Grow Your Agency with Flywheel Growth Suite [An Ultimate Solution for Agencies In 2022]

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Starting an online business is quite easy but taking it to the next level requires a lot of effort and technique. Isn’t it? Yes! So, let’s have some questions for you, do you own any agency or are you planning to start? Are you, too, facing a problem in the growth of your Agency?

Worry not; that’s where Flywheel Growth Suite comes into play.

Being a part of the WP Engine family gives me some unique insights into a lot of their recent initiatives. Flywheel Growth Suite has been one of the initiatives we have been watching closely. 

As you serve so many agencies (1000), you begin noticing the patterns in how the successful ones grow their business. 

Now I’ll let you know how your business can grow by leveraging a customized customer experience that enables real-time conversions using the Flywheel Growth Suite.

So, let’s dive into the article…

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What is Flywheel Growth Suite?

Flywheel Growth Suite is a set of tools specifically designed to help you accomplish your agency goals. This suite allows you to assist your clients quickly and easily in finding what they’re looking for. 

The Growth Suite offers you a single centralized dashboard with client and site management, subscription-based billing, custom reports, and reselling Managed WordPress hosting, all available at one time.

Benefits of using Flywheel Growth suite

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  • All services are under one roof.
  • Bill clients for recurring and one-time services.
  • Bill, your clients in their currency. Bill clients in their currency.
  • Use meaningful data to make valuable decisions.
  • Manage all your clients and sites in one place.
  • Make your clients happy with branded reports.
  • Profit from Managed WordPress Hosting by Flywheel, which offers speed, security, and support.
  • Automate the things you like to do to save time and have fun doing them.
  • See how your business is doing from the dashboard.

Why should you use Flywheel Growth Suite?

Since Flywheel provides everything in one place, you need not manage multiple platforms or make changes on each site if something at Flywheel changes. It will not only save your time but also guarantee your users are getting the best experience. Moreover, it will ensure that your marketing strategy works well across all channels. 

Apart from that, the Growth suite helps you to make your workflow easier and take all the pain like-

  • Revenue Tracking – It helps you monitor all your sales and revenue in detail to find a new opportunity for your business growth.
  • Billing and Invoicing – Growth Suite helps you to create and send a transparent invoice for your services based on subscription and recurring terms with automated forms.
  • Streamline Your Workflow – Create your customized services package that helps your clients make the right decision and not get confused.
  • Clients First Managements – You can manage your client’s details in one place and send them invoices and performance reports on time automatically so that you can focus on expanding your business.
  • Incredible Hosting Service – You can offer industry-leading hosting service and support to your customers and force them to use your service with Flywheel trustworthy.

These are the essential tasks that you can automate by using Growth Suite and scale your business growth. Apart from that, I will describe some more benefits that you will get in Flywheel Growth Suite that helps agencies and freelancers scale their business performance.

So, let’s get started,

#1. Personalized Dashboard to Monitor Your Workflows

Flywheel Growth Suite DashboardPin

Your Account Manager will assist you in setting up a personalized dashboard that shows each of your client’s sites in one place. Using this page, you can view metrics for each site and customize your display to focus only on what matters most to you. 

If you want to make sure that all your client’s sites are in good shape, you can check their pages to determine page speed, loading time, and the number of posts they have.

In addition, Flywheel will consider the speed of your website when reviewing your reviews. Therefore, Flywheel only publishes sites that meet the “3-second test.”

#2. Client Subscription & Billing – Fully Customized

Flywheel Growth Suite Create InvoicePin

Real magic happens here! This is not just for reselling hosting. Here you can set up a subscription for ANYTHING for a client. 

You can easily set up the billing, invoicing, and cadence for the subscription once your site has just been rolled out to production and entering maintenance mode. 

Once you have finished, your client will receive any invoices and payment options sent every week/month/year/whatever. And the best thing is – all automated. 

#3. Resell Hosting with Flywheel and Scope of Your Service

Flywheel Growth Suite ServicesPin

Over the years, Flywheel has invested a great deal into their reselling platform, which is at the core of Growth Suite’s origins. 

As far as making hosting services easy-to-use for freelancers and agencies, Flywheel is the only host that goes that far. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for Growth Suite to integrate reselling features tightly.

Apart from that you can create and sell your service within boundaries. That means your clients would get transparent service details and fee that you have decided. It builds strong faith among your clients in your Agency.

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Simply, create new services and fill all the details with the cost that you have charged for your services and that is all. All the work would be automated like subscription and payment (onetime or recurring).

#4. Client Management

In addition to Growth Suite, you’ll get a client management system that simplifies your business operations. It’s no secret that each client is unique; that’s why they’re your clients – but how do you keep providing them with the attention they need as more business comes in?

Flywheel Growth Suite Clients ManagementPin

Here, Growth Suite can assist with individual client profiles that connect to applicable services and billing as well as agency-branded client portals, update contact information, and contact you as needed. It even makes sure that clients can securely submit payments via credit card and Stripe.  

Here is everything you can do:

  • The app allows you to add and store all your clients’ information
  • Add as many sites as needed to a client
  • Securely integrate clients’ payment methods 
  • Keep track of important information in ‘client notes’
  • Manage and invoice all clients, regardless of whether their sites are hosted on Flywheel
  • Your clients can securely make payments via credit card and Stripe
  • As a result, you can store all the client’s information in one place and stay organized. 
  • You and your clients can view invoices right on the site, making it easy for them and for you.

#5. The Client Experience

However, how will it be for your clients? Obviously, there are benefits for the agency folk involved here, but even more so for the clients themselves. Therefore, the design needs to be simple and elegant. Indeed, it is! 

The client’s experience in interacting with their subscriptions, managing their account and billing, and receiving automated emails has been carefully thought out by the automated emails, emails, and (especially) the client portal itself.

#6. Manage All Your Client’s Site at One Place

Bulk Site ManagementPin

Flywheel Growth Suite allows you to manage the site in bulk and monitor the performance of all sites hassle-free so that you can take appropriate action at the right time. Apart from that, you can prepare a customized report of website performance and inform your clients on time.

In this tool section, you will get detailed information and performance of the significant part like

  • Traffic (Site Stats) – It shows how many visitors are coming on-site, how many resources are being used.
  • Plugin – You will get notified about plugin status like active, de-active, need to update, etc.
  • Site Options – You can manage and see comprehensive information of the technical aspect of any site like PHP and WordPress version, SSL certificate, Dev mode (on or off), and Staging (enable or disable), etc.

#7. Automated Reports and Notifications 

Flywheel Growth Suite Client ReportsPin

You can use Flywheel tools to gain automated notifications about a variety of site metrics, including site traffic, page speed, and load time, as well as code errors. Flywheel goes one step further, offering reports both to you and your clients.

Moreover, Flywheel will provide analysis on which content performs best, which is great for guiding your client while creating a new site or revamping an existing one.

Using Flywheel management tools, you can keep track of everything you need to keep your WordPress business successful in a place, which makes it easier for you. 

Therefore, you can focus on what really matters to you, which is running the business, while Flywheel takes care of the technology.

You can customize Branded Reports with topics and frequencies that suit your needs. Branded reports may include the following:

  • Updates – If and when your plugins, themes, and WordPress were updated.
  • Backups – How frequently the backups are made.
  • Security – Contains information about your SSL certificate and WAF.
  • Site Optimization – This includes information about caching and CDN.
  • Analytics – Provides information about new and returning users, sessions, average time spent on site, bounce rate, sources of traffic, and devices.

#8. White-Labeled Brand Appearance

Although, you’re integrated with Flywheel Growth Suite. But your clients will not see the branding for Flywheel or Growth Suite, in any case. For your clients, it’s your brand and only your brand that they interact with. You never ever have to disclose the integration. 

Flywheel Growth Suite Pricing

A growth suite plan is available with monthly and yearly subscriptions that you can purchase according to your needs and budgets. Flywheel offers three types of plans which you can buy to start your own agency with customized services and make more income in the future.

Note – If you choose a monthly subscription plan of Growth suite then it would be costly for you. So, it would be best to go with a Yearly subscription as well as you will get 2 Months FREE.

Here are the Growth Suite Pricing and plan feature that you get-

  • Freelance – This is the basic plan which starts with $135/month ($113/month with Annual Subscription). This plan includes 100K monthly visits, 20 GB SSD storage, 200 GB Bandwidth and you are allowed to host up to 10 websites.
  • Agency – This is the basic plan which starts with $330/month ($275/month with Annual Subscription). This plan includes 400K monthly visits, 50 GB SSD storage, 500 GB Bandwidth and you are allowed to host up to 30 websites.
  • Custom – If you have 30 or more clients then you can ask for a custom plan for your Agency.
Flywheel Growth Suite PricingPin

Apart from that if you are WPEngine user then I have good news for you!

As we all know, FlyWwheel is the WPEngine family product, so you can taste the Agency Growth Suite there also.

Just click here to learn more about WPEngine Agencey Gwoth Suite here.

Summing it up

You can see how, as an agency, Flywheel Growth Suite is an ideal tool for WordPress agencies. We’ve just scratched the surface here, but you can see how great it is for us.

With this information, I hope you understand how to grow a company successfully with Flywheel Growth Suite. If your Agency grows rapidly, this tool can be one of your best allies to save you time and energy.

We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about Flywheel Growth Suite or show you how it works.

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