transfer.

Their dedicated servers are also quite affordable and powerful. The basic plan of the Stromonic Dedicated Server starts at $39.95/month and includes an i5-3570 3.24Ghz processor, 4 Core CPU, 8 GB RAM, 240 GB SSD Storage, and 2 TB data transfer.

You can grab the Stromonic Dedicated Server higher plan at the cost of $219.95/month which includes an E5-2650 2.00Ghz processor, 8 Core CPU, 32 GB RAM, 240 GB SSD Storage, and 6 TB data transfer.

What Stromonic Hosting Users Have to Say? 

Stromonic has truly made a remarkable mark in the hosting and domain industry. 

The company has already assisted a lot of website owners in achieving reliable hosting services. 

It has clients across the globe and the majority of them are suggesting it as a 5-star Managed WordPress Hosting review. 

The faster and more reliable support is also contributing a lot to growing satisfaction. 

Typically, they are always available to cater to every client query. 

See what some clients have to say about the company’s service –

“Very Fast Server I Love This Company. Very Cheap Cost Plans Helps for Building a website.”

– Den Jones

“Hands down for Stromonic, I started using them and referring my network to them as well. Working with these guys is quick, professional, and friendly. Why are they not charging much for their service? The price is too low as compared to the value they are giving.”

– Shiv Rudra

“Thanks a lot for Stromonic to have this much great support assistance. You guys got one of the fastest hosting support solutions and the kindest ones. I hope that continues, and thanks for the service.”

– Yash Dhul

You can see the popularity and HostAdvice rating based on user reviews. Stromonic Hosting got 5 Star and 2021, 2022, and 2023 Hosting awards in a different category.

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Final Thought on Stromonic Review

In conclusion, we can summarize Stromonic hosting services as – a “value-packed hosting service for a good value of money.” 

It is a feature-loaded, budget-oriented, and highly reliable Managed WordPress Hosting provider. 

The company makes the best use of the latest trends and technologies to deliver more value to its clients. 

Its own Stromonic cloud services and Stromonic CDN are some of the live proofs of its visionary approach. 

The 99.99% guaranteed uptime can handle the entire load easily even with amazing speed & performance. 

Overall, Stromonic has everything to offer in your business journey from offline to online exposure. 

From high-performance speed to dedicated support, or any feature or benefit you think of, the Managed WordPress Hosting company is always there to assist you. 

Their professional pool of developers is trained enough to assist with every additional requirement you need to power up the website. 

Customer service is polite and is always ready to help with customer queries 24/7/365. 

If you’re a beginner and not sure choose the featured hosting choice among the lot. 

Stromonic is the highly recommended Managed WordPress Hosting provider and not going to disappoint in any way. 

The company tagline justifies it all – “Stromonic is powering creators to grow.” 

If you’re already a customer of Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting, your views are really appreciated in the comments. 

Stromonic Review: A Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting in 2023Pin
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