Snagit Review 2023 | All in One Screen Capture & Editing Tool to Increase Productivity [Ultimate Guide]

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Looking for Snagit Review and How to get Snagit free trials, you have landed on the right platform. Here you will get all the information regarding the Snagit screen capture tool.

As bloggers and digital marketers, we always need a lot of visual assets like images, video clips, screenshots, and many more to describe the product’s aspects effectively.

You may find tons of options in the market to create such types of visuals. These tools can be free of cost OR some of them may charge some amount from you.

But the problem is which tools would be the best for you OR in which tools you should invest your money to get better features and functionality.

Don’t worry!

I have come up with an awesome product called “Snagit – All in one screen capture and editing tool” that makes your job super easy yet at an affordable price compared to other paid tools available in the industry.

Whether you want to take a screenshot, do screen recording, create training documentation, and edit them as per your requirements. All these functions are covered by the Snagit screen capture tool in one plan for a lifetime. 

But before we dive into features and functionality let’s have some highlights on the Snagit tool.

Note – All the images used in this post are created with Snagit App.

Snagit ReviewPin

What is Snagit? 

Snagit is an all-in-one screen capture and editing tool offered by the most popular brand “Techsmith”. Snagit software extends the possibility of capturing computer screens and editing them more effectively to enhance your creativity.

It also enables you to record your desktop screen along with audio and webcam. Also, you can edit the recorded videos and even convert them into GIFs. What I love about the Snagit editor is that you don’t need to save your task again and again because it auto-saves your task. 

Apart from that, the Snagit tool offers tons of editing features to make your images more creative and demonstrative. 

I will cover each Snagit feature in this post so continue reading to learn more. 

Who Should Use Snagit?

No matter in which industry you are in, if you need to capture your computer screen to add it to your project or share it with your audience/ clients to convey some information then you must go for the Snagit Screen Capture Tool. 

Because Snagit offers a bunch of toolsets to make captured screens/ images more informative and demonstrative that is even easier to understand compared to writing articles. 

So, especially if you are a blogger, digital marketer, affiliate marketer, or teacher you must try the Snagit screen capture tool once for your regular use. 

Believe me, the Snagit feature and functionality will definitely make you overwhelmed while capturing, editing, and sharing your desktop screen.

Let’s move ahead and see the top reason that attracts you to use the Snagit screen capture tool,

Strong Reason to Use Snagit Software

There are uncounted reasons that attract you to use the Snagit App but here is a list of some key benefits that you must consider,

  • Ease of Use – Snagit offers a simple interface for capturing your computer screen and a features-in-rich editor to make your output more creative and informative. 
  • Compatibility – No matter which device you are using, Snagit has everything covered. It works smoothly on Windows and macOS operating systems. Apart from that, you can download the Snagit App on your smartphone (Android & iOS) to capture your mobile screen.
  • Affordable Pricing – If you compare the features then Snagit is more affordable than any other screen capture tool available in the market. Snagit 2022 costs you Rs. – 5,745.20 one-time charge.
  • Regular Updates – Techsmith launches a new version of Snagit every year that includes many features, system support, speed, and security enhancement. You can get the next upgrade surely if you have a maintenance license.
  • Multiple Languages Support – Snagit Tool also supports many languages to maximize their reach across the world. Currently, Snagit supports the following languages English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Asset Library – Snagit offers a huge (over 20M Assets) library of royalty-free editing assets like templates, stamps, annotations, and much more. You just need to download and add them to your projects. You can also grab the Snagit Premium Stock Photos and Custom Assets by getting the “Assets for Snagit” yearly subscription. 
  • File Format Support – Snagit supports almost all types of images/ files to make your work smoother. Here is the format that seamlessly works on Snagit App like bmp, cur, gif, ico, jpg, mht, pdf, png, snag, tif, ras, emf, eps, psd, tga, wfx, wmf, wpg, mp4. 
  • Quality Customer Support – If you are using Snagit Screen Capture Tool then you must be assured that you will get the right solution for your problem from their experts. Snagit Support (Monday to Friday) is available via Live Chat, Phone, Email, and raise a ticket.
  • Maintenance Subscription – Every Snagit purchase comes with a one-year maintenance subscription that includes a guaranteed free upgrade to the next version, live chat support, and Snagit Certification Course. Next time you just renew your maintenance and continue with the above benefits.
  • Extensive Knowledge Base & TechSmith Academy – You don’t need to explore the internet and YouTube for a Snagit tutorial. TechSmith offers a well-organized and to-the-point tutorial (blog and videos) to learn every aspect of the Snagit tool. You can also join the TechSmith Academy Snagit Certification Course.  
  • Free Trial – Well, do you want to test Snagit’s premium features and functionality free of cost? Don’t worry, Snagit Free Trial is available for 14 days to make the right decision for you. 

I hope you will definitely give it a try to the Snagit App, so click here for Snagit Free Download and enjoy the Snagit Free Trial for 14 days to make your screenshot more creative & easier to understand.

But if you are still not convinced then keep reading this article to explore more about the Snagit tool.

Let’s move ahead and see how to get started with the Snagit Screen Capture Tool. Before that, you must be aware of the system requirements to work on Snagit smoothly. 

Snagit System Requirements

Every software needs specific hardware and operating system to run perfectly and like that Snagit tools also need some system configuration. 

Before you install Snagit 2022 on your system you must check its hardware and OS compatibility to run the Snagit App without any trouble. 

Here is the hardware and operating system configuration that you need to run the flawless Snagit tool,

OS10, 11, Windows Server 2016macOS Monterey (12), Big Sur (11)

64-bit 2.4 GHz Single Core (Required Dual Core i5 for Video Recording)2.4 GHz Single Core (Required Dual Core i5 for Video Recording)
Video CardWindows N requires the Media Feature PackNA
AdditionalNET 4.7.2 or laterNA

Now you have confirmed your system configuration and it’s time to install Snagit for Mac or Windows PC.

How to Install Snagit Free Version?

There is no rocket science for that process. It is very simple, just follow the steps below to get started, 

Step 1. You need to visit Techsmith’s official website by clicking this Exclusive Link and download Snagit Free Trial. Here you will see the OS type, just select one and click to start the Snagit download.

Step 2. After Downloading the Snagit application you need to install it on your computer. Double-click on the downloaded application and follow the steps. In a few seconds, Snagit software gets installed on your computer. 

Step 3. Now open the Snagit App and provide your email ID to start your 14-day free Trial. After that, you can take full advantage of Snagit premium features for 14 days. 

On completion of the Free Trial, either you purchase Snagit Subscription OR stop using Snagit. But I’m quite sure that you will definitely be impressed with Snagit’s Features and Functionality. 

Buying a Snagit subscription (Free Upgrade to Next Version Included) you will be allowed to use it as long as you want but after one year you will not get support as well as an upgrade. 

Now, you have a question in your mind what is Snagit Cost? So, let’s have a look at the Snagit Pricing Structure,

What is the Snagit Pricing Structure?

Techsmith offers a very flexible and affordable pricing structure for Snagit based on different categories. 

Snagit has 4 different price categories as well as volume discounts (except individual plans) that you can buy as per your requirements. 

Here are they,

BenefitIndividualBusinessEducationGovt. & Non-Profit
Price/ Single Volume₹ 5,745.20₹ 5,745.20₹ 3,464.99₹ 4,924.32
License OneOneOneOne
Supported Language YesYesYesYes
CompatibilityWindows & MacWindows & MacWindows & MacWindows & Mac
Site License*NoNoYesYes
Next UpgradeYesYesYesYes
Snagit CertificationYesYesYesYes
Tax Exempt**NoNoYesYes
Renewal Cost/Year$12.60$12.60$7.60$10.80

* Site license includes upgrades, priority support, and training for all installations (for sites with 500+ users). For more details, you can talk to the Techsmith Sales Team.

** You can avail yourself of the Tax Exemption by providing your tax ID (for US customers) during checkout and save an extra amount. For More Details about Tax Exemption, you can contact their sales team.

Apart from that Volume discount is also available on the purchase of the Snagit plan (except for individuals) so that you can save more money. Here is the Volume Discount Comparison table,

Snagit PricingPin
Volume*BusinessEducationGovt. & Non-Profit
1-4₹ 5,745.20₹ 3,464.99₹ 4,924.32
5-9₹ 4,499.29₹ 2,697.93₹ 3,868.13
10-24₹ 3,985.79₹ 2,390.56₹ 3,428.51
25-99₹ 3,416.65₹ 2,048.53₹ 2,937.81
100-249₹ 2,846.60Contact SalesContact Sales
250+Contact Sales

Note – *Volume indicates a single Snagit download and install and the given price is only for a single volume. You are also advised to check the official website for pricing before making a purchase. 

This is all about Snagit pricing structure and the volume discount which you will get. Now it’s time to get started with the Snagit Screen Capture Tool. 

After reading this article you will come to know how Snagit software works? What are the essential features Snagit has? What is a New Feature in Snagit 2022?

What New Feature Added in Snagit 2022?

As you know TechSmith consistently works harder to improve their software compatibility and adds new features & functionality (All TechSmith Products) to provide the best user experience as well as increase productivity.

In doing so, TechSmith recently launched a new Snagit 2022 version with a lot of improvements and added some intuitive features so that you can capture/ record your computer screen and edit them effectively.

Here are some new features that are added in the new version of Snagit 2022,

  • Save Project on Cloud – Snagit now supports third-party cloud storage services like OneDrive, DropBox, Box, and iCloud (Windows Only) for easy access, sharing, and storing of your Snagit Project effortlessly.
  • New File Format for Cross-Platform Support – Previously supported image format SNAG (Window) and SNAGPROJ (Mac) is now replaced with a new file format called SNAGX. That means you can work seamlessly on Windows & macOS with a single file format.
  • Extra Tool Properties – For better consistency now you have more tool properties for both Windows & macOS systems. New for Windows – you can add multiple tails for callouts, a transparent background for steps, and a “T” shaped end style for the arrow. New for macOS – you can adjust arrow start & end size, advanced shadow effects for annotations, and grouping of annotation objects.
  • Picture-in-Picture Mode – Now you can record your webcam while recording your computer screen. Apart from that you can turn on/ off the webcam whenever required and adjust the size and placement of the webcam video precisely.
  • Video Improvement – You have greater stability with an upgraded video engine, better compatibility with webcams, and improvement in audio & video syncing. Apart from that, you are now able to create instructional videos from captured images and add annotations to explain steps along with recording webcam & audio.
  • Spotlight Effect for Mac – Now you can highlight specific parts of the image by blurring & dimming the remaining part in macOS.

This is all about the new features and functionality of Snagit 2022. Now it is time to move further and see how to get started with Snagit App? And What features and functionality does Snagit Tool have?

How to Get Started with Snagit & How it Works?

Start Screen CapturePin

Taking a screenshot from the Snagit screen recorder App doesn’t require any technical knowledge. After installing the Snagit software you can start using it. 

Remember that the Snagit App has two parts, the first is an all-in-one screen capture tool and the second one is the Snagit editor. Snagit Software works in just three steps,

  1. Capture OR Record Screen
  2. Edit Them as per Your Requirements
  3. Share OR Save on Your Computer

I will explain each step and functionality available right there. So, without any further delay let’s see each step one by one,

Step 1. Capturing & Recording Your Computer Screen

Screen Capture Tool SettingPin

After you finish the Snagit installation there are two apps installed. The first one is an all-in-one screen capture/ recorder and the second one (will discuss it later) is for editing the captured images. 

When you open the all-in-one screen capture tool you will get several options and settings for capturing your screen. 

Here you can find four types of functions that you can utilize to make your screen capture process easier and more flexible.

  • A. All-in-one Capture – This setting gives you more flexibility while capturing your screen. It brings all the screen capture functionality to one place. Using this option, you can record (webcam & audio) your screen, and capture a specific region or panoramic scrolling page (vertical, horizontal, and entire scroll page). 
All in one capture settingsPin
  • B. Image Capture – If you just want to take a screenshot of your computer screen then you must use this option. You need to change the predefined setting as per your need like a type of capture, add effects, and select the sharing method for your captured image. 
Image capture settingsPin

Note – If you want to just grab the text from the selected region then choose the “Grab Text” option from the dropdown menu in the “Selection” setting. 

  • C. Screen Recorder – This option allows you to record your computer screen (full window or specific area) including webcam and audio and quickly share it wherever you want. 
Screen Recorder SettingsPin
  • D. Presets Settings – Here you can set the shortcut keyboard key to activate Snagit Screen Capture functionality without opening the App. 

When you finish the screen capture/ recording it will open in Snagit Editor where you can edit the screenshots to make them more informative and easier to understand. 

All in one capture toolPin

So, let’s move on to the second step, see the Snagit Editor and its functionality.

Step 2. Open Snagit Editor to Edit Captured Screen

This is the most attractive part of Snagit where you can edit your captured image as per your business need and share it with your audience or clients. 

Snagit 2022 comes with a lot of excellent features and functionality that extend the possibility of creativity while editing captured images. You are also allowed to edit any image that you have on your computer. 

When you open the Snagit Editor you will see a very clean layout and well-organized option so that you can edit your image hassle-free. 

Here is the full overview of the Snagit editor,

Snagit Editor DashboardPin

A. Snagit Editor Setting

B. Captured Image/ Video Library

C. Activate Capture Tool

D. Create a New Image Template/ Image Video

E. Snagit Editing Tool Shortcuts

F. Your Captured Image Displays Here

G. All recently captured Images/ Videos are displayed here

H. Selected Editing Tool Style

I. Selected Tool Advanced Settings

J. Add Available Effects to Your Image

K. Shere/ Save Your Final Project

Now you have familiarized yourself with the Snagit Editor Interface and it is time to explore Snagit capabilities which make your job much easier. 

So, let’s move ahead and see the exciting features and functionality of Snagit Editor,

Snagit Editor Features & Functionality

Snagit provides full control over image editing and you can do tons of creativity to make your images informative and easy to understand. 

I will not cover all of them, but here are some key benefits of using Snagit Editor to take your creativity to the next level. 

Let’s get started and see them one by one,

1. Effortless Adding Images in Projects

Adding images in the Snagit editor is quite handy and there are several ways to add your image in the Snagit Editor.

By default, when you capture/ record the computer screen it will open in the Snagit editor. After that, you can edit them as per your need. 

Apart from that if you want to edit another captured image just find it from a recent image (available at the bottom of Snagit editor) or Access library and click to add an image to your project.

You can also add the image from your local computer by going to Snagit Editor Menu, File > Open (OR Use Keyboard Shortcut CTRL+O), and selecting the image from your computer. 

Secondly, go to the Image location on your computer, select Image> Right Click > Open with > Snagit Editor to add an image to your Project.

Adding ImagesPin

2. One-Click Snagit Capture Tool Access 

When you install Snagit you will have two software widgets on your computer. The first one is Snagit 2022 Editor and the Second one is Snagit 2022 (Snagit Capture Tool). 

So, you can access the Snagit Capture Tool from the Software or Open the Snagit editor and click on the “Capture” option available in the Left Top Corner.

3. Autosave Your Project

Snagit Autosave is quite an intuitive feature and lets you save all your editing steps automatically. You don’t need to be afraid of saving your projects and losing work.

Even if you accidentally exit the SnagIt editor, the next time your all image editing work will be resumed from where you have finished it. 

Apart from that you have Undo & Redo features to correct your work effectively.

4. Adding Annotation

Annotations are a great way to express your creativity, adding comments and explaining the steps to make your image informative as well as understandable. 

When you create a tutorial, it is the most amazing feature that you must use to make your image self-explanatory. 

Snagit offers a variety of annotations that you can use. Here are they,

  • Shapes
  • Stamps (Available in Different Category)
  • Steps (Alphabet & Numeral)
  • Arrows
  • Callout with Text
  • Text
Adding AnnotationsPin

Note – You have full control over the styling of every annotation customization like color, shape, fonts, size, shadow, opacity, etc., and choose theme types to make your image perfect. 

5. Full Control Over Image Elements

Along with editing your image by adding extra elements, Snagit provides full control over each element of your captured image. 

That means you can do multiple things with your image to fulfill your requirements. Here is the list of things that you can do with your captured image.

  • Change Background Color
  • Change Elements Color
  • Make Transparent Background
  • Simplify the Image Elements
  • Edit/ Delete Text
  • Grab Text
  • Erase Certain Part
  • Remove Specific Elements
  • Move Elements Position
  • Blur Area
  • Highlight Text
  • And Much More

There are also many other features that you can use to make your image more creative and professional. 

6. Adding Image Effects

Well, adding some effect to your image will make it more beautiful & professional so why not add some effect? Access the effects setting from the “Effects” tab available in the right bottom corner.

Snagit offers a set of different effects that you can utilize to make your image more attractive. Here is the list of effects that you will get in Snagit Editor.

  • Border
  • Shadow
  • Color Adjustment
  • Color Replacement
  • Sharpen with Filter
  • Edge Effect
  • Corner Curl
  • Image Perspective & Shear
  • Captured Information
  • Custom Image Watermark
  • Spotlight & Magnify

Apart from that, you can adjust effects as per your requirements by using advanced settings available for each effect. 

7. Resize, Cutouts and Crop Image

Resize ImagesPin

Sometimes you need a specific size of images and thanks to Snagit which offers resize, crop, and cutout features to give your images a perfect dimension. 

Resize features allow you to give specific height & width in Pixel, Centimeters, Percentage, and inches as well as you can change the image resolution in dpi.

Apart from cropping images, you can use the cut-out feature that helps you remove useless parts of the image to keep your image size smaller. 

You can also use the cut-out feature to divide your image into several parts within a single image with different edge styling.

8. Create Image Template 

Image TemplatePin

Another amazing feature of Snagit Editor is creating image templates for your business needs. If you require to create visual documentation, tutorials, or training material then this feature is going to make your job super easy. 

You just need to select the professionally designed premade template from a different category (Timeline, Frame, Comparison, Multipurpose, reference, steps) and create informative visual documentation hassle-free.

Apart from that, you can further customize (add, remove, replace, edit, etc.) these pre-made templates as per your requirements.  

9. Create Video from Images 

Create Video from ImagePin
  1. Start Recording
  2. Change Video Background Color
  3. Enable Webcam Recording
  4. Turn on the Audio Recording
  5. Set Dimensions
  6. Change Image
  7. Add Your Favorite Annotations

Do you ever need to create a tutorial or steps video from a series of images? Well, you don’t need any third-party tool to get your job done. 

Snagit editor has an in-built image-to-video maker feature. You just need to take the screenshot stepwise OR drag to change the order of recent screenshots and start making a professional-looking video. 

Apart from that, you can use some annotations like arrows, shapes, texts, and steps (alphabet, numbers) to make your video more explanatory. You can also record the webcam and audio if you want.

After creating the image video, you can edit (trim and remove audio) them and share/ save it in the form of mp4 or animated gif. 

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10. Simple Video Editor

Video Editor InterfacePin
  1. Trim Your Video Length
  2. Adjust Audio Volume
  3. Give Specific Dimensions
  4. Convert Video Format

Have you ever tried to record short video clips from a desktop screen? Probably your answer would be yes, but the problem is how to edit those videos. 

Don’t worry!

Snagit has this covered for you, you will get a video editor with some basic features like trimming video, removing audio, and converting video into gif format in a few clicks.

Remember, if you want more control over screen recording and editing those videos then you must go for Techsmith’s other product called “Camtasia – All in One Screen Recorder & Video Editor”.

11. Well-Organized Snagit Library

Last but not least, Snagit Library is one of the awesome features that you might not get anywhere. 

No matter when, where, how much, and which type of screen you have captured everything would be systematically organized in one place. 

Whenever you require you can access all those screenshots in a single click until you have deleted them from Snagit Library. 

As you can see in the image, all your images and videos are stored separately and you can also filter them further by selecting different options like,

  1. Search Specific Image
  2. Search Image by Category
  3. Search by Image Properties
Image LibraryPin
  • Name
  • File Size
  • Captured Date
  • Modified Date
  • Specific Year
  • Application Used 
  • Specific Website
  • And More

So, even if you have thousands of images and videos in your library then you can find something specific without wasting your time. 

Step 3. Share Your Creativity

Till now we have discussed almost everything about Snagit 2022 and its features that make your screen capture/ recording work super easy. 

You have familiarized yourself with the features & functionality of the Snagit editor as well and you have seen how you can make your screenshots more informative and easier to understand. 

But the most critical part of any work is to share, save, or export it via different modes so that you can use it further as and when required. 

Don’t worry,

Snagit Tool comes with dozens of sharing options and saving facilities so that you can use it for your business needs.

Here is the list of mediums that you can use to share your screenshots and videos with your audience, clients, students, etc. 

Project Sharing OptionsPin
  • Save to Local Computer
  • FTP
  • Clipboard
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote
  • Printer
  • Google Drive
  • One Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Evernote
  • Slack
  • SharePoint
  • Camtasia
  • Knowmia
  • And Many More

As you can see the Snagit App supports almost every mode of file transfer and you can use any of them at your convenience. You don’t need to stick with any restrictions.

What is Snagit?

Snagit is a powerful, easy-to-use screen capture tool that extends the possibility of capturing/ recording computer screens in multiple ways as well as enables you to make them more informative & instructional via extensive editing features.

What does Snagit Cost?

If you compare features and functionality then Snagit is a more affordable screen capture tool compared to any other tool available on the market. It costs just ₹ 5,745.20 (one-time fee) for a single user. 

Is Snagit Free?

No, Snagit is a premium tool and you must purchase the subscription to take full advantage. However, you can avail of the Snagit Free Trial for 14 days to test its features and functionality before making the purchase.

Can I Use Snagit on Multiple Computers?

No, you are not allowed to install Snagit on multiple computers with a single license (you can use it on either Windows PC or macOS). However, you can buy more volumes of Snagit for multiple uses at a discounted price. 

Is There Any Discount on the Snagit App?

Yes, not all time but occasionally TechSmith offers a discount on Snagit Individual License Purchase (Currently No Discount Active) that you can grab if it is available. Apart from that If you choose a business, education, government & non-profit (after valid verification) license and want to purchase 5+ volumes, you will definitely get a decent discount.

What is a Snagit Maintenance Subscription?

Every new Snagit purchase comes with a maintenance subscription of one year that includes live chat support, a Snagit certification course, and a guaranteed next-version upgrade. Suppose you have purchased Snagit 2022 then you will get the guaranteed Snagit 2023 version for free of cost.

Final Thought on Snagit Review  

That is all in Snagit Review and I have covered everything that you must know about Sangit software. From capturing screens to editing them is a very smooth process that increases your productivity amazingly. 

So, you can say that Snagit is the #1 screen capture tool with a lot of possibilities and enables you to quickly capture/ record your computer screen, edit it, and share it in multiple ways.

You never need multiple tools to capture, record, edit, and share as Snagit combines these features under one tool. 

Apart from that, Snagit supports dozens of image file formats so that you never worry about editing your images anymore. 

The SnagX format is one of them that brings revolutionary changes in your productivity and removes the boundary of cross-operating system support. 

That means you can seamlessly work with Windows & macOS with a single image file (SnagX format).

Overall, if you are looking for a powerful screen capture tool with a lot of features and functionality then no one can beat the Snagit App. 

So, why are you waiting? grab the Snagit Free Trial for 14 days or purchase the license and start taking full advantage of Snagit Tool right now?

If you find this article helpful kindly share it with others so that they can also benefit from the Snagit Screen Capture Tool. 

Also, if you have any questions regarding the Snagit tool then feel free to ask in the comment box. 

Thanks for your valuable time to reach here,

Happy Blogging 🙂

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