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Hello friends!

I hope you are enjoying this interview series. So, moving ahead in this series, I am going to introduce myself to another pro blogger. Today’s post Interview with Santanu Debnath is going to be amazing for all of us.

Here he has shared some amazing tips and techniques in this interview to grow your blog faster. It is very easy to start a blog, you can find many tutorials and blogs on the internet to perform this step easily.

But no one shares their original ideas there. But some people such are Santanu Debnath are very supportive and give genuine ideas which really matter. 

If you want to take your blog to the next level then you must consider all these things shared by him. So, without wasting any time let’s move ahead and see his opinion on Blogging, which is shared through an interview with Santanu Debnath.

Let’s Dive in,

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  1. Interview With Santanu Debnath: Founder of
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Interview With Santanu Debnath: Founder of

Although, it is not necessary that I introduce him because you know him very well.  Santanu Debnath is a Part-Time blogger and full-time software professional.

He runs many blogs to help new bloggers to succeed in their blogging journeys. As I know him, is very supportive and polite to help you out. If you want to learn blogging and want to take your blog then you must follow him.

He also runs a YouTube channel (Hindi & English Language) to spread their experience and tips about blogging.

So, wasting your time Let’ begun the interview with Santanu Debnath,

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1. Hello Sir, first of all, welcome to my blog, can please tell me a few words about Yourself.

Thanks a lot for inviting me to your amazing blog. Hello everyone, I am Santanu Debnath, a Blogger, and YouTuber by interest. Professionally I am a Software Engineer working for an MNC. 

2. Please tell us your blogging Journey and what are the problems you have faced at the beginning and how can you get rid of them?

Well, I started blogging back in 2009-10. I was looking for some extra income opportunities online and at that time tried a lot of money-making schemes. 

But I failed everywhere as most of them were only scams. Then in 2009, I came to know about the Google AdSense program, and from that, I gradually started exploring blogging.  

That time was different. Blogging was not at all popular and the mindset was completely different. I never took blogging seriously and always gave time after all my work and priorities only. 

There were hardly a few successful bloggers and I used to read their blogs most of the time. But not taking much action as I was not that serious about blogging.

Initially, my biggest problem was to give time and learn various areas of blogging. As I was focusing more on my job and career, I hardly gave any time to blogging. Whenever I was free, I used to do it. 

Till 2012, it went like that but that year I and Manidipa (my better half) decided to take blogging seriously. She left her job and started her first blog and together we tasted the success of affiliate marketing. 

My journey was going as usual as I was only working in my free time. But gradually I learned to manage time and worked on various affiliate websites and got success. 

Back in 2018, I changed my strategies and decided to connect with all bloggers and build a good network. At that time, I started my Facebook Group and made many amazing friends till now.

3. As a blogger what is your Daily Schedule and what do you suggest to newbies Blogger?

I am an early riser, although since the lockdown my routine has changed. But mostly I wake up early and manage to get a couple of hours to work on my blogs & YouTube channel on weekdays. Most of the plans I execute during weekends as I can manage dedicated time.

For newbie bloggers, I would say one thing that in the beginning, you have to spend a good amount of time learning how things work in blogging. I need to read the success stories of other bloggers and learn a lot of skills to handle various technical things in blogging. 

So, show your madness and find out your true passion for blogging and if you can find it then nobody can stop you from getting success in blogging.

4. Which blog do you like most and why? What Inspired you to choose Blogging? 

When I started blogging, there were hardly very few names. And I used to follow all of them. Although they had just started their journeys at that time. I am talking about Harsh Agarwal, Kulwant Nagi, Anil Agarwal, and a few more. I used to read their blogs and tried to implement their tips on my blog. 

Honestly, I wanted to get into blogging to create an extra income source. And I tried hard in different niches with Google AdSense. But later when I discovered Affiliate Marketing, I never looked back and till now most of my earnings are from Affiliate Marketing only. I have studied many income reports of affiliate marketers and that inspired me to dig more into that.

5. I hope you are doing well and making massive money. Can you share your main source of Income with some proof?

Honestly, the definition of massive money can be different from person to person. I am making enough money as a side income. But this is not enough to run my everyday life. And the reason is also obvious, as I am working part-time or in my free time only. 

Most of the money I have made in the last few years is through affiliate marketing only. During the 2019 Black Friday Sale, I have shared a detailed case study where I have shared some of the income proofs, and hope that will help you.

6. Recently you have launched a 7-day Blogging Course for New Bloggers. How was the response? Can you tell me some Essential points to encourage more people to enroll?

Thanks for asking this question. Yes, so far 500+ people have registered for this course and I got a decent response from that. Well, I have not heavily promoted that course, just wanted to reach people who need this. This is a basic course where people who are completely new to blogging can understand how exactly things work in blogging.

7. What Strategy are you employing on your blog to grow and What is the secret behind your Success?

I always believe in writing content that people are looking for. And this is what I heard from many people from the blogging fraternity. I share various articles that are on new, trending topics, and solutions to common problems. If your content is strong, then only people will read and share and that’s when a blog will grow gradually. 

Right now, I am in restructuring mode and working on building a few blogs. My main blog will have content about blogging only whereas I am working on my other blog where I will share topics related to WordPress.

8. Everyone wants to use some premium tools. Can you recommend some of the best tools which you are using to improve Blog Performance?

I am also using a lot of premium tools. But honestly as a beginner, one needs only a few. E.g., good hosting and a fast-loading theme are more than enough to create a good blog on a website. 

In my latest Free WordPress Video Course, which only I have shared. One can invest a very minimal amount and create a very fast-loading website on WordPress. Besides that, I have shared all the tools that I use to manage my blogs here.

9. Blogging is not about writing anything, so how do you do topic and keyword research for your new Blog Posts?

I always look for topics as per the blog niche or category. E.g. My blog is all about how to do blogging like a pro. In that case, I will make sure I don’t miss a single topic on my blog in the coming days. 

Even if that keyword is competitive, I believe that a blog is like a book or a journal where I will provide every single piece of information someone needs about that topic. The purpose is to create a complete website where someone will find all the topics in one place.  

But while writing content, I always collect the search terms related to the topic and try to optimize the content in all possible ways. If you write on evergreen topics with in-depth details, then they will rank in Google for multiple keywords. Although it may take time to rank them. 

My favorite way to find out keywords or topics is by analyzing my competitors. These days so many blogs are around, you just find the blogs in your niche and analyze them and you will get tons of keywords quickly.

10. What are the prerequisites you have been following for writing high-quality content to Publish It?

When I plan to write an article on a particular topic, I always plan the core structure of the article. It is very important to cover all the necessary topics and sub-topics of that topic so that you can provide complete information about that topic. Once that is done, the rest is very easy. I just need to fill up every topic with detailed information and gradually my article crosses 2000 words.

11. Getting Success in Blogging is not Really Easy, but is there any proven way to succeed in blogging and affiliating?

I don’t know whether there is any way to measure success. What I believe is that when you enjoy the process of what you are doing, you can contribute amazing things to your domain. Gradually people will notice your work and happiness. And that’s where real success lies.

Whether I am making a million or just enough money, the bottom line is I am happy with the work I am doing and I can help others in that field from the bottom of my heart.

12. Every Blogger starts a Blog to make money, would you like to share some essential tips to increase affiliate sales or Other Products?

Affiliate marketing is simply amazing for those who understand how it works. Content plays a vital role in affiliate marketing, but if you don’t know what kind of content converts then you will never get success. 

The only way to get a good return in affiliate marketing is by ranking your articles on top for the buyer intent search terms. So, understand what search term people may search for the product to buy and you have to work more on those keywords. From my experience, only organic traffic converts best in affiliate marketing. So, SEO is very important.

13. What is your goal in blogging at the end of 2020? And is anything new you are planning to Launch?

In blogging, right now I am consolidating my websites and trying to focus on 1-2 blogs max. As I am also working on YouTube, my major efforts in the future will be on YouTube. 

I have 2-3 channels where I am seeing some good progress and working on their content as time permits. But right now, the main focus is on the upcoming Black Friday Sale 2023

14. Is it good to start a career as a full-time Blogger, what is your opinion?

It depends on what exactly that person is doing right now. I never recommend someone to quit their job, until the person is 100% confident that he/she can make more money from blogging on a regular basis. 

As blogging completely depends upon search engines, you never know when your websites will go down. But if you have learned a lot and know how to come back then you can make a call. Ultimately, you have to find out the balance of income and the kind of work you want to do.

Blogging has a lot of disadvantages as well and it also attracts a lot. As you will get some short-term success and appreciation in social media. But you have to understand the long-term picture and if you can handle that then you are okay to continue blogging as a full-time career.

15. Do Any Tips want to share with our audience to increase blog traffic?

Getting traffic to a new blog is always challenging and nowadays I have observed that most people are starting blogs on what others are doing.

If you start a blog in a competitive niche then it will be a very tough task to get traffic. But if you can find something different then you can quickly get success. There is a detailed post on my blog where you can find out some of the best ways to get traffic to a new blog.

16. Any suggestions and Advice for BloggingTry readers to get succeed and build a brand?

Your blog looks amazing, but again this is a very competitive niche and you have to work hard to get noticed. The way you have started is great as the best way to grow a new blog is by connecting with top bloggers and featuring them on your blog. This way you will get more exposure. However, you have to find a solid content plan so that you can get the benefit out of that. All the very best!

17. Last but not least, other than blogging, what is your favorite activity?

I just love spending time with my family. Together we play indoor games and watch movies, cartoons, cricket, and more.

18. Any Suggestions for my blog to Improve Performance and drive organic Traffic?

You are doing great and I would say just keep doing that and focus on building a good network with other bloggers. In this field, you need good friends and also help others, and then only one can grow. I have always believed in growing together.

Final Word

That is all for Now in the interview with Santanu Debnath. I am quite sure that you have learned many new things from Santanu Debnath Sir.

I will continue this series in the future because I find it very beneficial and I am very sure that you will also find it helpful.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Santanu Debnath. Probably you have got a solution for your queries. If anything, I forgot to ask them please let me know through comments.

I will try to ask your questions from another pro blogger. Very soon I am going to invite some more Professional bloggers for an interview.

If you find this interview with Santanu Debnath useful then you must share it. It will take a few seconds but it motivates me.

Thanks for giving me your valuable time to read it.

Happy Blogging
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