How is Revolutionising Cheap Domain Registration and Easy WordPress Hosting in 2023?

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This is how is revolutionising cheap domain registration and Easy WordPress Hosting. Or is there any revolution to begin with? That’s what we will discuss throughout this piece.

If you’re thinking of starting a WordPress blog, for any and all purposes, may be worth your time.

It has super-fast WordPress site hosting servers, A-class IP hosting for anyone who wish to use multiple IP hosting for private blogs and an extremely easy user-interface inside the SeekaPanel portal.

You can also register domains without requiring another provider. Moreover, their 7-day trial oozes confidence on their part, doesn’t it?

Let’s see how true of a “revolution” is it actually bringing to the table? Cheap Domain Registration Easy WordPress HostingPin

How is Revolutionising Cheap Domain Registration?

So, let’s talk about domain registrations first? has this integrated domain name availability checker, and registrar.

As with all other registrars, it too can be used to register domain names.

The steps to register couldn’t be any simpler.

You sign up at > go to domains > register domains > search for your domain > add to cart > pay.

I mean that’s pretty much how you buy almost everything else, isn’t it? No special “tech skills” required.

Me Buying a Domain [Just to Show How Easy it is]

This is me signing up at

How is Revolutionising Cheap Domain Registration and Easy WordPress Hosting in 2023?Pin

It directly takes me to the dashboard. Yes. No forced verifications. You can browse the dashboard without verification.

Obviously, you’ll need to verify the mail if you wish to purchase items on SeekaHost. But hey, that’s just for your security, is used by every other site, and only takes a single click, right?

Anyway, I’ll search for a domain name I want on SeekaHost. Let’s say If it’s available, I’ll add this to cart.


So far so good, right?

Not just that. If I scroll down, also shows me a bunch of other TLDs and related domains.


These often lead to other creative ideas which you may miss otherwise. Anyway, the point is, searching for a domain and adding it to cart is easy.

Next, we have two options. You can either “continue shopping” if you’d like to buy other domains, or checkout. I’ll check out.


On the next page, I’ll ignore everything else and click on “next”. Sure, you can spend some time enabling the “contact privacy” feature and auto-renewal. However, I’m just going the simplest route for the purposes of this guide.


What do I see next? A form that asks for my personal information.


I fill that information in, and then finally I’m asked to pay.


Once the payment is done, the domain shows up in my account in less than a minute. No exaggeration.

My point so far? There’s no step that you wouldn’t understand. You won’t get confused even if this is your first time registering a domain.

Cheap Domains to Choose From

One of the primary keywords I’ve used for this article? “Cheap”? So, are the domains cheap? Absolutely.

You can get a .com domain, for an entire year, for a low price of $12.00/year. That’s literally $1.00/month.

And, if you go for one of its cheaper alternatives, such as .nl or .in, the prices are reduced to $8.00/year in some cases.

Hosting Servers for All Purposes [Especially PBN]

Most hosting providers you see would refrain from allowing PBNs. When they do, there are no special measures or benefits you get.

On though, there are these advanced PBN servers that you can get just for PBNs. These will give you unique IPs and random server locations!

Maybe you wish to take things a step further? It also offers A-class IP addresses which get you the best-in-class IPs in the industry.

Obviously, the normal WordPress hosting is best if all you want is a money site.

Point being, fits your purpose regardless of what your purpose is.  

How is Revolutionising Easy WordPress Hosting?

Now for the second part of this piece?

Is buying a WordPress hosting any harder or more expensive on I’d say no. knows a lot of people hate commitments, especially without trial, right?

“ offers a 100% free trial for 7 days”.

Isn’t that revolutionary? I’ve not seen any other company offering a week-long trial, followed by a one-click cancellation process if you want to.

Even after the trial, the plans start at just $1.49/month. Tell me that it’s not cheap, you can’t, can you?

And it’s not just the price, has attached dozens of freebies (listed below) to its already discounted pricing.

But, let’s discuss if it’s “easy” first?

Me Buying a WordPress Hosting [Step-by-Step]

I’ll sign up at if I don’t already have an account. I do, so let’s skip that step?

Once in my dashboard, I’ll head straight to “Hosting” and then “WordPress Hosting”. From there, I’ll choose the 7-day free trial for the plan I wish to go with.


Like with the domain, it asks me for personal information. Pretty straight-forward, isn’t it?


I’m already on the final payment page. I got here after just 2 pages which I’d say is sure easy, isn’t it?


What’s left? Setting up a WordPress blog on the hosting I’ve just got. Let’s see how hard or easy that is?

Setting up the WordPress Blog

From the “Websites & Blogs” link, I just choose “WordPress sites” and click the “+create new WP site” button.


I mean did you really need that screenshot above? I’m confident you didn’t. Even if you just landed on the page on your own, you’d know what to do.

The next page is equally self-explanatory. It asks you for a domain and a title for your blog. Data you already have. Nothing you need to “find” or search for, right?


You just installed WordPress on your blog. Simple, wasn’t it?

Is Any of This Truly “Revolutionising”?

I understand. That’s a big word. However, let me point a few things out.

You start with a cheap domain, in some cases cheaper than $1.00/month. Similarly, the hosting plans start at $1.35/month which I too believe is pretty pocket-friendly.

Because these are more affordable, more people now have access to these services.

Then, by eliminating cPanel and replacing it with its simpler panel, has made it more accessible. Anyone, even those with the least “tech-skills” can now host their WordPress sites in seconds, don’t you agree?

It has ultra-detailed guides, both texts based (with screenshots) as well as video. These further make sure you do not need to hire tech help and can get started without much experience.

So yes, services which were earlier more expensive or harder to set up are now cheaper and easier. If that’s not revolutionising, I don’t know what it is.

You Don’t Get a cPanel

When I first heard of not having a cPanel, I almost rejected it.

However, if you look at the steps I’ve mentioned above, you’ll see how it’s one of the best things they could’ve done!

Because there’s no cPanel, there aren’t many third-party tools and options to confuse you.

There’s WordPress, that’s what we need and will be using anyway so why mingle with all that clutter?

The Freebies

I did mention “freebies” in the earlier part of this piece, didn’t I? So, what exactly do you get?

This actually is what makes cheaper than it already is. Despite the massively discounted price of $1.49/blog already, you also get:

  • Free Migrations: Your existing website migrated for free to
  • Free DAILY Backups: Free migrations are sure common, however free backups not so much. In fact, these I believe are more important and frequently used than free migrations. offers 100% free backups available for download at a single click. And these are “daily”. Even when I did find free backups with other hosts, they weren’t as frequent.
  • Free SSL: Again, not something that’s exclusive to, but it’s still easier here than most other sites I’ve been with.
  • Free Remote Support: This is only available on its most expensive plan. However, if you do go for the plan, team offers hands on support, remotely!

My Opinion – How is Revolutionising Cheap Domain Registration and Easy WordPress Hosting?

So, “revolution” loosely means a massive change, mostly for the better, desired by a large group.  Doesn’t it?

Now, “cheap, one-click domain & hosting” is sure to be something a very large group in the industry wants access to. However, it still isn’t available that easily, is it? seems to provide exactly that. It has decluttered its interface and massively brought down hosting prices.

What’s best is its 7-day free trial. You never have to blindly trust reviews and third-party opinions. You can always try it first-hand.

The fact that they allow 7 days on the trial shows the confidence they have in their products. Why else would they risk losing a customer by offering such an extended trial, right?

In a nutshell, I’d say SeekaHost with their is totally revolutionising cheap domain registration and Easy WordPress Hosting in 2023. You may or may not agree, although, do give them a try before forming an opinion maybe? It’s free!

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